‘Pretty Little Liars’ Creator Marlene King Teases Possible Movie & Season 8

“Pretty Little Liars” wrapped up its sixth mid-season finale Tuesday night, and has already been picked up for season 7, landing a two-season renewal last year.

Despite rumors that the seventh season would be the last, showrunner Marlene King tells Variety that she’s open to an eighth season — and a movie.

“I think we’ll let the fans tell us what they want. We’re open to that,” King responded when asked about another season and film at the Television Critics’ Association press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., saying both are “very possible.”

“I’m all for it. Yes, we’re in,” she added.

Previously giving “Liars” fans reason to believe season 7 would be the end, star Lucy Hale told E! News, “Yeah, there’s like rumors of maybe a movie — there might be a movie, but seven seasons will definitely end the show.”

During the same Variety interview with King (watch above), actress Shay Mitchell joked that she’d like “PLL” to go into the “Golden Girls” era. On the prospect of a movie, Mitchell quipped of a vacation setting: “I keep pushing them. We all do. We’re like, ‘Can we do it in Europe? Or, like, Tahiti?'”

Regardless of an eighth season — on which ABC Family declined to comment — the show, which ranks as the summer’s top-tweeted series, is freshening up with a five-year time jump when the second half of season 6 premieres, giving the storyline room to expand into more episodes.

“We just try to keep the train moving as fast as possible on the tracks,” King explains. “We haven’t slowed down, and we started in the beginning telling the story at a super fast speed and we try to keep up that speed, keep the twists and turns and the ‘OMG’ moments coming.”

Mitchell — who told Variety she’s excited for the changes coming to the “fresh, new show,” including playing a character closer to her age, now that the liars will be five years past high school when season 6 returns — attributes the long-running success to the writing.

“We’re coming to work and, for me, every episode feels like a mini movie, in a way,” she says. “There’s that much action in it, there’s that much drama, there’s that much surprise in it. It’s just been really cool to be a part of something that’s so exciting.”

Pretty Little Liars” is ABC Family’s top series, averaging nearly three million viewers in Live+3, making it the No. 1 scripted series on basic cable this summer in adults 18-49, persons 12-34 and key female demos.

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  1. damon says:

    very good shows and best couples a&e h&c season 7 is final or 8 keep going dont stop the show

  2. Emma says:

    Please I am begging you !!!! Make another series!!!!! It’s such a great show!!!!!!😦😦 😀😀

  3. lacy says:

    Are you crazy?!?
    Pll is my favorite show and I dont want them to stop I want the show to go on forever even if they stop aacting in pll let 5 more girls take after them like let them be like 11,12,11,and let them be in middle school if I got the chance I would totally act in that show it would be awesome it would not have to show inopropit things it could be just like pll mabey better if possible I love the Idea of it going on forever.

    Please please please don’t stop

  4. elaine says:

    a movie sounds good but please dont drag it any longer than 7 seasons.

  5. JILL UNGERER says:

    Iam a huge fan of pretty little liars and been watching alot on Tuesday on abc family alot or a marthon too

  6. JILL UNGERER says:

    I think the cliff hanger want cece drake did to mona vanderwaal at season 5 -12 she couldn’t move and couldn’t breathe this isall cece drake fault want she did

  7. Nic M. says:

    Don’t do it Marlene. Just don’t. Seven seasons is enough. In all honesty I feel like there shouldn’t have been that cliffhanger at the end of Season 6a and that the series should end with 6b. I only see PPL going downhill from here. Just don’t do it.

  8. 5654funny says:

    I have been a Pretty little liars fan and I love watching pretty little liars from season 1 through season 5 and love it if pretty little lairs ends with a 7th season I am saying a goodbye to pretty little liars

    So I am asking for Pretty little liars to do season 8 season 9 season 10 season 11

  9. robin Perry says:

    Defiantly need season 8 and more pll is my addiction every Tuesday night and movie bring it on important buying it

  10. Leah says:

    Please no. After the A reveal, I just don’t know how much more I can take. I know no one is making me watch it, but I had already spent about five and a half years of my life on this show – and I couldn’t just stop. But the Cece reveal was very disappointing. If the story had made complete sense then I would have been very happy. But there were huge plot holes in it. It seems like lazy writing. It is either that or, she changed it at the last moment because at one point most people believed it to be Wren. I don’t think she planned out the Charles being transgender thing from season 3 as she says she did. Where are the clues about Charles being transgender? Really? I ha e no issue with the transgender plotline. I have a problem with the fact that I don’t believe it had really been planned from season 3.

    I will continue to watch the show, but I really don’t expect anything, besides disappointment, from this show anymore. The show started going downhill after season 3. I really hope, in time, Marlene King realizes how many people she has disappointed because of her lazy writing.

  11. sadies says:

    I would Love to see a season 7

  12. Lisa says:

    I am all for a season 8, 9, 10 etc!! Bring on more PLL!! This show is the best!! I love every twist and turn they throw at us!!! I will watch until the very end and be so sad when it’s over!

  13. Ashley says:

    Yes, the show is pretty stupid and they’ve messed up a lot in the storyline. But somehow they’ve still created characters and relationships that we care about enough to keep watching week after week. Even though I complain about the stupidity, I’ll keep watching until the end and be sad when it’s over. PLL, in spite of its flaws, is FUN.

    • I’m in the same boat.

      The stupidity always bothers me so much, but ultimately I adore the cast and will stick around until the show ends, regardless of how ridiculous or disappointing the plot is at times.

  14. Sem says:


    There SHOULD NOT be a Season 8 or a movie produced! In fact Marlene King might as well end at Season 6 because not only is she a horrible producer, but because there’s just too many inconsistent story lines that attempt to be mysterious and shocking, but in reality is just downright disappointing and miserable.

    Marlene King please I beg you, please stop disappointing your fans. And please stop trying to wring out more money from PLL by producing just lame plots.

    In fact, just quit producing altogether.

  15. Zahra says:

    The content, and completely non-plausible storyline, is due to very ill prepared writing. The acting crew must have to lie so often, seeing how the writing is simply not worthy of this dedicated crew. Extremely talented people and a giant budget; all lost because of writer’s block. Perhaps, the reason is because there was a disgruntled former employee? Dishonorable to say the least.

  16. yvonne says:

    what a really big dissapointment of the finale seriously cece pliz tell me cece is working for someone otherwise am done

  17. kal says:

    i think its great,…. the way they have tried to explain ….not going with the wren anticipation was a good move for now…n pls ppl try n think if its over ther are no good series to watch regarding suspense with beautiful ppl and fashion …I mean when friends was over it was heart breaking n no series have been that as good till date… its not easy to find good series with good story and pretty good actors…so try to be reasonable….n enjoy

  18. jai says:

    Was such a letdown. The story line was just rediculous…if they wanted it to be cece they couldve left her a girl and given her a different story….so disapointes, not sure if im going to keep watching this show.

  19. Kelsie says:

    Ok midseason was a little weird but in a good way just gotta hope the 5 year jump dosent go bad but YES Keep going I need more most of all cause of how it went so far I’m screaming for more and will be crushed if they end it. Keep going end it good not stupid please for people who have been there seance the start :) PLL Fan for life <3

  20. cassy says:

    the mid season finale was really a huge disappointment for me. the only part that remotely sparked my interesr was the possible return of my favorite coupls Emison.

  21. maribel says:

    After tonight, I don’t think they’ll be much demand for either.

  22. It's bullshit, babe says:

    Is it Marlene King?

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