Study: Rush Limbaugh, Buzzfeed Among Least Trusted News Sources

Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity Cumulus

Millennials, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers have been pitted against one another in study after study, but all three generations agree on at least one thing.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, the trio of age groups distrust the same four political news sources: the digital outlet BuzzFeed and radio shows the “Glenn Beck Program,” “The Rush Limbaugh Show” and “The Sean Hannity Show.”

The study, which surveyed 3,000 people to examine how the political news consumption habits of Millennials varied from the two previous generations, also found that that three sources were trusted by Millennials, but distrusted among Gen Xers and Baby Boomers: “The Daily Show,” “The Colbert Report,” which recently went off the air, and “Al Jazeera America.”

Pew discovered that 61% of younger Americans get political news from Facebook in a given week, while the majority (60%) of their older generational counterparts rely on local TV.

Millennials — defined as those born between 1981 and 1996 — are also less familiar with many news sources, including 18 of the 36 sources Pew used, compared to older generations. BuzzFeed and Google News were the two sources millennials were more familiar with.

Courtesy of Pew Research Center
Courtesy of Pew Research Center

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  1. jnoll says:

    I hear the opposite on Fox News. It is almost as if we are all being lied to. I don’t believe anything any of the say anymore. Did you know there are only 6 corporations own 90% of all news? It is as if they are trying to divide us and to have us hate each other. I am waking up, how about you?

  2. blogspot says:

    Very nice. Thanks

  3. Reality Has A Liberal Bias says:

    It’s hilarious that whenever conservatives hear something that goes against their twisted worldview they immediately cry conspiracy. They can’t accept reality. Over time conservative thinking is always defeated. Progress always wins. It’s always an uphill battle because scared, stupid people cling to the status quo, but eventually things get better. They always lose. That’s why they are so angry and hateful.

  4. Iben Hadd says:

    .Wade Early…….Rush Limbaugh (all)…l are not trusted by a lot of people…Especially those who are educated, and informed…..These three guys say things that are untrue………….They are simply telling their audience what that audience wants to hear…..They make a lot of money, but they have ZERO INTEGRITY!
    I am 78, I was “Rush” before he was born! I listen to him to make sure he understands what is going on. He seldom disappoints me.
    See below

  5. Carl Murphy says:

    Pretty sad to see they all trust ABC. After all those worthies let a former Clinton mouth piece on the air and pretend he’s a journalist

  6. Iben Hadd says:

    Several years ago I picked up my son-in-law (pre-becoming a judge in Chicago) at BWI. the radio was on and there was Rush. He asked if that was “Limbaugh”. I answered that it was. He asked me how I could listen to such a lying bigot, racist, on and on, the usual litany of accusations.
    I said that I was surprised that he knew so much about Rush and that he must listen to him much more than me as I had heard Rush for years and I didn’t recognize his depiction of rush. “I don’t listen to him! “But I have a lot of friends that I respect who know him.” My response was that I was surprised that he had friends that listened to Rush much less know him. My daughter changed the subject.

    • jsm1963 says:

      All these years later, with sites like Media Matters that record what he says and presents them in their context, he can easily confirm his suspicions.

  7. Mark Smith says:

    Liberals can’t handle the truth.

  8. fakecountry says:

    Gen X’er for TYT

  9. Hilarious how the liberal sites are the “most trusted”. When they’re the ones that should not be trusted. Then again, the world is a twlight zone these days.

  10. Where’s that asshole Bill O’Reilly?

  11. cliff says:

    Check out Rush’s CPAC speech in 2009 I believe . It was inspiring and telling and he had no notes or prompter . Just told it like a boss . The left just demonizes and relies on the ignorance of their constituents to subsist . Sad , confused little people .

    • Cheryl says:

      You trust getting your political information from an old geezer married four times, currently to someone young enough to be his daughter. He railed on drug users while being an addict himself. He couldn’t pass more than one semester of college (getting Ds the first semester). No education in politics, world history, world geography, political sciences. No experience as a politician. He’s nothing but a shock jock akin to Howard Stern. Say anything to rile up the listeners. Present a story and then spin it into negativity. Anyone getting their information from him is the low information crowd. That describes his listeners because they never bother to look into any of his bitter complaints.

