MSNBC Spikes Three Hours of Afternoon Lineup

Ed Schultz
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MSNBC is canceling three more hours of daytime programming as it works to rechristen itself as a place for hard news, not progressive views, in the hours leading up to the early evening.

Gone are “The Cycle,” “Now With Alex Wagner” and “The Ed Show” as of Friday, MSNBC president Phil Griffin told network staffers in a memo Thursday. Wagner is expected to stay with MSNBC and cover the politics beat as coverage of the 2016 election increases. Ari Melber of “The Cycle” will continue as the network’s chief legal correspondent. Other hosts — Ed Schultz, Krystal Ball, Abby Huntsman and Toure — will leave the network, Griffin said.

In February the network spiked programs anchored by Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid in favor of a headlines-driven two-hour chunk led by Thomas Roberts.

A new program hosted by “Meet the Press” anchor Chuck Todd, which has yet to be named, will replace “The Ed Show” at 5 p.m. Roberts is expected to continue to play a role in a new hard-news block that lasts from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m, but other hosts are likely to take part during those hours.

“In the coming weeks, as we complete our plans to create a new look and flow for our dayside programming, our 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. hours will begin the pivot towards live, breaking news coverage — with interim hosts from among our very talented ranks,” the memo stated. “And then, in September, we’ll unveil a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule driven by dynamic coverage of breaking news events that are shaping the day.”

Brian Williams, the former anchor of “NBC Nightly News,” is expected to join MSNBC in the weeks ahead to serve as an anchor for breaking-news reports. Williams takes the new role after he disclosed falsifying details of past reporting trips he made for NBC News, prompting parent company NBCUniversal to remove him from its flagship evening newscast.

MSNBC has grappled for months with low ratings, forcing the cable outlet to rethink its heavy reliance on analyzing news through a partisan lens. In July, its daytime schedule attracted fewer people in the demographic most coveted by advertisers in news programs — adults 25-54 — than Fox News Channel, CNN or HLN, according to data from Nielsen.

In the recent past, the network had stuck largely to the headlines in the earlier part of the day, from “Morning Joe” to its noon hour anchored by veteran correspondent Andrea Mitchell.

The decision marks an end to the tenure of one of the network’s longest-serving hosts. Ed Schultz has hosted a program on MSNBC since 2009. During his time at the network, the onetime radio host and sportscaster has held forth in early evenings, at 10 p.m, at 8 p.m. and on weekends.

Griffin’s memo to staff follows below:


I’m writing to share a number of changes we’re making as we build a new daytime lineup with the best live, breaking news coverage on television.

As of this Friday, “The Cycle,” “Now with Alex Wagner” and “The Ed Show” will air their final shows.

Alex Wagner will stay with MSNBC and play a key role in our political coverage as we head into the 2016 election. And Ari Melber will continue in his role as Chief Legal Correspondent. But we will be parting ways with some friends – Ed Schultz, Krystal Ball, Abby Huntsman and Toure will be leaving MSNBC. Please join me in thanking them for their numerous contributions over the past several years, and in wishing them great success.

Beginning in a few weeks, Chuck Todd will bring his unmatched brand of political insight and analysis back to MSNBC with a daily one-hour program. That show will air weekdays at 5pm.

I know you read press reports last week speculating about these changes. I hope you can understand that we were not able to confirm at that point because we had not yet finalized many of the decisions I’m sharing with you today, and we hadn’t yet spoken directly with the people involved.

In the coming weeks, as we complete our plans to create a new look and flow for our dayside programming, our 3pm to 6pm hours will begin the pivot towards live, breaking news coverage – with interim hosts from among our very talented ranks. And then, in September, we’ll unveil a 9am to 5pm schedule driven by dynamic coverage of breaking news events that are shaping the day.

Change can be hard. There’s no doubt it’s been a difficult time, but we have exciting opportunities ahead.




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  1. Maureen Redhead says:

    I don’t like the way MSNBC is changing! I find myself watching CNN movies re and more these days as more republican minded show host are taking long-time demicrat’s airtime! Just watched Republicans lie and constantly go unchecked by Alex Witt and had to switch to CNN! I’m done watching these Republicans taking over! If they’re not Republicans they certainly don’t know how to properly challenge Republicans! Thank God for Saturday AM Joy and Velshu!

