President Obama to Address Nation Sunday on Terror Threat, Cancels Kennedy Center Honors Appearance

Obama San Bernardino
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President Obama will speak to the nation from the Oval Office Sunday night to address the threat of terrorism in the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.

Obama has canceled his planned appearance at Sunday’s Kennedy Center Honors evening ceremony, an annual ritual for presidents for nearly 40 years. Obama will still address the Kennedy Center Honors reception event at the White House at around 5 p.m. ET.

The White House said Obama’s address to the nation will run from 8-8:30 p.m. ET. Fox, ABC and CBS  confirmed they would carry the speech, hastily adjusting primetime schedules to accommodate the President.

According to a statement from the White House, the President “will provide an update on the ongoing investigation into the tragic attack in San Bernardino. He will also discuss the broader threat of terrorism — including the nature of the threat, how it has evolved, and how we will defeat it.”

In addition, “He will reiterate his firm conviction that ISIL will be detroyed and that the United States must draw upon our values — our unwavering commitment to justice, equality, and freedom — to prevail over terrorist groups that use violence to advance a destructive ideology.”

The primetime address comes as the FBI has confirmed it investigating the massacre committed by a married couple as an act of terrorism. The female attacker, who was killed along with her husband in a shootout with police, is said to have pledged her allegiance to ISIS via Facebook prior to the attack at the office complex where her husband worked. The attack left 14 people dead and 21 injured. Moreover, it further rattled the psyche of the nation that was already grappling with a recent string of mass shootings and the fear stoked by terror attacks in the heart of Paris last month that left at least 130 people dead.

Obama’s 8 p.m. address will surely jumble the primetime schedules of the broadcast networks on the East Coast. NBC’s live coverage of “Sunday Night Football” is likely to be affected although it’s possible that the Indianapolis Colts-Pittsburgh Steelers game will be postponed for the duration of Obama’s address.

CBS had planned to air two episodes of “60 Minutes” from 7-9 p.m. ET followed by its “Sinatra 100: An All-Star Grammy Concert” special. Now Scott Pelley will anchor a special report ABC said it would slide its regular drama lineup back, starting with 8 p.m.’s “Once Upon a Time.” Fox was to air “The Simpsons” at 8 p.m.

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  1. Occultology says:

    Lots of esoterica tonight and tomorrow, before and after Midnight, “The Witching Hour”, as this Pearl Harbor Anniversary occurs 5,200 days (13 x 400 = 5,200) after SEPTember 11, 2001 “The Start of the War On Terrorism”; the SUN is at 13 degrees in Sagittarius (13 degrees away from the Galactic Center of the Milky-Way Galaxy), while MARS, “The Planet of War & Strife”, is positioned at 13 degrees in Libra (symbolizing “The Scales of Justice”); meanwhile, the SUN and “The Black Sun”, SATURN, are conjunct (they are within 5 degrees), while at this same time PLUTO, “The Planet of Death & Regeneration”, is exactly opposite from “The Sacred Star” SEPT/Sothis/Sirius A, which the SUN is conjunct every “Fourth of July”, which occurs 13 days after the Summer Solstice. Toss in the fact that VENUS, “The Planet of Love & Harmony” is at 0 degrees in Scorpio “40 days and 40 nights” after the 4th and final “Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse” and you have a Witches Brew of Occultism, so watch for all of the Occult Signatures tonight and tomorrow! This is a notable moment in the WARfare conjured up by WARlocks!

  2. Alex says:

    He’ll likely blame this on climate change, the need for more gun control, and Walmart not paying their workers enough. Then hopefully he’ll finish the speech by resigning.

    • Jensen says:

      He will urge Americans to give up their guns while he tries to bring as many immigrant Muslims into the US as possible. But, we should all feel “safe” during the process.

  3. jenny says:

    Barrack Hussein Obama is a faux President – elected because of the color of his skin (makes liberals feel good). Now Hussein Obama has proven to be an anemic non-leader “leading from behind” he says. Americans need to hold strong, be vigilant and defend our US Constitution and way of life. Barrack Hussein Obama is dangerous.

  4. BillUSA says:

    I understand and agree that we are the supposed cradle of freedom, but there is nothing wrong with exercising good judgement when it comes to immigrants (especially the illegals) – given the threat of terrorism.

    Just as the left tells the right that the days of the 50’s are behind us, they too need to be reminded that this ain’t the 80’s any more. Terrorism is a real threat knocking on our door (if not having it’s foot keeping it ajar) and how anyone can ignore what happened in San Bernardino for it’s significance and it’s signal that it’s time for change in our immigration policies needs to spend a season in Israel.

  5. benskelly2 says:

    Why are there so many right-wing freaks on the Variety site, of all things? Does Fox link here? Just the ugliest most ignorant tea party crap being spewed in the comment section all the time…on a site dedicated to us lee-brul commie artistic types. You folks must be lost. Looking at your 14 clueless and certifiably crazy candidates, it’s no wonder you’re in a bad mood. Pathetic,

    • Bill says:

      Thank you for being everything people expect from liberals hanging out on the Variety site.

    • BillUSA says:

      You sir, give liberals a bad name with your arrogant expressions. “Freaks”, “lee-brul”, “clueless and certifiably crazy” aren’t terms I’d associate with a denizen of the left that we’re supposedly too ignorant to live without. But now that I think about it, decorum was never a progressive virtue.

  6. Eternal Vigilance says:

    I haven’t been paying attention. I’ve been too busy trying to support my family and pay off my massive student loans while not having affordable/usable healthcare and worrying about how I’m possibly going to ever afford sending my kids to college or retire. Am I supposed to currently be terrified or relieved?

  7. Blandly Urbane says:

    “Cancels Kennedy Center Honors Appearance” as he didn’t want to attend preferring to stay in for the game.

  8. Ted says:

    Wait. White guys shoot up the country all year and they’re “lone wolves” and now a couple people with non-anglo names do it and it’s “terrorism.” give me a break.

    • Frank says:

      Ted, you really are a moron, and a racist one at that! Anyone who doesn’t think that what happened in San Bernardino isn’t an act of foreign motivated terrorism is too stupid to be posting comments on this board. Get a clue!

    • Booker says:

      Willfully obtuse. Racist, too.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Ted, educate yourself, unless you think you know everything. Yes, people of all colors and backgrounds have committed mass shootings. However, this is the 1st shooting where the perpetrators pledged their support to ISIS. Do u get it now? Idiot!

    • Blandly Urbane says:


  9. mcentmel says:

    He really should Go the the Honors event and do his address on Dec 7th– what is wrong with his Press Team–connect the dots

  10. prompterbob says:

    I feel safer already.

    • benskelly2 says:

      Yeah, I wish he could keep us as safe as W did. You know, except for the thousands on 9/11, the biggest attack on American soil…and the thousands killed in the wars…and the hurricane he ignored…and the financial wreckage he left behind…but otherwise, life was so much better.

      • Booker says:

        LOL the hurricanes! You’re a lunatic.

      • BillUSA says:

        Yes, our government was asleep at the wheel while all of us enjoyed the false belief that no entity would dare try anything against us (despite the WTC bombing and the U.S.S. Cole) but don’t forget how Clinton ignored bin Laden by preferring to keep things in order so that he can go about chasing Monica Lewinsky around the White House or whatever other misdeed he was up to.

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