Netflix Renews Deal for ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Luther,’ More BBC Series

Netflix Keeping 'Doctor Who,' 'Luther,' More

Fans of British television can rest easy. Following numerous reports that Netflix and the BBC were parting ways, the streaming service has clarified that many of its most popular Brit series are staying put.

In response to headlines that beloved series “Doctor Who,” “Luther,” the original “The Office” and more were going to be dropped from the service at the end of the month, a Netflix spokeswoman tells Variety that such reports were false.

Among the shows that will still be available on Netflix are classic and current “Doctor Who” series, “Luther,” “Top Gear” seasons 17 through 20, “Torchwood,” “Wallander,” “Keeping Up Appearances,” and the original “Office” and “House of Cards” series.

The deal in question did not involve series including “Sherlock,” “Happy Valley,” “The Honorable Woman,” “Call the Midwife” or other series not up for renewal. These series will remain on Netflix.

Here’s a list of BBC series staying on Netflix’s service:

Classic “Doctor Who”

“Doctor Who” seasons 1 through 7

“Copper” seasons 1 and 2

“House of Cards” trilogy

“Keeping Up Appearances” season 1

“Luther” seasons 1 through 3

“Monarch of the Glen” seasons 1 through 6

“North & South”

“Robin Hood” seasons 1 through 3

“The Buccaneers”

“The Office” U.K. seasons 1 and 2

“Top Gear” seasons 17 though 20

“Torchwood” seasons 1 through 4

“Wallander” seasons 1 through 3

Fans should plan to enjoy “Fawlty Towers,” “Blackadder,” “MI-5” and “Red Dwarf” before Feb. 1 when they will no longer be available.

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  1. Jeff says:

    So where, exactly, in The Doctor on Netflix? It’s been a couple of months singe this story was filed, and this show appears to be gone.

  2. light says:

    i just looked on Netflix and did not see doctor who i freaked out doctor who was my fever it TV series and now its gone from Netflix ;(…. Netflix why are you so cruel.

  3. Brenda says:

    Doctor Who is now off Netflix. Please bring it back!

  4. Chelsea says:


  5. ANGRY says:


  6. Ed says:

    This report was false Dr Who is gone from Netflix as of Feb 2nd

  7. STisdale says:

    They took it off the US Netflix. WHY? Do they not know how many people watch it?

  8. splott says:

    staying…where/when? because it’s Feb 1, and they’re not there now. so obviously not staying-staying..are they RETURNING?

  9. On the screen for Doctor Who, it says it’s only available until February 1st. Is this accurate???

  10. Josh says:

    Thank you so much for clarifying! The message Netflix gave me about the show expiring was very sad.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love Netflix but if they were going to remove Doctor Who I would of stop watching Netflix but people say its getting removed and then its not getting removed and it was confusing me.

  12. Gabby C says:

    Now that Nwtflix has season 8 of Doctor who will it still be kept?

  13. Sherron McComas says:

    I hate the way they get u hooked on shows then abracadabra they’re gone. Love Luther, love Sherloc., :(

  14. rachael says:

    I also would like to know when season 8 of Doctor who will be on and when i will truly be able to see pretty little liars!

  15. mark says:

    When is season 8 of doctor who coming to Netflix?

  16. Not happy that Netflix stopped offering season 2&3 of Call the Midwife. Work hard and pay for a service that won’t deliver what we all want. I was in the middle (literally) of watching the Christmas special when the doctors son developed polio. Was called away ( I’m a busy mom of 4) went to finish watching episode this a.m. guess what ?! Netflix Doesn’t OFF ER IT anymore. Give me a break!! I was catching up to be ready for season 4!! Seriously considering dropping Netflix. Not happy, satisfied… etc..let’s see if you’ll respond to this complaint!

  17. Daniel says:

    I’m from Lima, Perú; and used to watch Call the Midwife every time I could (work shifts are the reasons), unfortunately, there’s no more midwives to watch, so, I can ‘t understand why netflix removed the show, being one of the best tv period dramas. Instead of watching loads of car crashing, bombs and action tv shows, I prefer more complex and dark shows suchs as The Fall, Luther, Happy Valley, Line of Duty, and of course Downton Abbey. . . I hope it’ll be back on netflix (ALL seasons, ’cause i was starting to watch 2nd season).

