Nicolle Wallace Axed as ‘The View’ Co-Host (EXCLUSIVE)

Nicolle Wallace The View
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Contributor role offered, but she has yet to decide whether she'll continue

After just one season at the Hot Topics table, Nicolle Wallace will not be returning to “The View” next season as a daily co-host, Variety has learned.

The network has, however, offered the conservative personality a contract to appear as a contributor on the show from time to time. According to a source, Wallace has yet to decide if she’ll continue in that capacity or leave “The View” entirely.

An ABC News spokesperson declined to comment on staffing changes, and a rep for Wallace didn’t respond to an email and phone call.

The former communications chief for George W. Bush was selected as the resident Republican on the show in September, but underwhelmed ABC bosses by not offering enough dissent about political issues and continually voicing her lack of knowledge about celebrities.

Wallace didn’t appear on Wednesday’s episode of “The View.” A source says that she’s hurt by ABC not asking her to return to the show full time next year.

Wallace’s hire this season was championed by new executive producer Bill Wolff, who met her while he worked on “The Rachel Maddow Show.” In addition to “The View,” Wallace still appears on MSNBC as a contributor for “Morning Joe.”

She also filled in as a pundit on ABC News covering the midterm elections, but another source adds that ABC producers found her commentary too soft.

Wallace will step down as co-host along with Rosie Perez, who announced last week she’s leaving “The View” to pursue acting opportunities following a Variety story that revealed ABC executives were considering letting her go. Rosie O’Donnell, another new co-host this season, exited the show in February, citing health concerns.

It’s been a difficult year for “The View,” with ratings down 16% in the second quarter compared to the same period in 2014. ABC bosses are looking to fight the sliding viewership by revamping “The View” in its 19th season with a panel that includes returning moderator Whoopi Goldberg, Raven Symone, comedian Michelle Collins (who was announced on Monday) and two other yet-to-be-announced names.

In talks for those positions are “GMA Weekend” anchor Paula Faris and Candace Cameron-Bure, who could take on the role of “The View’s” conservative expert. The former “Full House” actress has impressed producers as a fill-in host by offering strong opinions that have generated buzz on social media.

“The View” will also include a slate of rotating contributors that will sporadically appear on the series. In the running for those part-time gigs are Molly Sims, Sherri Shepherd, stylist Stacy London and Wallace (if she agrees).

The next season of “The View” premieres in mid-September.

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  1. Renee Zapart says:

    This new group is too much they are too aggressive out spoken .I stopped watching it a few years ago Rosie was a good choice. Simone is scary to me . She is way to aggressive. Whoopi is right on and reasonable thinking .

  2. gail says:

    nichole wallace was a breath of fresh air. Lov whoppi and shame on u for nichole

  3. Maureen MaDan says:

    Please contact D.Trump women employees they will tell you how poorly they are treated . Any of his Employees would if you did it anonymously. People can’t afford to loss there jobs. The women in his live will not talk because of the money look what he did to Marla.

  4. Once again ABC axed one of the better View hosts! I can’t stand Constance Burie and I just don’t see what every one loves about Raven! She is really arrogant and seems to try too hard where she clearly didn’t fit in.

  5. Wallace is a voice of reason and equality-I look forward to her comments. Raven detracts from the show–too weird– and arrogant. I cannot identify with her at all. I’ve been watching and exercising durin during the show for years. Please keep Nicole Wallace

  6. Tammy says:

    Every since Raven had complaints to get her off the view, I have noticed she is usually gone Monday and Tuesdays. Is this some sort of punishment. I also notice that whenever Joy or Whoppie is out sick they announce it, when Raven is not present nothing is ever said.

  7. Trish e says:

    I feel that when I watch the show its always interesting and different so just keep doing what your doing and God bless each of you. Also Happy Holiday’s in advance.

