Inside ABC’s Botched Plan to Fire Rosie Perez From ‘The View’ (EXCLUSIVE)

ABC has put the brakes on a plan to fire Rosie Perez from “The View,” after Variety broke the news of the decision on Jan. 14.

At the time, the network wasn’t ready to announce the co-host’s departure. According to a source familiar with ABC execs’ thinking, fear of “an Ann Curry situation” — a reference to NBC’s botched firing of the “Today” anchor in 2012 — led executives to reverse course and keep Perez on the network’s 11 a.m. talk show for now.

Perez had only been on “The View” for four months when ABC execs concluded that she wasn’t the right fit for the show. The network thought it had an easy plan to offer Perez a graceful exit: The actress was already scheduled to take a month off from “The View” in January to prepare for her role in Larry David’s Broadway play “Fish in the Dark.” Instead of having her return to the Hot Topics table once she was done with rehearsals, the show would announce she had to leave permanently for her other commitment.

Under one scenario hatched by execs, to avoid the appearance of pushing out their first Latina co-host in 18 seasons, ABC would throw a farewell for Perez and invite her on to explain why she was departing.

But the Variety story that broke the news of Perez’s ouster created pandemonium backstage at the “The View.” One problem was that ABC execs hadn’t told the other co-hosts of the plan. Rosie O’Donnell, who joined the 18th season of “The View” in September along with Republican strategist Nicolle Wallace and returning moderator Whoopi Goldberg, was particularly caught offguard, sources say. O’Donnell is close friends with Perez.

After O’Donnell and others pressed ABC bosses for an explanation, the network backpedaled on the plan. Among concerns, ABC worried about outrage from viewers about dropping a Latina co-host so quickly. And they had not vetted other candidates who could replace Perez.

The premature news leak in Variety, which was corroborated by reports from other media outlets, led to concerns that Perez’s departure would reflect badly on the show and ABC management in the same way that the tearful departure of Curry from “Today” tarnished the NBC morning show’s sunny image. ABC executives weren’t high on Perez’s performance on “The View” because she didn’t necessarily steer the Hot Topics segments in the direction that made the talk show must-see TV, but last week, ABC announced that Perez would return on Feb. 3. According to sources, Perez could remain on “The View” through her one-year contract that ends in August, or possibly leave earlier if the situation changes again.

Senior ABC executives strongly deny that there was ever a plan to oust Perez.

“These unnamed sources are wrong,” said an ABC spokesperson. “As was always the plan, the amazingly talented Rosie Perez took time off to rehearse for her Broadway play. We’re eagerly looking forward to having her back on February 3rd. Any speculation to the contrary is simply untrue.”

It’s been a chaotic year for the morning roundtable talk show, which saw its co-creator Barbara Walters retire last year. In October, the network moved the management of “The View” from its longtime home at ABC Daytime to ABC News, under the portfolio of the division’s president James Goldston. But sources close to the situation say the new team has had trouble steering the ship, particularly when it comes to communicating with the co-hosts about the direction of “The View.”

It’s clear that there’s been internal finger-pointing and suspicion stirred up by the shift in oversight from ABC Daytime to ABC News. “The View” has been a magnet for media gossip since its inception in 1997, and now that has been heightened by ABC’s internal politics.

Ben Sherwood has made revamping “The View” one of his top priorities as the incoming president of Disney/ABC Television Group (he formally starts the job next week), but the changes implemented since the show moved to the news division haven’t worked so far. After a strong launch for the new panel in September, with total viewers hitting an eight-year high of 3.9 million for the premiere episode, ratings haven’t improved dramatically from last year’s sluggish season, when Jenny McCarthy was the new addition to the panel.

“View” numbers rebounded some in November after sagging in October. But “The View” is facing its toughest challenge to date from CBS’ competing roundtable yakker “The Talk,” which is on the upswing.

“It’s never been such a mess,” one insider revealed. “Nobody knows what’s going on.”

