‘Rugrats’ Revival? Nickelodeon Mulls Return of Classic Shows

Nickelodeon Mulls Revival of Classic Shows

Before SpongeBob SquarePants, before Dora the Explorer, before “iCarly,” there was still Nickelodeon.

The Viacom-owned kiddie outlet rose to notice on the backs of programs like “The Adventures of Pete & Pete,” “Double Dare” and “Hey Dude!” And now, its top programming executive suggested, the network is considering ways to bring a small handful of its oldest programs back to its schedule.

“We are looking at our library to bring back ideas, shows that were loved, in a fresh new way,” Russell Hicks, president of content and development at Nickelodeon, told Variety.

Under the plan, the network might seek to experiment with retooled versions of classics that could include “Rugrats,” “Hey Arnold!” “You Can’t Do That on Television” or “Victorious.” The shows might not come back as series, but could appear in other formats, like a movie or special. And they likely would not constitute the bulk of the network’s development efforts.

Hicks declined to talk about specific programs under consideration, but noted the generation that watched Nickelodeon in its earliest days — it was formed out of an entity known as Pinwheel backed by a predecessor of Time Warner Cable — now has children of its own. “We are getting ready to bring back some of the ones they’ve told us multiple times they want to have brought back,” said Hicks.

Some might say the effort has quietly begun. Kel Mitchell, co-star of the popular Nickelodeon series “Kenan & Kel,” will have an ancillary role in “Game Shakers,” a new series set to debut Sept. 12.

Below, a look at some Nick hits of yore, and some thoughts on how they might be made relevant to today’s viewers:


Years on Nick: 1991 to 1994

Premise: Hero Doug Funnie must navigate around nemesis Roger Klotz while wooing the girl of his dreams, the fabulous Patti Mayonnaise.

Modern twist?: The advent of social networks and mobile devices could deepen storylines around one of this program’s central themes: how to deal with bullies.

“You Can’t Do that On Television”

Years On Nick: 1979 to 1990

Premise: A sort of “Saturday Night Live” for kids, “You Can’t Do That….” featured a series of comedic sketches built around a relevant theme, and also helped introduce the world to host Christine “Moose” McGlade, singer Alanis Morissette (who appeared as an actor in five episodes) and Nickelodeon’s iconic green slime.

Modern twist?: Borrow more from “SNL,” with a cast of “Not Ready for Play Time Players” who generate reaction and gossip on social media.

“Clarissa Explains It All”

Years On Nick: 1991 to 1994

Premise: Melissa Joan Hart played protagonist Clarissa Darling, who had to contend with the usual array of pre-teen angst and rivalry with younger brother Ferguson while commenting on the action directly to the viewers of the show.

Modern twist?:  Should best friend and boy next door Sam still be allowed to climb directly into Clarissa’s room with the help of a nearby ladder? Rivalry between Ferguson and Clarissa is toned down as pre-teen relationships with families are depicted in most media as improving.

“Hey Arnold!”

Years on Nick: 1996 to 2004

Premise: Animated Arnold and street-smart pal Jerald help kids in the town of Hillwood while grappling with Helga, a passive-aggressive romantic foil.

Modern twist?: More emphasis on Arnold’s hardscrabble roots — he lives in a boarding house owned by his grandparents — to play upon the themes of economic divide and wealth gap that trouble the nation so much today.

“Mr. Wizard’s World”

Years on Nick: 1983 to 1990

Premise: The famous Don Herbert used this venue to continue his decades of on-air science experiments with a kiddie assistant.

Modern twist?: Hire Neil deGrasse Tyson to lift young minds with talk of gravity, the cosmos and physics.

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  1. Chourtnii says:

    Do excited by this

  2. Erick Sitter says:

    Disney owns Doug, so nick wouldn’t be able to revive it.