  8. Whoopie is the lead and as such automatically has the last word, just as Barbara did. She is very smart, funny and is empathic. Now there are too many comedians at the table though. I have to say I did like Nicole on the show as it is always good to have people of different political sides in a debate. I think they brought on Ms. Simone to represent the younger generation, but she just is not informed enough. I couldn’t even tell you the name of the new women at the end of the table as she rarely gets her two cents in the conversation, sorry. Joy can get very opinionated to the point of irritation. It must be hard as a producer to find the right combination. There would never be a perfect set of ladies, so I think they all need to just be more considerate of each others views and a little less talking over each other etc. I will keep watching in the hopes that they will on evolve.

  9. Alanna says:

    ugh. Whyyyy did they get rid of Nicole. The show is crap now as she was the only one who brought intelligence and actual facts instead of just opinion to the show. Whoopie is annoying, talks over everyone as if it’s only her opinion that matters and is never funny. Everyone else has to cram in their say in 20 seconds but Whoopie makes us listen to her talk about nothing or eat for the entire show. Can’t even watch this anymore.

  10. Eileen says:

    I totally agree with Linda Sanders. But the view did offer her a contract to appear as a contributor on the show from time to time. What a joke. Nothing like putting salt on a wound.

  11. linda sander says:

    This show is almost at the point of being ridiculous. I voted Democrat last election. These gals have convinced to go with the Republican party this time. It is obvious they fired Nicole because she would have brought some intelligent diversity. Not one of existing panel member can hold a candle to her intelligence. I can’t see myself associated withthem.

  12. M Aguilera says:

    Why is it that Whoppie is always interrupting when guest are talking. Also trying to be cute which she is not. Always taking food or what ever it is they are showing always taking things as if she can’t afford to buy. She is do damn annoying. Today was one of thos days.

  13. Cecelia says:

    I have been chanting this same litany since Nicolle W was let go. This was one of the most idiotic moves the network ever made. So, “they” replace her with Michelle Whats-her-name? Then, along comes her ladyship, show-off Paula (is that her name?). Someone please tell her to shut her mouth?….stop interrupting the rest of the panel and allow each one to finish a d@m& sentence. She and Michelle make my stomach protest.

  14. michele gerrior says:

    They need to bring back Nicole Wallace back. Whoppie is not so funny.They brought the best out in each other. Get rid of Candice. I am going to stop watching this show.

  15. Janice Olson says:

    I am very sorry that Nicole has left. I felt she was a very good “opposite” to the rest of the panel. She also was a voice of reason for Republicans. I, too, don’t know about celebrities and am really not interested. Too bad she wasn’t too bad…..I will stop watching the show if it just becomes a place for fighting about politics. Maybe there are too many comics on the panel now and Paula Ferris doesn’t fight too much either so guess she won’t last….

  16. Sandy lLinden says:

    Nicole was too classy for the view! I am so surprised that Barbara Walters has fallen to the masses with trash talk and nothing of substance. You were too good for them never feel bad!

  17. Sharon Gilbert says:

    Missing Nicole Wallace on the View. She was a nice and humorous more conservative viewpoint to the view. I won’t be watching as much anymore!

  18. Karen Hanley says:

    Nicole and Rosie were both great assets to the show, can’t understand how/why Raven was hired.
    Love Whoopie and Joy but won’t be watching

  19. Meg says:

    I love Nicole Wallace you should get rid of Ratmonsymone she’s awful

  20. Meg says:

    You should’ve Nicole Wallace she was fabulous and axedRaymondsymone

  21. Sandra says:

    The View has made a few bad moves in the last 2 seasons, chopping Jenny McCarty, and now Wallace, When will the producer leave a good thing alone? Ready to change stations.

  22. Carol Slavin says:

    Oh I also forgot that Rosie Perez leaving was wonderful she was awful every other word wS, “you know”. I did kind of like Nicole at least she was smart but has annoying laugh.