One rumor that continues to echo among staff at the Upper West Side studio is that ABC will cancel “The View” at the end of this season to replace it with an additional hour of “GMA.” But that would be complicated by the fact that the ABC O&Os carry the syndicated “Live With Kelly and Michael” at 9 a.m. That show performs well for the O&Os, which means that there would be internal resistance to messing with success. And because it is syndicated (by Disney/ABC Domestic TV), “Kelly and Michael” has long-term contracts with non-ABC owned stations. ABC would probably have a hard time clearing another hour of network time at 9 a.m. by this fall because most of its affiliate stations have long-term contracts for programming in the crucial hour that follows “Good Morning America.”

Restarting “GMA” in the 11 a.m. network time slot that is now home to “The View” might be tricky, as evidenced by the short run of “Good Afternoon America” in 2012 with Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer that didn’t gain much traction. That show was seen as a trial balloon for an expanded “GMA,” although it was quickly pulled together as a nine-week replacement for the short-lived ABC Daytime series “The Revolution,” filling the gap in the spring and summer until Katie Couric’s talkshow launched that fall.

Cynthia Littleton contributed to this report.

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  1. Maewest says:

    I stopped watching especially now with Joy Behar always so negative and bashing Pres. Trump. who do they think they are !! just bitter hateful women her and Whoopey need to GO !! They look so ugly and old when they challenge anyone and everything. Bill O’reilly wont come back he hates them as so many others do !! Please everyone stop watching that show so they get NEW people or take off the air !!

  2. Carolyn Bond says:

    I enjoy the view. Glad they got Odell out of there! Would like to see Rosie Perez back
    I liked Nicole Wallace what happen with her?

  3. Antoinette Gonzales says:

    Today’s show was pretty sad I can’t believe the view exported little girls and giving them the wrong image

  4. Joy Murray says:

    The View is the best talk show! I think everyone is great i pay attention to what everyone has too say! I love the view and miss Barbara too!

  5. pat says:

    I stopped watching the view until they brought Joy behar back and now I watch because of Joy, she is a great choice to the other girls!

  6. debi says:

    ABC, i just check the channel to see when you will end this show. I leave the TV on for my dogs to have sound. So don’t think picking channel 7 is because of the view. Now I just pick another channel (I am trying to avoid channels that have loud violence during the day when I am gone). I do watch channel 7 when there are shows I want to watch. When the view comes on, I turn the channel. Dear ABC, what will it take till you get the point. It is a sad that so many people have said get the view off the air and yet you feel bad email, and comments are building the ratings. It is not. Because you continue to ignore the public, even your best evening shows will end up paying for the corporation lack of consideration for the public voice. How sad, you have become so determined to keep using a cup to empty water from a sinking ship in the ocean.

  7. I’ve been struggling with myself about expressing some disturbing feelings that I now have with “The View.” However, I got a little courage after reading the comments of Teresa Coggins. I used to adore the show, now I find I get so agitated that I’m nearly to the point of not watching it anymore. I realize some of the panel members are probably there to get different age groups to watch, but it’s like we, the viewing public/fans, are having to put up with watching host training, rather than hosts able to speak accurately and intelligently about a huge variety of topics. Simply disagreeing with something doesn’t make your opinion the only one that matters. One interrupts and/or talks over everyone–guests included–trying to make a funny wisecrack about EVERYTHING. When she does it she speaks so fast that it’s often impossible to understand her words, so it just ends up being rude. Another young host acts superior all the time, acts like she’s the only person on the planet that knows anything worth knowing, is extremely intolerant of any opinion but hers–to the point of rolling her eyes while making snotty (yes, snotty) remarks, like “if there’s anyone that doesn’t know THAT, I can’t imagine who it would be.” She was raving on about her unsurpassed knowledge of electronics. Since I didn’t know what she was talking about, I guess she found that “anyone that doesn’t know THAT, I can’t imagine who it would be” person. Her attitude and snide comments, said out loud but with body language that indicates whispering, is very typical of many young people who have bad manners, no respect for others, and tunnel vision focused on “me, me, me.” I wish the host situation would be cleaned up and managed better. I really hate to lose an adult program that I’ve enjoyed for so many years, but with the chaos that is created daily by some hosts, and without some changes being made immediately, I don’t see “The View” lasting after this season. …a very sad thing. I wonder what Barbara Walters thinks?