  3. janelly says:

    I hope they don’t screw up like CN screwed with rebooting Teen Titan!!! OMG worst show/ reboot ever. Nothing like the classic. It is so sad with how networks dumb down kid shows nowadays. I mean kid shows don’t need to be dumb in order for it to be entertaining!!! I wish other networks (Disney, Nick,CN) go in the right direction. The 90s had best kids shows ever. The shows back then never shied away from diversity or real life problems our youths might have or problems people have in general. The jokes from the 90s were always hilarious and the art was never in my face! Now a days kids shows are so fake and dumb.

  4. I think redoing Rugrats would be a smack in the face to the legacy of the voice of Chuckie since she died. Not mention doing Victorious is not going to go over considering the rumors that went on around that show.

    • celrock says:

      The only smack in the face anybody’s gonna get from bringing back Rugrats is Nickelodeon themselves, for being so stupid over the last eleven years. A little tip for all of you. A show is only as good as its producers, and Rugrats was by far one of the best shows on Nickelodeon, because Klasky Csupo, the producers of that program, are smart, well rounded people, who thought up that show from personal experiences of raising kids, and it shows throughout the episodes in the series. All of the stories from ‘Tommy’s First Birthday,’ in season 1, to ‘Kimi Takes the Cake,’ in season 9, taught thoughtful, moral lessons and life experiences that people of all ages could relate to, and unlike the producers of Spongebob and some of the other cruddy shows that Nickelodeon has to offer, who continue to produce their shows, despite how terrible they’ve become, just because either they’re idiots, or to make a buck, Klasky Csupo knew when to quit. It’s apparent with Pre-School Daze, when the new animation style they went for, not to mention, the negative feedback it received from fans proved to be that that show wouldn’t work well, quietly putting it into the trash after only 4 episodes. I think if Rugrats came back, I certainly hope it teaches Nickelodeon a lesson about how stupid they’ve been over the last several years since season 9 ended, and get them back on their feet again, with better, more decent programming. I also wouldn’t mind seeing some more Tales from the Crib specials should the revival take place. I know a lot of people didn’t care much for them, but I thought ‘Snow White,’ and ‘Three Jacks and a Beanstalk,’ were pretty good! Maybe they could take cracks at some more fairy tales, like ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ putting their own twists on the stories with the Rugrats characters.

      And as far as Christine Cavanaugh is concerned, even if she were still alive, it pains me to say this, but she wouldn’t be brought on board for the revival of Rugrats to do the voice of Chuckie, because she retired from voice acting back in 2001, around the start of season 8, when Nancy Kartwrite took over as the voice of Chuckie, and provided his voice from the third episode of Rugrats in season 8, through the remaining final two seasons of the show, the All Grown Up spinoff series, Rugrats go Wild, the two Tales from the Crib specials, and, not sure if Chuckie made any appearances in Pre-School Daze, because I’ve never actually watched an episode of that show, even I myself had no interest in that show, more so because of which characters the show focused around, but bottom line, Nancy Kartwrite took over, remaining until the last of Rugrats and its spinoff series were canceled. Therefore, if anybody from the voice cast returns for the revival, which there’s no doubt the bulk of the cast who’s alive would, Nancy Kartwrite would be getting the part, not Christine Cavanaugh, regardless of her status of being alive or dead at this time.

  5. Secret squirrel says:

    No ones buying degeneracy anymore ((((nickelodeon)))).

  6. what, no Ren & Stimpy?????

  7. Ana says:

    Why not just make a new channel just for all of the great classics?

  8. Christina says:

    Why not for the rugrats make it so it’s about Tommy and the gangs kids and there adventures as babies. Like for example Tommy and kimi have kids and then chucky and Susie, lil and dil, and have Phil and Angelica. Who knows maybe that would work

  9. Keva says:

    For Hey Arnold! Start where you left off with his parents and FF to him in Middle School with this same friends, same attitudes just older faces. Don’t add in ALL the technology of today but gradually show that stuff. Keep house phones and what not. Those cartoons from the 90’s made me want to go outside and have some fun. TV today promotes bullying, drama and relationships, things these children don’t need to be worried about. If you bring, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, even Rocket Power. I think it’ll have a better impact on todays children.