  23. Carol Slavin says:

    I have watched the view all these years. I have to say whoever picks the cohosts does a terrible job!
    Michelle Collins constantly interrupts everyone and is not all that funny but rather annoying. Raven Symone is ridiculous looking and acting. Paula Ferris brings hope as does Joy. No one I know watches it anymore as they can’t stand the women I just mentioned.

  24. Linda Wade says:

    I agree with so many of the comments expressed here. I was very discouraged about Nicolle being fired ,(I too am a Democrat). Then I thought I would give the show another chance since they brought Joy back. But I don’t like what I see, and it is getting easier and easier to turn it off. This after watching the show since the beginning. It makes me sad.

  25. C Fraser says:

    As a Democrat I found Republican conservative Nicole Wallace to be a breath of fresh air compared to the annoying in-your-face Elizabeth. She was knowledgable, fair, and was always respectful of other’s opinion. How perfect she would have been with the up-coming Presidential election! Learning that Joy was coming back, I promised to give The View 2 weeks to see if Whoopie and Joy together could keep me watching. That being said, 2 days of Michelle (who claims to be a comedian) talking over everyone and Raven twirling and flinging her “hair” from one side to the other without an intelligent word spoken makes this the end for me. Have watched The View for more than 12 years and am saddened to see the way this show, lovingly developed by Barbara Walters over so many years, has deteriorated to this level. My belief is that the idiots at ABC responsible for the firing of Wallace and the choice of the present hosts will be rewarded with continuing lower and lower viewer numbers. For me, you can stick a fork in The View – it’s done.

  26. Ann L says:

    Who authorized this colossal misjudgement? Why would Nicole & Rosie be replaced with comedians?
    They were the ones who provided balance and great respectful discussion and debate,
    This morning’s show epitomizes the need for balance and guidance – it was a caterwauling of comedians trying to top each other. I was unimpressed, my head hurt and I understood nothing they were trying to say.

    Why not revert to the Hosts who ended last season, replacing RP with Joy since she has already been signed?
    Please, make the necessary changes to get the balance right or i fear this may be the last year of “The View” which would be a shame.

  27. Candy Foley says:

    I have been watching the View since Season 1. I was able to hear “what was going on” in all areas–pop culture, politics, etc., etc. I’ve stood by all the disagreements and different views and I was happy that at least there were one or two hosts who knew what they were talking about. Barbara Walters was key in keeping the show classy and informative. I was sorry to see Rosie Perez and Nicole Wallace, and even O’Donnell go–for different reasons; though, they were not the best of the View. I cannot believe Joy Behar is back with her little knowledge or anything and joking about everything. Whop I don’t know why Candace Cameron and Paula Faris would choose to sit at that table. I respect Whoopie for her long career and she’s pretty good as Coordinator and funny many times–but, also, it’s like her word is the last word. I am very impressed with Paula Faris–she is too valuable for this disappointing show. I’ve started to watch the Talk and it is refreshing to see smart women not talking over each other and keeping the show a class, entertaining, enlightening show. I’m sorry, Barbara…..Paula could be you (which it’s needed), but I don’t think she will be allowed to keep the show going on her own.

  28. Steve says:

    Its a shame. they had it Perfect with the two Rosies. whoopee, Nicole….they rarely talked over each other, showed great intelligence, wit, all that made it worth watching. I Loved Nicole’s conservative banter yet her openness to another’s view.. and her naïve on Celebrities was charming….Now, the current group,, back to talking over each other… and so many other annoying traits…. Whoopies looking bored…oh well

  29. Craig Justice says:

    It is a shame that Nicolle Wallace is no returning to The View. She was an excellend host & a Republican that was fair, open and likeable.

  30. judy says:

    Not that my opinion matters, but by taking Nicolle off the show, I’m done watching!!!! Nicolle, you need to go to the Talk, where you will be appreciated!!!

  31. Linda says:


    • Allie ford says:

      I totally agree that Nichole should still be there…what is wrong with the admin….Nichole is intelligent and normal. Ahah…I got it…she is really too good for that show.