  8. Teresa Coggins says:

    I have never in my entire life written and submitted a comment about a television program in my 54 years of being on this planet. I feel strongly compelled to do so in this case; I must say something about The View because I know I am witnessing a train wreck about to happen any minute. I have been watching the View since the beginning. I loved it then because of everything it is NOT now. The original panel’s discussions about relevant topics, whether or not I agreed, was riveting. When they disagreed, even to the point of arguing, it was real. It paralleled what people were saying in the real world. There were silly times, even boring…Star’s wedding, but that is my opinion. Somewhere, someone may have been enjoying her diatribe about herself. That passed and the View continued doing what it did best.

    The guest’s conversations on the show mirrored what people were living in their own lives: news, cultural, family and the many more Hot Topics of the times. The show had its ups and downs. Having an outspoken hostess is not a down. Rosie O’Donnell may not be at the top of everyone’s popularity meter but her point of view opened many interesting and relevant conversations. She wore her emotions on her shoulder. What is wrong with that? It is human to feel strongly about certain issues; why hide that? It made the program powerful. Sometimes people need to feel a bit uncomfortable in order to get to what it is they really know about themselves.
    Fast forward to today’s “The View”. After the many years I have looked forward to the View; I can no longer do it. It actually gets on my nerves so badly, and not in a compelling, make me think kind of “get on one’s nerves”, that I can’t even watch commercials for it. The combination of hostesses (they may prefer to be called hosts) is the worst that I even could imagine, much less find and hire. I don’t understand what the end goal is with this mismatched group. What was wrong with the dynamics between Whoopi, Nicole, and Rosie P? Of course they, independently, didn’t know everything there is to know about pop culture, or anything else for that matter. Nicole not knowing about the overrated Kardashian family is why I liked her. Not everyone gives a damn about them and it is refreshing to see someone admit to it on national television. Nicole was smart, kind, she listened well, and she was willing to try anything whether or not it was in her comfort zone. As for Rosie Perez, she brought many unusual things to the table. It was not just that she was Latino. She was a Philanthropist and proved that with the many amazing stories she shared. She had a life outside of the View: stage performing, volunteering, family, and, wow…boxing. Her varied interests offered something for everyone. I don’t know how much she knew about “pop” culture but it was obvious that she had an emphasis on culture. She was compassionate, caring, angry when necessary; in other words, she was relatable to many people, not just the Lations. Whoopie is the one that now carries the show. At one time she seemed engaged and excited to talk about the topics at hand. Over time, as the panel began to change, so did Whoopie. She has less to say, and I don’t blame her, because she is surrounded by a group of women that have absolutely nothing in common with her. She seems miserable. You have taken an outspoken, smart, funny woman and reduced her to an image at the end of a table.

    I don’t know where you found the other girls but you need to put them back. I am sure they fit somewhere but it is not on the View, not the View I know and love. The topics are boring, if not boring the panel’s way of handling them makes them boring. Their conversations seem contrived and that many be because their knowledge of the topic appears to be limited. Often each, except Whoopie, appears to have her own agenda rather than adding to the topic as a whole. When a controversial item is on the table rather than honestly talking about it, now they politically correct it. I can even see them looking toward “the camera, producer, someone,” to see if what they are saying is OK. “Am I in trouble,” is what the message sends to people watching. I will not say names to hurt individuals because I really feel it is not an individual’s fault, it is simply the worst combination of a talk show panel in the history of talk shows. Whomever chose this group of women needs to take a long look in the mirror, and admit: “I made a huge mistake”. If the View is to be saved, you must make changes. Do not try to find pop culture aficionados. You need smart women who are not afraid to speak their opinions but even more importantly, you must have smart women who are willing to listen, really listen, to the opinions of others.
    That is when riveting conversation takes place and that is what your show is supposed to be: smart women who have opinions and can relate to world and personal issues while listening to the opinions, often different, of other smart women. Conversation ensues and hopefully, once again, the public’s view will be one that they look forward to seeing.

  9. Olga Sweet says:

    I so miss Rosie Perez. She added so much to the show and was so refeshing.

  10. Jo Burns says:

    I am disappointed that N. Wallace is no longer on the View. I do not agree with her politics but she stated things in a moderate way and was not offensive. She was very smart. I miss Rosie Perez. Do not care for the new group and all the music. Nothing informative about it.

