Fox Cuts ‘Minority Report’ Order to 10 Episodes

Minority Report cancelled
Courtesy of Fox

Minority Report” will only see 10 episodes for its first season, Variety has learned. The low-rated Monday night Fox drama was originally handed a 13-episode order.

After under-performing for its first three episodes — most recently bringing in just over 2 million viewers — Fox reduced the original order, though sources say the network has not made a decision regarding cancellation. It seems likely, however, that the final episode of this fall’s 10-episode run will serve as the series finale, unless the next seven episodes see a surge in ratings.

“Minority Report,” which will remain airing in its current Monday 9 p.m. time slot, was always scheduled to have 10 episodes air this fall, with week ten serving as the big fall finale. Though three more episodes were planned to be broadcast after a fall hiatus (and then potentially followed by more episodes, had the series fared more successfully), sources close to the show say viewers will get a satisfying ending since episode No. 10 was always written as a finale-type storyline.

With impressive creatives in drama veteran Kevin Falls serving as showrunner and Steven Spielberg exec producing by way of his Amblin TV banner, the 20th Century Fox and Paramount TV project was the first to land an official pilot order for the 2015-16 development cycle. Though there was initial promise for the futuristic drama, namely in its brand recognition, adapting films to series can be a difficult feat, as viewers already have a point of comparison.

Premiering to just over 3 million viewers, “Minority Report” has dropped in each of its three weeks. This past episode, it hit its lowest scores (0.7/2 in 18-49, 2.07 million viewers overall), down 0.2 week to week. Its 1.1 rating in 18-49 and 3.1 million total viewers from its series debut were the lowest averages for any of the fall’s Big Four premieres to date.

Rick Kissell contributed to this report.

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  1. Chairity says:

    Do for people bring minority report back

  2. Chairity says:


  3. Chairity says:

    Please bring minority report back i love that show you take way from me

  4. Chairity says:

    I hope fox give people what them want

  5. Chairity says:

    Just get on TV like 2015 get it a chance

  6. Chairity says:

    Just get on tv have 10 episode that not fair

  7. Chairity says:

    It not fair cancelled minority report it not fair people who watch minority report

  8. Byrd says:

    I just wish they would keep it going, I’m waiting for the love to spark between Vega and Dash. I’m waiting to just see what happens. I don’t watch shows about the future to much but I must say this one caught my attention I want more. Please I will be fine with the ten episodes per season just don’t cancel.

  9. Cherish says:

    I love minority report I just rush they would it going. I’m waiting for the love to speak between Vega and Dash, come on guys keep the series going please.

  10. Yanique says:

    What about persons that watch Minority Report on Showbox? I love it here in Jamaica.

  11. Dimas says:

    I am from Indonesia, which is far far away from US, and i love this Minority Report!…..please FOX dont cancel this show!! Pleaseeee!!!

  12. Peter says:

    Both the leading actors – the lady detective and Dash acting are worst than Arthur and his sister. But the Dash character is really grinding nerves and not worthy of sympathy. How can we root for him, when he is selfishly risking his brother and sister by going to work with the police. He could have stayed far away from populated areas to avoid getting visions. Really unlikeable character. And the whole unbelievable story setup seems force to painfully fit a cop procedural type series. I’m trying to stay on to finish this season, glad they cut it to 10 episode.

    • I feel the exact same way. I found the casting of Vega and Dash to be a big miss. Both have very limited acting ability. They characters were boring. Dash was portrayed as reckless, selfish and very dumb. I just couldn’t get on board with these 2 characters. Maybe if the actors had been different I might have felt differently. Basically I just found both the actors and their characters highly annoying to watch and listen to.

  13. Gen Avant says:

    Wow this is disappointing..this show is actuaIly good..I was pleasantly surprised. But once again a good show isn’t given a chance in favor of crap. I hope Netflix picks it up.

  14. Wes says:

    Fox throwing another good sci-fi under the bus. Honestly, why bother airing these shows if they wont give them full support.- Space Above & Beyond, Firefly, Terra Nova, Almost Human, Wayward Pines, now Minority Report. See the pattern.

  15. Steve says:

    First was “Firefly”, then “Almost Human “, now possibly this show. If FOX is going to keep canceling shows, I wish they would stop doing the sci-fi genre. Please give this show a chance.

  16. Shibadog says:

    I love the show! Don’t cancel it!

  17. These networks need to learn to take into account On Demand and also things like Hulu. I watch all of my TV on Hulu because that is the only way I can.

  18. Gracie Jean says:

    I like the show and the futuristic premise it has, I like the concept and plot, but the main actors are so stiff and seem to try too hard. The supporting actors are more fluid and natural. I don’t want to see the show canceled I really like it, but I’d like to see more fluidity with the main characters.

  19. Dee Bradley says:

    This is a very good show. Throwing it away way to soon!

  20. stephanie says:

    Love this show. I hope that it doesn’t get cancelled. I discovered it late, though. I don’t watch TV, just stream everything, soooooo uh…don’t cancel it, okay? We all love it over here! But…if Netflix picks it up, I’d be okay with that too.