      Woopi used to be so different…now she just garbles her words. I’ve been watching since its inception…not improving for sure.
      Welcome back Joy.

  32. Nan Beckner says:

    With the departure of Nicole Wallace and Rosie Perez from the View (both of whom brought a lot to the table) and the return of Joy (whom I dislike intensely), I’m “out of here” for The View. Love Whoopi, but she’s not enough to keep me watching; except for Paula Faris, the other co-hosts are disasters.

  33. Linda Lange says:

    Wow. You got rid of the only woman with an opinion that is different from the rest. They crowded her and I saw that they were “right” and anyone with conservative values is “wrong.” Big blunder as I am already
    watching another show.

  34. Mary Schiller says:

    I feel that they have made a very big mistake letting Nicolle Wallace go. With her back ground at White House and different campaigns she had great inside. I feel that she could get the point across without offending anyone.

  35. Kathy Francescon says:

    The Producers of “The View” just keep making more mistakes. Too many women with a lot of emotions and very little knowledge and lack of balance. Bringing back Joy Behar, Big Mistake!
    Raven/Symone has a child’s mind and tries to act grown up, Nicole Wallace was at least educated, smart and had some class. Michelle Collins is a bore, Pauls Faris is dull, and, at least Candace Cameron Bure is fun and lively. Whoopi spends too much time lecturing the audience as if she has all the answers. They’ve lost me as a viewer.

  36. Debbie Gebauer says:

    I loved Nicole!!! She was great!!!! So she didn’t know about all celebrities so what. She added a lot to the view. I will really miss her I hope she decides to come back part time it baffles me to know they fired her and brought on Raven she does not add anything to the show. Love that Joy’s back who doesn’t love Joy?? Most everybody on here agrees with me about Nicole they need to listen to the people or there won’t be a show. Candace Cameron i am still up in the air about her. Her and Joy will definitely butt heads. Also love that Sherri Shepherd is back!!

  37. Cecelia says:

    It is just baffling to me how an intelligent, knowledgeable woman is no longer on THE VIEW. Ms Wallace brought depth to conversations that would otherwise be lacking tangible, meaningful arguments—whether said argument would be political, cultural, personal or educational.
    What do TPTB give us? Raven!!!!! That’s who!! On today’s show, the first of the 19th season, this woman-child actually said that the first language spoken in the Americas was Latin. Really!? Latin is a dead language, has been since Ancient Rome. As far as I know, it is only spoken during High Mass….or, to go one point further….in a Latin-language class. I do believe Raven should indulge her brain with a little “school-learning”. Her lack of education and common sense sticks out like a sore thumb.
    On the upside. I am a loyal VIEW watcher and will continue to watch until its demise. I am so overwhelmingly happy Joy Behar is back…..I love you, Joy!!! More power to you, Girl!!

  38. Marie Leoniak says:

    Nicolle, the View made a big mistake taking you out as co-Host. You were the only one knowledgable on Washington and Politics. You brought a certain integrity and professionalism to the show. You were wonderful and I will miss you.

  39. Maureen says:

    Bad move on not having Nicolle Wallace return. She had a lot to say and was interesting to listen to.
    I will miss her.

    Nicole keep smiling and trucking.

    • Angela says:

      Very Bad move not treating Nicolle Wallace well.
      She is a smart & down to earth woman.

      Very bad choice treating Nicolle like that.
      Very disappointed in this news.

      This was a stupid move!
      I’ve been watching THE VIEW from the beginning.
      Visited THE VIEW 2X’s.

      I’am so disappointed. ..
      Not a happy Viewer!


  40. I am happy to see Joy Behar returning to The View but shocked that Nicole Wallace isn’t. Big mistake letting her go!!!!!

  41. Tina salava says:

    Nicole Wallace was the only “real” person on the panel! She was refreshing and intelligent. I loved her and do not look forward to the new season of this show… The fact that she didn’t know about the Kardashians or other things made her more relatable!! Poor decision … Get rid of Whoopir!