  12. John Tubb says:

    I’ve never seen an article that could be more “the pot calling the kettle black”. Who cares? Nibiru is coming out from behind the sun within 30 days for ALL to see. Everything else is meaningless.

  13. Wade Early says:

    Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Hannity are not trusted by a lot of people…Especially those who are educated, and informed…..These three guys say things that are untrue….They say things that are nothing more than editorial speculation, trying to pass it off as factual news reporting….And worst of all they clearly do NOT report actual facts concerning their “stories”, that they know their audience does not want to hear…They are simply telling their audience what that audience wants to hear…..They make a lot of money, but they have ZERO INTEGRITY!

  14. Chae Kang says:

    All this tells me is how misguided, misinformed the Millennials are

  15. jsm1963 says:

    For all you right-wingers out there: The poll was clearly using “news source” in a very broad sense. Whomever you get information from. Every source listed in their results are at least topical, so they talk about recent events.

  16. DEM says:

    Rush Limbaugh is not a news source. He is an entertainer on a radio talk show. He will be the first one to tell you that. That being said, he is more accurate than anything else out there. What a surprise on your unbiased “poll” that all your most liberal sources got a high rating. Even the ones that no one ever watches, like CNN and MSNBC. Where did you take this poll? DNC headquarters?

  17. Andy Gonzalez says:

    Limbaugh commments on the news. So does every single one of the people who have talk shows. News is what you hear at the top and bottom of every hour. That’s not what Limbaugh does. Who would listen to a political talk show and classify it as a news source? Only someone with a nefarious agenda.

  18. If you can’t trust a fat Oxycontin addicted college dropout then who can you trust ?

  19. lee hensley says:

    This I a pretty good article but not accurate. Rush Limbaugh should not be considered a “news source” because he isn’t. The only way he even makes news is the way news media comments on him. His only offering is how he feels about the news being reported. In other words “commentary”. That is not the reporting of the news. Therefore the results of your survey are not revelant to the question you wanted to have answered.

  20. Well, here is another one of those surveys which will be welcomed by all Progressive liberals, but contain very little truth. OK, 3000 people were polled. Who were they and where were they polled? What? Based on on-line adults? On this website? Oh yes, very trustworthy.

  21. busseja says:

    interesting. Rush only reports news from the most trusted sources. So what is the value of the survey? If you poll leftists you get conflicting views. Also Rush is not even supposed to be a news source so the secondary lesson is that the survey was taken by people who have not even started to do any research. That invalidates the entire survey. The internet has made childish adolescent work the mainstream.

  22. Interesting, at least it restores faith in the American people that they don’t trust Limbaugh and Hannity.

  23. borninkenya says:

    So now we learn why millennials are the least informed generation in the nation’s history …those man on the street interviews are actually painful.

    • Yes, I agree. I used to think that these man on the street and campus interviews were pretty hilarious, but then I came to realize just how wrong that these children were so uneducated and were in fact indoctrinated by the leftists in our universities. These are the citizens we have to count on in our near future?

  24. ad says:


  25. borninkenya says:

    If I want the truth I always go over to MSNBC and watch Al Sharpton

  26. Wise Bruce says:

    Don’t buy into this. Rush has a huge audience and it goes across the generation and gender range in huge numbers. I don’t know who generated these charts and findings, but it doesn’t take a brain doctor to figure a political element is at work to discredit him as the purpose of this article.
    Most of his news is read directly from the top trusted sources on the charts. He only discusses it on his show. He really doesn’t report the news. He references it to it’s source so you can read it and decide for yourself. As far as generation X is concerned. As they mature they’ll come along, once they find out what the world is really like.

    • Cheryl says:

      I’ve listened to Limbaugh’s show to see how credible he is. Rush Limbaugh is a shock jock. Paid to be controversial and outrageous and hateful to attract more listeners through word of mouth. Which will boost his ratings and raise the cost of advertising on his show. He is to politics what Howard Stern is to sex. I’ve looked up some of the “stories” he comes up with. He presents a sliver of a story and paints it with bitterness and half truths. It’s no wonder there are so many hateful comments on line about our government and the Democrats. He breeds anger and bitterness.

