Rosie Perez to Exit ‘The View’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Rosie Perez: 'The View' Host to

After only four months on “The View,” Rosie Perez is leaving the ABC morning show, Variety has learned.

Perez had taken off the month of January to appear in the Broadway play “Fish in the Dark,” but it’s understood that she won’t be coming back to the Hot Topics table once she’s done. It’s unclear when ABC will announce her departure, but for now “View” producers have been trying other younger co-hosts in her seat.

A rep for “View” denied that Perez would be leaving the show. “Her status with the show has not changed,” ABC said.

After declining steadily for a few years, ratings for “The View” have stabilized in its 18th season with new co-hosts Rosie O’Donnell and Nicolle Wallace joining moderator Whoopi Goldberg; the show is on par with last year in total viewers and down a bit in key demos. Perez was handpicked by the show’s new executive producer Bill Wolff as a last-minute choice after the show underwent a reinvention this past summer after the retirement of Barbara Walters.

The choice of Perez was a surprise given the other contenders that were in the mix last year. But Perez never got a hang of the show’s mixture of hard and soft news, and she had trouble reading from a TelePrompTer, insiders say.

In October, “The View” moved from ABC Daytime to a special production unit of ABC News. But the shift in management hasn’t resulted in any improvement in “View” ratings. More changes in staffing — both behind and in front of the camera — are said to be in the works.

Cynthia Littleton contributed to this report.

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  1. dakey says:

    Give her a big pay check u nasty bastards. U all are a bunch of low down dirty money laundering, drug dealers. Keep pointing fingers firing women because u invested that nasty money in trashy filthy investments , that poison humans on this earth .mI’m sick and tired of the way we all have to suck up to you thieves . Not sure how many of you billionaires came from low income poor families but you keep running around playing Pretend like your so special and important. I know God don’t make mistakes but you billionaires are stupid ass hell .

  2. Misty Puleo says:

    All of the tragic shootings are being blammed on the mentally ill, which accounts for one-third of the population. The prosecutors prosecuting these cases are fighting the defenses like McNaughten, etc. I think the causes of this behavior cannot simply be blammed on the mentally ill, there is more to it then that.

  3. Anne Kost says:

    The show is going down the tubes ever since Raven Simone and the large lady came onto the scene.
    The class of the show is Nicole Wallace. Who made the decision to fire her? The faces that Ms. Simone makes is the reason I can’t watch The View any more. I’ve watched the show since Barbara
    Walters first launched it and I will miss the program but it’s painful to watch the decline and I hope that
    Whoopie didn’t make the decision to hire them both………….

  4. don black says:

    I like Perez and Wallace. I do not always like their arguments Wallace seems willing to meet halfway, but perez sometimes seems bitter and angry at Wallace, But they both add alot to the show. Perez is a smart lady. Raven now she could go. I was excited for her when she got the spot, but I feel she is just not mature enough to be in that spot.

  5. Anita says:

    what a big mistake letting Perez and Wallace go, they bring a lot to the table. You wonder why their ratings are going down, its because they let the good ones go and bring on people that adds absolutely nothing to the show. I will stop watching, now all that is worth watching is Whoopi! They really deserve to be cancelled and I have been watching since day1.

  6. Christina says:

    You bought freshness to the show that is way I been watching it because of you I am going to miss you so much

  7. Mary says:

    Get rid of the purple hail clown


  9. tally west says:

    Hope rosie Perez will be going. Can’t stand her. She’s loud and no respect for other people. She’s not funny

  10. PS says:

    They should keep Rosie! She is smart and very funny and adds a lot to the dying show. Get rid of the Republican, she is an embarrassment to women. She makes a fool of herself when a big celebrity comes on and she can’t talk about anything unless it is to do with politics.

  11. Lori says:

    The View is looking for someone young? what a horrible mistake….older women bring more and better topics to discuss than would a younger person….The Talk show is a perfect example…..I’m sorry but The View is going down the drain…. Miss Joy…now she had something to say…

  12. Frances says:

    Rosie do something with that hair! Horrible!!!

  13. Wendy ufer says:

    Please, make it be, can’t stand the fact that her view is the only view.

  14. cara wong says:

    they need 2 Liberals and 2 Conservatives to make it an Even View and why would they have Vallerie Jarrett as a guest??? LOLOL

  15. Marti says:

    it is just as well she is leaving.I could never get past that bad wig she wears, and focus on what she was saying!!

  16. c johnst says:

    I am glad shes going. Her lockjaw way of talking and her whiny voice irritate me.

  17. Charles McCurdy says:

    Rosie exits the view, I do too.

  18. mike padgett says:

    Rosie it obvious she’s trying to be another Rosie O same IQ as in zero, leave asap Please!