  10. Kevin says:

    How bout dedicate a 2-4 hr block everyday to nostalgia, two hr block on Saturday mornings and don’t know whats going on on Saturday nights but maybe once a month bring back SNICK? Wishful thinking I know *sigh*

  11. Cory Neff says:

    The problem is that Nickelodeon hasn’t been a successful tv station since the early 2000s. Back then they mostly had cartoons that had somewhat of a plot or time continuation. So in other words, an episode from season 1 would have some effect on a season 2 episode. Now all Nick does is show the same re-runs over and over again in a row, use mindless cartoons that have zero plot, or use shows with live action, but still no plot. Both the kids and the adults that watch for nostalgia want to see cartoons that have some sort of plot to them. We want cartoons with an actual story that matters.

  12. Jack says:

    INVADER ZIM!!!! INVADER ZIM, INVADER ZIM!!! INVADER ZIM!!!!!!!!! That show was the best!!! I would wake up early just to watch before I went to school! Everyone loves the show and you’re still making money off it through merchandise. Nickelodeon should bring it back and I guarantee it will make lots of money for them and when I have kids I want them to watch it too.

  13. VERA NORMAN says:


  14. sammuel hicks says:

    I myself am thrilled to hear such things are being proposed. Me being a 90’s baby grew up watching what is known today as ” The Classics”, should have never died off or put away due to a new century. Yes new animations are being presented and timeslots need to be filled but on the other hand im sure the ratings for them classics were pretty high. I remember sitting at home as a young kid dreaming to be apart of the slime time experience and zooming around with freakazoid. Theres so many of those shows that i’ll never forget and played a huge part of my childhood. And for that i really appreciate everybody who took the times in the art studios that drew their passions to please us kids. Whether it was for us or a paycheck. If this comment reaches anybody of real importance in the Nickelodeon organization.
    Thank you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Shawn says:

    How about creating a channel just for showing classic Nickelodeon shows and programming from the 1980’s and 90’s? This would showcase all the “Golden Years” of Nickelodeon for both the younger generation to see and for the ones that grew up watching it. It would be exactly like when Nick at Night’s TV Land was launched. This way, Nickelodeon could retool and modernize the old shows while keeping the originals separate as not to be completely disturbed or ruined in the case that they are not successful in doing so. Anyone think this is a good idea?

    • Lance Bell says:

      There is a bigger issue: Who has the American Rights to the show?

      YCDTOT will never happen(as a rebroadcast) because all of the people they would have to pay.

      If you are like me that want to see the 1984-1989 Nick Jr. lineup: forget it because there is no telling who has the American rights(even if I think the reboot of MCoG was a no-brainier for them).

      Pinwheel is the perfect example of to many hands involved to, if anything, break even.

      This is very complex for them and I am wondering if Viacom is willing to step to the plate for this.

    • The biggest problem for an entire channel dedicated to that stuff is that it simply hasn’t aged well and can only run on nostalgia for so long. Even Nicktoons, a channel originally dedicated to old Nick Toon re-runs, soon found itself showing newer content, original productions, even some of their awful live action sitcoms just to keep ratings up. Even now I’m looking at my channel guide and it’s stacked with Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, Harvey Beaks, and Haunted Hathaways… Just sad…

      If Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold, and Rocko’s Modern Life can’t carry a channel on their own how could adding crap like Hey Dude to the lineup possibly help?

  16. Blue says:

    Story based shows (rugrats, doug, etc) no thanks, they are classics and should be left alone. But I have no issue if you bring back game shows like Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts, and such.

  17. Abby says:

    Why change the shows they aren’t broken.

  18. By all means, let’s disallow Sam to climb in the window and further emphasize gender roles and enforce who our children can be friends with based on said roles.

  19. Kellins says:

    As much as excitement i can give for “bringing back the 90’s” I’m not liking the modern twists they want to bring to them. You also have to put into thought that some of these shows has an aging process during the show and for us 90’s kids, we’d want more of the years later style. But seeing how All Grown Up had turned out, it might be better to not mess with the classics. Spin offs or original shows with the 90’s thought in mind would be the best direction of process. But a lot of the good shows would have a hard time going by censors due to the high-strung rules they placed these days.
    It’s an interesting concept, but I hope they don’t focus too much on modern days and go more on every day.

