‘Longmire’ to Return for Season 5 on Netflix

Longmire Netflix Season 5

Longmire” has been renewed for Season 5 by Netflix.

After being canceled by A&E, Netflix nabbed the Western crime drama for Season 4. The 10-episode run launched this past September on the streaming service. The series previously aired on A&E for three seasons.

The renewal announcement was made Friday on “Longmire’s” Facebook page with the message, “We’ve never been one to back down from a fight. Longmire will return to Netflix for Season 5.”

Created by Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny, “Longmire” stars Robert Taylor as the sheriff of a small town in Wyoming. Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Cassidy Freeman and Adam Bartley round out the cast. Baldwin and Coveny exec produce with Greer Shephard and Michael Robin.

This summer at the Television Critics Assn. press tour, Coveny expressed the “Longmire” team’s excitement, ahead of its fourth season premiere at its new home. “Netflix said, ‘We want human beings to watch this show — if it has heart and soul to it, we need that piece in the Netflix family.’”

Shepard added, “We’re mercifully with a wonderful company now that values viewers over demos and we’re benefiting from that.”

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  1. I would like for it to come back. My husband and I love watching the show together. We don’t get to watch a lot of show together. So we r waiting. Netflix get on the ball. Thanks.

  2. Longmire is an awesome show!! Any syndicate should be proud to sponsor such!!
    A REAL heart and soul program!

  3. Brenda says:

    I got hooked on this show / so glad that nexflix pick it up/ can wait for the six season.

  4. Vinson Johnson says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE make season 6. Keep the Longmire going.

  5. I LOVE Longmire season 5 can’t wait foe season 6. I hope I don’t have to wait long.

  6. Mariana nichols says:

    Love longmire season 5.. But I can’t wait for season 6. And what happen to Henry standing bear.. Thank you Netflix for this great show….

  7. Sandy Searls says:

    I love Longmire. I love that netflex has it! I do not have time to watch TV during week. I love that when I do have time, I can count on netflex to be there for me. Love Netflex!

  8. louise queen says:

    loved season 5 – watched it in two days – we were left with a “cliff hanger” I hope that season 6 is in the making. all my friends called me when it first came on and said “you have to watch this show” and they were rite. Thank you, and I hope it will continue.

  9. Teresa says:

    Love! Love! Love! Season 5 ❤️ I hope we have a Season 6 because it’s one of the best shows on television. And I you don’t just leave us hanging!

  10. Lottie Owen says:

    I loved this season of Longmire I love all the episodes except for the last one..

  11. lisa says:

    Long more is awesome, our families are totally addicted. Sitting on the edge of our seats waiting on the next season. People in our town and surrounding towns live the show. It has so many things for everyone. Keep up, keep on. Please don’t stop.

  12. wilford walker says:

    thank you all for renewing Longmire . I bought season 4 and will certainly buy season 5 when it is available. I absolutely love this show. thanks again

  13. Faye O'Neal says:

    Love this series. I could binge watch it for days at the time.I hope Walt and Vic don’t get together. I liked Lizzy with him. She’s just what he needs.

  14. We’re really glad that Netflix picked up Longmire one of her favorites

  15. While I’m waiting for season 5 I’m watching the first 4 seasons on Netflix again. Thanks, Netflix.

  16. testingwle display name says:

    why do the episodes [at least s1-s3] seem to have been edited for commercial insertion, and all seem to be 45 mins long instead of an hour?

    • Eileen says:

      Because they are edited for commercials. The first 3 seasons of Longmire were on commercial TV network A&E. Season 4 & 5 are and will have longer episodes because there are no commercials.

  17. Brad Chapman says:

    Please bring back this awesome Western/drama, it’s a great series I purchased the first 3 seasons, I can’t get enuff.

  18. Lessa walker says:

    Love the show the scenery is great the actor’s are great I hope it runs for awhile you just don’t get good shows on tv lately.

  19. Gus Gallegos says:

    Wife and I just binged on all 4 seasons and I am Jonesing BAD!

  20. John says:

    One of the few reasons I will pat Netflix’s 25% price increase…


    This is one of the best shows out there i will keep watching Netflix for sure,wish they could put more shows like Longmire on tv,Love the characters and the story line just a great show.

  22. Alex says:

    The biggest reason this show is great is because the characters are BELiEVABLE! And, the producers aren’t afraid to kill a few people off, as necessary. Please, if possible, include as much Indian culture as practical, but keep it from being exploited. I have deep respect for the Indian Nation. Please don’t cheapen it. I feel embarrassed for saying that, because I believe that wouldn’t do it anyway. Thank you.