  11. Peggy says:

    I am VERY disappointed that Nicolle Wallace is leaving The View. I feel she adds a great deal to discussions and is very likeable and honestly expresses herself.. I don’t share her political views but am interested in what she has to say. I am very happy that Joy Behar is returning but wish you would keep Nicolle. I am not a fan of Raven-Seymone but understand that she represents her generation’s point of view. I have been a die-hard supporter of this program and enjoy their banter. Please don’t mess too much with it.

  12. Roseann Weitmann says:

    I am beyond happy that Joy Behar is returning to The View!!! I speak for my family as well!!!

  13. valleygirl says:

    p.s. Rosie Perez has an ‘annoying, ‘nasal’ voice…which detracts from anything intelligent she might be saying…it works for her when she is portraying a character in a movie, but as a talk show host or commentator, her nasal Brooklyn accent is very annoying to listen to. (and it has ‘nothing’ to do with Latino…I love Jennifer Lopez)

    • mike tedesco says:

      She is so strange the only thing she accomplishes when she speaks is makes everyone stupider who listens to her

  14. valleygirl says:

    the other talk shows with the four or five women, just sound like a hen party talking about entertainment, rather than important issues from the daily news. At least “The View” keeps up with latest news stories and has intelligent discussion about them, (mainly because of Nicole Wallace and Whoopi). The other talk shows are just a continuation of Entertainment Tonight…about empty headed, siliconed and botoxed celebrities, who are overpaid and have ‘fluff’ for brains. I can’t stand either of those talk shows. I watch the first half of The View for the ‘hot topics’ discussion about daily news, and once they have celebrity interviews, (unless they’re political or controversial), I shut it off.

  15. Linda Graham says:

    Kindly leave The View on. I love it, but I am disappointed about Nicole Wallace leaving. I wrote ABC with a shabby response from them & they wouldn’t accept my reply to them. They tried telling me there was somewhere else to write, but no one has accepted it yet.

  16. Joanne Nottebart says:

    After watching “The View” since its beginning, I am disappointed that Nicole Wallace is leaving. I plan to stop watching it and perhaps watch “The Talk” instead.

  17. Karen Correa says:

    That’s it for me. Whoopie and Nicole Wallace were the ones who kept me watching and I’ve watched since day one. When Nicole goes the show should go. Who cares what Raven Simone or any of the other guest hosts have to say. They have no credability. You just lost a loyal viewer.

  18. Ann says:

    I was disgusted by Kelly Osbourne’s comments today on the View regarding Hispanics. Her comment was if the “latinos” were not here, “Who would clean the toilets?” Are you f____ng real? It took Rosie Perez to speak up and let her know how stupid her comment was. Now ABC is firing Rosie Perez??? And we will no longer have someone to speak for Latinos?? ABC what are you thinking??

  19. The directors of the view need to keep Rosie Perez and get rid of the tall lady that is suppose to be a comedian of the show. I’m sorry but I’m sure she is a very sweet lady but she is so boring. Joy Baheir, I think I misspelled her last name is funnier than the tall lady so yeah they need to get rid of the tall comedian lady. And I’m not talking about Woopie or the one that played on the Cosby show when she was little. Thanks that’s just my opinion.

  20. juanita edwarda says:

    I have been a fan of the view since it’s inception. Now that the exec. are trying to fix what is not broken is going to mess up a good thing. I am appalled and disappointed at the idea of firing Rosie Perez who is super smart, very intelligent and I admire a honesty. she is a compliment to whoopie the other most intelligent and honest hostess in the view. By all means please keep Nichole Wallace because she is very informative and honest about the inside of Washington. I sure would hate to leave the view but the head men are making it hard to keep the faithful audience. Please tell the new comedy lady she really is not funny

  21. miriam kottler says:

    The biggest problem with the View are the people “trying to run it”.

    Why take a successful show that was part of ABC Daytime to ABC News. They have turned it into a show with the music and yelling like The Price is Right.

