Marvel’s Mockingbird Series Starring Adrianne Palicki Lands ABC Pilot Order (EXCLUSIVE)

Marvel Mockingbird Series Spinoff ABC
Courtesy of ABC

Despite putting a halt on the “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” spinoff, which was proposed earlier this year, ABC is closing in on a deal to order a pilot for a project centered around MockingbirdVariety has learned exclusively.

Titled “Marvel’s Most Wanted,” the drama will focus on popular “SHIELD” characters Adrianne Palicki‘s Bobbi Morse (also known as Mockingbird) and Nick Blood’s Lance Hunter. The two actors will topline the pilot and prospective series.

“SHIELD” producers Jeffrey Bell and Paul Zbyszewski co-created the project for Marvel and ABC Studios, co-writing the pilot. They will serve as showrunners and exec producers together with Marvel’s head of television Jeph Loeb also exec producing.

Insiders say the series is not a spinoff, per se, but rather an entirely new project solely focused on the two characters to continue their story. Though plot details are scarce at this point, “Marvel’s Most Wanted” will follow the pair and their adventures together.

At this time, ABC has not made any decisions regarding premiere date or a path of introduction, such as introducing the new show as a planted episode during “SHIELD.”

An “Agents of SHIELD” offshoot was originally reported in April, but was soon after shot down with the network deciding not to move forward. However, during New York Upfronts this spring, ABC president Paul Lee alluded to the possibility of the series being resurrected, teasing, “It certainly is a possibility of spinning them off.”

Lee added that “SHIELD” had hit its creative stride, suggesting that the net didn’t want to mess around with a formula that was working — which includes Palicki and Blood’s storylines. “We absolutely love those characters on ‘SHIELD,'” he said, at the time.

But with “SHIELD” coming back for Season 3, in addition to “Agent Carter” returning for Season 2, there’s still a large Marvel appetite at ABC. Also in the works at the network is a top-secret Marvel project helmed by “American Crime” creator John Ridley.

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  1. Dummdumm says:

    LOL, just noticed this character as I’m selling an old collection. Been watching the tv series and never noticed this was an actual character in the comics. I’m pleased to find one of my old series of Marvels
    Team-Up is worth something but am quite disgusted that this character has become a thing. It is nothing more than a shallow sex kitten that can taunt men by their inability to distinguish reality from biology. This characters claim to fame are what? Marrying hero’s and being abducted to be forced to marry? What a sad character to make important. The world never stops to disappoint me.

  2. Dee says:

    So happy about new marvel adventure with Bobbi and Hunter!!!

    • Aaron C says:

      I’m happy because Bobbi and Hunter are off of AoS because now the other characters can get some more air time. Not a fan of Ms. Palicki or the character of Hunter. Now we can get back to the original team I grew to love minus Ward but with good additions Mack and Lincoln.

      Who knows? Maybe their new show will be interesting in its own way. Just don’t bring them back to Shield if the show doesn’t succeed, okay, ABC?

  3. Krayzeman says:

    I bet it got pitched to ABC like “Moonlighting with superheroes.” It doesn’t sound appealing to the average fanboy but ABC likes appealing to women so this premise might work for them. Marvel has dozens of other great characters they can choose from so it’s disappointing that the chose to go this route. Makes sense for their demographic though. I just hope they can cameo other superheroes on the show…

  4. Jay Cal says:

    I know I’m in the minority, but I was kind of hoping that the spinoff was going to be the Secret Warriors. SHIELD has kind pf departed from it’s spy/espionage format to a sci-fi show.

    If I had any say at Marvel/ABC I would have moved Daisy, Lincoln, and the rest of the Inhumans to a new show. With both Agents of Shield and The Secret Warriors under the direction of Director Coulson. Shield could deal with more Spy vs. Spy drama. And the Secret Warriors could tackle the more Super Powered/Natural threat.

  5. AaronC says:

    She is not a good actress. I predict that the pilot will fail, like the Wonder Woman pilot did. Nick Blood is one of the cutest guys on TV, and he’s a reasonably good actor, but his character is not that interesting, unless you think whining is interesting. The two of them don’t have much chemistry, either.