    Despite I pay monthly, it is a lack of respect from Netflix.

  18. B. Stearns says:

    Fawlty Towers and MI5 are two of the best productions ever – see them before they are gone.

  19. Sarreq Teryx says:

    unfortunately , they don’t seem to be expanding their classic Doctor Who offerings…

  20. Duggy says:

    Says Doctor Who series 1 – 7, has an image from series 8.
    Well played.

  21. Donna Colliard says:

    What is happening to Longmire?

  22. Dan O. says:

    Don’t forget about Coupling!

  23. Losing Black Adder? That is a total shame. What about The IT Crowd? I am seeing fewer and fewer reasons to keep paying for Netflix when they eliminate more and more all of the time and don’t seem to add nearly as much as they take away from their streaming customers.

  24. Erinrin says:

    Me and my family of 5 (which includes my husband and 3 school aged boys) LOVE Top Gear and I’m so disappointed that we will only have 4 seasons now. We watch it as a family (pick a random episode) EVERY SINGLE night before bedtime. We all love it and it’s the one show we want to watch together as a family. I’m really torn up about losing so many seasons. BAD BAD NETFLIX! That is definitely a huge fail on whoever made that poor decision

  25. closer918 says:

    Top Gear? 17-20 only? FAIL. I can currently watch series 2-20. I love the older ones.

  26. nornna says:

    Will you add season eight of Doctor Who when it is ready to stream?

  27. Stephanie says:

    What about “The Fall?” I know season 2 is out but what of more seasons?

  28. Lisa says:

    when is season 8 of Doctor Who coming to netflix ‘s

    • Joe Mostowey says:

      It ain’t. I think Netflix should have cancelled ALL BCC series and told the creeps at AMC to “cram it clowns.

      This deal gives netflix no new material, jut the rights to run some oldy crap.

      Anytime an American Network that has its own distribution points gets involved, (AMC) then the viewing public is due to be screwed over.

      You can watch season 8 of Doctor who on Amazon- $7.00 for the pilot, $2.00 per episode.

      Even though a longtime Doctor Who Fan, I think I’ll skip the next few seasons.

      • rachael says:

        excuse me but we pay for Netflix why should we have to go spend $2 per episode??? that does not make any sence

  29. Ummm, Variety, how does one unsubscribe to additional posts? (Thought I was signing up for follow-ups to my post only, not the piece.) Thanks.

  30. Keith Waller says:

    I would lie m.i. five returned because i,m only half way through. Also Doc Martin

  31. Kaul says:

    What about Peaky Blinders?

  32. Maya says:

    I wish they would pick up the Irish TV show Love/Hate its seen everywhere except USA

  33. Kathryn says:

    Way to backpedal Netflix. The queue clearly showed an expiration date of 2/1/15 and when customer service was contacted they confirmed that this show was scheduled to be removed due to licensing but that Netflix was working to renegotiate contracts.

    Sounds like Netflix is just upset they got called out for almost losing a show with a huge fandom.

    • Jacqueline says:

      You are exactly right! When I had heard they were getting rid of these shows I thought it would be a bad move on their part. Now they are “magically” staying put.

  34. Xander says:

    They ‘clarified’ or they ‘renewed’? They were clearly labeled as being removed until, I suppose, yesterday. This article implies the removal of the shows was an editorial mistake by major outlets, not a statement of facts at the time.

  35. What about Spiral (Engrenages)? It’s a Canal+ / BBC coproduction. They already dropped the first three seasons.

  36. mia says:

    If this never really happened, and it was all rumors, then why is the DW Netflix page still showing availability only through 2/1/2015? At least as of five minutes ago.

    • David says:

      It doesn’t say that on my Netflix, it does say it on Red Dwarf and Coupling, but not any Who related programming. Perhaps you need to refresh your browser cache

      • mia says:

        I see it, but your overall page view looks very different from mine. Are you using the app? I’m viewing through Firefox on my laptop, on the standard dvd site (through which I can also stream), not the streaming-only site that I access via my tablet. Can’t check my tablet right now, though, as I’m not near a wi-fi connection. Regardless, suffice to say I’m glad it’s staying :)

      • David says:

        No I am using firefox to via a mac

        It may be a regional thing, but yes, glad its staying too. (And I want more S8 except Kill the Moon, they can bury that story lol)

      • mia says:

        David, no, I’m in America.

