Comedy Central to Cut Paul Walker Jokes From Justin Bieber Roast Broadcast

Justin Bieber Roast Paul Walker Jokes
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Comedy Central will be removing several jokes made in reference to the death of Paul Walker at the Roast of Justin Bieber, a representative for the network has confirmed.

“Roasts often push the limits of good taste and we give the participants full reign to try things knowing we have the edit to shape the show,” said a Comedy Central rep in a statement. “Sometimes the line is discovered by crossing it. The Paul Walker references will not be in the telecast.”

During the taping on Saturday, there were plenty of controversial jokes — ranging in topics from Bill Cosby to ISIS — but several mentioning Walker didn’t land, eliciting groans instead of laughs from the audience. Ludacris, one of Walker’s “Fast & Furious” co-stars, was one of the roasters. The rapper did not seem to appreciate the jokes, making a “cut” motion after one during the taping.

“‘Move bitch, get out of the way!’ is what Paul Walker should’ve told that tree,” roast veteran Jeff Ross said during his set, referencing Ludacris’ hit song “Move Bitch.” “Too soon? Too fast? Too furious?”

“Just this past year, Justin got arrested for drag racing,” said “Saturday Night Live” star and roaster Pete Davidson. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t with Paul Walker. What? He’s doing great! He’s got a movie coming out!”

Even Bieber opposed to references to Walker. After the show, when asked if there was any joke that went too far, the pop star said he “didn’t particularly like the Paul Walker jokes.”

Walker died last year in a car accident. The actor’s “Furious 7” will hit theaters April 3, and premiered last night at SXSW.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported the news.

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  1. Dillon mcbride says:

    Didn’t Paul Walker get roasted on 11/30/13?

  2. Idiots says:

    Hey assholes, if you dont find the jokes funny, how about you skip watching the roast, and spare us your whining.

  3. WTF says:

    Pete Davidson made a joke about his own dad dying in 9/11. So fuck Paul Walker and his pussy fans that cant take a joke.

  4. GaelTDF says:

    What u are a crazy person really airing the Paul Walker “jokes” that is basically the equivalent of insulting them it’s good that they didn’t air them

  5. boohoo says:

    I love the self-righteous people in the comments saying these aren’t jokes, or they weren’t funny. Just because you didn’t personally find them funny, doesn’t mean NOBODY found them funny. Also, you can’t claim that they aren’t jokes, because that’s just inaccurate. Of course they’re jokes, don’t be so foolish. It’s clear when somebody is joking and when they aren’t. Again, just because YOU don’t find them funny, or find them to be in bad taste, doesn’t mean they are not jokes. You do not get to dictate what comedy is/isn’t, what jokes people should tell, or what is funny to everyone, sorry. There have been plenty of jokes about injured/dead people, probably for as long as people have been able to communicate. Just because something crosses YOUR line, doesn’t mean it should be banned/censored, because it’s only a matter of time before whatever it is that you do find humor in, is being targeted by someone else for being “offensive, “not a joke”, “not funny”, or “crossing the line”.

    • Tara says:

      Im far from self rightious but damn- making jokes about Paul- so close to his death, watching his family and especially his daughter, grieve his loss, and the thousands of fans who enjoyed his movies, and knowing the outside interests he had outside of hollywood- the sharks, surfing, his daughter, his charity- no there are lines that shouldnt be crossed- to call this lacking in good taste is a gross understatement. If someone made a comment about my mom, I would want to make it so they couldnt talk again- maybe a wired jaw? Get some class- with so many minor things to make fun of, the death of Paul and Roger are just one of many things that shouldnt be included in this type of crap.

  6. password says:

    Live by the sword die by the sword. That’s what Walker did. How many teenage kids have died as a direct result of 7 Fast/Furious movies?

    • vinny says:

      “How many teenage kids have died as a direct result of 7 Fast/Furious movies?”

      Really? I’ve watched every fast and furious and I’m still here. Just because someone sees a movie and decides to act like a jackass behind a wheel is their prerogative. Don’t blame a movie for someone dying based on their own actions, Paul walker didnt hold a gun to these kids heads to drag race down their streets.

      Thats like saying “Do you know how many people have blown up a hospital because Joker did in the Dark Knight?”

      The answer is none because people make their own decisions

  7. jamie says:

    Well obviously it’s because luda is close with Paul. Also the fast and furious 7 was just released so emotions are high. Plus I’m sure no one liked the 9/11 jokes. Sometimes these ppl go to far for a laugh, the jokes weren’t funny end of story.

  8. A joke about a guy who died in a car crash isn’t okay. But jokes about 9/11, gays, lesbians, the Chris Beniot murder-suicide, racial jokes are. Yeah, okay. Get off your high Ludacris.

  9. Donny S says:

    Jeff Ross and Ralphie May were never that funny. They got some laughs during roasts, and have built up their careers around it. But they defend this garbage saying “that’s what roasts are about”.

