Producer Alan Ladd’s Wife Accuses Bill Cosby of Drugging, Raping Her in 1969

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Cindra Ladd, a former film industry exec and wife of producer Alan Ladd Jr., is the latest woman to accuse Bill Cosby of raping and drugging her years ago.

In a first-person article published by Huffington Post, Ladd recounts her experience with Cosby when she was 21 and working for producer Ray Stark in New York. Ladd asserts that after becoming friendly in a nonsexual way with Cosby, she was heading to a movie with him one evening when he gave her a pill that he said would help her headache.

“For more than 45 years I have tried to recall exactly what happened that night. To this day it remains a blur. I have a vague recollection of feeling like I was floating while walking through Times Square and watching some kind of Japanese samurai movie with him. I don’t remember where the theater was nor very much of the evening,” Ladd wrote. “What I do recall, vividly and clearly, is waking up the next morning nude in the bed of his friend’s apartment and seeing Cosby wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe and acting as if there was nothing unusual. It was obvious to me that he had had sex with me. I was horrified, embarrassed and ashamed.”

Ladd wrote that it “never occurred to me” to contact law enforcement, given Cosby’s stature as an entertainer and in an era before “date rape” was recognized as a crime. She told her husband about the incident nine years ago, when another woman accused Cosby of similar acts, Ladd wrote.

Ladd joins more than two dozen women who have come forward during the past few months to accuse Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. The scandal has cost the 77-year-old comedian a sitcom development deal at NBC and a comedy special that was to air in November on Netflix. Ticket sales to Cosby’s live appearances have fallen sharply in many cities although he has dates scheduled through at least May, according to his website.

Reps for Cosby have denied many of the allegations. Friends and family members, including his wife Camille, have recently criticized the news media for the damage done to the entertainer’s reputation and for failure to scrutinize the women making the claims.

Reps for Cosby did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding Ladd’s allegations.

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  1. JOE S HILL says:

    This has gotten so damn tiresome already! PROOF people,,plain,simple PROOF! because without one single piece of vital evidence to back up any of these outrageous claims by this one,or the 29 other women,then this is still Tabloid journalism and vicious hearsay,which has reached both predictable and
    ridiculously unbelievable bullshit! another woman joins the carrion eating frenzy of these group of alleged victims,who,despite all their stories,they’ve failed to provide any believable proof or evidence,to back-up
    ANY of their claims! this scandal is the work of person or persons out there,who is destroying Bill Cosby’s career,with all these hearsay accusations,,and the public is eating this up,like its candy-failing to
    still take in vital facts and PROOF,which so far,has yet to be determined! and the most outrageous part of all this BS,was that all these alleged crimes took place decades ago,and by women,nobody has ever heard of! and suddenly,we’re supposed to believe all this bullshit about Cosby,,sorry,but no sale! now the wife of Alan Ladd,Jr is jumping into this scandal,making yet,another accusation that still fails to provide proof of any kind! this has gotten so rotten and evil,that all of this has reached a point,to where this isn’t about the truth anymore-its about lynching a Black actor accused of being a predatorial serial rapist,while no kind of solid evidence has confirmed a single piece of proof-but the words of all these “innocent victims”,who,if any of them really were sexually violated,then it was still THEIR responsibility to report these crimes BACK THEN,instead of waiting after decades past! because so far,all i’ve heard here here,is the sympathy card,being played to the hilt,about how sorry we’re all supposed to feel here,about
    the claims that all these women have made-and RAPE is a very serious crime,which happens every day!
    so why have none of these women gone to the Police,taken tests,and have all the other proceedures done here,,just only THEIR claims? and for that,we’re supposed to believe them all? sorry,,but crimes like this,need PROOF,not claims and accusation,,but PROOF! using such highly publicized tabloid scandal
    journalism like this,in the months of this irresponsible feeding frenzy,still hasn’t convinced me of Cosby’s guilt-and whoever is using all these women to ambush the man,has done so,with ruthless cunning! but it still falls short of the proof,to make ANY of these claims solid-and especially based on things,which happened decades ago,,good luck,trying to sell that!!

    • malpine says:

      What possible proof could be brought forward after 30 years have gone by? Cellphone video? Voicemail? A urine, blood or stool sample? Lack of proof does not necessarily correspond to lack of guilt. People lie for money, fame, or psycho-satisfaction. The only attribution you could attach to Alan Ladd Jr.’s wife would be the third, and only because we don’t know her. All of this STILL does not make her allegations true…but would you be comfortable if your daughter was alone with him?

  2. Goradana G says:

    What is not written here is that Cindra Ladd specified she has no intentions to sue Bill Cosby or ask for money or give interviews because she does not need any such things she just wanted to tell her story and add to the credibility of the other women… I am afraid to say but THAT definitely shows the truth about Bill Cosby ….Cindra Ladd has not a single interest to claim she was raped if it s not true in any way ..on the contrary. I don’t know though how some people can still have doubts about all these women… How many more women should we have to hear … for the Society to be convinced and a clear statement to be issued….

  3. BARBARA KIGHT says:

    WHAT DOES IT TAKE?? All these women surely can’t be lying. Bill is a dirty old man that was always dirty.

  4. Astonishing. I wouldn’t be surprised if something weren’t changed in this whole statute of limitations crap. As in, one incident is not enough to step outside of it, but a campaign of undiscovered crimes indicative of a complete disregard for the law and your fellow man SHOULD be able to step outside the statute of limitations. Forced retirement isn’t enough, especially when you should’ve already retired years ago. But I feel nothing will happen to him, but maybe there’s a change. It’s sickening.

  5. Jimmy Green says:

    cosby is such a slime ball

  6. karen says:

    POS if any one is educated on what happens to a woman that is abused they would understand why it takes so long to come forward. it is such a horrid crime it is repressed its part of our human survival mechanism. my daughter has been abused in all ways for 10 years now was recently hid in the house and got her raped by her estranged husband (a former nfl player) and finally she has said NO MORE he continues to get away with everything our legal system is a mess. She finally got smart after the second rape and has it on audio proof with the children in the backround screaming. it you dont have proof theres nothing the law will do for you. the laws are made for the crimminals. there was a court date this week to get a permanant restraining order and he desided to check into rehab to avoid court then was seen a restaurant that afternoon nothing has been done about it. Like i said he gets away with everything. judges arenot doing their job.

    • Darrell Finn says:

      The Cosby apologists are fascinating only inasmuch as they show us the extent of the illness of this culture that has SO MUCH CONTEMPT for women. It is just stunning.

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