Pete Rose, Banned From Baseball, Joins Fox Sports as Analyst

Pete Rose: Fox Sports Hires Banned
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Pete Rose may be banned from Major League Baseball, but apparently that won’t keep him from talking about the national pastime for someone else.

The veteran All-Star known to legions of fans as “Charlie Hustle” will serve Fox Sports as a guest studio analyst, the 21st Century Fox unit announced Saturday. He will provide analysis for pregame and postgame shows as part of  regular-season MLB games on both Fox and Fox Sports 1, and will also contribute to original studio programs on Fox Sports 1 including “America’s Pregame,” “MLB Whiparound” and “Fox Sports Live.”

“It’s obvious that Pete has a vast knowledge of baseball history, but what is equally impressive is how well informed and opinionated he is about the game today,” said  John Entz, executive vice president of production and executive producer at Fox Sports. “He’s one of the most popular players to ever put on a uniform, and we have no doubt that people will truly enjoy his insight and enthusiasm.”

And yet, Rose is “ineligible” to take part in any of Major League Baseball’s business, and has been so since 1989, when he admitted to betting on baseball games while managing the Reds, though not betting against his own team. In recent weeks, Rose has made a request to the new commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, to be reinstated. Manfred told CNBC earlier this month that he was willing to give Rose’s status “a full and fresh look.”

In a story published on Fox Sports’ website, the unit said it had informed MLB of its decision to audition and then hire Rose. “As a courtesy, Fox informed us that they were interviewing Pete Rose for an on-air studio position,” said Pat Courtney, baseball’s chief communications officer, in a statement.”The decision to hire on-air talent for its telecasts rests solely with Fox.”

“I’m not concentrating or worrying about reinstatement,” Rose told Fox Sports. “I’m worried about working, having fun. This will be fun for me. It won’t be like work. That’s the way I look at it.”

The deal with Fox will keep Rose in the studio, rather than broadcasting from a specific team stadium.

Despite the fact that Rose’s pact is with Fox, it will no doubt raise speculation that Manfred may be ready to allow the player, who amassed 4,256 hits during his career, back into the game. The original decision to ban Rose was made by Bart Giamatti, and it has been upheld ever since. Yet with MLB allowing various players found to be involved with performance-enhancing drugs to continue their MLB careers, the league’s stance with Rose may seem less justifiable.

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  1. tom says:

    Pete Rose should be in the baseball hall of fame. I grew up watching the Big Red Machine, A’s, Pirates, and Orioles when they were dominant. He may of gambled but there are HOF’s that did illegal drugs and performance enhancing drugs. Damn Jordan was known to gamble while he played for the Bulls. If you single one man out and not the rest for doing illegal behavior then your just a hypocrite, He’s paid his dues Its time.

  2. john thompson says:

    Pete Rose is a bum, a good ballplayer, but still a bum. If he had been honest and just said he was sorry we wouldn’t be talking about him now. He’s still a bum.

  3. Bob Parker says:

    If he had bet on his team to lose, that would be one thing. But he bet on them to WIN. How can any numbskull not see that? He should be reinstated and allowed into the Hall of Fame. Imagine getting a speeding ticket and NEVER BEING ALLOWED TO DRIVE EVER AGAIN. Yeah, it’s THAT stupid. We have convicted felons get their sentences commuted yet by gambling on his team to win, Rose has to be the scourge of MLB and all the puritanical “he knew it was wrong” self-righteous, morality nuts.

  4. Sam America says:

    I’m not a baseball fan at all in fact I never liked the game especially after the drug scandals. I find most
    of them are not really athletes and look out of shape and I believe overpaid even more than most
    athletes and actors. Rose gambled and he knew it was wrong. He didn’t take drugs or kill anybody
    but still he broke the rules and damaged the game. He should be put in Hall of Fame with a note
    next to his name explaining what he did but to let him back in the game and profit is absurd! This
    is typical BS in this politically correct cry baby liberal society! Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

  5. M. F. Sibley says:

    Pete Rose knew what the consequences of his actions would be the moment he placed his first bet. No one twisted his arm, threatened him or held a gun to his head. He made his own decision, albeit the wrong one, in this instance. He’s an adult and as such accepts adult responsibility for his actions. When judgement was passed down, the sentence was banishment from baseball for life, not “well let’s consider a re-appraisal in 25 years and allow him back in again because it would be a nice thing to do”. I think he felt that because of his image, the ultimate penalty wouldn’t be imposed. For me personally, I’m sorry, but he’s dirty. His image, his career, his standing with his fans – none of this was enough for Rose? He had to stoop to gambling and betting on his own team? No way should he ever grace a baseball field again.

  6. IT 2 IT says:

    Since ‘MAY–again’ —– – -‘CULL—LEE’s’
    shameless and unprofessional pump
    of the SANDY HOOK HOAX
    —————————and her recent PUMP of
    ————————————-mandated EUGENICS injections for children!
    ————————————————FOX now stands as compromised
    ——————————————————-and ‘on board’ as MSNBC and CNN.

  7. dean says:

    He’ll be fantastic. Glad that Fox isn’t as puritanical and righteous as the other stations.
    I’ll be watching, for sure!

  8. Mjkbk says:

    Pete Rose was banned from BASEBALL, not from every other profession there is. Get a grip on your Fox News hatred, Variety.

    It’s making you sound irrational.

  9. dji says:

    of course fox would hire him. murdock is a degenerate. screw pete rose. he gambled and he shouldn’t have. he walked right by the sign that said no gambling. out fo ever.

  10. REINSTATE says:

    Reinstate Pete! He’s done his time. Great hire, Fox!

  11. cadavra says:

    Did Rose murder anyone? Rape anyone? Sell drugs to kids? No. He bet on games. Not defending what he did, but banning him for over 25 years is clearly all out of proportion to the offense. Time to let him back in.

    • dji says:

      he gambled on his own games. did you not know that?

      • cadavra says:

        Of course. And he bet on the Reds to win, which would obviously make him less likely to throw the game. In any event, you completely missed my point, which is not that he shouldn’t be punished, but that the punishment has been far too severe for the wrong he committed.

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