ABC Cancels ‘Revenge’ After Four Seasons

Revenge Cancelled
Image Courtesy of ABC

After four seasons, ABC has canceled “Revenge,” Variety has confirmed.

The drama, which stars Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe, will not be returning for a fifth season, with May 10’s fourth-season finale serving as the series’ final episode.

The news comes just weeks after Stowe’s character Victoria Grayson was killed off the series, and the actress confirmed she would not be back for another round, if “Revenge” were to be renewed.

Earlier this season, Josh Bowman, another series regular from the show’s start in 2011, was also killed off, leaving only VanCamp, Gabriel Mann and Nick Wechsler as the original cast members left. Over the course of the series, regulars Henry Czerny, Connor Paolo and Barry Sloane were also axed, while actress Christa B. Allen has been void for the latter half of this season — though she will return for the final two episodes of the series.

Showrunner and exec producer Sunil Nayar confirmed the cancellation to Entertainment Weekly. “We can officially tell our fans that this will be the end of the story,” he said. “We’ve been talking to the network, and we all just wanted to make sure that we felt very confident. Now that everybody has seen the finale — which is fabulous — everybody understands that as much as we all adore the show, it has hit exactly the mark it needed to to end.”

Nayar also teased a cliffhanger in the series finale, which may serve as a link to “Kingmakers,” a pilot from “Revenge” producer Sallie Patrick, which has been rumored to be a spinoff, if the project is ordered to series, though ABC says it is not a direct follow-up. However, “Kingmakers” would certainly strike similarities to the former show, given Patrick’s association as writer and exec producer on the series, which takes place at an Ivy League university that is rocked by a student’s sudden death, prompting her brother to take on a new identity to infiltrate the school and its century-old secret society in order to investigate the death.

This season, original episodes of “Revenge” are averaging a 2.0 rating in adults 18-49 and 7.13 million viewers overall, according to Nielsen Live+7 estimates — down a little over 1 million viewers from last year. The show peaked in its first season on Wednesdays at 10 p.m., falling off when it moved to Sundays at 9 p.m. in the fall of 2012 and then dipping further when it moved to Sunday’s 10 o’clock hour in 2014.

Update May 4: Stowe’s character Victoria Grayson was revealed to be alive on the May 3 episode, after faking her own death by setting fire to Grayson Manor, while she was believed to be inside, on the April 19 episode, titled “Burn.”

Rick Kissell contributed to this report.

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  1. Patty Bauman says:

    I want to purchase the sofas from season #2 but cannot find who makes or sells them. Please anyone who has this information, I would be very grateful. Couch had barrel armrest, two large back pillows, with a floral pattern. oversized two seat cushions. Had a large glass vase full of seashell behind it. Send info please. Ps loved the, sad it going.

  2. Ann says:

    I love this show is wish they bring back

  3. wara says:

    I loved this show Please bring more revenge or the fallow ups. Please

  4. Abraham says:

    I really, enjoyed this. Specially emlily, the way you control the Scene in general. love seeing you acting really i “personally” appreciate. also

  5. mltbmwhp says:

    OMG – just fining out all of my favorite shows are cancelled – Revenge, Nashville & Blood & Oil. Pretty soon I will not even need to own a TV. What are you folks at ABC thinking – drinking or smoking?

    • I would like to know why ABC cancelled Revenge and. all of the good shows were cancelled.CAN you please bring backREVENGE after the show was getting so good ABC decided they was cancelling our show BRING IT BACK PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  6. Michelle says:

    Such a shame, one of the best shows ever, here I am waiting, didn’t even know it was cancelled. Pissed!!

  7. taityanna says:

    There should be no reason for cancelling one of my top 3 favorite shows. what are you thinking . You need to come back with season 5, 6, 7 and more stronger by 2016

  8. Lynda says:

    I can’t believe you are cancelling my favorite show…..Seriously. …what are you thinking? There is never anything good to watch and now this. OMG..