  19. Joyce Dominguez says:

    I agree with you about Rosie Perez. Her voice is annoying. She wouldn’t have a clue what to say without reading off those cards.

  20. Linda Nickelsen says:

    I am glad to see both Rosie’s leave – they didn’t have much to add to the coversations. O’Donnell…. the first show, was rubbing her feet and then shaking a guest hand. I was mortified – no class- also sick of hearing she’s a lesbian, like we don’t know that. Do we here heterosexuals commenting every day about their sexuality? NO! Glad she’s gone.
    Whoopi and Nicolle have class and brains and can carry on intelligent and interesting conversations and make you laugh too! I love the fact that Nicolle worked in politics and can talk about her experiences in a calm voice without prejudice. The View needs two co-hosts who are intelligent and complement Whoopi and Nicolle.

    • Shelli thomson says:

      The view needs to lighten up and get someone light Sheryl from the talk!! Get Jenny back too getting rid of her and getting such serious people was not a good move. We are sorounded by negativity lighten up and quit arguing it makes me stressed. I think a male comedian or female comedian would really add to the show!

  21. Pat payment says:

    I just got done watching the View and I can’t for the life of me why you are keeping Rosie Perez,she is obviously not prepared for Hot Topics she stutters on what is obvious read off the tela prompter she is not enjoyable to watch I feel like I need to finish her thought Wake up clean up your act on Hosts are you will soon be off the air !!!!

  22. Helen Scherer says:

    I am so sorry to learn that Rosie Perez is going to out of the View. She is the only one that has common sense and caring about all people. I am so disappointed with the view. It is so sad that the the three other women on the view is so opinionated and not really very intelligent. I was so looking forward to watching “The View” when I retired. Now, that I have retired and can see “The View” every day. I am so disappointed with this program. They need to do a re-vamp of the entire cast… my opinion.

  23. Rosie Perez discussing politics and current events is akin to my discussing brain surgery! She seems to enjoy the sound iof her own voice, and says things that really don’t make much sense! She needs to go the way of the other obnoxious Rosie! She struggles!

  24. Anthony Beletsky says:

    She should leave the view. another over opinionated person forcing her slanted opinion. She should join odonnel soon. The show is going down the tubes. perez thought that arquettes speech was great at the oscars. She should then give some of her money to homeless women. Stick to acting not political hacking. So long, perez

  25. cdhaskell says:

    It is irony that everyone was thinking that Rosie Perez was leaving the Views but it turn out to be Rosie O’Donnell was the one will be leaving the Views. I can’t wait to see who will replace her.

  26. Dawn Langford says:

    Bring back Leaha and Holly!!!

  27. barb says:

    Please get rid of Nicole Wallace. She is boring, silly, and her voice is so irritating. She doesn’t fit in at all. Maybe time for this show to end.

  28. Joodie says:

    I have enjoyed all the women on the view. I will miss Rosie. And if Rosie P. leaves I’ll miss her . She’s such a darling. I enjoyed all the topics and the guest they had on. I wish all the gals the best. Keep the good work up.

  29. kitty says:

    Ratings for television have declined, I believe, for several reasons and here are just a few: 1) people are dropping cable (.) Why; we now understand that the news no longer holds the honor and integrity it once did. 2) the true issues such as the governments behavior in every area of American life is completely ignored and focus is placed on other failing programs on a television that people are not watching. Seriously look at the sales of televisions on the past decade. Lastly, I have attended two conference’s in the last two years and attending another this month; The International UFO Congress, Fountainhills Az, Contact In The Desert, Joshua Tree Ca and paid to watch on the internet Congressional hearings w/former members of Congress on the topic of disclosure and not one television program took it seriously. If you want me to take you seriously then take me and others seriously and drop the insulting coverage or, lack of, these Conferences and talk about something “we” are interested in(.)

  30. cdhaskell says:

    I wanted to know what kind of deal that Ms. Barbara Walter got because ABC is doing everything in the world keep The Views on the air. I wanted to know who will replace Ms. Rosie O’Donnell on the Views.

  31. GiGi Barnes says:

    Please Please Please end the torture. Please end The View. Its time has come and gone. A long time ago.

    • kitty says:

      Hello and thank you, I enjoy reading comments and peoples views, “Lol” The View, and would like to respond to yours, Barbarba had stated that she wanted a “Woman’s” program, in a male dominated world, with Women’s views. Her show was the very first of it kind EvEr. I loved it and apparently so did other women around the world as the program took off with fire. In all truth I believe we need it now more than ever because it is currently the only open forum for and by women still on TV. I truly hope they can hang onto it, however it is the lack of, in my humble opinion, the content or again, lack of, content. What? Do we really want to hear them talk about? What do you(?) Want to hear them talk about? What is important to you?