  20. nitwit07man says:

    Okay. :)

  21. James says:

    I’m not too fond of reboots after the semi-disaster that was Thundercats 2011. Who exactly benefits from watching a reboot? Old fans will chase after anyone with pitchforks if they change anything, and the reboot itself truly rides on the younger viewers who will fund it. If the reboot does bad with them, it’s bye bye show. Why go through the stress of trying to please two different demographics when you can just make a new product and only worry about the kiddies?

    • lonestarr022 says:

      i want to say you have a point, but when i look at all the awful programs out there, i can’t. I don’t expect these shows to come back and be as great, but there’s something to going back and seeing those olds shows again.

  22. edward a.garcia says:

    how about bringing back nick arcade,double dare.

  23. kevin.provance says:

    Unless Jimmy Neutron is in the mix, I don’t care.

  24. Jill says:

    Please do the right thing.

  25. Susan says:

    I would really love to see some new Backyardigans episodes. My kids are addicted.

  26. Hey Arnold already tried to “stick it to the rich” in the movie, but it was one of the most cliched plots I’d ever seen. It’s fine to talk about things like the “wealth gap,” but could you SJW’s PLEASE stay out of my childhood?

  27. T says:

    What about the greatest, existentially inspired cartoon of all–Rocko’s Modern Life?

  28. tooner96 says:

    I love You Can’t Do That on Television, but I DON’T KNOW if it could ever be the same if it was revamped (see what I did there? lol). I love Pete and Pete too. Nick had soooooooo many awesome shows back in my day.

  29. celrock says:

    Seriously? If Nickelodeon did revive any of its old shows, here’s what I’d like to see.

    The Jungle Movie, where we finally find out what happened with Arnold’s parents.

    If we brought back any game shows, how about Legends of the Hidden Temple and Nick Arcade? And in today’s day and age, we can actually have Nick Arcade on tour, and the contestants play games on iPhones and iPads, hyping up the technology a bit. That show would be just as good today, if not better than it was in the early 90’s, thanks to today’s technological advances.

    Wouldn’t mind if Cousin Skeeter returned. In fact, can’t remember if they entered highschool during the original series. If they did, I know we never saw them graduate. Please, let’s get Bobby, Nina, and Skeeter with diplomas this time around?

    A reboot idea for 100 Deeds for Eddie Mcdow. 1,000 Deeds for Eddie Mcdow Junior! A spinoff series where Eddie’s son comes along, and just like his father, he undergoes the same treatment, only because things didn’t improve in the next generation, his sentence is made ten times worth than his dad’s, having to complete 1,000 deeds as a dog rather than 100 to become human again.

    And here’s the big one, ready? I’d love, absolutely love, to see a 10th. season of Rugrats! If there’s one show that could return and still be really good, despite today’s technology, is Rugrats, because if there’s one thing I know is this. Babies and toddlers have no concept of time. Therefore, all babies and toddlers live similar lifestiles, whether it’s the year 1991, or the year 2015! Now, for a 10th. season, here’s what I’d like to see happen. I know some of these would be recycled ideas, but this would prove that everyone faces their own challenges with similar situations, you don’t have to be a fraidy cat with the goofy red hair to always have the problems. Even the bold brave ones have their difficult moments. With that out of the way, here’s what I’d like to see happen if Rugrats is brought back for a tenth season.

    Dil’s first steps. Yes that’s right, we’d actually see him walk, not the ripoff failure we got at the end of the season 8 episode, ‘A Step at a Time.’

    Tommy’s first word. I personally think it would be, ‘Reptar,’ but maybe I’m wrong. And I’m talking his first word to the adults, like Chuckie’s was, ‘No.’

    More potty training experiences, in particular with tommy, Phil and Lil. Yeah sure sure, Chuckie told the other babies when he got potty trained and they gave him the advice to just go along with it, to live up to their own advice when they go through it. And I quote from Chuckie vs. the Potty from season 2.
    Phil: Awe come on Chuckie why are you acting like such a baby?
    Lil: Yeah, if they’re gonna make you do it anyway, why don’t you just, go along with it!
    Chuckie: Yeah when it happens to you guys maybe that’s what you should do.
    Phil and Lil: Happen to us? nah.