  2. Dorothy Hinz says:

    Just saw a very fresh news host on Saturday, April 8, from 5pm to 6pm on MSNBC. WHO WAS THAT? Did not catch her name. She did a great job, even smiled, seemed so human, not at all sassy or robotic- like but so human and a breath of fresh air. I would definitely watch MSNBC again when she is on. How can I find out?

  3. Tiffy_Wiffy says:

    This network has really suffered in terms of quality in the last year. The only smart cut they made was “The Cycle,” which was actually a good concept, but needed better hosts. Alex Wagner and Ed Shultz were great political commentators that I miss terribly.

    MSNBC needs to actually listen to their viewers and cut “Morning Joe” and whatever Chuck Todd’s show is. Chuck Todd is egotistical, irritating and attempts to be impartial by disagreeing with everything any liberal guest on his show says. And my god, “Morning Joe” is truly terrible! It’s the worst show on MSNBC. Mika is almost always incoherent and Joe very clearly hates the Democrat party. I can’t watch 15 minutes of it without turning the channel.

    A major issue with some of their current hosts is that they lack personality. Right now, for their 6 p.m. weekday time slot, they’re playing re-runs of a Bloomberg show “With All Due Respect.” The two hosts on that show might be the blandest people I’ve ever seen on TV. They have absolutely no energy, and nothing interesting to say. I think they’d be wise to fill that spot with someone like Jonathan Capehart. He’s a long-time MSNBC contributor that also works for the Washington Post. He always provides commentary that’s both insightful and humorous, something that the most successful MSNBC hosts, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Lawrence O’Donnell, do very well.

    This network needs to stop trying to be CNN and be a left-leaning political news channel, which is exactly what the little audience they have left wants to see! MSNBC has made some pretty terrible choices over the last year. I worry about its future if the execs continue to disregard the concerns of their audience.

  4. j ward says:

    Msnbc really lost a rising newscaster in Alex wagner..actually kind of worried that progressive shows and radio are being more and more silenced! Who will challenge the lies of the right? Well see what Msnbc turns into. .
    In my opinion. .you couldn’t gotten rid of Chuck Todd AND morning joe! Both shows do very little to bring facts forward in their news stories and interviews!

  5. Willie says:

    sad day in America all really good show cut I was back watching T.V. DURING THAT TIME OF DAY they will resurface the good always do

  6. R Berry says:

    You made a big mistake with your changes. It’s hard to believe ratings are better with this new lineup. I looked forward to watching the msnbc coverage from 4pm central to 10 pm. Glad you kept Chris, Rachel. All In and Lawrence. It appears that you don’t want to be critical of the Republican Party. Fox continues to blast the democratic. Not happy with your afternoon programming.

    • patosbonre says:

      What the hell is wrong with MSNBC? You keep dumping your best shows! Do as Fox comedy channel does! Spark a revolution from the crooked Republicans’ influential advertising!

  7. Vance Hooton says:

    I miss seeing Alex Wagner everyday. I think she is smart and a good interviewer. Not so bad to look at either. I thought she was a up and coming star for MSNBC. I also like Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow(the best)

  8. Mike C says:

    I used to watch MSNBC every day then they started running those viagra commercials trying to convince 40 years old they should have erectile disfunction. I figured it was healthy to not ever watch MSNBC again for the sake of my sex life. How dare they sell the disease trying to increase the market while pretending to be selling the cure.

  9. Etta says:

    I watched MSNBC faithfully everyday. I feel in order to bring back Brian Williams you had to make some unwarranted and difficult changes to your daily lineup. I am a faithful progressive that’s why I chose MSNBC over CNN or Fox. Bottom line in order to bring your high-paying Brian Williams back you had to let a lot of good people go. Do you think that’s fair this is this the progressive way. Do you think people are stupid

  10. Jean Adamson says:

    And how do the decision makers plan to make MSNBC stand out from all the others? Maybe they just want there to be no progressive viewpoint anywhere on TV. Well, luckily we have the Internet. I’d get rid of cable altogether, happily, but DH is addicted to football. As soon as there’s a way to get that without all the rest of the garbage, I’ll do so.

