Meghan McCain to Join Fox News Channel as Contributor (Exclusive)

Meghan McCain
Courtesy Fox News

Meghan McCain, the political scion who has won public fame as a blogger, commentator and TV-show host, will join Fox News Channel as a contributor, Variety has learned.

A representative for the network confirmed the hire. McCain is expected to contribute to the network’s primetime and daytime programming.

McCain, the oldest daughter of U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), joins as Fox News Channel, like other news outlets, heads into a frenzied pre-season for the 2016 election for U.S. president. Already, more than a dozen different candidates for the Republican nomination have thrown their hat into the ring.

Meghan McCain, who has identified as a Republican in the past, could well offer the viewpoint of a different member of that political party: one hailing from the millennial generation. She has in the past championed gay rights and come out against anti-immigration legislation, and has publicly challenged commentators like Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham. In her writings she’s expressed ambivalence about Sarah Palin, the former Fox News contributor who ran for U.S. vice president alongside her father, and admiration for Hillary Clinton, who is now vying for the Democratic nomination for U.S. president.

McCain most recently was a host for “TakePart Live,” a talk show on cable’s Pivot network that urged viewers to get involved with various social causes. She was also the focus of “Raising McCain,” a Pivot talk show that took her on the road. Both were cancelled.

McCain has written a campaign memoir, “Dirty Sexy Politics,” as well as “America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom,” a collaboration with comedian Michael Ian Black. She has also contributed to the Daily Beast and interned at Newsweek magazine. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Columbia University.

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  1. Anne says:

    Is Meghan McCain coming back to Fox’s Out Numbered?

  2. Pat Lewis says:

    she is a Democrat, just like her dad, they only changed to Republican to get elected!!!! and she is mad that her dad got beat in the election,,,I don’t like her , she is a determinant to Fox News Channel…she has an “art” degree, this does not qualify her for news reporting….Trump is twice the man her dad is, all he can claim to fame is the fact that he was a POW.. and a war monger…

  3. I was willing to give her a chance. Done. She’s a bobblehead, with only 3 things going for her, her last name and her chest. Please get her out of Outnumbered, she”s bringing the show’s IQ way down.

  4. New American says:

    How is this establishment RINO still on the air, ANYWHERE? Her shows must go cheap.

  5. Bob D. says:

    Virtually all guests on her show are Liberal and she seems to spend more time talking about how horrible people who criticize her father or the other “progressive” Republicans than the ultra-leftists we face in the election. It’s really quite shocking that someone with this much bias would get a nightly show.

  6. PROUDWHITE says:

    Meghan McCAIN , got her Radio show, because of her “daddy”. This twit, ONLY has MOUTH PIECES on the show, who SUCK UP to her. Her FATHER, is close friends with LINDSEY GRAHAM…A ..Loser. Hopefully, she will go the route of GERALDO RIVERA. DUMP THIS SHOW..ITS SUCKS.

  7. Janette says:

    I am thrilled! she is a brilliant woman and has a lot to say.

  8. Philip says:

    Meghan McCain is a dumb,bias & rude….What is her qualification to give us political opinions?
    What is happening to Fox News?
    Very sad.

  9. Rich Reason says:

    Well that’s it for me Fox news is about to become the
    next cnn, msnbc I’m also going to newsmax !! What the hell does this rhino
    Meghan McCain know , other than having a father in the senate what qualities her.

  10. J.P. Orosz says:

    So you hate the palin’s.
    Why should anyone care.

  11. Jeff says:

    No, please say it ain’t so!

  12. Kevin Underwood says:

    This woman is the most vapid and vacuous that I have ever seen. She literally must struggle to breathe when she falls asleep. After being shopped around by her silver spoon RINO Dad to CNN, PIvot, etc. etc. she has now landed a job at Fox. This morning on Fox and friends they kissed her dumb ass like she was the queen of talk shows and had descended from heaven to grace us all with her intelligence and beauty. Of course Fox and Friends would never be mistaken for a brain trust in any way shape or form, but bringing this idiot on board is a new low. Just google what this classless retard has said about any of the big issues of the day and your head will explode….SMH

  13. Sillil says:

    Meghan is hot.

  14. Lane says:

    Meghan McCain said she was furious and thought Trump was disgusting. Fair and balanced news there. McCain started it with his “Trumps bringing in the crazies.” How dare he call us that? How dare he demean a mental illness. Your dad is the one who needs to apologize,

  15. hairy possume says:

    Well, this explains why Megyn Kelly’s program tonight was biased against Donald Trump. I’ve been a dedicated FOX fan for 3 1/2 years now. but after tonight, it’s time to switch to NEWSMAX… And I bet millions and millions of Trump supporters are going to leave FOX as well… With the McCain girl now onboard, FOX will no longer be fair and balanced…

  16. Bronzy says:

    That sound you hear is Sarah Palin’s head exploding. Expect jealous Sarah and her mini-me Bristol to lash out or act up for attention in 3…2…1

  17. ChasChandler says:

    You have got to be kidding. Meghan McCain speaks for no one in the Republican party

  18. Shes perfect for cable’s R.epublican I.nept N.ews O.rganization .

  19. Carl says:

    I love watching all the Fox News trolls hyperventilate about this. Oh no, someone with a different opinion! Kill it with fire!

  20. richard says:

    Are you kidding you think she is a republican and conservative.i don’t know I think fox is loosing it if not for Megan Kelly I wouldn’t be watching Fox News at all.but Roger you are starting to make me. Think you have lost your freakin mind

  21. Victor says:

    I’m not a big fan of Meghan McCain. In my opinion, she is not a conservative at all. I don’t know why she still identifies herself as a Republican. I guess it’s only because of her father.

