Katie Couric Pitching Morning-News Comedy Series with Michelle Pfeiffer (EXCLUSIVE)

Michelle Pfeiffer Katie Couric
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'Murphy Brown' creator Diane English attached as well to write, produce

Cable channels and streaming services may not be in the morning TV news business, but they’re considering entry in the form of a fictional comedy series set in that world.

That’s the premise of a hot pitch making the rounds this week at HBO, Showtime, AMC, Netflix and Amazon that would star Michelle Pfeiffer as an anchor not unlike the one once played in real life by Katie Couric, the “Today” veteran who is attached to the project as an executive producer.

The series would be a comedic look behind-the-scenes of a morning news show. Though storylines aren’t drawn directly from Couric’s experiences, she is expected to ensure the series strikes realistic notes.

A source familiar with the pitch said both Pfeiffer and Couric are pitching along with the show’s creator, Diane English, who is no stranger to fictionalized versions of TV news operations having created the CBS series “Murphy Brown,” which starred Candice Bergen as a news anchor from 1988-1998.

Also attached as executive producers are Eric and Kim Tannenbaum, who are coming off “Two and a Half Men.” Though they are under an overall deal at CBS TV Prods., they’ve been given permission to produce this series without the studio.

The project would mark the first starring role in a TV series for Pfeiffer, an Oscar-nominated actress who has as impressive a film role resume as there is but hasn’t worked on screen much in recent years.

Guymon Casady and Suzan Bymel of Television 360, the TV arm of Management 360 (which reps Pfeiffer), would also be executive producers on the show.

English has also been pretty low profile since “Murphy Brown” left the air, save for a screenplay credit on the 2008 film “The Women.” She is attached as writer, producer and showrunner.

While Couric hasn’t been a mainstay of morning news since her 15-year run on “Today,” she is currently serving as global news anchor for Yahoo.

“Murphy Brown” is hardly the last primetime series inspired by the TV news business. HBO recently completed a three-season run of Aaron Sorkin’s “Newsroom.” Lifetime is developing a TV movie based on “Top of the Morning,” a book about the real-life battles between broadcast morning shows written by CNN’s Brian Stelter.


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  1. srvwp2013 says:

    Puhl-lease! When are we going to rid ourselves of the witches, hags, shrews, harridans, nags and Lady MacBeths such as the likes of Katie Couric!? Don’t “these people” have somewhere to go where they die.

  2. Kate says:

    Not sure when Variety became the go to publication for the Breitbart crowd??? Are these paid trolls who are commenting such vitriol aimed at Couric’s political leanings?? Feels like a coordinated effort by people who DO NOT work in Hollywood.

  3. bob wire says:

    Here’s one right from Katie’s playbook—while her News Networks reporter, Lara Logan was getting raped in Egypt, Katie, head of News and Managing Editor at CBS was frolicking with her boy toy on Miami Beach..surely Katie can find some laughs from her “encounter” with boytoy into her new show,,,this fraud of a woman and human being just wont go away will she? Now over at Yahoo news turning Yahoo into the most left sided web side out there…horrible person.

  4. comeblowyourhornNancy says:

    I would not watch anything Couric is involved in. Overpaid over rated she is distasteful to me !!!

  5. WhatsLeft says:

    As if her journalistic “credentials weren’t already humorous enough!

  6. desert says:

    The ignorant broad has ALWAYS been a comedy series!

  7. wi_hoosier says:

    Must be a biopic on her career. What a joke she is.

    • Andy Toutant says:

      And what do you do with your life? Comment about people who have accomplished something on a website forum? Way to go wi_hoosier, you’re an inspiration to us all and surely more accomplished than Katie Couric or Michelle Phiffer

  8. Florida Jim says:

    That was her reading of the news and favoring one viewpoint. She is a multi-millionaire with no more sense than John Kerry or Joe Biden or most democrats for that matter.

  9. Jared says:

    I would like to see this happen.

  10. rob says:

    She is the Hillary of the news media darlings

  11. John Dendy says:

    I thought all of her previous jobs were comedy routines? Surely no one took the idiot seriously?

  12. Rich The Engineer says:

    Or perhaps, “Today”?

  13. Rich The Engineer says:

    What’s she going to call it, “NBC Nightly News”?

  14. Selena says:

    She pranked James Corden yesterday in what could have been a funny bit, but it wasn’t, Katie has no comedic timing and her voice is grating. Much too soon she started to beller, “james, up here. April fools, April fools.” No one laughed. Fell flat. She just is grating, not the least bit funny. This will be a waste of time and money.

