Ratings: ‘Project Runway’ Finale Hits Two-Year Highs in Demos

'Project Runway' Finale Ratings: Two-Year High
Courtesy of Lifetime

Lifetime’s “Project Runway” wrapped its 14th season in style Thursday, achieving season highs across all ratings categories and delivering some of its best numbers in target demos in two years.

In same-day ratings estimates from Nielsen, “Project Runway” averaged a 0.78 rating in adults 18-49 and 2.52 million viewers overall from 9 to 11 p.m., rising week to week by 22% in the demo and by 10% in total audience. The biggest week-over-week gains came in the key female demos of women 18-34 (up 42% to 0.85), women 18-49 (up 25% to 1.16) and 19% in women 25-54 (to 1.49). And in each of these categories, “Runway” stood as cable’s  No. 1 non-sports program for the night.

In adults 25-54 (0.99) and women 25-54, “Project Runway” hasn’t fared better since the show’s Season 12 finale in 2013. And for the season, its average was up vs. last year in both demos.

“Project Runway” typically packs on lots of viewers in delayed viewing, too. Last week’s episode grew in Nielsen’s “live plus-3” estimates by 67% in 18-49 rating (0.64 to 1.07) and by 49% in total viewers (2.29 million to 3.41 million)

Ashley Nell Tipton, a 24-year-old from San Diego, was crowned the winner of “Project Runway,” which was nominated for four Emmys this year.

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  1. Carolyn L says:

    As soon as Heidi told Kelly she was out, I turned off the TV. I did not even want to hear them gush over Ashley and tell her that she had won. So disappointing. Can’t wait to see the reunion though.

  2. Jan says:

    Disgraceful is correct. The clothes were not well made; looked like a collection for elderly women; not original and all have been seen before. Ashley was chosen because of her story and because they thought it would be great to have a first–First Plus Size designer creating plus size clothes! Most of my friends are plus size and none of them would wear any of the clothes designed by Ashley and that finale gown……It look like a satin lampshade. The sandwich girl has talent but needs a lot of work on taste and quality. Everything she made looked cheap. Edmund created beautifully made clothes. Tim Gunn gave him horrible advice on the final dress and then he told him to just do gowns for this Fashion Week collection. Why?? He should have told him to mix it up with some jackets and pants too@!! Candace is also a brilliant designer and they did whatever they could to sabotage her and denigrate her. Shame on the judges. Shame on Project Runway. Edmund is the winner in my book with Candace very closely behind. The other two can design for Target and Walmart.

  3. Ann Noles says:

    Indeed the fix was in – it wasn’t about talent, design, creativity or innovation – it was about being politically correct. The winning “collection” was a hodge podge of granny clothes – She was going for 1950 and she hit the mark. The styling was gauche, the clothes not well made or fitted and the designer lacking in originality.
    I encourage everyone to send your comments to Lifetime – perhaps a new host and judges are in order – until that happens – I’m no longer a viewer!

  4. Jack & Breann says:

    So very disappointed. Obviously the fix was in. Won’t be watching next season that’s for sure. Kelly was the clear winner. Ashley didn’t deserve to even make the finale. Disgusted.

  5. Anyone with 2 eyes and half a brain could see that this show was rigged. PR has damaged its credibility forever. Tim Gunn needs to bail out now before this ship sinks any further.

  6. Chris says:

    I am plus sized and would not wear Ashley’s clothes if they were $1 on a clearance rack. Crop tops on plus size women? Project Runway lost a lot of credibility with me tonight.

  7. Shelly says:

    The finale was really hard for us to watch. It’s unfortunate when being politically correct outweighs doing the right thing. I would have put any of the other three designers in front of Ashley. They got robbed and they all knew it as did the judges. Her designs were hideous and “matronly” as Nina likes to say. I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of them. Sad day for Project Runway.

  8. KittyMack says:

    What the judges did was obvious to most viewers…they can” dress it up” any way they wish; it won’t make any difference. This point they were trying to make wasn’t fair to the other contestants. Period. Tim was right — this was a terrible season.

  9. Ronnie says:

    My mom always told me, “Ronnie, don’t say anything if you can’t say something good about a person. ” Accordingly, my comment about the judges regarding Ashley are as follows: ” “.
    As stated below by Irene, I too am removing Project Runway from my Series to be recorded until all judges are replaced. Tim must stay though.