  11. Mimi Everett says:

    Disappointed and confused by the changes to the programming. Happy to hear that Jose Diaz-Balart will still be there every weekday AM – he always has something interesting to say in a fresh way. Not just the same beltway view of events. Angry that you are giving more time to the horrendous Joe Scarborough. I’m sticking with NY1 and Pat Kiernan in that time slot! Where is the smart and talented Joy Reid, Ronan Farrow? Happy to see more of Chuck Todd every day… Rachel Maddow is the major reason to watch MSNBC – the only show I record and watch each day. She’s an intellectual rock star!

  12. Lynn Boededker says:

    Very disappointed with the changes. The shows that were cancelled were informative and I have to disagree, were not always bias to the left. The shows had many people on with differing views, plus a unique perspective. Chuck Todd is good, but could be seen elsewhere. It was enlightening to have different perspectives and different news stories such as Sharpton, and the others presented. Very disappointed in changes. Brian Williams does not bring a fresh look to MSMBC. Looks like CNN which I never watch.

  13. Nancy Stevens says:

    Whose dumb idea was it to cancel these shows? I am out of pocket for a few weeks and discover many of my favorite MSNBC shows are canceled. I can hardly believe you are so short sighted. You had a really good thing going and you cut it? Seriously?.
    If Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell go you will have lost many more viewers. stop this nonsense.

  14. Diane says:

    MSNBC claims that they want to be more “hard news”, then “progressive news”. If that is the case, why do they have the smarmy Chuck Todd replacing “The Ed Show”? Todd wouldn’t know “hard news” if it jumped up and busted him in the mouth. Now, not only is Todd on “Meet the Press” on Sundays, but he has a weekday “MTP” in ED’s five o’clock slot.
    I guess MSNBC got a little tired of Ed’s “tell like it is” take on the news. I can’t even watch MSNBC at 5pm anymore. Their actual goal seems to make their station as bland and boring as possible.

  15. Ellen Blazucki says:

    So sad and disappointed in some of your choices. Well, you MUST keep Rachel!!! Can’t deal with CNN and want that progressive slant. What’s up with you? Corporate decisions can be illogical like Republican candidates!!

  16. I have been in Europe since mid summer and recently arrived back in the states. What a shock it was to me to see how MSNBC changed its programing. I waited anxiously to arrive back in the states so that I could watch Ed Schultz and hear his comments and suggestions to improve the U.S. political football, what a great labor supporter and person and you had to remove him from your programming. How sad for you. I suspect you have lost a large number of viewers and you will be losing me. Rachel’s show is the only thing you now carry that I will watch, too bad.

  17. terri says:

    why ruin a great channel? I no longer watch msnbc ,if I want republicans I can watch fox or if I want republican lite I can watch cnn.who was the brain that thought it was a good idea to destroy the only liberal channel.

  18. Chris Burgin says:

    Very sorry to see that the Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton shows were canceled. I use to watch faithfully
    everyday. The both were very informative and very interesting. Now I don’t care to watch MSBC
    especially at 5 and 6 PM, When the something good you people choose to do away with it.

  19. cami oatman says:

    What the heck—-where’s ED——msnbc –you’re losing me. If Hardball—Rachael— or Lawerence go–why would I turn to Msnbc? What a stupid decision.

  20. Alverna Johnson says:

    I am very sorry to not see Ed Schultz on his usual night news program. He always gave a good incite on the topics of the day. Not liking what I see so far.

  21. Marcus says:

    Yep it seems like someone has a Far-right conservative sneaky agenda I don’t see fox giving a dam how Bias they sound with their far-right conservative agenda going against the Democrat it’s bad enough that msnbc gives up every single night on the weekend wile fox Conservative news stains on spreading lies staying Ahead of the ball wile msnbc stays behind it I’m a loyal Democrat and I hate this

  22. creolegirl1g says:

    Don’t you see? The shakeup is an effort to lean right in an effort to help assure a conservative win to the White House. If was MSNBC that made a solid contribution by shining a light on Democrats and their platforms, giving us a clear contrast between those candidates and it’s conservative counterparts. Henceforth the election and re-election of Barack Obama. To continue on this way would certainly move Hillary into position, and the powers that be concluded enough is enough. So, what do they do? They cancel all the shows that millions watch and expand the conservative influence by adding another hour of “Morning Joe.” and allegedly going back to “news”. Going back to news simply means, we, the consumer, will hear one side, then the other side, unvetted. Lies are welcomed, positions and slanted statements will be made, never to be challenged or corrected by the facts, as any good journalist would do, thereby leaving viewers confused. However confusion is a dear friend of the right-wing.
    So, say hello to the new “conservative” MSNBC, void of illuminating injustices, lies, and informative news needed in making informed decisions.

