‘Today’ Show Books First Rachel Dolezal Interview

Rachel Dolezal Today Show
Courtesy of Twitter

Rachel Dolezal, the Washington state civil rights activist and NAACP leader who has been accused of misrepresenting her race, will give her first sought-after interview on “Today.”

NBC made the announcement Monday on the morning show’s Twitter that Dolezal will appear live in-studio on Tuesday, June 16.

Following her interview with Matt Lauer on “Today,” Dolezal will also give separate interviews with NBC News and MSNBC, sitting down with Savannah Guthrie on “NBC Nightly News” and Melissa Harris-Perry for MSNBC and NBCBLK, NBCNews.com’s African-American vertical.

Dolezal’s estranged parents appeared on “Today” Monday morning, explaining that they didn’t seek out their daughter, but rather, were approached by a newspaper. “Somehow, they got wind of us as her parents as a possibility and so they contacted us to see if we were in fact her parents,” her father Lawrence Dolezal said. “We taught our children, as we raised all six of them, ‘Tell the truth. Always be honest.’ So we weren’t going to lie, we told the truth. Rachel is our birth daughter.”

Her mother, Ruthanne Dolezal, added, “I think Rachel has tried to damage her biological family and those kind of claims, as false as they were, seem to serve her purposes in her mind.”

Dolezal, who served as the NAACP chapter president in Spokane, resigned from her position today, stating, “The dialogue has unexpectedly shifted internationally to my personal identity in the context of defining race and ethnicity.” She broke the news of resigning on the chapter’s Facebook page, continuing, “In the eye of this current storm, I can see that a separation of family and organizational outcomes is in the best interest of the NAACP.”

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  1. Lawrence McBreen says:

    I would like to know how much NBC paid her for these exclusive interviews.

  2. I don’t know how I can articulate my opinion on this matter as it is very complex and it may change as the story develops. My first thought was just as she states “She identifies as”.. Yes, It is complex, she has been outed in the spot light and on the spot. She herself is unable to articulate in such a condition she’s caught in headlights.. Let me ask; Why is it considered brave and supported by a community that Bruce Jenner admits he identifies and a woman.. This young lady herself Identifies as Afro American just as persons identify as a different sex that their birth certificate states. Why is she being persecuted? she is not living to perform and degrade the race she identifies — Clearly she has given of herself to raise the people and help the people. There are so many whites that claim they are “Indian” “Native American” when they are not, they live the lifestyle and take on their dress and hairstyle too… This has been going on for years and accepted, we all know they are not but somehow it is accepted.. Why? Because the Native American is seen as a “Nobel Race” — Why would someone try to identify as black? When you hear that many try to “Pass” for white so they may have the advantage of the white man? This happens all the time, every day. My opinion what I feel inside — Isn’t being black/Afro-American Nobel?? Are they not a beautiful thread that weaves the tapestry of America? Why can’t she identify ? because no one in their right mind wants to be black? is that what we are trying to say? Why is it acceptable for others to identify with a different sex “They are brave for coming forward” and finally living true to who you are. It’s acceptable to claim a Native American heritage because the are a Nobel People — We all are! We they People — Stop damming and pointing fingers downward on “They the people”..

  3. Paul Mendoza says:

    The prejudice and hate being exposed to humanity is lost on those of us who have believed the lies the hateful factions of our society KKK have perpetuated on our children for generations. The NAACP should welcome all support from anyone wanting to end prejudice and discrimination and represent everyone not just people of color, Christ how discriminatory can they get, we should represent the poor they are the ones most harmed and killed by our archaic beliefs. There is only the HUMAN RACE. First clean your minds of the lie of Negros being the “OTHER” and you will see she is Black and anyone that denies that, her parents included, are mentally impaired by believing the ETHNICITY lie. http://atonement4you.blogspot.com/

  4. All this controversy over skin color, like it is something NEW! My Mother’s People look white and left them in Mound Bayou, Mississippi in the 50’s and move to the North. And warn my mother’s family not to contact them. Because, they were going to pass for White people and they were Black. That’s how serious this skin color is! Only in The United States of America. The movie in 1959 (Imitation of life) starting Lana Turner, John Gavin, Sandra Dee

  5. Aldo Bender says:

    MSNBC calling! We have a job for you!!!

  6. Kelly Laraia says:

    Given that she has lied and committed fraud regarding her racial heritage, why would anyone believe what she says in a TV interview. With her own actions, she has established that she is a liar.