    Well babies, have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘Easier said than done?’ Obvously their troubles with potty training would be different, but with how much they adored their diapers, I don’t think tommy, Phil and Lil or even Kimi for that matter would have an easy time with the separation, let’s see what happens, shall we?

    A real Father’s Day special, not 2 reruns thrown together with a label at the beginning of the 22 minute block. I’m sorry, but I have to say it, that was definitely a dethroning moment in Rugrats history if there ever was one. Well, I’m sure Kimi wonders about her real daddy Hiro as a toddler, as she obviously knows that Chaz isn’t her real daddy. Either it would play out similarly to the Mother’s Day special, only Kimi learns that her mommy and daddy simply aren’t together anymore, but while they don’t love each other, they both love Kimi very much, or, everyone gets invited on atrip to Japan, where they met him. Or maybe, he comes for a visit. Not sure, but I think this needs to happen.

    While Taffy was a wonderful babysitter to the Rugrats, there comes a day when it all much end and they say goodbye to her, as she finally has enough money to go on tour with her band and live out her dreams of becoming a rockstar. A sad episode as we’d see somebody leave, but sometimes, I’ll admit, the Rugrats always made tearjurker moments so special.

    An episode where we learn about Susie’s infantilehood, seeing Susie as a baby.

    How about some more Jewish holiday specials? Passover and Chanukah may be the most popular holidays, but there are several not as popular ones that might be interesting to explore. One of them, while it’s not happy, does involve fasting, and I’m talking real fasting, not simply giving up yeast like in Passover, when you can’t eat cookies cuz there’s bread in them, I’m talking no food at all. Well, they get their first exposure to fasting, at a holiday celebrated in late July or mid August called Tish’a B’Av, which is in actuality, fast commemorating the destruction of the two Temples. Of course, we all know what this could turn into. One of those Rugrats episodes where cooencidence are taken the wrong way. Obviously, Tommy and Chuckie build some block tower representing some temple for Reptar or something, and at sunset on the night of this holiday, Angelica accidentally knocks it over, of course, everyone but Kimi believes Angelica to do this on purpose, and nobody believes Kimi, because she’s siding with Angelica much of the time, and everyone’s sick of it. Then, they hear the rabbi at the sinnigog talking about the destruction of temples, and tommy and dil don’t have anything to eat because the family is fasting, but they’re led to believe that Angelica’s destruction of their block tower, destroyed the world. So they find a way to rebuilding their block tower, only Angelica wrecks it a second time, now twenty-four hours later, when the holiday has ended, allowing everyone to eat, no longer fasting. they then learn from Boris about the real holiday, and that Angelica had nothing to do with what all went on that day, it was to commemorate something that happened a long time ago, and as a result, they apologize to Kimi for not believing her.

    Obviously, I never could figure out where Rugrats go Wild fit into the Rugrats timeline, since in that movie, while the Rugrats met the Thornberry’s, no new siblings or parents came into any of the families, so it’s hard to figure out what episodes of the show actually took place post rugrats go Wild. Well, here’s a big clue. If a season 10 comes out of the woodwork, it’s very obvious it takes place post Rugrats go Wild, when there’s an hour long special called, The Thornberry’s Return. In this special, the Thornberry’s come to where the Rugrats live, and with their knowledge of geography, we’d find out exactly in the world where the Rugrats live. We’d also hear Spike, as well as Fifi, Pepper, Spikfi, fluffy, and Chowder, he’s Susie’s cat for anybody who forgot, well, we’d hear all of them talk to Eliza, when she and Debbbie are babysitting the Rugrats, and Angelica figures out Eliza’s secret. And how do the families reunite? Nigel is there doing some documentary at one of the local zoos, on the exact same day they take the babies to the zoo, bumping into one another cooencidentally, and well, you can probably guess where it goes from here. Well, Angelica is so pleased to find out that Eliza can talk to animals, that she wants the ability too, making her jealous. Well she tells the babies, but naturally, they don’t believe her, because for one, she’s lied so many times, they’re getting to a point where they don’t always fall for her tricks anymore, and two, Eliza can’t understand the babies, so they can’t ask her. Well things really take a turn when Angelica tells all of the adults, this in turn, causes Nigel and Maryanne to find out about eliza’s secret, and when Debbie turns into a baboon, it only gets interesting. Will they get Debbie switched back? And what happens to Eliza? If this episode special was done, we’d get a tiny revival of Wild Thornberry’s as well as Rugrats, and certainly a much better crossover than that movie, or at least, I would think so.