  23. Guy Parent says:

    MSNBC is owned now by Comcast another mega corporation . Corporations are against any progressive view. Eventually Msnbc will become another right wing station.

  24. Just another corporate takeover of the real news. That’s why voting for Bernie Sanders is vital. So MSNBC will become like Fox “news”; total radical conservative slants and no discussion of the real issues that impact our lives. Gee; just what we need. More of the same bull crap. The recent Republican debates are a great example of corporatism and money in politics on full display. A revolution that actually benefits the people is on its way….

  25. Keri says:

    Stupidest changes ever. Now instead of hearing news “through a partisan lens” that was progressive, we are hearing most of our news through a partisan lens that is becoming more and more conservative. Just watch ‘Morning Joe’ for plenty of conservative crap and no progressive balance. This network made its mark by hiring journalists with cutting edge progressive views and integrity in researching stories (Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, etc.). Now progressives have to go to NPR, PBS, or the BBC to get real news instead of this nonsense. Hope MSNBC either returns to its former state or falls off a cliff.

  26. Thank you, thank you, thank you MSNBC! My electric bill has gone down since I no longer watch MSNBC during the day. My productivity has increased and I recognized that I’m really not that interested in the boring news of the day. I’ve also found that the shows I wait for in the evening starting with Hardball and ending with Lawrence, show Trump all the time. I don’t know why they cut their programming to show this idiot. There is no news there – same non-answers, same speech (who needs a teleprompter when you don’t say anything new), same lack of policy and solutions every day. Hillary’s been providing policy speeches, Bernie’s going to places like liberty U. You’d think a progressive channel would coever progressives. Does MSNBC really there ratings will increase and they non-progressive viewers will tune in to MSNBC for “hard hitting news”? They don’t even know the channel number. Oh, and I forgot the other great time saver, the fast forward button. I can watch 4 hours of evening programming in less than 2 hours because I fast forward every time the orange haired monster pops up.

    Now with Alex Wagner was one of the best shows on. It was informative, witty, funny, and had great guests! And Joy Reid – another loss. Thank you for keeping Andrea Mitchell! I guess it was time to eliminate the smart women from cable news. I like Tameron Hall, but I don’t set my DVR to her.

    Good bye MSNBC. Aside from us progressive no one even knows your gone.

  27. Jim Viscusi says:

    Tell me, who has such strong control over MSNBC program Scheduling? Trump or just the GOP in general. Ed Shultz had to be the sharpest thorn in their side. He put Limbaugh, Hennity and the rest of the right wing radio mouths to shame by broadcasting the truth. Ed will be missed, but only a short time. I, like millions others, will soon conveniently find him on-line.


    • I agree. I have listened to Ed for years on the radio and was delighted when he got his show on MSNBC. I was dissappointed when Olberman left; now Ed Schultz and I see some others—the Rev! This was a great Progressive station and now the head man is destroying it. —-Chuck Todd? I watch him on Sunday morning—He doesnt
      ask the hard questions, he mumbles, and I dont think he is particulary progressive……

      I am so disappointed in my favorite station MSNBC……..I wont be watching as much……. :o(

  29. Marty says:

    Hey MSNBC… secret for you.. We don’t need to see the non-bomber kid 10 times. You gave up real programming by showing us a kid who built a clock over and over? CNN is the new destination. No one cares about this new inane programming. Good job.

  30. Roger Esparza says:


  31. Gene L. says:

    I watch NSNBC 24/7, Please bring back the ED Schulty, America need ED and keep Chris Matthew ,chris Hayne AL Sharpen,. I don’t want to go to CNN

  32. AndyV says:

    Hey Phil. ….I seldom watch MSNBC since you took of Alex and ED and now Al Shapen
    You station has become usual and boring. Chuck Todd is basically undynamic and boring.
    Alex is outstanding and Al Sharpen…you will loose a big audience. What is wrong with you making
    these changes …The cycle to me did no matter that much. I like Roberts and Francis team.