  7. They should give her a cable TV show, with Bruce Jenner.

  8. carlb says:

    this lady has issues. she craves attention. you can see it in the fake hate mail, the lying of being black, but the best is actually teaching black history and their problems with racism. when i heard that i laughed even harder. i think she has munchousin syndrome. she just used race not a kid for all the attention and it seems for years she got it in waves. reminds me of the 70’s and the vet who was asked to speak every term abut his experiences in nam, he told of the blood and our atrocities and the profs just ate it up. this went on for years until a student i believe actually checked up on the guy. he had no war experience and he worked in the motor pool. the truth of that story is every liberal are born to be conned. you tell them a story they want to believe and they get a tingle down their leg, every one of them!

  9. Angelia Cleveland Camery says:

    Rachel Dolezal wanted attention & succeeded. Very brave the comments she said kind of hilarious.
    Wander what she say on Today show.

  10. Al says:

    When applying for jobs I’ve decided to indicate I’m a disabled black veteran.

  11. Now what is she going to do? Claim that she has been “white” all along and join the NAAWP? I just think she needs more time in the sun to get that “macaca” look.

  12. Keith Panco says:

    Now she will be a celebrity. Her mental illness will be “celebrated”, just like the mental illness of trans-genderism. She will become rich because of her fraud. This is the country in which we currently live.

  13. Didn’t take long for her to start cashing in. These days it pays to be dishonest scum.

  14. jack mehoff says:

    discrimination against trans-black people should be a crime

  15. Rob says:

    Well here we go another wanna be hey I wonder did she have her pants down past her azz?? I mean she wanted to be black I wonder did she want to be a man also?? Maybe she went to the sex shop and bought herself a long dong silver and put that in her pants so she can be the man also.. Typical liberal always LYING to get something, if they ever told the truth they would only be qualified top pick up dog crap

  16. TomMagee says:

    You guys need to leave this cute transblack girl alone. She feels black so she is black. It is really that simple. Stop denying science.

  17. John Trapp says:

    Didn’t Halle Berry do the same thing when she won the Oscar and sobbingly declared herself the savior of black women everywhere, that she alone broke the evil color barrier in the movie industry when in fact she was raised by a single white mother in a white neighborhood in Cleveland Ohio? Same with Obama, raised by a white single mother in Indonesia then in a white neighborhood in Hawaii. Both of them are convenient blacks, especially Obama who hasn’t done one thing for the black community, but it was convenient for him to appear black when he needed votes. The guy pays more attention to illegals than he does blacks. So they act as blacks to further their careers just like ….Oh that’s right, Rachel Dolezal

  18. Dick Sicario says:

    Another puke liberal who will hit the money making speaker trail.
    This one has got to be a real looser if she had to be thrown under the bus by her parents.

  19. KCEddie says:

    Is she a suspect in any of the NC beach attacks ?

  20. Sexy Blackface says:

    Look, we all have to focus on what’s really important here: Rachel Dolezal is way hotter as a black chick.

  21. Hillary 2050 says:

    She’ll do what Elizabeth “Buffalo Hoof in Mouth” Warren did when she discovered she wasn’t Cherokee…the DNC will give here street creds so she can run for senator, get elected by the bobble-headed Left and go on more angry rants about how unfair life is.

  22. Yukiko says:

    Brian Williams would be the perfect person to interview her. They could swap lies and have a good ole time.

  23. Hardly the first white person to pretend to be black, but the way she goes about it is just sickening. Did anyone see Sara Gilbert on The Talk trying to usher us into a new world of blind allegiance to people’s feelings? Saying if people feel like a certain race (like transpeople) then maybe we should respect that – and call her black. Can we all just get BACK TO WORK and shut the fuck up? Everyone seems to be competing to be recognized as the most accepting, loving public personality – and in that pursuit we have left reason and common sense far, far behind.

  24. davey gravy says:

    This woman is insane in the membrane. Or as her parents said..”She has some serious issues”
    I wonder who she voted for twice?

  25. Seriously? People think she should skate away after exhibiting the behavior of someone who is criminally insane?
    She has lied every which way about her parents. Accusing them of abuse. Committing fraud not only out west but suing Georgetown University for discrimination because she is white!
    She is certifiable. And the media is going to parade her around for ratings.

  26. The point is not if she is a white person running a black organization or not. The point is she is profiting on it. She lives on the money she gets by being the NAACP chairwoman.

  27. Lindberg Baby says:

    Wow! Spokane hasn’t had this much attention since Kevin and Ruth Coe.

  28. Latifah says:

    I don’t see why people are so up in arms about this. Rachel did so much good for the black community. Hell, she’s better at being black than most of us black people are. It’s bizarre to me that people are giving Caitlyn Jenner awards for changing her gender but raising pitchforks at Rachel for changing her race.

  29. Deborah says:

    If Bruce Jenner can change his gender, Rachel should be able to change her race. You cannot have the one without the other.

  30. KFD says:

    So Bill Clinton was actually the first black president???