    We had 2 Halloween specials, ‘Candy Bar Creep Show,’ and ‘Curse of the Were-wuf,’ and two Christmas specials, ‘The Santa Experience,’ and ‘Babies in toyland.’ Notice though, we didn’t have two Valentine’s day specials? How about Chaz and Kira’s first Valentine’s day together, and the babies are all, trying to help make it special for them.

    Or better yet, Chuckie’s first Mother’s Day with Kira, finally, a Mother’s Day with a mommy to celebrate with, except only one problem. What special gift can Chuckie give Kira, his new mommy, to make it special?

    Post Taffy’s departure to go on tour, Stu invents a robot to babysit the kids. Of course, this can’t be good if it’s one of Stu’s inventions.

    We saw them visit Los Vegas (Sloss Vegas), attempt to take a trip to the Grand Canyon (Graham Canyon), and they went all the way to Paris. But come on people, what about an episode where they take a trip to our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. Or even to New York City? Maybe they go to see Reptar on Broadway, only Stu has lost the tickets, so the babies venture out into the Big Apple to find them. If that’s not a good Rugrats episode, then what is? I thought wanting to pet tigers in Los Vegas was pretty thrilling, this would certainly be as good as that episode, if not better. And maybe this time around, Susie’s the one who performs a well known song at the end of the episode. We had Angelica perform a song called, ‘Vacation,’ an actual song in a episode with the same title while in Los Vegas, put them in New York City, and what do you get? The episode is a 22 minute special entitled, ‘New York New York,’ and at the end of the episode, Susie performs her own rendition of the song with the same title.

    Let’s see other babies develop childhood crushes with other babies on the playground. We saw it happen with Chuckie twice, with Megan in, ‘Cradle Atraction,’ and Emma in ‘He Saw, She Saw,’ and we saw Angelica develop crushes twice too. Yes, the most noticeable one with Dene in, ‘Angelica’s in Love,’ and you’ve gotta really read between the lines, but I forget his name now, there was a little boy on that train they took in, ‘Murmer on the Ornery Express.’ Don’t tell me Angelica had a tiny crush on that boy, as she was sad to learn he was staying in Bendle Town at the end of the episode, or whatever that place was called. But we never saw Tommy, Phil, Lil, Kimi and Dil develop crushes on other girl and boy babies at the park or on some trip. Would love to see that.

    Another shot at reviving Pre-School Daze, but done right. Seriously people, what were you thinking doing a series where Angelica is the protagonist? Hello, newslash people, she’s an antagonist, and will always be one. Well, this would be fixed in season 10, when the Rugrats are taken for testing to get into one of the best preschools in town, and they face the pressures of being pushed by their parents. Will they make it? Or will the poor babies crack? Of course, when Angelica tells them that if they don’t get into this preschool they’ll never grow up, this only makes the experience even more stressful. Of course, if all went successful, this would result in a revival of Pre-School Daze, done right, with the precious babies slightly older, now in preschool, and everybody’s favorite blond antagonist? Well, she’s a kindergarten antagonist now. Are we gonna call the ‘Kindergarten Cop,’ on her? lol! And obviously, we see Angelica graduate from preschool in one of the final season 10 Rugrats episodes.

