Rosie O’Donnell to Exit ‘The View’

Rosie O'Donnell Exiting 'The View'

Rosie O’Donnell is leaving ABC’s “The View’ for a second time, sources confirm.

She will exit the daytime talkshow next week to concentrate on her family, following a split from wife Michelle Rounds, according to her publicist.

“I can confirm that Rosie and her wife Michelle split in November. Rosie has teens and an infant at home that need her attention,” O’Donnell’s rep, Cindi Berger, said in a statement. “This has been a very stressful situation. She is putting her personal health and family first. ABC has been wonderfully understanding and supportive of her personal decision to leave ‘The View.’ Next week will be her last.”

“The View” has been in a state of turmoil since last May when founding anchor Barbara Walters signed off of the roundtable 11 a.m. talker and Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd also left the panel. O’Donnell was recruited back to the show, which she co-hosted in the 2006-07 with much turmoil behind the scenes, along with newcomers Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace. Whoopi Goldberg, the show’s moderator and only returning member of the panel this season, is said to have butted heads with O’Donnell behind the scenes, as well as on-air.

Sources close to the situation said O’Donnell had been struggling with the stress related to her divorce as well as the pressure on “The View” set. The show’s lineup opened strongly in the ratings in September but viewership quickly tailed off. There has been much discussion at ABC about making further changes or additions among the hosts. Sources close to the situation suggested that O’Donnell decided to jump, citing her personal reasons, before she had to face the prospect of getting pushed.

O’Donnell was caught off-guard, sources say, when she learned last month that Perez was about to be eased out of the show. The plan for Perez to leave “The View” after taking a leave of absence for rehearsals for Larry David’s upcoming Broadway play “Fish in the Dark,” was tabled last month after Variety exclusively reported on her departure.

“No matter what you read anywhere, Rosie Perez is coming back,” O’Donnell said on the program the next day.

But the tension quickly mounted backstage, according to insiders. Perez was a close friend of O’Donnell’s, who said she “read about the (Variety) report last night and went (mouths ‘what the f—?’).”

Senior ABC executives strongly denied the Perez exit strategy ever existed.

With O’Donnell’s departure, ABC gets the chance to experiment again with the mix of personalities around the table. In a statement, ABC sought to put a positive spin on the latest sign of strain at “The View.”

“Rosie is an immensely talented star who comes in each and every morning brimming with ideas, excitement and passion for the show,” ABC said in a statement. “When she told us she wanted to exit ‘The View,’ we respected and understood her desire to put her well-being and her family first. We’re delighted she’s still part of the ABC family with upcoming guest appearances on ‘The Fosters,’ and we know she’ll return to ‘The View’ often with her unique point of view and updates on her work and her family.”

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  1. I have attempted several x online to comment to ABC re: The View. Hope this works. So impressive
    was the renewal of this season, in my mind due to Rosie O’s ability to keep focus on what was most
    important, ie., calm, knowledgeable & staying with the subject at hand; that means ONE person talks
    at a time. It didn’t take long to get back to the old interruptions, the “let me talk 1st” to the soon to
    follow everyone YELLING! Hard to understand what is being said at times. Whoopie I love, as
    everyone else does, but though she is now clearly the leader, instead of well thought out opinions
    before speaking, she can get so emotional that she too is YELLING & losing the value of her now
    unexpressed understanding of what she was trying to say. And Nicolle nearly reminds me of
    Hasselbeck with her high tone of voice (piercing) almost as bad as Hasselbeck when excited & loud.
    Didn’t watch for a long time, thought this would be different with a good start off @ the gate, but
    fear important subjects r being cut off @ the knees, leading once again far to close to demise.
    I love the presence of Rosie Perez. So impressed by very 1st show back this season I found tears
    running down my cheeks, & with Rose O’s composure, attention to task, & determination. Susan

  2. teresa hewett says:

    i think rosie did a awesome job with all her co workers and when whoopi fell ill and the other rosie could’t be there she held the show together.. even with everything she had going on in her personal life she saved the show and abc thats a real professional in her feild!!! wish rosie O the best!!! i hope they do’nt put some idiot in her place like another elizebeth hasslback, because i will have to boycott the show again like i did when she was on there before hate to do that but i will..

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    So sorry to hear Rosie is leaving, but not surprised. she doesn’t seem to stick anything out. Hope her parenting skills are better. As for Rosie Perez. this is not the venu for her. It is painful to watch her stumble and stammer. I’m sure she is a lovely person but she does not belong on this type of show. As for me after all these years, I am DONE with The View

  4. Good luck Rosie O, you will be missed. I could see the tension between you and the moderator. During this time in your life you don’t need that kind of stress. Wish you much success.