    Whoopie can fit in anywhere. The addition of Whoopie on the view was a wonderful addition, she brought wisdom,talent.and intelligence. You want her to be a ringleader of a show run by people who have no talent ,and are clueless . They can be credited with taking an iconic show, and, having no respect for it’s intelligent,multi-aged, and,yes a hip audience, and trashing it.
    Return it back to ABC Daytime. Every decision they make is a poor one. The one good decision was hiring Nicole Wallace. A HUGH MISTAKE in letting her go. She is intelligent,moderate, and articulate, and informes us on the workings of Washington, Government. and Polotics. Perhaps the audience you are after has no desire to be educated.. The newest co-host may be a very nice person, and a comedienne, but is overbearing,and not that funny. Raven , may be a talented actor, but is not very effictive as a co-host. Perhaps the show is looking for a person that will attract young hip hoppers..
    Whoopie, and Nicloe are representative of what the View was and is meant to be..
    I have watched the View since the first show, and sadly unless Quality, and Intelligence return to join Whoopie, and Nicole I will be watching The Talk. I always thought The Talk was trying to copy the view, now that ABC has been killing the View The Talk is gaining in popularity THANKS TO ABC NEWS.

    • valleygirl says:

      Hi Miriam: I agree with you about Whoopi and Nicole. Those two give the show intelligence and news ‘savvy’…while the others just detract from it. Rosie with her nasally heavy Brooklyn accent, and Raven looking like a colourful parrot, not having much to add unless you are talking about teeny bopper music stars…(she might do well with her own teen talk show on Disney perhaps)..and what’s with the curtain material she drapes herself in every day??? I don’t agree about the other female talk shows..they are at best..hen parties…talking about fashion, sex, not much of any substance…I’m really not in to the ‘hen party’ type of talk show, nor do I care for ET or any of the shows that talk about the Kardashians, and “Caitlyn” jenner…etc. There’s so many more important issues in the world to discuss, and these empty headed people are shameful in their lack of morals and values and in contributing to the welfare of the world they live in, even with all their wealth. They spend it on botox, silicone, plastic surgery, clothes and outlandish weddings etc. It’s little wonder the world is in a mess, with this type of human walking the earth.

  22. diane says:


  23. Billie Jan says:

    You REALLY need to bring Rosie O’Donald back and add that comedian Mario full time…Those two together, are crazy hilarious and I love the moments of their rankings… OR create a new show just for them… The View should just be… Whoopi, Rosie O’, Nicholle Wallace and Mario, cuz I just love him… If Rosie can’t come back full time… Have her and Mario do a craft segment at least once a week… That would be fabulous !!! It appeared, today that something is going on… I hope everything turns out ok for you all and the show PS… I don’t like that Rosie Perez speaks over people and won’t let others finish their points…thanks for helping me learn more about the comings and goings of the topics that are rattling about… good luck with the shows feature… Always, Billie Jean, from Roy Washington state

  24. Lupe Arce says:

    I have no interest in watching “The View” if Rosey Perez is no longer on the show. Rosey has lived the Latina experience, and she cannot be replaced by a Latina in the entertainment industry.

  25. lisa says:

    My suggestion is stop filling the chairs with comics. The view was never about comics it was about current topics and politics and famous people. All these comics doesn’t work on this show. And not loving Whoopi the 2nd Raven but love Nicole.

  26. Janet Prampero says:

    Rosie Perez is not very bright and should not be on a talk show -bring back Joy Behar

  27. Betty Hebert says:

    ABC should keep Rosie and get rid of Whoopi instead. Woopi is still taking up for Cosby. Bill Cosby admitted to druging and having sex with women of his choice. Whoopi that is rape period… Get rid of Woopie or the View will go down. I’m done with the View as long as Whoopie Goldberg is on.

    • valleygirl says:

      actually, Betty Hebert..Whoopi is the one who ‘makes’ The View now, and who does a great job of moderating it. Nicole Wallace is another great addition. I don’t care for the tall comedian, or for Rosie Perez and Raven is difficult to look at..she reminds me of a colorful parrot…almost like she tries to look ridiculous. We won’t miss you, if you stop watching the View, but will sure miss Whoopi. :)

  28. Robert says:

    Nicole Wallace is wonderful on the show and it would be a HUGE mistake to let her go. I am a democrat yet I appreciate her moderate and articulate viewpoints (versus EH). She’s also effective at the basics of the job/broadcasting.

    Regarding Perez, it was the correct decision to release her. Rosie had difficulty expressing her views, asking questions, even reading cue cards. She was not well suited for this type of work. Good actress, yes. Nice person, it doesn’t matter. Effective talk shoe host, no.

