Ratings: CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ Loses More Altitude in Week Three; ‘Voice,’ ‘Blindspot’ Power NBC

Supergirl Ratings CBS
Courtesy of CBS

After a good premiere and an expected drop in week two, CBS drama “Supergirl” suffered a troubling third-week decline on Monday, a night dominated by NBC with “The Voice” and hot rookie “Blindspot.” Among the shows benefiting from “Supergirl’s” lower numbers was ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” which moved ahead of it and hit an eight-week high, and CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” which drew its largest audience to date.

According to preliminary national estimates from Nielsen, “Supergirl” averaged a 1.7 rating/5 share in adults 18-49 and 8.2 million viewers overall in the 8 o’clock hour, placing third in the demo among the Big Four networks in the timeslot and not far ahead of Fox’s steady but fourth-place “Gotham” (1.5). “Supergirl” was down 23% (0.5) week to week and last night’s result was 45% below its premiere score (3.1). CBS did the same 1.7 rating on the comparable night a year ago with comedies “2 Broke Girls” (1.9) and “The Millers” (1.5). Following “Supergirl,” “Scorpion” (1.8/5 in 18-49, 9.3 million viewers overall) and “NCIS: Los Angeles” (1.2/4 in 18-49, 7.8 million viewers overall) were about average, with “Scorpion” building on its “Supergirl” lead-in for the first time.

NBC’s “The Voice” (3.2/10 in 18-49, 12.0 million viewers overall) and “Blindspot” (2.2/7 in 18-49, 7.6 million viewers overall) were the night’s top broadcasts in 18-49, with both steady week to week. After showing year-over-year declines in the 15% range for the first few weeks of the season, the music competition has picked up steam in November, and matched its year-ago score. And “Blindspot,” which NBC renewed for a second season on Monday, matched its top score in four weeks and beat its combined CBS-ABC competition in 18-49.

At ABC, “Dancing With the Stars” (2.0/6 in 18-49, 12.6 million viewers overall) was up a tick to match its television-season high in 18-49, and just slightly below its pre-season premiere (2.1). In total viewers, the veteran reality series ranked No. 1 among all shows for the night and also was at an eight-week high. The momentum didn’t help “Castle,” though, as the long-running mystery series fell to its low (1.0/3 in 18-49, 6.3 million viewers overall) with its first original in three weeks.

Fox’s “Gotham” (1.5/5 in 18-49, 4.1 million viewers overall) continued its very steady sophomore-season performance, and has now notched either a 1.5 or 1.6 in seven of its eight telecasts; on average, it adds 1.2 ratings points to its demo total in Live+7. It moved ahead of CBS’ competing superhero tale, “Supergirl,” in 18-34 for the first time (1.1 vs. 0.9). A special repeat of “Bones” at 9 p.m. (0.5/1 in 18-49, 1.6 million viewers overall) came in a tick below the demo score for last week’s “Minority Report” — perhaps explaining why some weak performers are staying on the schedule longer than they would have in past seasons.

CW was in line demo-wise with last week with “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (0.3/1 in 18-49, 1.0 million viewers overall) and “Jane the Virgin” (0.4/1 in 18-49, 1.1 million viewers overall), though the former drew its largest overall audience to date. In Live+3, “Crazy” hit highs last week (0.35 in 18-49, 1.08 million viewers overall), and “Jane” drew its largest overall audience of the season (1.67 million).

ESPN was again expected to win Monday with “Monday Night Football,” even though its matchup between the Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers averaged a season-low 8.1 overnight household rating. The game between teams beginning the night with a combined 4-11 record peaked in the 9:30-9:45 p.m. ET half-hour with a 9.2.

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  1. Tio Hyme says:

    When did superman ever get his ass kicked, this chick looses every time she suits up

  2. annja says:

    I never watched it for long, couldn’t get through a few minutes because she seemed too benign, boring and vanilla. Very lackluster. I have not heard any good buzz since. I guess I was right in my initial assessment.

  3. Sylvan Crofte says:

    All of her lines are ‘girl’ lines. Thus I suppose to match up with her title ‘super girl’. But it should have been set in junior high with a much younger female lead to match the writing. Could have survived much longer, I think. Cause we know this virsion won’t last.