  9. Diane says:

    I truly can’t bieve that u cancelled the last episode. You are keeping us all hanging. I gave watched this show since day one. Please advise

  10. Dianna says:

    Really pisses me off that REVENGECwill not b back on TV- I also liked resurrection- WTF- I want the series back on TV

  11. Mercy Ruiz says:

    Revenge is the best Emily and Jack married (sorry spoiled) you should make another show with nolen and charlet amanda and jack and the baby. and they have a house and a new amazing life

  12. Beth says:

    I can’t believe Revenge is cancelled that was the best TV series!! Now what?? I hope he comes up with a replacement. All the other series are horrible!! I must say all the characters were absolutely great actresses and actors fitting there character. Unbelievable cast! Please bring another GrEAT serious back

  13. Cheryl ware says:

    I have been waiting for the whole season for this show to return. And then I hear you all cancell the show I am very heart broken, and upset because I love the show I am a big fan

  14. Deena W. says:

    O my Lord the best series(Revenge) show now they have taken all the good ones off. im so sick of the crap ABC is airing now and they take the one off that keeps me watching. I do not even want to watch ABC much anymore. now I know I wont. bye bye ABC

  15. Rycharde says:

    Well This is why i will not watch any shows on ABC, Every show i have liked on ABC gets Cancelled. There was Brother & Sisters, One life to Live, All My Children. and now Revenge… we all should Banned ABC!

  16. debbie says:

    you always cancel the best shows on TV revenge is one of the best

  17. Terri says:

    So sick of good shows being cancelled!!! We all need to NOT watch any ABC movies! Bring Revenge back!

  18. kim marshall says:

    Everytime a show comes on we all love it ends to soon. Wish there was a way for this show to stay on air maybe you need to pay them better. Other shows kill off actors and bring them back.

  19. Diane says:

    Please don’t take Revenge off. Best show on TV

  20. Sheila Miller says:

    PLEASE BRING REVENGE BACK ON!!!!! I have been watching the show since day one!!! It is honestly the only show i watch. Weekly. how could it get axed with everything finaly falling into place? Jack and Amanda(Emily) are getting closer. Soooo much is finally coming together. It just cannot end like it did!!!! All of its fans will be sooo disappointed. Please, Please reconsider and bring Revenge back!!!!!!!

  21. Sheila Miller says:

    PLEASE BRING REVENGE BACK ON!!!!! I have ben watching the show since day one!!! It is honestly the only show i watch. Weekly. how could it get axed with everything finaly falling into place? Jack and

  22. teresa says:

    I loved revenge watched every episode I wish the end would have been longer to explain, I sure will miss sunday nite at 9pm

  23. LORRAINE says:

    I really enjoyed Revenge, all the characters were excellent. I wished they would get rid of some reality shows that have really run their course. Like the Bachelor and Survivor, and Biggest loser.

  24. Patsy says:

    Oh, I hate to see this go. I really, really enjoyed this. Glad Emily/Amanda and Jack got together, but hate hate hate to see it go. Get rid of some of that sitcom garbage.

  25. Renee Fox-Turbush says:

    I Really will Miss Revenge That was one of my Favorite shows to see I could not wait to see the next episode every Sunday night I got excited when it was going to come on that night. and the actors were good on that show. Just when you get used to a show and like it they take it away . they should do like they used to with the same schedule they used to have and put shows on in September and end in June for the summer time . they just do not give any one a chance to see the shows to long any more its sad to see a lot of good shows leaving like this one!

  26. Dee Ward says:

    I truly will miss the Revenge series. In a horrible year of personal challenges, I could hardly wait for the next episode of Emily and cast to engage my total attention and lift my spirits – you might say it is my current day “Dallas.” I have purchased the 3 DVD’s of the previous seasons – and had hoped to purchase many more in the years to come. I will miss this series and characters the most – ever. It is/was my true escape when reality is serving up a very difficult time. Is there any hope that the powers that be will change their minds and continue with my favorite show, characters and plot??? It sure would be great news if someone was sensible enough to continue a great series.

  27. Jackie Neally says:

    We really enjoyed Revenge so very much in our household! We looked forward to it every week! I haven’t seen the finale yet but I sure hope Emily/Amanda ends up with Jack for a happy ever after! Thanks ABC for bringing such a great show into our home once a week but we will surely miss it!

  28. Joy BrandFlu says:

    Revenge is a great show, not 2 much of anything, Just want to see Amanda having a life with her father and Jack. not killing off David is such a stupid way if it must end let it be a very happy ending. the way it stands now Victoria is the winner and thats just not right

  29. Cindy says:

    I can not believe abc has canceled Revenge and kept some of the other stupid shows like naked people running around … who wants to see crap like that. Revenge is or was one of the better shows on tv. abc needs to get new people in there to adjust the channels shows…. Revenge should have stayed.

  30. Mary says:

    I’ve watched every single episode of Revenge and eagerly looked forward to the next instalment. And as I dreaded, the station pulled the plug! I am just sick and tired of TV stations that drop shows without care of the effect on fans. So in future, I’m simply not going to watch any new shows! I’ll stick with PBS and Netflix – who needs a weekly show that takes 4 week hiatus during the season and then when the station is not happy with its ratings, the show is cancelled leaving the viewer hanging! Goodbye Revenge and goodbye ABC!

