Spike Miniseries ‘Tut’ Digs Up 1.7 Million Viewers for Premiere

Tut Ratings Spike TV
Courtesy of Spike

Spike’s scripted miniseries “Tut,” dubbed by the network as its “most ambitious project to date,” opened to 1.7 million viewers on Sunday, according to Nielsen estimates. The viewership total is more than double what Spike averaged in primetime during the previous week (761,000).

The first part of the three-night, six-hour event starring Ben Kingsley also drew more than 900,000 viewers for a pair of encores, bringing its total to about 2.6 million. Demographic data will be released tomorrow by Nielsen.

Review: Tut

Spike’s first scripted series in eight years, “Tut” tells the story of King Tutankhamun’s rise to power and his struggle to lead Egypt to glory, all while his closest advisers, friends and lovers scheme to advance their own nefarious interests. It was shot entirely in Morocco and Canada last fall.

“Tut” is produced for Spike by Muse Entertainment, with Joel S. Rice and Michael Prupas as executive producers from Muse. The project is also executive produced by Greg Gugliotta, Michael Vickerman, Elice Island Entertainment’s Jeremy Elice, Angela Mancuso and director/executive producer David Von Ancken and written by Michael Vickerman, Peter Paide and Bradley Bredeweg. Producers are Irene Litinsky and Guy Louthan, and Vlad Wolynetz is co-executive producer.


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  1. Colleen says:

    I watched Tut almost 10 times and I loved it so much. Well written script, exciting and some romance. Great eye candy. I love Avan Jogia as Tut. I would gladly give him an heir.

  2. I found the series entertaining, but I have a huge negative memory of the issues with sound. The music often got very loud. When I reduced the volume to a reasonable level then the following lines by the actors were hard to hear. I would adjust the volume up then an advertisement would suddenly burst out at high volume. This up and down volume issue became more than I could bear. It’s bad enough when TV shows have no reasonable transitions between show and advertising but when the volume suddenly changes dramatically, causing a scramble for the remote to make an adjustment, then the technical people have failed at their jobs. Bah! They ruining a perfectly good show with lack of technical control of the sound.

  3. B.J. Arnott says:

    This was a fantastic mini series. Watched all 3 parts and kept wanting more

  4. Adrie says:

    Love this show . Unfortunately comcast has been removing one at a time before I manage to finish them … I am pissed. I will not even start the third one ( only one left at moment) without finishing number two. Another poster mentioned the audio. The talking was so quite then action and sound effects were ridiculously loud. Spent the whole show with my finger on the volume button. Still loved it !!!

  5. darlene gros says:

    Want to buy dvds

  6. darlene gros says:

    Love these movies! Wiil they be for sale?

  7. N K Thompson says:

    I certainly enjoyed TUT, but the audio was terrible. I have a new 40″ Panasonic HD flatscreen and normally have the volume at 16 – 22. With TUT I had it up to 50 ! ! ! There were many conversations or short quips that were totally inaudible. And, my hearing is near perfect; at last test it was 98.7 of 100%

  8. Brenda Blango says:

    This movie does not show the true history of black Egyptians ruling Egypt. Everyone knows that black Africans rule during Egypt ancient time. The movie lies about Egyptian culture and race.

  9. Alex Braynard says:

    Could’nt keep my eyes of the screen. I loved the actors, and this adaptation for television. They made use of some of the current theories surrounding Tuts rule.

  10. tehrdbl says:

    99% fictionalized account of Tut’s short reign. About the only accurate parts of the story were the names. For example, the real boy king had a partial club foot, used a walking stick, and likely never rode in a chariot. Lost interest after a half hour.

  11. Jada says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching this great series. I was Avan Jogia was excellent casting, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him, Ben Kingsley was masterful. I spent some time in Egypt in Cairo and in Aswan. This series made me want to come back and learn. I am so fascinated, I want to become an Egyptologist now!

  12. Ron says:

    Dynamite production values, if a bit too violent and showing new ways of killing your enemy.
    Production should have produced a photo book on the show and told how they did the sets and scenes; they could have sold them well. I always had an interest in this period of Egyptian history; ever since seeing The Egyptian, based on the book by Mika Waltari. Good show. Can one buy the three-parter on DVD?

  13. Marleen Mcmurdy says:

    I have seen the mummy movies But this Mini series Was better ! I watched It sunday, monday and tuesday. I even watched It when you had double episodes because i enjoyed the scenes and cast so much. Totally Awesome!!! I am happy to see It come back on saturday night. I just would like to Know What became of the little Boy of the couple killed in act 1? Ive Been reading up on ancient egypt. Keep up the great work! Yes the Audio Was awry at times But i Was enjoyed the series!!! Kept me guessing until the end!

  14. WOW!! In my opinion this is an instant classic!! It was a ‘do not miss’ for me for every episode!! It was also an epic production with a huge cast…I loved every minute of it!!

  15. Maria says:

    Very entertaining, kept my full attention. Well done.

  16. Michael says:

    The producers of Tut please for god sake can this episode continue because I was enjoying every bit of it. The story line is so different from order movies. Am like tired of seeing same moves or TV series every day but Tut is a very special and interesting TV series I encourage the crew and the producers of Tut to keep Tut on Air because is a Great Tv series.

  17. Dawn says:

    A very amtibious production … good storyline considering that so little is known about Tut and his life.