  21. Pat says:

    Sorry to hear Minority Report cancelled. I liked it better than Limitless which started good but has turned out boring. Minority report started slow for me but each week has gotten better. I like the characters. As another person wrote Forever was cancelled and I loved it.

  22. Alesa Gerko says:

    Fox did the same thing to Forever, anyone remember that? Anyway, I loved the premise of this series, along with the character, Arthur and Dash my two favorites. Such a shame it has been cut, although I must add I watch it the day after On Demand, which of course the network never takes into account.

  23. Kokey Lanay says:

    Minority Report is a good show, you guys cancel a show before it gets a chance to fly…. Look at what it’s up against… You need to cancel Rosewood, nothing new about the plot, the same story on all the networks.

  24. Carlendia Loftin says:

    I really enjoyed the show. It was up against Dancing with the Stars and Gotham, plus Monday Night football. Put it on Tuesday’s at 8:00 pm. There’s nothing on at that time.

  25. Leilani says:

    Well I don’t think it helps that there are some other big shows on at that time. I know I don’t watch the show live because Scorpion is on and I love watching it live. Also at the same time is Jane the a Virgin which has also become a big show. I always watch Minority Report the day after on Hulu. I do really like this show and I hope that is does not get cancelled. It is great to be able to support Stark Sands as I have been following his career for a few years now. They really need to take into account Hulu and other online views in their ratings. With so many shows out there it is often very difficult to be able to watch them all when you want to, especially if you have a life and are not home all of the time.

  26. Stacey says:

    My Monday night use to be Gotham and Sleepy Hallow. Then this year Minority Report. After these shows I watch Blind spot. My ight was set. EVERYTIME I GET USE TO SHOWS,THEY GET CANCELED!!! I’m sick of It. You don’t give shows enough time to get a following. All you networks do the same thing. You ruin good shows by changing the formula people fall in love with, canceling to soon and just moving shows around. Not everyone has a DVR. I really like Minority Report. I want the season to play out like it was planned. If the show doesn’t get watched at 9, we have On Demand. Besides plenty stupid reality shows are on that I absolutely hate. Cancel those!!!

  27. Renota says:

    Minority Report is a good show, but many are into super heroes, government drama , hospital, firehouse, and supernatural. They don’t even give good shows a chance. It makes me sick. The nine lives of Chloe King, cancelled without an ending and now minority report.

  28. GQ says:

    They are competing with Monday Night Football so what do you expect. I think the show is incredible. I love it! Give it a chance.

  29. Abs cast says:

    Disappointing news, such a good show fresh and different, where u can refresh ur.mind with exciting futuristic views, gadgets etc and a different environment outside the same bs, this us how I see it, I wanna go home and don’t see the same shit I see when I go outside or read the news etc please don’t cancel this show try.and do.something about it

  30. VegaWins says:

    Wahhh! Whyyyy?? I love this show!!

  31. Bob says:

    Too bad. Good show with imagination.

  32. Rev says:

    I love this show. It’s the only show I’m watching this fall. The main two characters are great. I love Dash and Vega’s chemistry off each other. The action could be spicier as far as chases, fights, and romance go, but it’s been over all very good an enjoyable. Plus it seems to building nicely towards the mid season/series finally. It’s only flaw is that it moves like a typical crime drama some times, but they could easily move away from that with some very small tweets. Witch is why they should give it an other chance. A different time, day, or edger writing and it could easily be a sleeper hit.

  33. Amalgamate says:

    Scream Queens will be next-that show is utter shit!

  34. D.j. Sumanik says:

    When are these studios going to wake up and realize that ‘ratings’ aren’t really a useful metric anymore. All current and future generations will be online streaming, purchasing, or torrenting content illegally. Why in gods name would you ever watch a commercial again? TV is already on life support, just gonna take a decade or so for them to morph into Netflix-like competitors.

  35. I am watching but I am not invested in it. I am not sure what it is about it. I had high hopes but maybe it is the wooden acting or just the whole concept of trying to turn the movie into a series. There is just something missing. It is just one stage above boring, for me. It is something to watch but I would not care personally if it got the ax.

    • Alesa Gerko says:

      I completely agree with you on that! Not to mention that most people watch it the day afterwards on Hulu or On Demand, so the views of the premiere dates are virtually worthless.

    • Amalgamate says:

      ratings still are the best way to gauge viewers in terms of sponsors

  36. Bill B. says:

    A terrible show that should end right this moment. Stark Sands has talent as I’ve seen elsewhere, but he is so wrong for this role and way too young, but you could say that about much of the rest of the cast. The female lead has so much makeup on that she doesn’t even seem human. I only watched 2 episodes before quitting. Maybe she’s not supposed to be human.

  37. rick says:

    That’s a shame. It’s not a terrible show. Another time slot might let it be more successful.

  38. Lor says:

    Not surprised, the ratings are terrible.

  39. starX654 says:

    Well at least they have Rosewood. Loving that show, and it feels like we are watching a new breakout star with their female lead, Jaina Lee Ortiz. Gorgeous, and talented.

  40. Vic Nardozza says:

    It might help the show if they had someone in their cast over the age of 25.

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