      • jsm1963 says:

        Years ago, Al Franken talked about this game he used to play. When riding in a cab he used to have the driver tune into Limbaugh and bet how many times he’d lie during the ride. I tried that once and caught one or two lies within about 20 minutes.

    • Guest says:

      At 41 with 3 kids and a 6 figure income, I’m not sure how much more I will mature or change my views. I am GenX

      • Amelia says:

        I’m a baby boomer who suffered through my father listening the Limbaugh’s nasty bs when unfortunately he was given his first radio show. I loathed him then as I loathe him now.

      • Susan Di says:

        As a 38 y/o with no kids and a six digit income (not including my husband’s), I’m not sure how much more I will change my views either. I am GenX

  27. Common Sense says:

    Now I understand why Millennials are so dumb and clueless.

  28. Bo Diddley says:

    Hannity was demoted because he could not keep his hands above his desk when Sarah Palin’s was on his show. Who knows what was going on under the desk when Sean began panting. Pity the poor cleaning lady.

  29. dzimas61 says:

    Sad that Millennials don’t know Mother Jones and Slate.

  30. Slugs says:

    More morons from the left. Got to love them and their ignorant little brains.

  31. When working for the US State Department in Kuwait city,I discovered Al Jaz. I was amazed at how well the gathered their news, gave you 8 angles of what was going on, and was not opinionated. My 4 counter parts, all conservatives, wondered what I watched . I told them. They laughed at me and told me I was watching garbage. Until 1 day 2 of them watched the news with me. Then they understood how good of a news organization they were. We all worked in Iraq also. We compared FOX News to Al Jaz on what was going on in Iraq,and found FOX was way off target 99% of the time. My republican counter parts all watch Al Jaz state side now. We are all Baby Boomers.

  32. rytwinger says:

    The results presented here, probably perceived as “news” in itself, was probably gleaned from the narrow, ignorant leftist media hacks themselves. Trustworthy? I’m laughing out loud…..

    • busseja says:

      I think you will find that TASS and PRAVDA are in the same league as Al Jaz. Accurate and honest. Fox comes close here but the majors are so tainted with opinion clouding the news they are pretty much worthless. I too am a boomer. BTW, Al Jaz and Rush when they report things that are real news report the same facts. They deviate on opinion but that is to be expected. This survey only shows those giving and taking don’t distinguish between fact and opinion. Ignorant people can’t.

  33. John Milnic says:

    During the Bush Years Rush only attacked Clinton.

  34. John Milnic says:

    Wow people thing Rush, Hannity and Bill O’Really are real news ? Even O’Really said he has an opinion show, what say you ?.

  35. Rush Limbaugh the least trusted. If people had a clue they would know that Limbaugh merely reads articles published by “trusted” news outlets and then analyzes them.

  36. David Ben-Sun says:

    “Why can’t we all just get along?”

  37. Rush Limbaugh may be opiniated, but that’s only be cause he’s right 99% of the time.

  38. No idea what Buzzfeed is but none of the others is even news programming. Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh are all opinion shows. Does that mean the article or the survey is BS?

  39. Tom Temple says:

    Pew research really?The poll just indicates how hurt the liberals and demonrats are by conservative thinkers.

    • If your a political conservative, good for you. If you a social conservative, then thinking is beyond you. Your wrapped up in dogma, and misinformation. You stopped thinking for yourself long ago. You just want everyone to agree with you about everything. It is your way or the highway. I feel sorry for you. You have NO life of your own, your too busy trying to run other peoples lives. Get a life. Leave the rest of us alone. We got along without you before, and we will actually prosper without you again.

      • 66muds99 says:

        Well said Michael. You should take your news from a multiple of sources and check their sources in order not to be brainwashed. It’s so sad when people get news only they want to hear.

  40. greg,, AKA Frenchie says:

    More liberal BULL SHIT, NBC honest, AL JAZ honest just where in Grimm fairy tines did you find your results

  41. Paul says:

    When did lies, hatred, gossip and ignorance ever pass as news? That’s why it is call hate radio. Complete non contributors to anything.