  15. Brian says:

    America won’t know whether to laugh or cry, if it’s as selective and cherry-picked as her reporting.

  16. Triple A says:

    And this would be different from her normal reporting… After all watching her baall lapping reporting on The Obama has been pretty comical already…

  17. jackdeth72 says:


    Haven’t the earlier toned down efforts of ‘Murphy Brown’ and ‘The Mary Tytler Moore Show’ already been done?

    Let’s see. An early morning liberal news show populated with those who haven’t the desire to venture outside their pampered and contained limousine liberal bubble. Associated with absolute zenith of modern, pampered limousine liberalism and her harem of like minded writers, producers, directors and staff?

    Yeah… I can see that going over like a lead balloon in Middle America flyover states. And tanking well within its first season!

    • Rich The Engineer says:

      This idea is DOA. Even less watched than PMSLSD (MSNBC), NBCU’s outlet for insane leftists.

  18. Pat says:

    Katie Couric/comedy/better be dead pan!

  19. Her time as a cbs anchor was hilarious,don’t know if she can top that.

  20. Yukiko says:

    She could call it The Nightly News with Katie Couric. Never mind she already ran that concept into the dirt.

  21. Allie F. says:

    Katie Couric is a joke, for sure. But certainly not funny nor worth the effort. Why do the networks keep pushing this bimbo?

  22. deimos says:

    the perky one has been a joke for years an a not funny one at that. i already know where the arrows will be aimed, evil republicans, hateful Christians, left wing hacks and democrats are doing the right thing. Toss in the sassy black woman, a homosexual man that is kind and funny, plus a older stern mean white man and you have the cast. no thank you I would rather staple my face to the carpet.

    • bob wire says:

      Ah yes, the always obligatory usual suspects cast of characters—dumb white males, smart black women, only good men are the gay ones, and to keep it up to date, throw in a Muslim whose side job is doing stand up. I have no idea what world these people live in, because its not the one the rest of us are in. Maybe Oprahs Harpo studio was close—but the majority of the producers there were White women, and Gay (only) white and black men, working as production assistants, designers, and camera/sound folks.

      White Christian Middle Class male?—-dead to these people.

    • Patti says:

      I’ll guarantee you are correct, simply because of the following statement:

      “‘Murphy Brown’ creator Diane English attached as well to write, produce.”

      The “Murphy Brown” TV series was a pioneer in cheap shot attacks against Republicans and conservatives. I sure this leftist slime will continue with that quaint progressive tradition.

  23. sicilianpapa says:

    I watched the original comedy series. It featured left wing Katie as an objective journalist. It wasn’t funny or believable.

  24. Bruce Dull says:

    Kati is a left wing hack who torpedoed McCain and Palin, while at the same time, giving preferential treatment to Barry and Plugs by giving them their questions ahead of time, then editing then to make them look good. McCain and Paylin were asked questions not on the list then edited their responses for the worst possible effect. She makes 120mil to sit and read on TV in her 4 million dollar office. She was just a disingenuous hack. Doing a comody show is not going to work because even though she was a cute joke in journalism, she isn’t fully at all.

  25. Macd says:

    I don’t understand all the hatred for Katie Couric. Would someone please explain to me what she has done to merit such vicious condemnation? I have also missed Michelle Pfeiffer’s absence from recent movies. (So what if she’s now 56? That’s no reason to send her to a career graveyard. I just saw the glorious Jacqueline Bisset in her new movie, “Welcome to New York”, on V.O.D. Ms. Bisset is 70, and is still the most beautiful woman in the world, and her talents as an actress are at their peak. She truly gives the finest performance of her career–more than worthy of an Oscar, I should also add that Ms. Bisset’s beauty is unblemished by cosmetic surgery, which she finds appalling).

    A TV sitcom starring Michelle Pfeiffer from the creator of “Murphy Brown”? I, for one, can’t wait!

    • wi_hoosier says:

      Let’s start with her arrogant snobbish biased comments:

      – “this great unwashed middle of the country” when speaking about being on tour of the midwest.

      – “It’s ridiculous. I had to take out a loan to fill up my minivan. It’s crazy.” she has no idea what real american’s have to deal with when it comes to budgeting finances. she made $15,000,000 per year when she made this comment.