  31. John Campbell says:

    Let me get this straight. Rachel Dolezal sues Howard University for discrimination because she’s white and has her case thrown out, not once, but twice, the second time on appeal, now claims to be black on form applications and is caught. She attempts to alter her appearance to look as though she might have some kind of a black bloodline and marries a black man. Hopefully this fool actually love`s her or she’s not going to have a marriage much longer either and if she lied to him this could get quite interesting.

    Rachel Dolezal manages to get a job with the NAACP as the head of the Spokane office while claiming she’s anything but white. In fact, claiming everything but white. Now I don’t care what the NAACP hires for skin color nor race. That’s their business, but this woman is a fraud from way back and a socialist by her own advocacy verbiage. Does this mean the NAACP prefers socialism? Of course I really don’t have to ask that question as such seems to be a given when one takes in the contempt for capitalism and the buzzwords of so called “social justice”. I’ll also note that Rachel Dolezal included some of that in her resignation statement so I have no doubt she’ll be right back at it again elsewhere.

    Then here comes the big question. We already know that a black man is “not black enough” if he doesn’t support socialism, such as the claim is made by a number of leftists. Just do a web-search using the keywords “not black enough” and the information becomes painfully obvious. “Uncle Tom” is another of similar slinging, despite the fact that the spin off from the book, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, is quite the opposite of what the slur is used for. The big question will be, what color or race she’ll be identifying with, playing to, and will she be able to hide her socialist love affair or further pronounce it?

    It seems that “Variety” very well may have a readership winner on their hands. This expose’ promises to be fun. Popcorn and Cokes at the ready. :o)

  32. Anon says:

    The lunacy of the Left will never cease to amaze. And what little credibility the NAACP had is GONE! What a bunch of deluded clowns. Transracial? Please.

  33. Benjamin says:

    Forced to resign based on the content of her character, not the color of her skin.

  34. Myke says:

    If this had been a black women ejected from an organization because she was not white, or a job because she was indeed black… the tag ‘racism’ would be seen everywhere. In this case, though, the word ‘hypocrisy’ is the better fit and it is not for Ms. Dolezal.

  35. leftybegone says:

    American society has made this woman hate her own biological race to such a degree that she changed her appearance to look like someone from the race that America worships and the government protects. She should be proud of her race, not ashamed. I feel bad for her.

    • Benjamin says:

      Dolezal suggests there are family issues that she can’t discuss. Sounds like there might be some abuse or perceived abuse that makes her want to disassociate herself from her family. Her parents are white but she wants to portray herself as black. Michael Jackson was abused and wanted to portray himself as white.…

  36. Derek says:

    This whole thing is laughable. Watching the NAACP President and CEO on CNN earlier tonight made it even more laughable. He’s totally defending that term “transracial”… when did that become a word?!

  37. Robert Vance says:

    Oh, good grief. She is going to make a fortune for having been a nutbag liar. Ain’t America great?

  38. Midia says:

    Liberals don’t want to labor the anxiety of this person’s lying about her race. After all, it is far more nobel for a white person to actually want to be black; more important than integrity itself.

  39. Reminds me of the old fashion carnival midway where the ‘barkers’ hustled patrons to come see the ‘Bearded Lady’, ‘Gator Boy’, ‘Worlds Largest Man’, etc. Is she White or is she Black?……….Watch and you decide!!!! This is what have been like in the waning days of the Roman Empire. Can you say FUBAR Bizzaro World?

  40. Michael Jackson wanted to be a white female, so who can argue with what Rachel is doing?

  41. gutsygirl says:

    She is a compulsive liar regardless of her ethnicity.

  42. rightmostofthetime says:

    The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and the basket is falling apart as we speak.

  43. bob smith says:

    Get her an agent… STAT! And a gig on SNL! That’s GOLD Jerry, GOLD!

  44. Barney Fife says:

    Now she is Bi-Rachel , right ?
    Is she trying out for Brain Williams job , seeing who can be the biggest liar ?
    Fitting its NBC giving her an interview. Will she show up in Gerry Curls or just a perm ?

  45. Fin says:

    A nasty little fraudster who thinks it’s OK to black up to make a living.

  46. bob smith says:

    This chick actually has a pretty nice rack on her! Put her in Playboy, let her tell her story, guest appearances on a couple of ethnic comedy shows and be done with it!

  47. Cb says:

    NBC and its affiliates will make her look like the victim and only toss softball questions. Let Megan Kelly of Fox News get ahold of her.

    • John Campbell says:

      Here’s the winning comment:
      “NBC and its affiliates will make her look like the victim and only toss softball questions. Let Megan Kelly of Fox News get ahold of her.”

      I concur. I’d love to see that one!

  48. jgdp says:

    Fluffed by Matt Flower?

  49. Andrew Doty says:

    I guarantee she is called BRAVE by MSNBC.

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