  42. Alison says:

    I was very upset about Nicole Wallace firing. She was pleasant and knowledgeable. I don’t like the new hires. The hot topics have been becoming stupid Maybe joy behar can turn things around. I hope Nicole Wallace finds a new home. As for I won’t be watching the view anymore

  43. C Fraser says:

    The executives at ABC making these casting decisions are going to signal the end of The View. The show is drowning and the hires of “comedian” Michele Collins (who is just not funny) and Raven Symone are huge mistakes. They hired Raven to attract a younger audience but I am here to inform these executives that 19 and 20 year olds are NOT INTERESTED IN THE VIEW. You let Nicole Wallace go but keep someone with purple hair who can’t voice an intelligent sentence – what the hell were you thinking? I am a democrat and did not expect to like the conservative Replublican Nicole Wallace but she became my favorite. Instead of aggressive, in-your-face Elizabeth, Nicole Wallace was not only intelligent and knowledgable, she was always respectful of other people’s views. I have been a faithful fan of the show for more than 15 years and the only reason I am willing to give the show a two week trial is because Joy is coming back. If the cast continues to include Michele, Candace and Raven, I don’t think Whoopie and Joy are going to be enough to keep me watching. Poor Barbara Walters – ABC executives are killing the long-running successful show she worked so hard to develop.

  44. Donna warner says:

    Well, since sheri and Jenny left, the view became too consumed with politics, it is supposed to be a fun show with great topics and great discussions, but it has become so boring, hopefully it will pick up again.

  45. Will misd Nicole. & Rosie. Bringing Joy back a good move…would have. been great. if Nicole. & Rosie. remained. No longer a fan. sorry. about. excessive. periods. Dumb phone

  46. TruthNDC says:

    The View needs to step it’s game up…Hair, Nails and Kardashians and other blather is just not enough. So Nicole…goes but you need people on with real political chops.

  47. Kiran beth says:

    I was so happy that Candace was hired on. Now I hear Nicole was not hired back? Talking about the Kardashians every day is so tiring. I want a show with substance. I doubt now that I will start watching again. I lost interest last year with all th instability with the show and poor subjects, guests and segments that didn’t interest me anymore. Nicole was the bright spot for me with the show though. The tall gal is not funny. At least Joy is. Raven is very opinionated and sharp.. But I am so disappointed that Candace is the one lone conservative. You should not have let Nicole go. She was great.

  48. Allie says:

    They get rid of everyone but Whoopi, maybe she is the problem not everyone else.

  49. Betty says:

    I am sorry to see Nicole and Rosie go I really liked both of them. Not sure this is a good thing for the show! I understand Rosie has other interests. I love her and love that she is just a down to earth real person! Nicole is a breath of fresh air who I enjoyed a lot. I am not that into politics but understand them better when she talks about them. you will both be missed:(

  50. Loretta Stephenson says:

    I think you made a big mistake by letting Nicole Wallace leave She was a real asset to the view She was smart and knew about politics which is interesting to the middle-class A merican and Canadian You have too many comments on the view now that do not take things too seriously Whoppe is absolutely great my husband and I enjoy watching the show every day But now we feel there’s too much talkig everybody talking together and laughing and joking We like to hear what they have to say Whoppel doesn’t great job of keeping things under control But we feel you should bring back Miss Wallace The people you have chosen to replace the ones that are leaving some are good and some are bad.

    • OMG Nicole was my favorite. I would sure like to know who is making these choices. I really thought they made a mistake when they chose Raven Now that other girl what’s her name… Candace??? Another big mistake. Joy is surely a welcome though. I think they should have took Whoopie off and kept Nicole. Whoopie acts too much like a “know it all”.. Everybody that outshines her is fired. Nicole was just a refreshing republican and I’m a Democrat but I loved her. Faris will be ok, but the only thing that was keeping me was Nicole.

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