  5. Philip Roddy Jr says:

    This is the second time Rosie is leaving the View, Do your fans a favor and change those locks so she can’t get back in!!!

  6. Charlene Williams says:

    I don’t want her to go! She adds a good balance to the show and is very quick and smart. Sometimes she goes off the deep end, sure, but now she mostly tries to stay fair and inquisitive and interesting. I don’t want bland. And bring Barbara back as much as possible to even the playing field and bring a lot of class to the show! – Charlene
    P.S. This used to be my favorite talk show but now….I don’t know – I’m wa iting… Barbara needs to give them some lessons in everything and show up as much as frequently possible with some of her worldly views, such as talking to world leaders! – Charlene

  7. susan noeller says:

    Rosie cannot get along or work with anyone—my question, why does she continuously get opportunities to be on TV, (think The View x 2, Oprah, etc.).

    • Dave J says:

      She had a very long syndicated talk show until she went after Tom Selleck and the NRA! I think out of everyone, she’s probably the most entertaining since she often sparks unpredictable controversy, and producers wanted to contain that! She’d be much more successful if producers allowed her to say what she want and do what she want- lots of ppl would tune in if they allowed her to show her outrages!

  8. srvwp2013 says:

    Will no one rid us, for the rest of time, of this dreaded program!?

  9. Alex says:

    ABC gave her EVERYTHING she asked for, she got to pick the cast and producer, now that she’s ruined the show she’s going to make a run for it.

  10. dean says:

    Rosie is a sharp cookie, funny, and should have her own show.
    She would do brilliantly with an environmental-driven show.
    I remember a while back, when she tried to discuss the plight of the
    Florida Manatee. It wasn’t enough of a bimbo topic for the group, and
    they talked over her.

  11. Pelta says:

    Good riddance. Rosie O is extremely annoying. Of course people will say others are just insecure because she is “assertive and intelligent” but she’s extremely ignorant. She attacks anyone who has a differing opinion on a topic, and has even tried shaming the women into siding with her for being a woman. I cannot understand why people like her, she’s extremely unstable and even scary (if you saw her face when someone disagreed with her).

  12. Carla Smith says:

    I won”t be watching The View. It seems that Whoopi Goldberg feels like she can do the show by herself; along with Niccole. She has been very rude to Rosie O. She certainly makes sure that everyone knows she is in charge. Everyone must sit down before she does. She is not informed on the topics, sand does not like to be “challenged”. The best time, for me, was when she was in the hospital. The show was relaxed, and when she returned, she brought the tension with her.

    • GUSTAVO ALCALA says:


  13. N Larson says:

    When interviewing for a replacement, please consider listening to the voice of the applicant.
    Both Rosie and Rosy had obnoxious voices and 3 of the 4 have horrible laughs. Some of us
    just listen to the show… try it and do a more thorough search. Thank you.

  14. occultology says:

    Rosie O’Donnell is clearly designed and built for the mechanics of a revolving door.

  15. Carl Fales says:

    Ha! Gays wanted gay marriage….and forget that with gay marriage comes gay divorce; gay child custody battles; gay child support; gay alimony; etc. Welcome to the party, gays!

    • nanook says:

      Scoff all you want CF, but ironically you are right. Why should you heterosexuals be the only ones who have the right to f… things up good when it comes to marriage and children. It is after all your “great” example that we’ve had to live with since time immemorial. Now why we should want to mimic a rotten heterosexual instution is beyond me, but to each his own.

    • Martin says:

      “Gays” are human beings. Marriage equality is not the law of the land – yet.

      One thing that gay marriage has taught me these last few years is that marriage is about love and family.
      People like you suck.

  16. Chris Rouse says:

    Thankgod! Amen Rosie leaving, I have no idea even why she was brought back to the view. She never agrees with anyone and causes arguments with everyone and when she doesn’t get her way she quits! As a gay man I am embarrassed to even know who she is!

    • jazz carpenter says:

      as a fellow new yorker, i am proud to know who she is…she knows that debate is essential to any good conversation, and when that’s backed up with passion and fire and intelligence, there’s nothing better…unfortunately, that’s just too much for most of spoon-fed america to handle…

      • Pelta says:

        Nothing about Rosie O’Donnell is intelligent. She also never debated. She would say her piece and if the others did not agree, she would attack them.

  17. Rod says:

    why do people keep hiring her?

    • Phyllis says:

      I’m glad she’s leaving. The show is not good. I hate she continues to attempt to take over. They need to find a better group or shut it down.

  18. TOM says:

    Nobody wanted her in the 1st place. Go away!