  42. Cheryl says:

    I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh. So much of what he says is snippets of situations that he has put his own spin on, often totally presenting a totally incorrect impression. I wondered about him personally. Looked him up on Wiki. He only attended one semester of college, got Ds. Dropped out the second semester. His mother claims all he ever wanted to be was a disc jockey. He has no education in political science, geography, world history, etc. And THIS is who some people think is the voice of reason. Amazing! He often refers to the “low information crowd”. I believe he smirkingly knows that is who his listeners are.

    • jay jeffries says:

      Not only is Limbaugh a college dropout, but so are Sean Hannity & Glenn Beck. All 3 hyper-right wing ideologues dropped out, all 3 have no formal education in politics, government, etc; the very things they yell about on a daily basis. On the other hand, Rachel Maddow (the MSNBC political commentator who they all hate & rail against) got her PHD in political science from either Cambridge or Oxford University. She’s educated, literate and logical; they’re angry, illiterate and uneducated; their one sole goal is to make people pissed off, because angry people base all their decisions on emotion and are easier to manipulate…

      • Susan Di says:

        “Limbaugh is one of the most successful personalities in existence”

        So is Ashton Kutcher. What’s your point?

      • Just goes to show, a degree on the wall means absolutely nothing. Maddow is an idiot and Limbaugh is one of the most successful personalities in existence.

  43. Don says:

    Wow! this piece of leftist propaganda must have been a lot of work to put together. Fox News has very high view ratings compared to CNN. Which must mean the majority trust Fox over CNN for the truth.

    • Foul_Ball says:

      Carl Collins Jr claims, “Limbaugh is one of the most successful personalities in existence.”

      WTF is a successful personality? I would say Lush Windbag proves daily H.L. Mencken’s old saying, “No one every went broke under-estimating the intelligence of the American public.”

  44. tslghtr says:

    Talk about a bunch of liberal spin: many from this demographic have never read a book and spend all their time sitting on their duff playing video games!! This demographic has also been subjected to leftist scholastic propaganda, taught the American flag is a symbol of terrorism, and the same generation who use bath salts and cough medicine to get high; you’ll understand if I do not take this article seriously !!!!!

    • Susan Di says:

      “and the same generation who use bath salts and cough medicine to get high”

      This from someone who probably sniffed model airplane glue.

  45. Paully says:

    Again the Variety comments pages hijacked by a fake batch of comments.. These comments are not legit.. In the least.

  46. Ed Weaver says:

    What do Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Fox News have in common? They are all mis-characterized, demonized, misquoted and lied about by the left on a daily basis. MSNBC more trusted than mistrusted — that network who employs a man who headmanned a march in which the chant was, “what do we want — dead cops, when to we want them (dead), right now” never even reprimanded the blatant racist? That network who employs another reporter who called Chris Kile are racist and murderer? This poll’s credibility is dead, right there. And it may have been relevant to mention Limbaugh and Hannity have been 1-2 in national ratings for years.

    • jsm1963 says:

      Ironic that you chose to quote a video that’s been proven not to be from Sharpton’s protest. Sharpton’s protest was in Washington D.C.. That video was shot in the Murray Hill neighborhood of New York. Far away from and long after even the official New York protest. But stick to your news sources. They’re apparently serving you well.

  47. Prince of Snides says:

    Do you know why the lefties in this country take polls like this? Its to see if their propaganda is working. Who isn’t aware of the leftist’s campaign to discredit right wing media sources? They have an entire organization funded by George Soros called Media Matters that is dedicated to bringing down the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. The constant drone of verbal attacks on the right wing media are by design. The polls just tell them if their tactics are working.

    Why a single News station like Fox or a handful of right wing talk show hosts bother liberals so much is an indication of how badly they want to silence any opinions that differ from their own. Their goal is thought control and their battle has just gotten started.

  48. thetnrebel says:

    Well look at the chart, you see they are not very bright. 60 % trust CNN…

  49. JP says:

    That’s ok. These are the whippersnappers who will get run over by the world soon.

    • Susan Di says:

      And the same ones who’ll be taking care of you in the old people’s home, so watch what you say about them.

  50. dave says:

    Ignorance in America is upon us.

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