      • David says:

        did you see the screen shot i tried to post?

      • mia says:

        I checked again, opened a new page, and it’s still there. For Torchwood, as well, still showing available only through the 1st. The notation is just beneath the “Genre” line.

      • David says:

        Are you in Canada? Just checking because Canada has a separate deal that may have not been worked out yet.

  37. Sofia Cohen says:

    The reports were not false. Netflix was set to remove Dr.Who from mylist on their website. The end date was in red. Stop that Netflix. Yes you were going to remove it and I was very upset about it! I am so happy I can continue watching it now!

    • David says:

      Of course they were going to remove it if they had not come to new terms with he BBC.

      Their agreement was set to expire on 1/31/15. Until they had a new deal in place, they were legally obligated to post that they were going to remove it. They could not assume a deal could be reached until it was. That is not the way negotiations work.

      If they didn’t put the disclaimer on the page, they would be telling the BBC that they were willing to pay whatever they had to keep the program, and given away the advantage in negotiation.

      • Kris Bethea says:

        Yeah, that pissed me off, too.
        It’s like “Nothing to see here, it didn’t really happen”

        Well, I saw it on my screen, I talked to customer service and it WAS supposed to go away until the contract was renewed.

        So who’s lying? Netflix?
        Or did Variety just put a twist on it to make those of us who give a damn feel stupid if we didn’t already know better?


      • mia says:

        Negotiation strategies are perfectly understandable. What’s not so understandable is the wording in this article, stating that it was all just false rumors, and it was never in any danger of leaving. But posting expiration dates is not a rumor. For me it’s still showing that way, as of one minute ago.

      • David says:

        unless the language was changed, in response to comments, it’s not the article saying the reports were false, it was Netflix saying it the REPORTS were false.

        Again since there was no deal past 2/1 until yesterday, the reports were correct, and if a new deal had not been reached Doctor Who and other shows were going to be taken off.

        If Netflix hadn’t put the available through listing, they may very well have been 1) telegraphing their desire to keep the show, and giving the BBC a huge advantage in negotiations, 2) they may well have been in breach of their original agreement.

  38. Cori says:

    What about “Peep Show” and “Little Britain?”

  39. MJ says:

    How can it say “such reports were false” when even on Netflix it said “available until 2/1/2015” for both Doctor Who & Classic Doctor Who? Great news, though!

  40. JoAnn says:

    Peaky Blinders….have got to be included. Please tell me they are staying

  41. Vicki says:

    what of peaky blinders?? And no sherlock??

    • Janice says:

      The deal in question did not involve series including “Sherlock,” “Happy Valley,” “The Honorable Woman,” “Call the Midwife” or other series not up for renewal. These series will remain on Netflix. From aticle

  42. Will says:

    Too bad they’re dropping older seasons of Top Gear, those were the best ones.

  43. Liz says:

    Then why does it still show “streaming until 2/1/2015” next to Dr Who and The Buccaneers when I checked just now?

  44. John C. says:

    But what about Jekyll, Robin Hood, and Merlin? I guess those will all be going away.

  45. jbl0 says:

    Anyone know of plans regarding the later seasons of “Waking The Dead?” I am getting close to the 50th and last available episode of the show.

  46. lmk66 says:

    too bad we can’t get Netflix to produce season 3 and beyond of Copper. That show was left with a seriously bad clifhanger no resolution. BBC America did an injustice to its viewers. I feel bad for anybody who binges on Coppers season 1 & 2, only to get to the end then go what the heck happened? They’re going to be left very disappointed by howBBC America left the viewers. A wonderful show with poor treatment by its original broadcast network.

  47. What about Foyle’s War?

  48. It’s ridiculous to say they were false, since Netflix itself had a warning posted next to Doctor Who that “expiring soon.” Made a new contract due to public outcry, I believe. Don’t lie.

  49. Kim S. says:

    to whomever asked about Orphan Black – that will still be broadcast on BBCA but it has a streaming deal with Amazon exclusively. I’ve noticed that Netflix is also picking up Australian shows, which makes me happy. Glad to know more Luther is on the way.

  50. What about Doc Martin? Is that BBC?

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