  19. Atomic Fury says:

    I wish Rosie O’Donnell would leave the planet.

  20. jazz carpenter says:

    as much as i like whoopi, rosie was truly the bright spot of this current panel…she’s opinionated and intelligent (both excellent traits)…and though it did seem sometimes like she was holding herself in check a bit, her just being there raised the profile of any topic and conversation…she will truly be missed…

  21. Jacques Strappe says:

    Sounds like these little girls need their mother, Barbara Walters to taken them out to the woodshed for a spanking. O’Donnell has been too subdued in her return to The View this time. Perez has been the weakest new addition, looking lost and out of place. Whoopi is just more cranky than usual. Nicole Wallace was a decent addition, though–a smart and civil moderate conservative which is everything Hasselhoff wasn’t. Hopefully, they’ll find two good replacements for both Rosie’s Maybe they should consider keeping on the co-host positions open for a monthly new guest host.

  22. Eric says:

    I believe The View was good back in the old days. Meredith was most likely the best moderator… being respectful to guests that came on the show, as well as being objective, and not forcing her views on others. She’s since moved on. Star was good too, even though events in her personal life (her over-the-top wedding and extreme weight-loss) got in the way. Joy and Barbara were there the longest. Not sure if ABC would want Joy or Star (or both) back on the show that made them household names. Rosie Perez’s future at The View still remains uncertain. I figured Rosie O’Donnell would leave the show again. Not sure about Whoopi’s future at the show either.

    We’re most likely to see another rotation of guest hosts. I could see Ali Wentworth (wife of George Stephanopoulos) and Lee Woodruff (wife of Bob Woodruff) being among the guest host candidates… maybe even Meghan McCain (daughter of Senator McCain) and Cheri Oteri (former SNL cast member and Barbara impressionist), among others. Permanent co-hosts would be decided if The View is renewed for 19th season.

  23. michael Anthony says:

    I think the shows strongest asset was its ability to have spirited and sometimes emotional discussions on hot topic subjects. Since the reboot, it’s as if they purposely never want to get into a disagreement.

  24. Sandy says:

    I find Rosie O obnoxious & am glad she is leaving. Nicole doesn’t seem to know what is going on anything except her son & a little about Republicans. Rosie P is kind of silly & whines. Whoopi shows some common sense & is honest. Now get someone with personality, smart & fun on the show.

  25. Lala says:

    I can’t say that I am surprised as Rosie seemed out of place on that show, she could barely get a word-in most of the time and at other times seemed uninterested in the topics that were discussed. She clearly wanted to have intelligent debates about serious topics but that’s hard to do with Whoopi and Rosie P on the panel. I will no longer be tuning in.

  26. So sorry, Rosie O. is the single most articulate, intelligent, insightful and passionate member of the panel. If she leaves, it’s not a good thing for that show, at all.

  27. Joan Brown says:

    Oh I hate to hear that. Rosie O’Donnell is my all-time favorite

  28. Family first. Good Luck Rosie.

  29. PhilP says:

    The only one I can take is Nicole and I am a liberal Democrat. That shows you how bad the other hosts are.

  30. Francis Gumm says:

    Gee I’m so busted up about this…I mean losing someone who is so relate-able and charming and smart. I just can’t believe people will still watch the show without her… Of course, I can’t believe people watch the show…so…

  31. Urko Bomba says:

    Thank you, God.

  32. Sheri says:

    Now if the view will only get rid of Whoopi and get better talent they may make it.

    • I have to agree whole-heartedly with the negative response about Whoopi. I think having her on the show has brought the show down. When I turn on the T.V., I want to gain something from the people that are on. Where Whoopi may be a very good actress, I feel she talks about & says things that are very distasteful. Whoopi may also have some positive input on some topics, it always appears to steer towards racial topics. Also, when I see celebrities, I enjoy seeing the latest fashions they are wearing & how they put themselves together. I want to enjoy myself, & possibly learn something from watching TV as I’m having my morning coffee. I was really disappointed when Joy Behar & Sherri Shepard as well as Barbara Walters left. They were The View!!. NOT the likes of Whoopi Goldberg. I actually prefer Rosie O’Donnell, over Whoopi,, she seems to be well versed in all areas & she jumps in & interacts with your guests, & SHE makes me laugh!! I also enjoy it when you have the fill-in, Italian male Mario Cantone on the show. He is sooo funny & makes it worth while watching. If you had Joy, Rosie, Mario Cantone , Sherrie, Barbara, also the new Republican strategist & a Democratic strategist as well. There you go, Pick 5 out of them & you’ll have a pretty good show, just saying. lol

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