      • Kathy says:

        This show has GOT TO STOP the political stories. Rosie Perez is the most obnoxious woman I have ever heard. Her voice is so annoying. Why on earth was she ever selected? Nicole Wallace is a phony. She is absolutely not the voice of conservatives. Just cancel the whole show – it is awful.

    • Lacey says:

      Agreed. The View should end its run. It was Ms Walters baby and should had left with her.

  32. Duude says:

    I don’t know why any celebrity would want to end their career on that show.

  33. 1support says:

    Wrong Rosie. O’Donnell’s leaving due to family and producer problems.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I know that I shouldn’t be laughing when I read that everyone got the wrong Rosie that was leaving the show. It will be interested to see who will replace O’Donnell.

  34. Bill says:

    Rosie Perez had trouble reading the teleprompter because she can’t read!

  35. It is irony that it is Rosie O’Donnell who will be leaving the Views instead of Rosie Perez.

  36. tom burke says:

    It is time the nit wit joins o’donnell.

  37. throw in more conservative voices and watch ratings go up!

  38. Retta says:

    Whoopi should be fired. She is not a good fit. She think her view is the right and only view. WRONG!WRONG!WRONG!!!!! I truly enjoyed the show when she was out with her back problem. Rosie O. continue to stand your ground. You should be the leader . You are a strong debater but not a bully like Whoopi. WHOOPI DO THE RIGHT THING…. QUIT

  39. Eric says:

    I’m hearing of reports that co-executive producer of The View is calling it quits over the war with the Rosie’s. Hmmm. It’s unclear if Rosie Perez will be leaving, amid denials of her leaving. As for O’Donnell… it’s possible that she may be likely to bolt from the show again, like she did in before… unless ABC has no desire to renew her contract. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the infamous split-screen effect making an appearance.

  40. Douglas Francis says:

    Today Tues Feb.3, 2015 Rosie Perez made a comment about a person running for a public office and that person happened to be a Republican and was against Immigration. Get your facts straight Rosie. Republicans are NOT against Immigration. We are against immigrants breaking the laws already in place and trying to circumvent those laws. There is a specific way to become a citizen of this country and rules that need to be followed. If you are in this country without going thru the proper channels then you are here ILLEGALLY and THAT is what Republicans hate.

  41. cdhaskell says:

    When Star Jones was on the show it was all about her and her need. It got worst when she got married she turn into the bride from hell and try to get everything for her. She became the joke when she got a divorce by throwing her husband to the fire and she claim that she didn’t know that her husband is gay which he claim that was a lie. The joke was calling him Mr. Star Jones.

  42. Rosie Perez needs to go! Her constant phrase ” as a latina” EVERYTIME she voices her opinion
    Has become VERY annoying. It isn’t really adding anything to the show. Can’t she think as a person? I, a latina, have never felt it necessary to add that phrase to my opinions to get my view across. She is not talk show material, can’t add anything to a discussion. I admire her as a comedic actress-she should stick with that. I have watched the show since it began and never
    Had to vent before. Better care in choosing co-hosts would be advised in the future.

  43. jo says:

    i agree too much political talk

  44. sANDY says:

    Need to get rid of Nicolle Wallace – most of us can’t understand her when she talks!!!!!
    Nicolle is not View material.

  45. BARBARA KIGHT says:


  46. Tad says:

    Whoopi in that chair this week and waving her arms, wearing horrendous clothing, was so distracting. It was a freak show. I usually like her, but she came back and acted ridiculous.

    • starbbycat says:

      Whoopi is the reason the show is no longer watchable – too in your face and dominant, the authority on , well everything – give me Meredith Veira any day.

  47. Linda says:

    The View needs to go back to its roots. If Rosie Perez never came back I would be happy. Rosie O’Donnell should have never been asked back, and Mario Cantone should not be the male guest co-host nearly every day. It should have five women co-hosts of different ages and different views, and stop having men serve as guest co-hosts. The producers should tone down regular talk by hosts and guests about being gay and lesbian… just be people. The topics have gotten silly. They need to get back to real, sometimes serious topics. They need a segment about movie and TV stars along with their Hot Topics. Someone wrote that it was never meant to be a craft show, and I say it was never meant to be a game show or a gay and lesbian show. Either improve it by going back to the original concept or cancel it together.

  48. Harry says:

    Perez was a poor fit for the show, as is Rosie. The best shows were with last years group, which included McCarthy….change was for the worse.

  49. Debbie D says:

    I can’t stand to watch The View anymore. 😩 besides the boring content, the interaction between these women is so not genuine! Sorry I watch anything else but this.

  50. ladyD says:

    The show is SOOOO boring. They talk about the most insignificant things……what happened to Donahue. …..just gossip, whatever. …need better content

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