‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Calls M. Night Shyamalan’s Publicist an ‘A–hole’

Stephen Amell
Phillip Chin/WireImage

A certain supernatural filmmaker’s publicist apparently put a damper on “Arrow” star Stephen Amell’s time at Comic-Con last weekend.

Amell publicly slammed M. Night Shyamalan’s publicist, Kathryn Rowe (Amell left her unnamed in the post), on Sunday, calling her an “all-timer level a–hole.”

“What a wonderful SDCC,” the actor wrote. “So many lovely people. Except M. Night Shyamalan’s publicist. She’s an all-timer level a–hole.”

It’s not clear was prompted Amell to make the statement, and he did not elaborate further on Twitter. Shyamalan was at the San Diego convention to promote his new film “The Visit,” which hits theaters in September. “Arrow” held a panel for fans as well.

CAA, which reps Amell, did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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  1. Mars says:

    He’s acting like a jerk. If he had a problem with her, then call her out by name, don’t bring Night into it and throw him under the bus just because he’s easy fodder right now due to his career slide. Amell probably thinks he’s a big deal, but most of us who aren’t pre-teens don’t watch shows on the CW.

  2. Snappy says:

    He seems to be a pretty nice guy, a fan favourite as it were, so my guess is she must be a total diva type personality and probably did some grandstanding backstage possibly at the expense of people working the con or attendees,. I am perfectly fine at people calling out bad behavior though I wish he had let some more detail out about what she had done.

  3. Bill B. says:

    Maybe none of you have a clue as to what you are talking about since none of you know what she did.

  4. BeckyBoo says:

    Those of you calling him a ‘flaming douche’ and a ‘pretentious prick’ – do you have any actual reason to, or does he just annoy you?

  5. Mantle Head says:

    Talk about unprofessional….

  6. Jacques Strappe says:

    Uh-oh. Name calling never ends well. Whatever. He started it. Amell is a flaming douche who couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag

  7. MR505 says:

    maybe she was an a-hole, but then again so is he (as am i) (we all know each other). i’d totally still be watching arrow if it weren’t for him. i also agree with the “pretentious prick” description someone else used.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is what articles have come to now? This is what journalism is in 2015? You literally wrote an article describing a tweet…………..that’s it………….why? Amateurs.

    • Anonymous says:

      dude social media takes its own course and finds its way on articles…this is a good article …we should know who is really at Comic Con for the fans, the comics, the projects they are lucky enough to be a part of …and we should know who is there to make it like a reality tv show we hope ends their career! #$#% Arrow!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Arrow had the lowest attendance rating at SDCC. Someone needs to throw him back up to Canada; he is the guy in high school who always picked on nerds, bangs chicks and spreads drama. Clearly my instincts are correct he is publicly trashing a publicist to M Night who is an Academy Award nominated box office blockbuster director.

    • PS says:

      And because Shymalan is academy award nominated doesn’t mean that his publicist could be an asshole? What does one have to do with the other?

    • adam says:

      LFMA your defending shamalamamalan? he’s one of the worst directors ever.. and Arrow is an amazing series. just because your a blind follower of shamalamamamala’s crappy films doesn’t mean you can ditch an amazing show.. go troll elsewhere with your signed poster of airbender

      • Anonymous says:

        Airbender sucked doesn’t mean M Night is terrible director.

      • Anonymous says:

        bro suck it M Night has made Sixth Sense (40 mil budget grossing $600,000 million in 1999), The Village, Lady in the Water, … and yes he has had flops but so has Spielberg.

        Im not a die hard fan but to disrespect M night and his publicist and expect Hollywood to say your good your gonna go far is total bull crap; he is a pretentious prick.

        No one likes Arrow!! He thinks he is a star, he will be mopping up movie theaters if he publicly trashes industry members from all areas of the Hollywood community.

  10. Comicbookfan says:

    The actor in arrow is such a ‘I’m better than everyone here’ pretentious douche. The guy can’t act.

  11. Cal says:

    Katherine Rowe

    • Dean says:

      How mature and racist of you, making fun of his name

      • adam says:

        racist?.. where was i racist? making fun of the name of one of the worst directors ever isn’t racist.. maybe you should look up the word in a dictionary

  12. Amell has no filter, says things as he sees them and that is one thing that sets him apart and what makes him so great.

  13. Al Swearengen says:

    She must of been one giant c… to anger someone like Amell, he’s probably the most down to earth actors out there.

  14. Jonny says:

    Amell is my boy, and Canadian. She must of done something bad for a Canadian to call her out.

    • Mantle Head says:

      Canadians are ‘special…’

    • Elian Gonzalez says:

      Canadian niceness is highly overrated, bordering on myth.

      • Mantle Head says:

        Canadians are passive/aggressive and Canada is not even a country in the proper definition of the word. It has a ‘constitution’ with a not withstanding clause… what does this mean? I assume you have heard of Quebec..? Well, Quebec has a not withstanding clause; which means they can opt out of any law passed by the Canadian Parliament (in Ottawa, the capital in Ontario…); so … it won’t be a proper country with an actual constitution until Quebec is repatriated; but the political will is not there.

        Meaning to drop the clause, but Quebec will eat Canada alive if they try… should happen eventually (it’s f**Ked up…).

        I’ve been all through Canada, Quebec is easily the best part of it… but Canadians (in my experience), are a nation of passive/aggressive whiners, the moral police of the world; but they don’t even have a proper constitution.

        Denis Villeneuve is from Quebec… but he’s a baby… boohooo…. talented, but a baby.

    • me says:


      • Cinda says:

        Thank you “Me” Bad grammar irritates me, too. It’s “must HAVE” not “must OF”

  15. adam says:

    i don’t blame him.. no one connected to M knight shamalamala can be any good.

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