    We’ve all heard about the terrible two’s, but noticed that this was never actually mentioned on Rugrats? Well, an episode surrounding this would take place. Since Chuckie’s two in the series, it would obviously focus around him. Either him or Kimi. With how happy and bubbly Kimi is all of the time, and she did turn two in the season 9 finale, ‘Kimi Takes the Cake,’ well, this could prove to be interesting, when we see Kimi take a turn for the worst, taking everybody by surprise.

    We finally see the entire story that Tommy had small flashbacks to in the AGU episode, ‘River Rats,’ and how that fear of water really came to be. All of the events leading up to that incident. Sounds to me like grandpa taking him on his first fishing trip to the lake and falling asleep when he’s suppose to be watching Tommy. You think? Pretty obvious, still though, those were some of the best episodes.

    If the above idea of Pre-School Daze revival takes place, since tommy would be 37 months at this point, during this series, we see him really get his start in film making, and seriously? Do it this way by having them age a year or two rather than aging them by 10 years, skipping 10 years of their lives, and I believe we’ll have some better results with character development between Rugrats and All Grown Up, causing AGU, to make a bit more sense, and not look so lame, once we really get a bigger and better picture of the transitions from toddlers to tweens, as if Pre-School Daze with the suggested revival up above is considered, there’s no doubt that series would be a success this time around, possibly prompting another series where we see them go through elementary school, leading to All Grown UP.

    Then, if all Grown Up finally made a revival, let’s have them actually do something a bit more interesting? Go through puberty, as in, somebody other than Angelica gets their first zit, and maybe, Chuckie finally gets his first kiss, and here’s a scary thought. Driver’s licenses, and Angelica behind the wheel of a car. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s bound to happen someday, right? Same with everybody else, and with Tommy’s love for adventure, I think even he’d get into a bit of trouble, possibly trying to sneak out with only a learner’s permit and no licensed adult in the car to see a concert or be in some filming contest or something. Yeah, let’s make them a bit older if AGU is revived down the road? And, in the end, they all graduate and go to the colleges of their dreams, or do they? I mean honestly, how many of us really get our dream jobs as adults? Let’s say tommy’s directing movies actually doesn’t work out after all. A sad, but truth in television, that sadly, happens to a lot of us. And we see Tommy figuring out what else he’s good at, as seems all he cared about as a tween is his movies, well fast forward to a junior in highschool when you’re applying for colleges kid. Life’s not so simple anymore.

    And well, that’s all I’ve got at this time. Do these revivals, and I think the future generations, as well as all of us old fogy fans, will be pleased. And granted, I’m only a fan, and yes, I do write Rugrats Fan Fiction, just throwing out some ideas out there, which, I’ll admit, when it comes to Rugrats, all of the ideas I’ve listed up above, would be just as good today as they would have been back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

  30. Nick Farrell says:

    Bring back Invader Zim as a show!

  31. Dallas C says:

    I think it would be AMAZING if they would just create a 90s nickelodeon station! It could even play the nick jr shows from back then. Bring back cool shows like eureka’s castle, David the gnome and stuff like that. Just run all of the good stuff all of the time! From the adventures of Pete and Pete to are you afraid of the dark.

  32. Charles R. says:

    Bring back Face!

  33. Sey says:

    Please bring back Hey Arnold. I need to know that his parents are alive!

  34. Curt Levesque says:

    How about reviving “Double Dare”, Nickelodeon?

  35. Matthew says:

    Thank you for the later part of this post, commemorating the shows with the bios… It shows me that you care what these shows were and meant. It wasn’t about CatDog and Keenan and Kel… For me it was the late 80s and early 90s shows, but I still had appreciation for the pinwheel history. But this new Nick, they aren’t concerned at all with us. They want a viral story to grab our attention bc they know very well we have been asking for them to bring back the shows and make it easier for us to watch them. Instead they want to RECREATE these shows? Why, so they can add hashtags and cellphone jokes to it?! It upsets me so much bc they are basically saying ‘we’ve heard you, and we don’t care unless we can make new money’. I’m so suprised that they even are letting you post those YouTube clips since VIACOM hates that we even have some access. For a long while I really feel like they wanted us to just forget the shows existed. It is not that hard to create a streaming on demand channel that can be accessed on a roku or chrome cast… Yet they come up with THIS IDEA? OH, so you skip over us who made these shows what they are and you want after OUR KIDS instead? Why did you ignore us, why haven’t you listened? That is your REAL story. Ask them that for your next article.