    But what do I know? I think this season of Shield is the worst of the three so far, but apparently I’m in the minority. At least a spinoff would slough off some of the extraneous bits of the current show.

    I would much rather prefer an Andrew/Melinda spinoff [assuming the current Andrew is a shape-shifting imposter ;-) ]

    • JadeB says:

      An Andrew/Melinda spinoff would be amazing! Especially since we don’t know much about their history, and maybe it could be a spinoff where it’s before Bahrain.

      And I completely agree with you that this is the worst of the 3 seasons.

  6. If they make this spinoff then they need to make it a short season like they did with Agent Carter. Agent Carter was AMAZING and packed such a punch with just the episodes. I feel like I didn’t get overwhelmed w/ Marvel because they kept it so short. If they try to make this new show more than 8 episodes itll be boring and overwhelming. During AOS winter break air Agent Carter like they did this past season and during the summer break air Marvels Most Wanted.

  7. says:

    It’s probably going to be about Bobby and Hunter right? I’m more interested in their past. Particularly because I want to see Lucy Lawless. That death was such a waste

  8. GIVING U THE BIRD! says:

    I THOUGHT THIS WAS GONNA BE ABOUT A HUNGER GAMES TV SERIES! I’m soooooooooooo beyond disappointed right now I can’t even…

  9. Yawn. Should’ve went with a Cloak&Dagger or Runaways pilot instead, that would’ve been much more compelling. The premise pretty much sounds like the same old procedural week by week ‘espionage’ missions we already get in Agents of Shield and Agent Carter, but with less characters to focus on. I’m sorry but at some point it all just becomes remarkably redundant and starts to lose it’s appeal. So basically ABC will have three ‘superhero’ shows that are all pretty much the same, but with different characters. Idk man, seems like ABC is pushing their luck with this one. At some point they’re gonna need to flips things on their head and change up the pace/style as far as the superhero shows go. For instance, The CW has a nice blend with Arrow(dark and moody), Flash(lighter toned), and izombie(completely out of left field).

  10. mouthwaterhole says:

    these characters aren’t compelling enough to warrant a spin-off + we don’t need another non-powered superhero series. #boredalready

  11. Bob Schwartz says:

    It’s a spin off and they should have diff characters every week as well

  12. CJ says:

    ABC and the other networks should be concerned that they don’t exploit these Marvel and DC themed projects. I think viewers’ appetites for such adventure series may not be as great as these programmers think. There has to be other genres to explore.

  13. Anna says:

    This is not any better of an idea now than it was in the spring. A Mockingbird spinoff – yes please!! But oh my goodness, please don’t center it on the dysfunctional relationship between Bobbi and Hunter. Both characters are so much more enjoyable to watch apart from each other. Keep Hunter on AoS and let Bobbi have the kick-ass spinoff all to herself.

  14. Well A) it is a spinoff just as “Mork and Mindy” was a Happy Days spinoff but more importantly B) how can you go this entire article without mentioning ABC and Marvel are both owned by Disney???? Journalism 101?

    • Richard says:

      Yes and they should have mentioned the sun will rise today and set latter. I assume anyone coming to this site knows of the Disney/Marvel/ABC connection.

  15. Steve says:

    How is “an entirely new project solely focused on the two characters to continue their story” not a spin-off?

  16. I’d much rather see her be Ms. (or Captain) Marvel. Not some non-actress boxer who is not at all attractive.

    • mouthwaterhole says:

      no one at Marvel is foolhardy enough to cast Rhonda Rousey as Captain Marvel. she can dream all she likes.

  17. Justin says:

    Please refrain from commenting. People make mistakes, as I’m sure you do. Just read the story and move on with your life, instead of going out of your way to make someone else’s day more frustrating. Sorry that you do not live in a perfect world.

  18. Don says:

    Hit its creative stride…not strive. Seriously…are there editors over there?

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