    You in my opinion will go further down the advertising rev and listenership as time go by loose by cutting
    these outstanding commentators who told it like it is. BAD Decision unless THEY are pulling you strings
    making these choices to my ears and eyes represent a big loss to credible reporters and commenters.
    What did you expect in the Summer months If anyone should take a hike it is JOE.This guy belongs
    on Fox. He is really off base for the viewers who like you station. I like Mika and she seems tied up
    by this small minded reporter.. He is in my opinion a Narcissist. Get rid of him and keep Mika.
    The Gop supporters love turning him on at 6am and he caters to them for ad money (right) The people on the right will no buy a thing for your advertisers. BAD DECISION ….I seldom watch your station any longer. In the morning I am now on Cnn with Chris. Roberts on you station when I am home after that forget it. I like Francis. Fit her in as much as you can and Joy is on target…so you got rid of her ???
    Racheal is okay but I would rather watch sports at that time. She gets to bogged down at times and
    stretches things out. Ed said he wants to go part-time. I am sure you could have worked out a better schedule for him than 3 hours a day. .

  33. Suzanne Collishaw says:

    If your viewership numbers were low before, you can count on them being lower now. Chuck Todd? Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Greg B says:

    What a truly STUPID DECISION!

  35. Dian Strunk says:

    MSNBC’s decision to revamp their afternoon programming is completely and totally a punch in my gut! As a retiree, I have so enjoyed being able to watch “progressive” television all day long. I mean MSNBC was in my DNA.

    I was disappointed when Keith Olberman was released, but there were enough really superior commentators that I remained loyal to my DNA. But this current change calls for a transfusion of my DNA. I honestly feel “politically homeless”.

    Being a resident of the state of Wisconsin, I felt Ed Schultz had his finger on the pulse of labor in our state like no other news person in the business. I find it hard to believe that Mr. Schultz’ employer has turned their back on him much like Scott Walker has done to public employees. I promise you, your station, like our state, will take at least a full generation to recover — you don’t replace that kind of experience in two or three ratings “cycles”.

    Well, it is time to go and change the “favorite shows” settings on my television remote!

  36. Sorry to hear Big Ed is no longer on air. Have watched him for four years and will miss his honest approach to America and our problems. What a LOSS. I will now have to tune into Mr. Blitzer in that time spot. You should know that all ratings don’t come out of NYC. We are out here and would like to be recognized, also. Once you fired Keith Olberman, it took me several months to again watch your programs, and once again am dissapointed. Could use a good liberal view during the upcoming elections. Respectfully, GA in Florida.

  37. Jean C. Haldeman says:

    I am very disappointed to see that Ed Shultz is no longer on MSNBC. How can it be that someone as honest and so for the middle class people could be eliminated from TV. I think everyone should just stop watching MSNBC. ED was really involved in his work, he tried to help everyone. Rachel Maddow is the one that should be taken off the air, her rapid fire talking and loudness, I can’t stand, I turned off the TV when she was on. I hope that you loose popularity.

    Jean Haldeman

  38. sondra harnishfeger says:

    your poor judgment in firing our favorite afternoon shows and especially the experienced talented hosts on each show fits right in with the saying that it’s all about money. yes, we like Rachel and Laurence but we couldn’t be more disappointed with MSNBC.

  39. Scott says:

    This is just really stupid! I have lost my interest in watching MSNBC (NO I will not watch (Faux News), but just got REALLY tired of each and every hour just regurgitating the days “events”. IMHO, MSNBC, needed to theme its shows and time slots. Such as giving Ed the job of passing along news and stories having to do with the economy, jobs, Corporate malfeasance, etc. Maybe “The Cycle” could have focused on the issues facing the younger generation.

    I will have accepted possibly 15 minutes of “catch up the days events”, with the remainder focusing on the core of the theme.

    I really loved the Lou Dobbs’ show, as it was “themed” and spoke to me and what I was going thru (job losses, the H1b abuses, etc.).

    We fought VERY HARD to get our voice back on MSNBC (The Ed Show) just to have a CEO who is very far removed from the plight of the average viewer to be making decisions. Of course, he was and still only focuses on three things: 1) Share holder value, 2) Customer satisfaction, 3) Employee retention.

    Rachel Maddow’s show does fine, but I DO NOT watch any other show on MSNBC as they just DO NOT relate to me in any way shape or form. Instead of deciding the way they have, they should have offered up viewer polls we could go to and vote our opinions of what WE wanted to see.

