TNT Cancels ‘Legends,’ ‘Public Morals’ and ‘Agent X’

Legends TNT cancelled
Courtesy of TNT

Following a slew of renewals, TNT has pulled the plug on “Legends,” “Public Morals” and Sharon Stone’s “Agent X,” Variety has learned.

Currently airing Monday nights on the Turner-owned cable network, “Legends” failed to bring in viewers this season despite having a strong lead-in from “Major Crimes.”

The action drama from “24” producer Howard Gordon and starred Sean Bean as an undercover FBI agent who was a master of disguise, premiered in August 2014. It was not much of a ratings force in its first season last year on Wednesdays, averaging a 0.32 rating in adults 18-49 and 1.53 million viewers overall in Nielsen’s “same-day” estimates.

The series was “completely re-imagined” for Season 2. But it fared even worse in its second season, averaging about 1 million viewers, including 267,000 adults 18-49 since its Nov. 2 premiere.

Period-set police drama “Public Morals,” which was created by and starring Edward Burns, debuted in August. All episodes were quickly released both online and on TNT in an attempt to encourage a binge-watching marathon over Labor Day weekend. Its high-watermark was its premiere episode, which saw about two million viewers.

“Agent X” never really got off the ground, averaging just 1.7 million viewers and about 440,000 adults 18-49 in its first six episodes, according to Nielsen’s “live plus 3” estimates.

“Legends” will wrap up its second season with the Dec. 28 finale, which will serve as the series ender. Similarly, “Agent X” will end its first and final run on Dec. 27.

Earlier on Tuesday, TNT renewed “The Librarians” and “Major Crimes,” in addition to confirming the Season 3 renewal for “Murder in the First.”

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  1. GOD OF WAR says:

    I’m sorry to see this. It’s really pathetic when you get into a show like this and Then it’s canceled. How stupid are they to put the legendary dc heros in one show and then cancel it. How about you cancel iorn fist. And supergirl. Why cancel the show that brings them all together. And you talk about viewers. You have more then enough viewers. Stop making judgment calls on the people who don’t even get on Netflix to watch shit. I watch this. And love it. Legends never die. And you’re willing to pull the plug. Thanks Netflix. Watch how I unsuscribe from
    Netflix and nothing changes. Because fuck views.

  2. wcd says:

    The name of the show needed changed, I put off watching it thinking it was another Xmen or adult man child show

  3. David Lyman says:

    You leave the Librarians on but take off Legends?? Thank God for Netflix, if they are smart, they will continue this new series. You in profit land expect things to happen too quickly. That is why Netflix – if they do not make the same mistakes as so many others like you have made – will grow and grow. I do not watch new shows now until the 2nd or 3rd year – to make sure you don’t pull it. Or I watch Netflix.

  4. Douglas says:

    How can you people make such a preposterous decision like that. I really love this series.

  5. Laura E. Allison says:

    I’m just now getting into Legends. I’ve viewed the other shows mentioned above and it doesn’t surprise me, especially Agent X. Sharon Stone is just unwatchable. Sean Bean and the cast are brilliant and the story line(s) are really interesting.

  6. Patricia Bastidas says:

    There’s things I don’t understand. Legeds is a good serie, but a bit slow and I think it’s only firme the cleaver people, the one who likes the true suspence. It’s a shame not to see Sean Bean more often; he is such a good actor.
    In GOT kill him, we only saw him one season. We need to see him in other serie for more time.

  7. EA says:

    Really? This is cancelled but utter sh!t like The Librarians is renewed??

  8. Ladi says:

    TNT Pls bring back this show. people do enjoyed it.. We waiting for season 3

  9. Jackie says:

    TNT I am really sick of how often you cancel good shows, I am about to just stop watching anything you present.

  10. A-MOBB says:

    Its a damm shame they pulled the plug on legends. Cancel major crimes, nobody wants to see a bunch of old farts in cheap suits playing detectives.

  11. Pam says:

    I think anyone who watched Season 1 was a bit lost at the beginning of Season 2. But if you stuck with it through 2 or 3 shows, the plot line developed very well and you’d be hooked all over again. Very thoughtful, well acted on all fronts (Kudos to Winter Ave Zoli), well written, not catered to a 12 year old. Very sad to see that TNT couldn’t give it another season.

  12. Judith says:

    Paul, you know a lot. Legends was great and Sean Bean was excellent. I liked all the cast. I can’t imagine what TNT was thinking. LIke you said, I love your idea about tracing adventures… My whole family watch Legends and there is over 50 of us. Are ages are 14 years old to 78 years old. So there.

