Lady Gaga to Star in ‘American Horror Story’ Season 5

Fresh off her show-stealing turn at the Academy Awards, Lady Gaga has inked a deal for her next project: starring in the upcoming fifth season of “American Horror Story.”

The hit FX anthology series from executive producer Ryan Murphy marks the superstar’s first major TV gig.

No details about Gaga’s character have been disclosed, but she did reveal the title — and therefore, theme — of Season 5 in her announcement: “Hotel.”

Murphy has had a long string of successes in luring top talent to the series, including Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates and Michael Chiklis. “It always just comes down to pure fandom with me,” he has told Variety. “I just speak from the heart about why I love them.”

Murphy has revealed that clues about the fifth season’s theme have been scattered throughout the fourth season, and that the previous four seasons are somehow connected.

The fourth installment of the franchise, “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” broke ratings records, with the premiere setting a marker for the most-watched telecast in FX history.

Season 5 will premiere this October.

“AHS” was created by Murphy and Brad Falchuk and is produced by 20th Century Fox Television.

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  1. thomasoutt says:

    Her Imperial Highness, #PrincessMelitaBonaparte, will glady accept starring roles in any blood-related film franchise or television series that is well written & lasts for 5 seasons! She is the #MostBeautifulWomanintheWorld! Princess Melita Bonaparte loves you, even if she does not know you!

  2. Gary Freeman says:

    I think Lady Gaga will be great. I didn’t care for her for a long time and maybe the media is partially to blame. Seeing her come off the Awards in the last couple months I think she is a very talented singer that should consider other avenues of entertainment besides pop music.

  3. so-different? says:

    Lady gaga is amazingly talented as a singer, go see her and it would be impossible to be disappointed, especially if you have knowledge of how many artists ACTUALLY sound.
    Based on her small role in machete kills she has more talent as an actor than half of the ahs family including Sidibe, Chiklis and Emma Roberts to name a few.
    There is some kind of horrible ignorance here in the comments and to me it’s pathetic to act like you know what you’re talking about when you clearly haven’t taken any time to educate yourself on Stefani herself, but it’s even worse to assume you know how her performance will be.

  4. NormandyWells says:

    Not gonna watch now. Singers cant just act. Its disrespectful to assume it’s easy. Besides, LAST season was the Freakshow!

  5. Reblogged this on HORROR BOOM and commented:
    She’s going to be a lead, but there have been no announcements yet about Lady Gaga playing THE lead. Remember, it’s an ensemble show. We’re more curious about the “Hotel” theme, and how all the top hats Ryan Murphy told us were hints fit in… more to come!

  6. Jordan N. says:

    So much for this season of AHS getting any better and making up for the last two. Looks like the show will continue its decline into Glee territory.

  7. what a joke says:

    IS she going to be wearing her dishwashing gloves? the part of the housekeeper perhaps?

  8. Jennifer Lee says:

    WTF? Seriously?

    This second rate no talent hack in AHS? If so I’m DONE!

    All she is nothing but, a cheap rip off of Madonna while trying to act like Amy Lee and other actually talented Goth Artists. I’m insulted she exists for these very simple facts.

    Her singing is awful, her stage performance is a joke. She’s nothing more than a gothed of version of miley cyrus twerking.

    And let’s not even discuss her looks. Talk about boring. She’s just the newest “shock value” without anything of value, except ridiculous copycatting.

    At least the other “shock value” artists were more original.

    Like I said, if she’s in I’m DONE! Its an insult to try and force her and her ridiculous bs down our throats.

    NO chances to talentless hacks.

    • Sylvia says:

      You’re obviously obsessed with Gaga and a dimwit on top of that. Take your simplistic put down trash and stuff it. Don’t watch and please don’t comment because no one gives a rat’s ass what you think.

      • NormandyWells says:

        Sylvia, a lot of us won’t watch now. Ryan Murphy is obsessed with female singers so he just throws them in,. The show is crap now. The ratings have steadily fallen. Gaga can sing, but it is the height of arrogance to think it’s easy to act. She will be mocked and reviled and hated because of this. Now mind you manners, you sily tit.

    • Icona Tae says:

      Lady Gaga is talentless? Lmao you’re so delusional.

  9. richard says:

    Her autobiography of course.

    Raunchy stripper to music phenom……….living the American Dream, no doubt.

  10. Richard L says:

    She was terrible at the grammys, the nostalgia for the songs is why people loved it and the fact that they were surprised she wasn’t acting like a freak for attention, The actual performance was amateur. Queen Elizabeth called and said it ‘warms her heart’ that Lady gaga would impersonate her.
    Keep her off my TV, she’s a mediocre talent.

  11. Petra says:

    Guess she’s gotta do something now that her music career is dead. That $23 million Malibu mansion isn’t gonna pay for itself.

    • Matt says:

      You’re joking, right? Did you not see her on the Oscars?

      • NormandyWells says:

        yes, we saw her and she was ok. But a pop singer singing broadway tunes didn’t make sense to the educated. She is desperately trying to reinvent herself since she peaked musically-its kind of sad..

  12. Reblogged this on I'm a Lady Butterfly and commented:
    Lady Gaga dans “American Horror Story” (saison 5)

  13. Chris says:

    I will not be watching this season… Thanks for turning off a fan of the series!

  14. Sylvia says:

    Great news! Love Lady Gaga and can’t wait to see her collaboration with Ryan Murphy. AMERICAN HORROR STORY never ceases to amaze me.

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