    Even the Liberal Left needs its “red meat” programming to a limit. Quit trying to be so darn PC and “LEAD FORWARD” not “Lean Forward” (who in the heck thought that up?!?)

  40. I am a highly educated person, and I say, screw you comcast. We love ED Shultz and all the people who you have let go. Loved, crystal Ball too!! Screw you!!!!

  41. Richard says:

    We have already left MSNBC’s afternoon.slots It is 5:15 Pm and the TV is turned off. We liked to hear Ed Shultz’s perspectives on working class issues and his perspectives on the billionaires that control US politics..We didn’t always agree with Schultz , but this perspective has now been totally replaced with corporate perspectives. By putting Chuck Todd on every afternoon you have alienated.this household!!..Todd does not provide “hard news”. He is corporate and Republican leaner. If I want that I know where FOX is located or CNN for that matter, and I do sometimes listen to Morning Joe to get mixed R And D views.

  42. Ghitano says:

    Phil, now you should join FOX

  43. Janet Cousins says:

    MSNBC has gotten it all wrong. They have lost their audience mainly because of Morning Joe This programme has become a ‘dumb-downed’ one-sided caricature of its former self “lorded-over” by the bombastic, bullying and narrow-minded Joe Scarborough supported by his weak-willed and simpering minion It is further down hill for MSNBC.

  44. Norbert Tolefree says:

    The far right have fox to air misguided views of racism and ignorant people talking against the government, the same government that put them in position to be who they are. People that supposed to be Christian, betrayed behavior of a non Christian. To be honest the progressive view is closely aligned with Christian view. I guess there is a conspiracy to quiet the progressive views.

  45. larry latham says:

    This is the dumbing down of MSNBC. Dropping the most intelligent shows on TV. I understand the $ part. There will always be more dumb people than those that can think for themselves.

  46. Ward says:

    Ican’t believe that you chose Chuck Todd for another show.He has no personality. I will miss the Cycle.dan rather would have had more insight in to whats going on. He is borig

  47. Kathy from Austin says:

    For all who are complaining (with terrible grammar and spelling, I might add) about the cancelation of the “Ed Show, “Cycle,” etc. perhaps you should have rallied your friends to join you in viewing. After all, 100 or so per showing is not a successful business model.

    Or here is another thought: why not do some serious soul searching about why it is that Fox and CNN are garnering more viewers and therefore ad dollars? Should MSNBC become a non profit? And if so, who should fund it? After all, Air America and Al Gore couldn’t create a successful business model.

    It’s embarrassing–or should be–that you whine and complain about the failed ratings of MSNBC yet never make an intellectual connection about WHY.

    • Diane says:

      @Kathy, Have I missed something or have YOU made an intellectual connection as to the reasons for the failed ratings of MSNBC? All I get from you is your mockery of those who are upset by the cancellation of the ED Show, The Cycle, Joy Reid, etc.
      Many of us are upset at the way MSNBC seems to be taking away all the vibrancy and replacing it with the horrible blandness of people like Chuck Todd. If we decide to vent our anger here in this venue, what the heck is to you?

  48. gann says:

    Ed was my go to program – he tells it like it is. I believe he was put in the 5:00 slot, knowing he would not get the numbers, thereby having an excuse to kick him out. The only one I now watch is Lawrence, as I appreciate his common sense take on topics. Rachael, while smart, has yet to grow up and become an adult. Thomas is fine, however, I’m not watching during the day. Obviously, Phil isn’t caring much about the ratings, just trying to attract repubs……

  49. Elizabeth PAPE says:

    I unlike Charley watched CNN til 3pm and then I watched MSNBC literaly till eleven pm, now i don’t watch MSNBC till seven and from Chris Mathews till Lawernce Odonald and i am not counting on you keeping them .So then i won’t be watching MSNBC at all .As i see it Fox news is for people who want negative forces and i thought of MSNBC as a place for truth .

  50. Charley says:

    I don’t have any great feelings of loss for these changes although I did enjoy the young voices on The Cycle. I did not appreciate Ed’s one drum approach to the news but I just chose not to listen to his show. My big disappointment is that you didn’t cut one more…Chris Matthews. I am so sick of his rudeness to guests, his talking over everyone who disagrees with him, and his self importance. Please do not use him any longer as host and, if you must keep him, let him be an analyst guest on other shows.

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