      – “Do you think that somehow, this, your rescue was, was manipulated by the government in order to, sort of, gin up support for this war?” on exploiting Private Jessica Lynch.

      – “And finally President Carter, you are now considered one of the world’s foremost statesmen. You’ve been called the best ex-President this country has ever had. Your reputation has been bolstered tremendously since you left office. How does that make you feel?” No explanation needed on this liberal bias stupidity

      – “I wonder who she blew this time to get it.” When Diane beat Katie on an interview with a 57-year-old woman who’d given birth to twins, Katie mused aloud, to an unidentified person who heard the comment.

    • John Dendy says:

      So sorry for you. I guess you are a true liberal fool.

    • Allie F. says:

      Stupid is as stupid does. The woman is an idiot with ZERO credibility.

  26. kestrel27 says:

    The perky Katie Couric “Pitches” morning News comedy??? Hell, her “News” always has been comedy, dutifully dedicated to all things DEMOCRAT, but it’s never really been funny!

    • sicilianpapa says:

      Couric, like most in the corrupt, left wing, so-called objective media, is a left wing hack who pretends to be an objective observer of the political scene. I don’t have a problem with opinion people on the left but I have a huge problem with left wing hacks who pretend to be objective journalists.

  27. Sumner says:

    “Though storylines aren’t drawn directly from Couric’s experiences, she is expected to ensure the series strikes realistic notes.”


    Whats the lede? Her live-boadcast colonoscopy? or her destroying a network?

  28. Jun says:

    I’d love to see Michelle Pfeiffer in a tv show and Murphy Brown was hysterical, so I have a lot of faith in Diane English. Hope this gets made.

  29. Pouncekitty says:

    How appropriate. A nitwit pretending to be a journalist is really just a comedian. Welcome to Liberal political life.

  30. If it’s based on her career, it should be hilarious. If not, then not so much.

  31. emi says:

    She’s perky!

  32. hatie katie has always been more of a Hollywood wannabee than a journalist ….also, michelle Pfeiffer is pushing 60 yrs old…..most morning news’ women are 40 or younger…..

    when Couric’s tv show flops after six weeks, she’ll be selling costume jewelry on HSN.

  33. Couric’s a clown so a comedy show makes sense.

  34. Jasmine Talbot says:

    Two has-beens – nothing funny here. A script featuring Couric’s journalistic accomplishments would have to be fiction. She’s an All-American girl just like Eva Braun.

  35. B Da Truth says:

    Couric already had a comedy show, it was called ABC news.

  36. Brian Williams says:

    Will it be a complication of her “work” as a “journalist”?

    If so, it’s bound to be a hit.

  37. wtf says:

    A little late in the day to be playing April Fool’s Day jokes on people, don’t you think ‘Variety’?

  38. Ex XC says:

    Please make it stop. I’d rather watch re-runs of ‘I Love Lucy’ or even ‘Matlock’.

  39. mjnbell says:

    Yeah – whenever I think of right on, edgy comedy – I think perky Katie Couric and Michelle Pfeiffer

  40. tom says:

    I always felt that most things that came out of Katie’s mouth was comedy. I would watch the two rolling around nude in an oil filled pool.

    • wtf says:

      I would watch Michelle P. alone and nude in that oil filled pool but if Katie is there I will pass, thanks anyway.

  41. iambicpentamaster says:

    Two very unfunny people.

    What could go wrong?

  42. denno says:

    what are they going to call it? the golden girls?

  43. Jusssayyin says:

    This ought to be “great” (yawn)…Couric has always been pretty laughable as a “journalist”…

  44. Harvey da Groper says:

    Pfeiffer is a knockout.

    Katie is, um , did I mention Pfeiffer is a knockout?

  45. Jeff says:

    Coming from a world renown Yahoo Global news Anchor to being a Comedy Executive Producer?…Katie’s multi talented…Wow just Wow!!

  46. jddrouin says:

    May as well, Ms. Couric’s ‘concept’ of the “news” was always a joke on every level in any event.

  47. John Credico says:

    Seems natural … I always thought Katie Couric was a joke.

  48. Miffy says:

    Sounds like a joke to me. If Michelle Pfeiffer decides to do a TV series, it won’t be with that one-hit wonder Diane English. She hasn’t written anything funny since the first Bush administration.

  49. thrstr says:

    should be HILARIOUS, seriously, someone will watch this crap??

  50. NHBill says:

    Sooo 20th Century

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