    No, they aren’t. Roasts were about the people in the chair. At least until a few years ago where it became “the thing” to attack people that weren’t even in the building, let alone those that are dead and can’t even defend themselves later.

    That’s why roasts anymore are a long running bad joke during an event where bad jokes are the norm. Bad jokes during a bad joke are not good jokes. Just like two lefts don’t make a right. They make a backwards.

    I’m just glad I never have to worry about hearing about Jeff Ross and Ralphie May outside of roasts. They (both those 2 idiots and roasts in general) quit being humorous years ago.

  10. Now if they would just cut justin beiber from the roast… ;)

  11. Let me guess, Comedy Central… Jokes about angry fundamentalist Muslims who shoot and kill people everyday and who have posted videos beheading innocents are okay…. But God forbid someone make a joke about an action movie actor who died in a car crash.


  12. Nemo says:

    Bad taste??? Jesus, it’s a roast, who gives a crap? Apparently a lot of people. Imo, at a roast people should be free to joke about what they want and not be confined by what’s ‘in good class’ as far as humor goes. It. Was. A. Joke. And so were the 9/11 and racist jokes. I thought they were funny. So does that make me an ‘unclassy’ person? We were promised the roast would be relentless and it was. I personally think they should have aired the Paul Walker jokes, but that’s just me.

    • Moo says:

      Actually, yes, that most definitely makes you an “unclassy” and tasteless person. That shit’s not funny to anyone who has morals. Hell, even Justin Bieber finds them tasteless. Even ignoring that, though, this isn’t what a roast is supposed to be like. Roasts are supposed to be classy and tasteful. Roasts are supposed to be events where friends are able to crack jokes about someone they really respect and just have a good time. Comedy Central is just taking any controversial celebrity they can get that no one respects so they can get cheap laughs.

  13. velvet Castanon says:

    Thank you comedy central for having the class to know what’s funny and what’s not..

  14. Robert says:

    It’s called gallows humor and it is funny. When I was in the army we would constantly prop up corpses and put them in funny positions.

  15. kat says:

    Im SORRY death isn’t funny by no means talk about Justins hair, music, the way he dresses y be distasteful and bring up paul walker or anyone else thats not here to be able to laugh or not at a joke about them. Im glad they are taking that out and props to Justin by saying that he didnt like the walker jokes as well .Ive sern all. The Fast n Furious movies wth my son it was a tradition since he was 6 lol hes 22 and we are seeing it to finish our tradition luv the Fast n Furious Crew cant wait :)

  16. españa says:

    Do not go to see the movie, it’s a scam to get more money, they are rascals. universal ruin. not by going to make this the most successful farce . boicot universal !!!!!!

  17. Moe says:

    Unlike the gay/lesbian & Selena jokes made in reference to the Biebs the Paul Walker drag racing jokes are valid social commentary. Drag racing, like drunk driving, is a dangerous act that puts the lives of the participants & bystanders at grave risk. The jokes are uncomfortable because they highlight the pain & loss caused by reckless drag racing. It is valid to call Bieber to task for his drag racing. The jokes should be kept in especially since they make Bieber most uncomfortable. He should feel uncomfortable since he’s put people at risk. Ludacris shouldn’t be able to have it both ways, he can dish it out but can’t take it.
    LGBTQs aren’t too keen on the anti-gay jokes either.

  18. wjm980 says:

    And yet Ross’s joke about Pete Davidson’s father, a firefighter who died in the 9/11 attacks, is deemed fine. Talk about a double standard.

  19. Alan Stafford says:

    Funny jokes! I was laughing.

  20. charmonar says:

    You’re right. Those jokes are in poor taste and should have never been said. And you had no business printing them. You could have told this story 100 different ways without printing those jokes but you had to take to the gutter, just like the poor taste comedians you’re writing about. Reprehensible.

    • phinzup says:

      Printing them is *exactly* what a news source should do. A news source’s job is to present the news, not decide what is and isn’t tasteful or not. They gave the facts, including what was seen as controversial. The public are able to make up their mind about said facts because they have the whole story and not just a sanitized version meant to pander to those who don’t like seeing the dirty bits. Anything less than full disclosure is poor reporting.

    • Drake L.A. says:

      it sounds like you support censorship. if a comedian gets up on stage, delivers a bad Paul Walker joke and no one laughs, we should all be able to see it. and you’re taking it to the next level by saying a news publication shouldn’t even mention it. do you not trust that people can make up their own minds? i can think of a few regimes in world history that subscribed to your view.

      • charmonar says:

        I don’t believe I said the jokes shouldn’t be mentioned. In fact, if you read more carefully, I said they could have told this story 100 different ways “without printing those jokes.” My point is the story is about the jokes being in bad taste and almost everyone, if not everyone in attendance at the roast thinking as much. If that is the case, Variety should consider not reprinting them for the same reason Jeff Ross and Pete Davidson should have considered not saying them in the first place, because they are in bad taste and offensive to the friends and relatives of the deceased actor. That my friend is not censorship. That is common decency and respect.

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