  23. Lisa says:

    Thanks Netflix for a fifth season of Longmire! Season 4 was the reason I re-subscribed. It’s an excellant show with complex characters and relevant story lines. We’re looking forward to more!

    • william moran says:

      get a life Alex for they have a lot of Indian culture in it and what the hell u talking about dont cheapen it , u sound like a racist to be and most likely will vote for a criminal like hillary clinton

  24. B&D says:

    WHEN will season 5 be available to watch on Netflix? I never seem to be able to find that information!

  25. Tamara says:

    Love this series! The best show in forever, The characters are great,

  26. My husband and I love the show Longmire. Can’t wait for season 5! Thanks, Netflix!

  27. Aleta Pitstock says:

    So excited that Season 5 will soon be here, albeit not soon enough and then far too soon it will be over. I am in Australia and found this show on Netflix and cannot get enough of it. My absolute favourite TV show, such that it trumped my other favourite of NCIS, which is pretty damn hard to do.

  28. Janice Baron says:

    So looking forward to 5th (and hope many more) season of Longmire on Netflix. Love to watch this show over and over.

  29. Bill Benedict says:

    Looking forward to Season 5 AND MANY MORE – great show – hope the run continues for several more years!

  30. Mark C Freitag says:

    Can’t wait for season 5. Love the show

  31. Patricia Walker says:

    I absolutely love Longmire; I just couldn’t stop watching it. I binged-watched and will watch all 4 seasons again. I can’t wait until Season 5 is revealed!! pw

  32. Rebecca Arnold says:

    Lonemire should always be on netflix every season. It is an awesome show
    I love all the people who play in it mostly Lonemire.

  33. cazlyn says:

    About time, viewers over demos. Really glad it’ll be back. Great show! I’ll watch it as long as it’s in.

  34. Bobbie says:

    I love this show. Glad Netflix continued it after A&E. Will continue watching as long as it’s on.

  35. Janet Dean says:

    I can’t wait for the next season. We need more programming like this. Can’t stand much of anything on TV these days. They always cancel the good stuff. Thank you Netflix for continuing to film Longmire. I will watch season after season.

  36. Jeff wilkens says:

    my whole family has been waiting for this!!!

  37. Catherine B. says:

    Thank you! Thank you!!! Thank you !!!!! Love the series.

  38. Mary says:

    We just loved every episode of the 4 seasons of long mire on Netflix. I am so looking forward to seeing the new season. When can we expect it on Netflix again?

  39. Guy Scott says:

    THANK YOU NETFLIX!!! Such a great show!

  40. GoCardsDeb says:

    A big fan of Longmire since Day 1. Thank you, Netflix, for keeping it going. Everyone is great…such a refreshing, unique show. And can I get an amen for Robert Taylor as the most beautiful man on TV in ages? Yowsah!

  41. Patricia Perme says:

    I was hoping to see a date… does anyone know WHEN it will return?

  42. Ed Lomax says:

    A great series – glad it is coming back.

  43. Hey !!! Someone finally gets it! ” Viewers over Demos ” I love this show from Day1, . It’s a viewing party at my Mom’s house!
    Didn’t notice one slip in the quality since NetFlix took it over. Last season was great. Can’t wait for 5.
    Keep up the great work. And Thanks for putting us first!


  45. Haneka says:

    Aah! Yes! Great news for Netflix picking up Longmire, I totally agree with Gynean Gentry: “one of the most honestly portrayed series”

  46. Gynean Gentry says:

    I subscribed to Netflix because they picked up the best show, Longmire. I do love Netflix and all they offer but I am very excited to see new season of my favorite show, Longmire. One of the most honestly portrayed series with the best acting on television. Thank you, Netflix.

  47. Tom hammond says:

    can not imagine anyone would want to do away with a show like longmire,one of the best ,if not the best shows ever on tv. good job netflix.

  48. Marta Alvarez says:

    Love love love longmire bring it back its a great show ❤️❤️❤️

  49. Pam says:

    Just finished binging season 4 & am overjoyed to find a season 5 coming after that colossal cliff hanger! Sheesh! Who broke down the door?!! Glad to see Walt & Malachi working together, and the complexity of who has jurisdiction where.

  50. Andy Longo says:

    A&E can keep their “staged” Storage Wars show. Longmire has all the makings (proved) for a hit program. Suspense, drama, western themed, romance, character twists and more!!!! No reason this can’t be a long running program as long as the writers, actors and crew stay true to the formula. Thanks Netflix!!!!

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