  31. Loni says:

    I am a fan of the show. ABC blames the ratings, but what do you expect when the show goes off air for weeks at a time. People loose interest or start to watch other shows. It is a shame. It is a good show with lots of potential. This revenge theme could have been carried on with different characters and other storylines. I just hope they tie up the loose ends and complete storylines.

  32. James thear says:

    Abc doesn’t seem to care about its audience. It takes a show off for weeks and then wonders why they lose the audience. I’m done with ABC and it’s stupid Executives !

  33. Sam Sears says:

    Is ABC crazy or gone nuts? How can they do this; we’ve never missed an episode. Keep Amanda/Emily from going to jail and get her and dad out of the Hamptons. Kill off Margo and the other witch who is be-friending her. There’s still enough drama to feed on. COME ON WRITERS.

    • Donna says:

      Love this show never miss it, always exciting, get rid of shows that have died like American Idol, or some of the other reality shows that have run their course. put it on another day or time but do not cancel.

  34. John P. says:

    I don’t think Emily VanCamp will be unemployed long. If ABC was smart they would get to to reprise her Captain America: Winter Soldier character on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She would be a great addition to that cast.

  35. Beth C. Pfohl says:

    One of the things I will miss about “Revenge” is the high quality production values that were on display every week. The wardrobe and settings have been top-of-the-line from episode one and while the series meandered from its’ tightly constructed beginings, the visuals were always consistent. I’m actually impressed that they found a way to keep the series going as long as they have. For it to go on, they would have to have Emily kill off just about everyone on Long Island, not just the Hamptons, LOL! ;)

    • Loni says:

      I would love to see her on that show! Great idea. Now only if ABC is smart enough to listen to their audience.

  36. pam says:

    So sad to hear I love this show.

  37. carol says:

    as usual you get a good programe and they take it off ,its been brilliant better than dallas dynasty and others i get really hooked on it and cant wait for the next episode havent missed one since 2011

  38. Sam Smith says:

    At least they are starting to dump garbage. Next should be any dancing or reality show

  39. sherry says:


  40. Issac Leov says:

    It’s you’re. If (capital) completely (l/c) . How old are you? Nobody believes you are given up TV completely. Oh, you men given.

  41. pat gazie says:

    I can’t believe your dropping my favorites since…I await every week to if you continue to drop.the good programs I will no longer watch your station.

    You.have other programs on that are stupid and ridiculous and yet you keep them on.

    Doesn’t make sense…

    Like Grey’s Anamony with Derrick dying and off the show so.upset about that….

    I’ve up.TV Completely….

    Pat G
    Be careful of your choices

  42. sandi field says:

    I am very disappointed with this news … Revenge and Scandal were among my favorite shows…if it is cancelled, it gives me more reason to watch Netflix.

  43. Tina M says:

    Re-work and keep “Revenge” and cancel “Scandal.” “Revenge” has great writing and top actors but “Scandal” blows.

  44. Deborah Dubnow says:

    Revenge was a great show and I watched it religiously. I knew several weeks ago that the show would be coming to an end because there was know where else you could go with the plot since the Revenge was taken and most of the cast members were dying off. I will miss it. My other fave show is Nashville and I am hoping that it will be around for quite some time.

  45. Kimmy says:

    Cool…thanks for the spoiler alert!

  46. Ranger says:

    I just hope they tie up all the loose ends.

  47. Veteran Screenwriter says:

    Only four seasons means this will be harder to sell into syndication. Usually five are needed for a successful, profitable sale. I’m surprised the producers haven’t actively shopped it to alternative platforms like Netflicks so they could produce a fifth season and thus make a very attractive syndication package.

  48. Candice says:

    Thank God, I got tired of having sex with my husband while the show was on. Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe are his fav ladies to use as his muse

  49. Jim P. says:

    I found the first season to be interesting but the further the show went the more ludicrous it became. I stopped watching about half way through the 3rd season, the ridiculous storyline just got to be to much to handle. I’m actually surprised it lasted 4 seasons.

  50. alex cruz says:

    Nooooooooo….why is this happening? I love this show, I hate when my shows come to an end. I was looking forward to jack and amanda finally becoming something more. And with victoria finally out of the picture new enemies would emerge. Like what happen to Charlotte, and is Nolans new boy toy really leaving because hes going to adopt. And is amanda really going to jail for Victoria’s death. There are so many questions left. I would’ve liked to see this show out of so many. I watch my trio of shows on sunday on abc, once upon a time, secrets n lies, n revenge. without revenge it wont b the same. :(

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