  4. Comicfan says:

    I had such high hopes, but the depowered Supergirl I saw in the pilot made me not want to watch again. She was afraid of her powers, was portrayed as merely a Superman fangirl, and lacked any confidence whatsoever. I was a big fan of the 2000 comic reboot with the Turner art with a fearless Supergirl taking on the strong villains the DC universe had to offer. This version is far from super. The Jimmy character is much more of a heroic figure than Kara is portrayed. Its sad because Berlanti and CBS had an amazing opportunity to make an empowered character for young women to care about and possibly become a role model to emulate like CBS touted on the website, but thats not what was in the pilot. Hopefully, Kara is much more confidant, assertive, and doesnt need Jimmy or her sister to tell her that she can handle things because she isnt a high schooler like Clark was in Smallville. She is a grown woman. Grown women are smart, strong, and dont need people to tell them that they can handle what this world can throw at them. The show just doesnt empower women or anyone. It depowers if anything. Thats at least the impression that I got.

  5. bob lassiter says:

    Literally SJW – The series.
    When the show was announced I said it would be cancelled before the end of it’s first year. Despite it’s strong first week I am sticking with that prediction.
    Unless the show is picked up by the CW (the tumblr network) where ratings don’t matter It’s days are numbered.

  6. PoetX says:

    oh stop your whining. One show with no major Alpha white male and you’re wetting your pants. But, its ok for minorities and women to have endured decades of looking up to white male heroes. you’re pathetic.

    • CelluloidFan35mm says:

      I’m a minority and if a show sucks, I won’t care about the color or gender of the hero. I will not watch it.
      A crappy show is a crappy show and for those making excuses for crap…you are not helping the cause. You are making it worse.
      We already have too many garbage TV shows flooding the airwaves and it’s too much.
      Personally, give me a good TV show. I could care less about gender or race as long as I’m entertained. Do Not try play the race or gender card to get me to watch a crap product. It’s insulting.

    • me says:

      the producers live in lala land they messed up the show trying to be too PC bye bye supergirl

      • CelluloidFan35mm says:

        “Too PC” can be applied to entertainment too. Look what they did to E.T. when they re-released it thirteen years ago, replacing the agents’ guns with CG walkie-talkies. It looked stupid.

      • Hello? It is a TV show for goodness sake. The “too PC” argument is beyond absurd. It is not reality (can’t believe that had to be said). It is entertainment. Essentially what you are saying is that since the show does not show your personal PC views, you won’t watch it. Wow, that is so closed minded.

  7. I Feel Like CW should be The Only Station That Has SuperHero Shows..They Do The BEst with them to me

    • Richard says:

      There is a reason why its losing ratings. It’s insulting to much of the fan base.

      In a vacuum, Jimmy Olson being black is not a big deal, though admittedly a bit disconcerting since the last one from Smallville was. Though they replaced him with his identical brother? after they killed him off or some such nonsense. They could have used Superman’s childhood friend, Pete, who just happened to be black, but that’s not how they chose to go.

      When you look at the pilot as a whole you end up noticing there is not a single positive strong white male in the entire episode. They did not even give Dean Cain a line, the former TV Superman was just a prop. The white guy she went on a blind date was a douche. The white office mate is so deep in the friend zone she has him sewing her costume for her. The heavy handed sexism of the villain who offs himself, please.

      The general revealed at the end, a woman. At least they did not call her Zod.
      They constantly refuse to say Superman, just “him”

      The level of stupid sometimes…
      Let’s tell the one guy who has a major crush on you your most important secret because you need a guy to convert into a girlfriend to “share” feelings with.
      You have the message from mom that is, “just so”, and in English. Sorry, she was a teen on Krypton, she knows the language. She can fly, the bad guy can’t, does she use her heat vision from a distance? No, she gets in close to pretend to be weak, blah blah blah.
      The whole, she defeats him because he underestimates “Grrrl Power” trope. Her sister is a bad ass secret agent. You can be a scientist for an agency without having to able to repel lines from a Helicopter. And of course she gets reassurance from the xenophobic general that she is there because she earned it.