  29. Gloria says:

    ABC will be making a terrible mistake to leave Nicole Wallace on the View, because she is the problem, first she has a Nasal problem, and most importantly, she cannot speat two words without referring that she is a republican, really morning on a variety show who wants to hear those depressing words, political views and affiliates has a different show so constantly, all week that is all she knows, She worked at the white house, and how she loves the Bushes, Oh my God; she is the failure for the View. Poor Rosie is a delight on the show, she is very informed, and the only conversation Nicole is Versed about is Politics. Please remove her that the View caN BE LIGHTENED UP AGAIN. SHE IA A STIGMA THAT NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THAT TIME OF THE DAY. PLEASE ABC DONT MAKE A GRAVE MISTAKE AND SEND AWAY ROSIE. NICOLE IS THE WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING, AND NEEDS TO GO IMMEDIATELY.

    • Freda Justus says:

      I totally agree with Gloria!! Rosie is well-informed, intelligent, and caring, the only reason I still watch The View. Nicole is shrill, just like Elizabeth. I will no longer watch this show!!!!!!

  30. Lourdes Rivera says:

    With all due respect, i use to watch the “THE VIEW SHOW” all the time. It was one of my favorite shows. All these changes of Co-Host since Ms. Walters left, (Thank God Ms. Whoopie is still on the show). I love her dearly. The View has changed. The hot topics can be unbelievable. The guests are still good. But I have a concern, Ms. Raven, that we have seen grow up on T.V. has a bit of an attitude. To each it’s own. But sometimes Ms. Raven goes overboard. You are a C0-hostl, smile, stop the attitude as if you were better than everyone. Whats going on with the costumes? I respect all of the View, but it was greater back in the days.

  31. Alex says:

    Rosie Perez is my absolute favorite of the 2015 panel!! Take her off, and the show comes off my TiVo. Of the others on the panel, Nicole Wallace, although I disagree with her politics, is a breath of fresh air from the right-wing talking-point automaton, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Raven is a gifted actor, but don’t think the talk show scene is the best fit for her. I was sorry to see Rosie O go. It was great having her back on for a while. Whoopie holds her own and keeps things moving. Joy is/was my all-time favorite. Miss her a lot. Sadly, the show as a whole has become vapidly commercial. The days Rosie P is there make the shallow production level (this on the producers, not the hosts) overlook-able. When Rosie P isn’t there, I often can’t make myself sit through much if any of it.

  32. lorna mcbean says:

    The only person that sit is whoopi bring joy back as a temp . Then have contest for people that been watching for 18years hard questions choose one unknown person. Raven is nice but dosent fit the other ladies just dosent fit the are to plain interview vanessa williams. Hire the comedian thats a friend of the show i forgot his name he is funny he was always their when joy was their he is gay.these two would be a great fit then maybe raven could stay the would cover or bring her out of her shell.

  33. Cathy says:

    I have been hanging in there waiting for The View to find their way back to the great show it once was but now I can finally throw in the towel & stop watching with their latest bad decision to hire Raven as a permanent host. I can’t stand her & find her offensive to watch. So now I will be tuning them out.

  34. Ivy Mann says:

    I miss Barbara Walters and her arm motions because she seemed to keep everyone on track. The View is going downhill. Whoopie stop eating and trying to run the table, that looks gross. Nichole love when you talk about politics but honey stop that damn giggling when guest are trying to talk. Rosie we all now know you were poor so stop bringing it up. Ravine you are a grown ass women who is almost 30, stop referring to yourself as “the younger generation” and find another store to buy your clothes.
    I have looked into The Talk and these girls are courteous, patient and are not always throwing around the race card. Yes, I said it…. and I DON’T CARE!!! so do not contact me.

  35. Nancy De Soto says:

    Very, Very disappointed to hear Simone is permanent on the View. First, she does not make very intelligent remarks. Second, I NEVER heard of her or saw her anywhere except on the View. SHE THINKS SHE IS GREAT. I do not. I was eagerly awaiting HER AND PEREZ to be gone. The show is not and never will be the same since Barbara Walters left. ABC needs some TOP JOURNALISTS on the View and not these half baked people they have now. If it were not for Whoopi the show would be NOTHING!