  10. TFR says:

    I cannot believe that they did this. Ashley knows she is not the winner. They have set her up for failure and ridicule. So the agenda was to let the fat girl win because it was time for a plus size to win. No a plus size should win when they are the best. I will never watch the show again. Kelly was robbed and you know it.

  11. Irene says:

    Having Kelly stand there and nearly have a panic attack while you drew out your ‘winner’ was unconscionable. She, like most of us, knew where you were going.
    I am so angry, dismayed and shocked at your assessment of that ‘winner’s” ability at design and wear-ability
    Moreover, Carrie Underwood said she wanted to wear that see-thru doily showing underwear?! Shock does not even convey that sickening thought!
    Your ‘winner’ should not have made it past the THIRD week, let alone winning.
    Enough about that “shame on you judges” finale.
    Kelly should have won – Edmond had winners I wish I could have worn – Candace, the red hoop gown had me breathless it was so gorgeous. Costume my butt! It far outweighed what is worn on the red carpet today and would have been a show stopper!
    I have watched “Project Runway” for years and I am SO ANGRY I have removed it from my TIVO One Pass and swear I will never watch it again.
    P.S. Tim Gunn, shame on you!

  12. Ashly was that worst runway. The ugly doilies she made as shirts. None of her clothes fit….plus the colors where the worst. I can’t believe the show actually picked her. I am so floored about the choice. I’ve been watching this show since day one. Maybe the shows people should go back and see the first season and realize that ur show has lacked the….”Pizazz” it had. Kelly showed of won. At least her clothes where wearable and cool. Project Runway….. U made the wrong choice…Bring back the doilies…. On our bodies. Not just for furniture anymore.

    • Janice says:

      I agree with you – so disappointed Ashley won…I think she won because they wanted to appease the plus size woman…being a former (thank you God) Plus,Plus size myself….i would never have worn those hideous dresses…..Ashley did not have any confidence in herself, (probably because of her plus size frame)….so, why should we, as consumers, have any faith in her…..I personally would have chosen Edmond. Love his designs and he was a real gentleman..,Edmond should be so proud of the designs he turned out…. Loved all of them.., I have been a project runway viewer since the beginning…..but, thinking now….I might change that….Very poor selection from the judges….
      I more thing .what would ANY of those judges know about what a plus size woman would wear….what a joke!!!!!

  13. I can’t believe that Ashley won. Her line sucked. Kelly grew and had the best runway. The only reason u picked Ashley was she is a pus size designe. I think after ….what happens, I may no longer watch this show.

  14. MLH says:

    Ashley’s clothes were hideous lace tablecloth/doilies with flower centerpieces on the models’ heads. I’m plus size and hate the sacks we’re generally stuck with now but don’t want to trade mumus for tablecloths. A fix on the final decision is pretty obvious. Kelly had a great work ethic and she LISTENED to the judges’ critiques and she’s self-taught! Edmond makes beautiful clothes that just lack much surprise, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Candace was smart, articulate, and I don’t understand why she got labelled b*tchy. Think she’s got some amazing ideas. Ashley seemed to enjoy herself when other people were having a hard time but cried every single bloody week. PR has really sold its soul and is trying to sell the viewers’. Miss the quality of the Bravo days with its at least less obvious and relentless marketing.

  15. eileenxq says:

    So glad that Ashley won. It’s about time that plus size fashion (and I don’t mean size 12) were considered when it comes to pattern making and fitting. Kelly was rude and the judges saw that long before the final show. And we saw that arrogant mean streak in her, too.

    • Jv says:

      Kelly was respectful and took all the judges criticisms as constructive. She thanked them consistently. Ashley is lashing out at Tim Gunn because she can’t cry her way out of the truth…her line was terrible. I applause the plus size concept and seeing the plus size models working it was great, but the clumsy attempt to make a calculated decision look like a spontaneous win backfired big time. Variety, your topic is ironic. No one will be watching next season.

  16. Michele says:

    Kelly was robbed! her collection was the most cohesive and creative.. hands-down .. I honestly think the decision was way too politically correct and that is not taking away from Ashley or her designs.. they were pretty.. but Kelly was the best overall…

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