      It’s really a shame. Up until after the saving the plane, which was very well done, I was cheering her on. It’s like a team of people made this show, and the writers of the 2nd act sucked. Their desire to bury any positive strong white males is just too damn obvious. Try and learn a little subtlety. You alienate a significant part of your potential fan base to push an agenda way too soon. Who do you think was buying all the Super girl material before it finally became chic to like comics?

      She’s the strongest person in the room, that does not mean you need to neuter all the males to further the contrast. I just hope they learn from this and when they finally make a Wonder Woman movie they act as condescending. To be fair, I saw the WW pilot and the internet was a bit too harsh on it.

      • “The level of stupid sometimes”…from someone who wrote “there is not a single positive strong white male in the entire episode.” Wow. since when does a show require a “strong white male”? Color bias much?

  8. Don Nguyen says:

    I really like the show alot. Supergirl is a very endearing character.

    • PoetX says:

      oh stop your whining. One show with no major Alpha white male and you’re wetting your pants. But, its ok for minorities and women to have endured decades of looking up to white male heroes. you’re pathetic.

  9. Jack Monte says:

    Why is WB allowing CBS to air this opposite Gotham? Seems like they would want to protect their brands and not have them competing with each other. Not to mention comic book fans have to pick one over the other, even if they watch the other on DVR we all know those ratings are not as important as first airing ratings.

  10. Rick LaBeau says:

    I watch it because Supergirl is adorable.

  11. Shirokatsu says:

    Never saw a need for a Supergirl series if it wasn’t done by Cw or is related to the Dccomics movies on the big screen

  12. BrianM5 says:

    It’s still early days. I really enjoy the show and hope the ratings improve – more importantly, it gets a second season and beyond.

  13. gmatusk says:

    I think it’s revealing of the low attention span of American TV viewers that more people prefer to watch boring, monotonous, repetitious “The Voice” than “Supergirl,” which I enjoy more than the male superhero shows. It would not surprise me if stupid NBC puts “The Voice” on for 2 hours 7 nights a week. Doesn’t “The Voice” already monopolize too many prime time hours per week?

  14. Bill B. says:

    Maybe, just maybe, the public is starting to get their fill of people flying and zipping around in funny looking outfits.

    • America should have gotten its fill of amateur hour with hacks like simon “judging” who has talent. Not even an original concept. Let Ryan S and the rest of these pretenders go back to obscurity and find your own stars on YouTube

  15. Supergirl has a hole in her cape says:

    Let the SGirl spin begin……
    The ratings tell the true story.
    The show is an unfortunate attempt to glorify a demographic that needs no more attention.
    Back to the drawing board for “out of touch” and socially retarded show runners.

  16. Michael says:

    Supergirl is still doing fine that its viewer numbers are so close to last weeks numbers is a good sign. Just weird the demo dropped that much when its viewers was fairly steady

  17. Nanny Mo says:

    No matter how bad the ratings get, you have to keep Supergirl on the air to prove America is not bigoted. It doesn’t matter if the writing and acting are bad, the principle of it is more important than the money. Little girls need to know that they are fly through the air if they choose too. This is too important to allow business to get in the way.

    • CelluloidFan35mm says:

      We already have way too many crappy TV shows. We don’t need any more of them, especially just to prove some point.

      • CelluloidFan35mm says:

        Well, that’s a matter of opinion.

      • Indeed we do have too many crappy TV show. Most of them are. Fortunately, Supergirl is not one of them. It is simply entertainment, fun and escapism. What a show like that should be. And no points need to be proven at all.

    • worthymagic says:

      I think you need to come back to reality. If the ratings keep dropping and CBS doesn’t sell enough advertising to cover the cost of the show, it will be cancelled. There are a lot of things that are too important to allow business to get in the way. A TV show isn’t one of them.

      • ChristianVA says:

        I am sorry but with the crapton of reality tv shows like The Voice and Survivor and The Bachelor and procedural dramas like the billionth NCIS or CSI give me Supergirl any day of the week. I am also tired of watching men in tight leather saving the day, Daredevil, The Flash, Arrow now Iron Fist and Luke Cage are coming on. Is there THAT many gays and bisexual guys in America lately?? Seriously Supergirl is refreshing to see

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