‘Last Week Tonight’: ‘At No Point’ Was Donald Trump Invited to Appear

Last Week Tonight Donald Trump
HBO/Rex Shuttershock

John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” and Donald Trump have found themselves and in a back-and-forth.

After Oliver said Friday that he has no interest in having the Republican presidential candidate on his HBO show, Trump fired back on Saturday, claiming that “Last Week Tonight” did in fact call and ask him to be on the show.

“John Oliver had his people call to ask me to be on his very boring and low rated show,” he wrote. “I said ‘NO THANKS’ Waste of time & energy!”

“Last Week Tonight,” however, wouldn’t let Trump have the last word. On Sunday, the show wrote on its Twitter account, “At no point did we invite Donald Trump,” linking to Trump’s tweet.

The debacle started when Oliver said on “CBS This Morning” on Friday that he doesn’t “really care about him in any capacity,” speaking about Trump. Oliver maintained that Trump “said everything he has to say.”

Oliver has yet to interview any 2016 presidential candidate on his show.

This is hardly the first smackdown Trump has had with the media. Trump announced a boycott of Fox News in September, claiming the network had treated him “unfairly,” only to end it five days later with an interview with Bill O’Reilly.

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  1. Karamatsu Girl says:

    I love John Oliver.

  2. joseph marshall says:

    You dopes actually believe anything Trump says? Did Ben Carson do surgey on you? Yeah , ever read the latest book by Trump? You’llnever get past chapter 11!

  3. Ken says:

    This isn’t a scandal, it’s just a loud misunderstanding. Trump said that “someone from John Oliver’s show” (not John Oliver himself) contacted him to see if he’d accept an invitation if they extended it. They need to know that for planning purposes. Later, they decided not to extend an invitation in favor of other stuff they wanted on the show. John Oliver himself never invited Trump. In fact, John Oliver probably doesn’t invite anyone, it’s someone else’s job.

    Someone from the show contacted Trump, but Oliver never invited him. Both statements are true. Trump mistook an exploratory question for an invitation.

  4. Patti says:

    Good reason to dump HBO. AND OLIVER.

  5. Carol says:

    Gee, you mean Donald Trump–who four years ago said he had investigators in Hawaii who couldn’t believe all the stuff they were finding out on Obama, and still can’t come up with a story to explain what that was–is lying?


    Next you’ll tell me water is wet.

  6. jjjackson says:

    Maybe the Donald will feel sorry for Oliver and give him the money to get his teeth fixed and cleaned.

    • Mary says:

      Maybe Oliver will feel sorry for Trump and give him money to get a decent haircut and a fake tanner that doesn’t make him look like a rotting jack-o-lantern.

  7. Pointman #1 says:

    Look at the smirk on John Oliver’s face and you’ll see he’s a very jealous man. While Trump is with a beuatiful lady, riding around in a Boeing Jet, Oliver is buying a First Class airline ticket he can hardly afford to pay for.

    • Mary says:

      Considering Oliver’s wife is about a million times more beautiful than Melania, I sincerely doubt that.

    • He is married, to a beautiful woman and hes actually quite wealthy quite successful most people are not so shallow that we judge others partners by their looks, or get jealous over such shallow things John Oliver would hardly be jealous of Trumps wife as he is happily married to a woman he loves. Get over it you cant tell anything about a person based on their expression in a single photo. It says nothing except what they looked like in that instance, No John Oliver isnt a jealous man he simply doesnt care about Trump and his comedy show doesnt need Trump to appear on it. No they didnt invite him , Trump made the claim and John corrected that, thats not jealousy thats showing how out of touch with reality Trump really is.

  8. matt schmidt says:

    I call bs on Oliver. As if a booker for Late Night Television wouldn’t reach out and try to book Trump? This doesn’t pass the smell test given, no matter what you think of him and his politics, Trump’s demonstrable ratings success for every single platform he’s been on.

    • Joe says:

      You’ve obviously not watched his show. He doesn’t have guests, Matt.

      • D. J. says:

        It is also quite possibly that they never invited Trump. Yes. a booker from later night television could reach out and book Trump, not this one though. John never invites guests on his show which is evidence enough. Why would they change their show format for Trump, a person who no one actually believes will be the nominee? Also, he has obviously checked with his booker and the answer is “No”. The Donald just plain lied again. Accept that and move on. It makes no sense to throw hate at someone because they corrected the record. It makes Trump supporters look as petty as the man.

  9. KW Hughey says:

    Never hurts to state the obvious—who gives a shit!

  10. Ed says:

    This is as bogus as an IMDB rating…

  11. Bill B. says:

    I gotta admit that having him as President would be a laugh riot. If only he weren’t so embarrassing to the US and dangerous to world peace.

  12. LiberalSmackDown says:

    Oliver is a no name with no name ratings.
    Trump’s Huge ratings follow him everywhere.
    Trump doing a show for him would be a charity donation, and tax write off.
    No welfare for Oliver.

  13. Trump is so stupid. He doesn’t even know the show format.

  14. Alex says:

    Oliver better hope Trumps people don’t produce an e-mail or something that can prove him wrong. Trump or one of his staff may have gotten an invite that Oliver knew nothing about.

    • DarkD says:

      He probably is remembering it wrong. He probably got an invite from one of the other comedy news shows and turned that one down. There are quite a few of them these days you know. Donald isn’t really known for his good memory…

      • D. J. says:

        They don’t have guests on his show, period. Donald is lying. I can’t believe so many people are making excuses for him here. His memory? If his memory is that bad, and he doesn’t know how to manage a staff that can fact check for him about his own invites and appearances, but instead would rather pick a public fight with someone based on his faulty memory and facts, then he shouldn’t be president.

    • Michele says:

      Like trumps people found President Obama “real” birth certificate? I don’t think John Oliver and his people are to concerned with Trump finding anything! lol

  15. MG says:

    Never heard of John Oliver. Why is this even a story?

    • you really can’t blame this guy. we all know comedy has a well known liberal bias.

    • Kerry Day says:

      Guess you don’t subscribe to HBO. John Oliver is a comedian and he has hosted a popular and well received humorous news show for about 18 months. Why is this a story? Well, Trump making up bullsh*t and lashing out at “losers” who hurt his precious widdle feelings certainly isn’t news. If it were, there would not be time time for any other stories. I think the show’s clever retort and calling out a Trump-lie is a pretty amusing story.

    • John Posing says:

      Who’s to blame for your ignorance?

    • fastmovingcloud says:

      How’s life in the bubble? If you’ve never heard of John Oliver, you must be in the ‘extra insular’ section.

      • Michael, let us know when you make it on to the Daily Show and then get your own gig on HBO. Sorry, when you get a big boy job and can afford cable tv maybe you could watch it.

      • John Oliver is a talentless nobody who was given a favor by being rejected by Trump. Probably a publicity stunt to let everyone who isn’t living in his Mom’s basement know about his show. He’s a hack.

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