  13. paul says:

    Legends was great. Intelligent and engaging. Season 3 could have told the story from Martin’s working for an American Co in Iraq through his amnesia to then working for the US government. Tie in seasons 1 and 2. All without Martin ever leaving his Russian cell. It could have had a subplot of kate, her mother (both great characters) taking the lead and working with the Americans to find out where he was and working to get him out – all the while learning more about his past by mixing in episodes of Martin as a legend tracing his adventures up again to current day. There was so much to work with here is it a real shame to trashcan the whole thing. But what do I know…

  14. beefonweck1 says:

    Because America would rather watch Housewives or Bachelors or the same old reworked cop drama than something raw and intelligent and, God forbid, thought provoking. I really hope Netflix does consider this one, too…

    • Tina says:

      That would be great if Netflix took it over and air exclusively with them. I missed this and wondered why the new season hasn’t started yet. Can’t believe they pulled the plug on such great plot. You really need to use your brain to understand it which I love. It seems today if it’s now like Law & Order SVU then they won’t even show it. I do love SVU but it’s not The same without Stabler and there’s nothing wrong with a little variety

  15. Trace says:

    I loved Legends- very well acted and written!!!!!

  16. doyle says:

    I liked legends and I wish it had not been cancelled . where do these people get their infor

  17. Proud Neanderthal says:

    It’s hard to believe the decisions these networks make. Legends was brilliant, and after watching the season finale tonight I was looking forward to seeing where they picked it up next year. Major Crimes, which they seem to think is so wonderful, has been a complete dud since Kyra Sedgwick left. I can’t imagine anyone voluntarily watching it.

    A&E dropped Longmire a year ago, and Netflix picked it up this year to great acclaim, and has renewed it for yet another season. It’s probably too much to hope for a similar salvation for Legends. Very sad.

  18. Louise says:

    Legends is a great show and should be renewed it is. Dry well done and of course seaman Bean is the greatest!!!

  19. Scott says:

    Sad to hear Legends and AgentX have been cancelled. Only real shows on TNT that I still like. Major Crimes has gotten stale and really not on my top list of shows. At least I eliminate one channel from my watch list.

  20. Gary Gee says:

    I give credit to TNT for at least trying something edgy and different. Too bad Agent X and Legends couldn’t find an audience. I guess TNT will stick to dumb formulaic buddy cop shows since it seems to be the only thing for the most part that seems to work for them.

  21. Lisa says:

    Keep Agent X. It’s a great show I look forward to seeing what comes next. I love the twist on the behind the scenes with Absent X and the VP. Great show idea. Please save it. It deserves another season.

  22. cj says:

    Who makes such tragic decisions? People who do not like quality TV, I guess.
    They are canceling some very good shows; shows for people that like to think a little and enjoy when original story lines are offered. TNT: stop cancelling above average television shows. Soon, the only quality will be the older reruns.

  23. Stephen says:

    Did not know Covert Affairs was also cancelled. Keep cancelling all the really good shows like Legends and Covert Affairs and keep replacing them with pure crap. More time for me to listen to some great Jazz and other good music.

  24. Just read that Agent X was cancelled. Enjoyed the series, wish TNT would change their mind. Never really gave it a chance.

  25. I just read this and its such a shame, I was just getting used to Agent X and although I haven’t seen Season 2 of Legends yet, both shows seemed promising, the only good shows left for me are The Last Ship, The 100 and Suits :( I am curious do the Nielson ratings take into account downloadable episodes e.g from iTunes etc, if they don’t we may loose more and more great shows.

  26. gabrielle says:

    I am sad about Agent X. I thought it was an interesting premise and I was really enjoying it. I found Jeff easy to watch and quite believeable but apparently that was just a few people. There was a lot of negative commenting on the imdb boards. I wish people would just comment on shows they like and not bash shows they dont. The world woould be better off without so much negativity.

  27. Jim Greulich says:

    Yeah same here! Thought it was one of the best and unique shows on TV, and certainly, shooting a lot of season 2 in beautiful Prague didn’t hurt as that is one of my favorite cities in the world. There simply are not a lot of US-based shows left that have international locale plots/shooting… that and the spy-aspect were huge draws for me but now I’ve lost both Legends & Covert Affairs in back to back years. There’s still a ton of great shows on TV, mainly on the cable networks… like Walking Dead, The Last Ship, The Strain, Suits, The Americans, etc, but it always hurts to lose a current top-10.

    But alas, I am glad I saw this article because it’s going to save me some time since I now don’t need to watch the 4-5 episodes of Agent X that are on my DVR!

  28. KB says:

    Oh man ! I loved Legends. I caught season one on Netflix and was hooked. Figures, I get into yet another show and it gets cancelled. No fair !

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