  22. R Sibert says:

    She won’t last.because she is not crazy enough.Shepard Smith is the only sane one on FOX

  23. Howard Waldron says:

    Well we’ve watched the Fox News ratings climb to the top and now we get to watch them crash and burn !

  24. poptoy1949 says:

    Fox is taking another Step to the Left !

    • Carl says:

      And your kind is taking another step towards its grave. Good riddance.

    • Bailey says:

      Her father owes America an apology for his support of useless and idiotic immigration laws. The blood of those four Marines are on his hands along with Bill and Hillary, Bush, Pelozi, Reid and all RINOS, Its your father that brings out the Crazies, not Trump. I hope you prove your nothing like your socialist father but I can only assume your a fruit from the tree of socialists.

  25. WOO HOO the Teabaggers will have their tea balls bouncing when they see this.

  26. Danny Minkler. says:

    Don’t expect me to listen to more RINO rants. Her father needs to be put out to pasture along with the likes of people like Karl Rove. Smh..How about Bristol Palin.? We can’t solve our problems with more of the same pyhsicobabble.

  27. Kj Hinton says:

    Swell. I well never watch a show that has her babbling on it.

  28. Joanne avella says:

    I have been wanting to vomit since I read this.

    • willow says:

      So have I…. She is a LIBERAL….

      • Carl says:

        You shouldn’t use words when you have so little grasp of their meaning. Quiet yourself down and watch some Nascar reruns. Maybe crack open another Bud light. It’ll aaaallll be ok.

  29. redware says:

    Well that does it. I usually get my news online,but occasionally watch FOX News.Not any more..Meghan McCain is one of the most obnoxious boors ever! Screw you FOX.

  30. Oh Please, not her, such an airhead!! Put her and Jesse Jackson’s daughter on together, so we can change
    the channel.

  31. tdrizzle74 says:

    Look, she has done nothing of note with merit, and everything she has is the result of the genetic lottery. Clearly daddy called in a favor. Come on two shows on Pivot cancelled!- let’s call her up to Fox News. Tired of her being the self appointed voice of young conservatives, for one she isn’t young and secondly she isn’t conservative.

  32. I am willing to see what she brings to the table and networking for a job is typical regardless who your family is, ask Chelsea. Guess we will wait and see.

  33. Deb says:

    I’m about done with fox news, cant stand another blond talking head. I am interested in NOTHING she has to say.

  34. With all due respect, as an Independent why would FOX put the daughter of John McCain on their network? Is it her collective body of work? Her intelligence? Or does the last name of a failed Republican leader pass as this young woman’s bona fides? Her Father once again called the Republican Base and yes it is the base “Crazy”, LOL. After observing Ms. McCain’s incoherent positions on various issues for a number of years on issues of politics to watching the paint dry in her apartment it seems to me the latter has been the most interesting. I simply don’t have the time but knock yourselves out. Your GOP Establishment leaders have blown past being hilarious as every voter in the GOP individually and or collectively continually curl up into these little pathetic balls of surrender. It’s truly pathetic.

    Get rid of this contaminated Chamber of Commerce, Big Money Establishment or we Independents, that now own the overall electorate at 44%, will. We certainly don’t one molecular whiff of your Establishment Surrender Monkey’s that continue to stink up the joint, which you have allowed and continue to allow. How did McCain describe the GOP base today? Crazies? LOL…..and you let them continue with this you little balls of surrender? Most interesting……Boo!

  35. therealroyalking says:

    Ah hah hah hah hah. Good for The FOX “News”. Is it to much to hope she’s taking that dreadful Greta Van Susteren’s place.

    • leather says:

      No such luck! They kicked embarrassing idiot Sarah Palin to the curb and replaced her with Meghan which should be fun to watch what happens. At least she is informed. We’ll see. . . . . . .

  36. Bob says:

    Good Lord! I thought Fox had higher standards than MSNBC…guess not. There’s a reason she was cancelled on a thinly watched cable channel.

  37. Fair and balanced… Fox needs another brainless airhead!

  38. peggy says:

    please dont…you will lose me and my family as watchers. send her to msnbc or cnn, please not fox

  39. cloey says:

    OMG. Fox, which I love, has gone downhill.

  40. West says:

    “I think she will do a marvelous job. She is as accomplished as I am.” – Chelsea Clinton.

  41. azarkhan says:

    That vacuous airhead belongs on MSNBC, not Fox News.

  42. inspectorudy says:

    Keep it up Roger and your audience is going to plummet. I only watch two shows as it is on FNC, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier. If Bret brings this political whore onto his show then I will stop watching him. They are gradually making their shows unwatchable by adding people like Juan Williams, Geraldo and Kristen Powers. Hearing the view point of the other side is ok but at least get people who are not hacks to tell it.

  43. ctmom says:

    I’ll bet all the talking heads can’t wait to have her on their shows. lol.

  44. Keith Diggs says:

    Just what America needs. Another FAKE AZZ conservative alleged “christian” who supports everything that SATAN shovels out. Gay Marriage? No need to “CONSERVE” anything there! Check!! FREAK JENNER?? “Oh she’s so “brave”, sigh, sigh sigh”. Check! Abortions are fun! Wheeeeeeee!

    Didn’t work for Nicole MILQUETOAST Wallace, won’t work for Maverick Light.

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