Meghan McCain Urges Republicans to Support Marriage Equality

Meghan McCain Urges Republicans to Support

With presidential candidate Mike Huckabee immediately vowing to stand against the Supreme Court ruling that made same-sex marriage a right, it’s clear the fight for LGBT equality isn’t over. But Meghan McCain thinks it should be.

“Republicans have to move on from this, or become relics,” said McCain, the TV personality and writer who is also the daughter of Arizona senator John McCain, the 2008 Republican nominee for president.

“The GOP’s nominee in 2016 has to support this ruling,” she continued. “I think any anti-equality rhetoric will be lethal. We live in a world now where the reaction to Caitlyn Jenner is overwhelmingly positive and loving and accepting.”

She also got in a dig at Huckabee: “I’ve said this before, but Huckabee is one of the great imbeciles of American politics.”

Same-sex marriage and LGBT equality have long been important issues for McCain, who’s on the board of directors at GLAAD. “I never wanted to live in an America where there are different rights for different citizens depending on who you love,” she explained. “Even at a young age, I could never get the logic of that. When I tell my grandkids this story and tell them that in the past it wasn’t legal for gay people to get married, I think it’ll sound insane and unbelievable.”

McCain, currently in her home state of Arizona, said she planned to raise a glass of champagne in celebration of the Supreme Court decision. But, she cautioned, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

“As exciting as this is, I know the statistics,” she warned. “So many Americans, for instance, are still uncomfortable with their kids having a playdate with the child of a same-sex couple. I still see a lot left to conquer.”

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  1. Méria Jeanfreaux says:

    I’ve been reading your comments! Amazing how you believed Huckabee is wrong and As per the 21 century is correct in believing Homosexuality is just fine a, lifestyle! You may mock me as you so enjoy mocking all Christians as Huckabees’ Christians’ belief in homosexuality sinful is death of the soul!! I’ve information for you all! It seem not any of you know or care to know in our Heavenly Fathers’ law of Homosexuality Is death a, death which destroys your eternal souls into Hellfire!! Which throughout Fathers “HOLY HEBREW, GREEK AND ARAMAIC MANUSCRIPTS” states there is no place in Heaven! The Abyss of fire is waiting for! Our Fathers’ “WORD IS FOREVER!! His WORD IS VERY STRICK ABOUT ALL HOMOS, SEXUAL PERVERTS, MURDERERS, all mankind which does not shall Our Master, then you’re serving Lucifer-Satan! Satans’ goal is to bring Fathers’ Children away and follow him!! By your own words I’ve read, all of you will follow him to this place of torment, darkness, sadness, while being able to see all Fathers’ Christians enjoy having a, wonderful fabulous time in Heaven!! Hey, if you’re satisfied with knowing Hellfire awaits, then have at it!! I’m just teaching the Holy Word is for ever! Fathers Judgement is Alfa and Omaga!! Carry on your road to Hellfire! A, Servant of Yeshua D Christian, Jeanfreaux

  2. cadavra says:

    Happy to see one member of the McCain family is living in the 21st Century.

  3. Tony Mac says:

    She should start by convincing her outdated, out of touch father

  4. Bill says:

    I can’t see why she (or her Father) aren’t just Democrats since they always espouse the Democrat party line.

  5. Michael Anthony says:

    Idiotic remark. This made the rounds in the 1980s. Have you been stuck in the basement since then??

    And what in the world are you doing reading Variety????

  6. Robert Moore says:

    I agree. The GOPs need to face reality and I don’t see them doing that

  7. dick delson says:

    good for you, girl. Republicans keep proving they are schmucks. I’m straight. Some of my best friends are gay. So??????

  8. hasdibravo says:

    Love others as you love yourself.

  9. terryzxz says:

    I’ve said this before, but Huckabee is one of the great imbeciles of American politics….LMAO

    • Michael Anthony says:

      One of the best comments this week. At one time, Huckabee was just plain right wing. The last few years, especially since he went on TV, he’s become a loon. I think he thinks he’s a star and counts page mentions every day to rate how important he is. He’d probably get along well with Putin.

  10. Contessa46 says:

    I think you will be taken more seriously if you button up your shirt and not expos your boob–you boob!

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Frankly, anyone who zeroes in on a woman’s breasts, rather than the story, is a bit odd. BTW, I don’t see any buttons. On a side note, you are the Church Lady, aren’t you?

  11. dmoney666 says:

    Um, they already ARE relics. And they’ll never change. We just have to wait for them all to die off.

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