  36. Karen K says:

    I think Raven Symon needs to become permanent co-host on the view. Rosie Perez and Nicole Wallace have been pleasant surprises. I had been a loyal watcher for a long time, but was becoming bored with the show. Whoopie, Rosie, Nicole, & Raven Symone should all be permanent hosts. They have made it worth watching again.

  37. Emily says:

    Raven is not as mature as the other hosts and I don’t think she thinks her opinions through before she speaks. Say goodbye to her, please. I love Whoopi and I like Rosie. Nicole, though Republican, is far better than Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and you do have to have some diversity on the panel. I do miss Joy and her humor.

  38. n/a says:

    Why does Nicole Wallace always interrupt everyone? From cohost to guests. Very rude

  39. DMKenny says:

    The reason I turn the View off isn’t b/c of Rosie Perez. I think she is great! However, Nicole IS the reason. I think she is obnoxious, annoying, & CONSTANTLY interrupting everyone! Her voice and laugh are even irratating. She may be knowledgable about politics, but in my opinion, it’s not worth it!!

    • valleygirl says:

      and you don’t find Rosie Perez’s voice annoying??? omg!! every time she starts yakking in that nasally Brooklyn accent, I shut my eyes and my ears. It’s difficult to respect anything she has to say, because of the grating annoyance of her voice. Nicole’s voice is a bit ‘high pitched’ but she isn’t as confrontational and doesn’t try to talk over everyone else and interrupt what they are saying…the way Rosie does.

  40. Rosalind says:

    Bring Joy Behar back. They need more authentic, intelligent and genuinely funny informed hosts!

  41. Please don`t fire Rosie Perez. Bring Joy Behar back. Retire Whoopie. Her act is over due for burial. Joy Behar is funny and informative at the same time. Keep Nichole(the Republican) We need a foil for Joy.Get rid of that ex -Bill Cosby alumni. She is neither funny or informative. I`M NOT INTERESTED in her opinions.

  42. Deborah foley says:

    I stopped watching as of today. Rosie Perez never stops talking, constantly interrupts the others. Used to like her, no more! I love christella!

  43. pat says:

    Thanks, Deb. I just yesterday wrote a very similar comment to ABC! If they put Cristela on permanently or leave her on much longer, I’ll stop setting my clock to see “The View” and get some much needed sleep or fresh air instead. I will miss Whoopi and her take on Hot Topics – she is brilliant, interesting and real. How she deals with the mediocrity at best of some of the others, I can’t imagine. Rosie doesn’t do and say what some think she should, but she is bright and has a heart of gold. Rosie O is no loss, Nicolle is naïve and much like her former boss – and a bit more tolerable that Elizabeth or the one who “Donny loves.”

  44. Deb says:

    That Cristela Alonzo is driving me NUTS!!! Nothing she says is actually funny, though you’d never know it cause she laughs the loudest from her quips…actually she laughs the LOUDEST all the time! ACTUALLY… it’s not a laugh…it’s a VERY irritating cackle. If that wasn’t bad enough, when she overlaughs she has to make sure everyone hears her above everyone else SO she smacks HER cards three to four times. I am officially giving up this pathetic show. I have been a loyal viewer since it’s inception but the constant talking over each other and the rest of this debacle has run it’s course.

    Over and Out!

  45. Shirl says:

    Get that Rosie off the view the fake hair the old lady frozen fake face enough the accent come on enough of her go back to Porto Rico

  46. I don’t care what the color of her skin is…. SHE SUCKS!!!!!!

  47. Sue and Joe Ritner says:

    Please let Perez go as soon as possible!

  48. Linda silver says:

    Very very disappointed in the content and hosts currently on the view. I feel it went dumb down .
    Whoopi and Nicole Wallace are great

  49. Judith says:

    I do not watch The View often because I find Rosie Perez annoying. She is too loud, interrupts everyone and does not add anything to the show. When I do watch, all I want to say is, be quiet Rosie.

  50. Kathleen says:

    I feel Rosie Perez is awful! She interrupts everyone with her comments. I could see Raven doing the.eye roll evertime she was trying to voice her opinion. I love Nicole Wallace and she’s the best addition to the show in years. Even Whoopie seems to like her.

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