  18. Linda says:

    Absolutely awesome! I enjoyed every minute of the show. King Tut’s tomb was very realistic. Avan Jorgia was fantastic! You should produce more shows like this.

  19. Donna Mark says:

    Tut was amazing. I want to commend Spike for the telling of the story. I saw the Tut exhibit when it was in Los Angeles in the 70’s and have been hooked ever since.

  20. Janet says:

    Great mini-series but, could have done without the sex parts, it did not advance the story.

  21. Kit says:

    I love this mini-series. Avan Jorgia was great as King Tut and Ben Kingsley never fails to give a great
    performance. Wish we had more shows like this on TV. I didn’t have any problems with the audio. Well
    done Spike TV.

  22. Ann says:

    The mini series was very entertaining.

  23. Betty Furr says:

    Tut was a great show. Love the actor who played Tut. Seen him in the series twisted and loved him ever since. He is great. Did a great job. Audio was a little off. but great show.

  24. Ernie says:

    Kudos great cinematography and acting !! Audio was strange 7db difference minimum had to setup auto audio to get it normalized !!!

  25. Really enjoyed this. I thought it was very well done from the script to the actors. I enjoyed this more than I have watching anything in a really long time. Well done Spike. The audio was a bit strange, really loud sometimes and others you couldn’t hear. Other than that, it was wonderful. The history of Egypt is very interesting to me and they did a great job.

  26. mary e wyant fast says:

    I loved this mini series King Tut and it was amazing.please put on a dvd .I want pictures.anything.Spike channel and the cast did a great presentation. I bow to them.

  27. Will Crystal says:

    Six hours of pure enjoyment!

  28. No No says:

    Bev is right the audio made it unbearable to listen to, we had to watch with the remote control in our hands at all times. The show was good otherwise.

  29. Anna says:

    Enjoyed the series very much.

  30. Angie says:

    I meant on-going

  31. Angie says:

    I’m hoping you can make this into a mini series. I loved it completely!!!

  32. William says:

    Looked interesting and all my shows were in reruns. Watched all three nights. Loved it! You could tell by the sex scenes it was on Spike (mainstream would be more tame), but it didn’t detract at all. I’m hoping Spike us working on another miniseries.

  33. Sherry Grim says:

    I very much enjoyed this series. Even if it wasn’t factual.

  34. Joyce Raymond says:

    I can’t wait to watch it again! This was an extremely enjoyable history lesson that actually has left me wanting to learn more. I was on the edge of my seat every moment! Kingsley was wonderfully wicked!

  35. CindyMMMM says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed it, there should be more TV miniseries such as this. This is part of Egyptian history, NOT black history. Egyptians come in all shades of color.

    Did you want it to resemble Michael Jackson’s ‘Remember the Time’ video?
    Bravo Ben Kinglsey and young cast, they will go far…

    • sholmes04 says:

      The ancestry of Egyptians has been a long debated topic, one that should be approached with delicacy. As you stated, Egyptians come in all shades. Given that Tuts ancestry is sub Saharan African and encompasses many of the African countries around. Given the changing geographical and political boundaries of the Egyptian kingdom, I would say it’s part of African history. Unfortunately, because of the stigma of Africa many try to somehow remove Egypt from the continent it is housed in. I think the casting crew for this movie did a great job with casting.

      • Skylyn says:

        Even today, a significant number of mainstream Egyptologists, anthropologists, historians and Hollywood moviemakers continue to deny African people’s role in humankind’s first and greatest civilization in ancient Egypt. This whitewashing of history negatively impacts Black people and our image in the world. There remains a vital need to correct the misinformation of our achievements in antiquity.

  36. Fightlynknight@gmail.com says:

    Stealing black history. What a shame

  37. Fight night says:

    White people stealing black history and making it theirs. They were all black and not white this is a insult.

    • roslyn vining says:

      Here we go again…can’t anything be discussed without race being brought into it? What else do U want? Give me a break… this is getting really old really quick!!!! If It would have been all black people U would have complained about that…get a life

    • stevephoenix says:

      Next time moron now some history.

    • stevephoenix says:

      You can see the pictures of light brown skin Egyptians, and they look as different from the black subsaharan nubians as night and day or are you the biggest idiot in history.

      • sholmes04 says:

        You do know the Nubians did rule Egypt at some point in history, perhaps the.8th century or so? There are depictions of very dark skinned rulers. So depending on when in Egyptian history pictures (probably hieroglyphic or depictions more like it) were made, the skin tone could have varied which is why CindtMMM point is probably more valid. Just saying a.completely historical review should be given before the name calling starts.

  38. bev says:

    What iis the matter with the audio with this series ? Up and down all over the place!

  39. Heather mcbride says:

    I so enjoyed tutorial very well job to the writer the cast and the director thank you a very entertaining evening

  40. SP says:

    Best Mini-Series I’ve seen in a while…very well done

  41. erin says:

    My friends and I gathered to watch this series. So far we all really liked it. The whole thing, script, sets, acting and story itself was well done and super enjoyable. I’d watch for Avan Jorgia in the future, this kid is going places. Kingsley was also great as usual.

  42. Anca Herrera says:

    Me and my husband loved it. All though it did have a twist to it. It still is a great series. Wish some of those statues and buildings could be brought back to life, would be awesome to visit back in Egypt. If your that bored go to sleep, but don’t knock it if your not into Egyptian ways.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Helped that nothing else was on. It was deadly dull.

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