  36. Genxer says:

    So we ran out of ideas, latest work is getting killed by Disney and cartoon network, let’s dig into the archive…..sad

  37. Fernando says:

    Bring back rugrats, all that, are you afraid of the dark, hey Arnold doug and ren and stempy.

  38. Kel E says:

    I would love, love, love if they brought back the original Rugrats and original All That. Kenan and Kel was funny as well. Being a 90s kid was the best!!! I was a 80s baby, but 90s kid.

  39. Alyssa says:


  40. Dylan Ridley says:

    This person obviously never actually watched these tv shows, cause hey Arnold doesnt need a ‘new twist.’ It left un-answered questions and could just pick up where it left off easily.

  41. Larry says:

    Let’s sincerely hope you’re not writing these new shows. With fun plots like “economic divide and wealth gap” and “the advent of social networks and mobile devices”, we can’t wait to see what gets cancelled first!

  42. I think they should just show the reruns (like tvland) trying to retool the shows will only ruin our memories (mine was watching them with my nieces and nephews and my goddaughter) they were good shows with a positive message. There’s no need to retool them. Just show them again for a new generation. The classics never age. Many children today could benefit from watching these shows as they originally aired. I’m afraid if they are retooled they will lose the original magic.

  43. Barbara says:

    My daughter (and I) LOVED Pinwheel all throughout the 80’s. The shows were so calming and sweet. Unfortunately , if such wonderful programming made a comebake her children are too old for it.

  44. OMG! If they do remake the Hey Arnold and do the Jungle Movie I will be so damn happy!!! :D I’ve waited and waited for years for them to do the movie!!

  45. Tosha says:

    Bring them back :-) classic

  46. Stacy says:

    Bring back victorious

  47. uzma says:

    I want maruko chen spongebob rugrats back and haye meri family

  48. Annette says:

    They showed us the episode when Arnold found the journal and then at the end of it he found a map inside the journal and then just left it at that. I really want them to show the jungle movie. That would be amazing to see what happened to his parents after they left Arnold with his grandparents and went back.

    • Sam says:

      Yeeeeesssss! I have been rewatching Arnold on dvd and Nickelodian just teased on twitter that they may do the Jungle Movie with a wink and Francesca Marie Smith (aka Helga’s voice actor) saying that she can neither confirm or deny a Jungle or a movie. Been wanting this since the series ended!

  49. Daniel Quintanilla says:

    What Nickelodeon needs is an incredible amount of new fresh ideas giving young ones reason to tune in when content first airs. Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Rocco’s Modern Life, and As Told By Ginger would be good reboots. And if Doug did find its way back home, your description reminds me of an animated version of AWKWARD. in a way. Though, a cartoon version of AWKWARD. would not be a bad idea. Too bad Viacom doesn’t own a Marvel comics of its own like Disney, Viacom would be soaring in profits if it did.

  50. Ryan Clark says:

    To hell with social media. Why do they need to use that to remain “relevant”? How about telling stories that are universal? Anyway, the reason these shows have lasted is nostalgia – and that has nothing to do with updating the shows. They’ve tried to update shows, but it doesn’t work. People want the originals. They want the 80s and 90s, because it reminds them of their childhood. Nick should just drop all current programming and run only their old shows, with old commercials if possible. They’d probably get more viewers that way than by making new shows that nobody cares about.

    • Freddy says:

      LOL, they can’t just drop all their new programming and just show reruns, that’s not gonna make them any money. And no, that’s not gonna get more viewers because people will eventually get tired of the watching the same old shows after a while and want fresh new content to watch. And just because you don’t care or like their current shows doesn’t mean everybody else does. If people want to watch these older shows there’s youtube, itunes, amazon prime, 90s all that block, or just buy the dvds. Simple!

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