Jennifer Lawrence, Diane Sawyer Talk ‘Hunger Games,’ Wage Gap

Jennifer Lawrence, Diane Sawyer Talk Hollywood
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Jennifer Lawrence spent the day with Diane Sawyer for an ABC News interview that covered the actress’ feelings about her career and her experiences with Hollywood’s gender wage gap.

Over the course of sharing Kentucky BBQ and archery lessons, the starlet further explained her essay that Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter last month, in which Lawrence said she blamed herself for not negotiating for more money in her contract for “American Hustle.”

“I felt like I had to say something. We need to talk about it,” Lawrence told Sawyer. “I would love to see change.”

Lawrence also revealed how she wants the entertainment industry to improve. “I would just hope that there’s no longer a separation or a difference of, ‘Oh it’s a female-driven movie,’ or, ‘Oh my God, it was a blockbuster, but it was led by a woman.'”

The interview also covered Lawrence’s writing collaboration with actress-comedian Amy Schumer. “We both are incredibly blunt and incredibly opinionated,” she said.

Lawrence also reflected on how this past year affected her personal and professional life.

“When I wrapped ‘The Hunger Games,’ I wrapped these movies that have been my life for so long and they had to come first in everything,” she said. “Being 24 was really like, ‘Who am I without these movies?'”

Watch the full interview below:

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  1. Stergios says:

    God, I love this girl so damn much. It’s incredible how she managed to conquer Hollywood and still stay clearly who she is outside of that suffocating lifestyle bubble it is. She’s such a breath of fresh air, always charming, relaxed, funny but most of all real. She really is a fantastic role model for every young child out there: stay true to who you are, no matter how successful or not you may become. Just take a look at the comments section here or in pretty much any post about her after she started breaking the one record after another. There will always be those voices of some pathetic, disturbingly insecure and jealous people. Why should she care? She didn’t seem to care about the almost uncontrollable praise for her when the first Hunger Games exploded on big screen turning her into a huge movie superstar and she obviously decided to follow the same path. Caring for example for someone calling her whiny or spoiled becaused she rightfully admitted she should have demanded what she was worth in American Hustle (how Jeremy Renner managed to get a bigger paycheck than her is just ridiculous), despite admitting fearlessly that she didn’t even need the money she got is just pointless. She paved the way for young actresses to hopefully being treated more equally towards their male co-stars. Watching an interview of hers during The Poker House or Winter’s Bone video or during the first Hunger Games and some new one proves how incredibly inspiring it is to come to terms with being who you are and let everyone have their own opinion, good or bad. You obviously won’t change anyone’s point of view easily, especially if it’s based on their own issues with themselves, so at least have fun with your life. I hope she’ll always keep that adorable smile on her face, God bless her.

  2. Lucy Gold says:

    Hey Jen, do us gals a favor and just shut the F up for a bit, Okay? Now, go sit down in your Beverly Hills mansion and get you mani-pedi while sipping your fresh-squeezed orange juice. We’ll keep thinking in our minds about how tough you have it, though, so don’t worry. Oh, and try to keep the nudie shots out of the public, it kind of makes all your “empowering” talk a bit daft.

  3. JuJU says:

    This chick whines more that Takei, and he used to hold the Guinness World Record for playing the victim.

  4. mountsalish says:

    Hey, Kim, Lawrence doesn’t have to explain a thing. The numbers do all the talking. At the time Passengers was negotiated the charming, affable Pratt claimed the #3 spot in the 2014 domestic box office. Sony put a $10 million price tag on him (plus another $2 mill if Jurassic did well). His shortcoming? He was a bit shy in acting cred.

    Lawrence on the other hand had plenty of acting cred that included three Oscar noms and a win. She also came in at #2 in the 2014 domestic box office and took #1 in 2013 and #3 in 2012.

    So if Pratt was worth $10 million to Passengers, Lawrence had to be worth $20 million.

    Any questions?

  5. john says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is fantastic. I hope she never changes.

    • Stergios says:

      I truly doubt she will. She came through an already incredibly successful career at the age of 25 and an extreme level of fame, mostly thanks to the global phenomenon Hunger Games has been and seems to have stayed a clearly unaffected, genuine, adorably spontaneous and delightful human being. The girl has such a long way to go and I sincerely hope she never changes or ever care about what anyone thinks of her.

    • Janice H says:

      Jennifer Lawrence is an ungrateful little whinebag who is completely self-absorbed.

  6. Kim says:

    how does whiny ass Lawrence explain the fact that she is getting $20 million for Passengers while her male co-star is only getting $12 million? I guess she is going to be lobbying to get him equal pay???

    • john says:

      To be fair, she has got an Oscar and two huge franchises while Chris Pratt has got the franchises and wasn’t really the draw in both (a Marvel property and Jurassic World)…

      • PS says:

        Ah, and Lawrence’ franchises are also a Marvel property (which was huge before her joining) and Hunger games, which most likely would have also been a hit with another blonde pretty girl in the lead (and features plenty of other big stars). Really to cry about a gender gap in a field like, the movie industries, where fees are negotiated based on what has happened previously in the artists career and the strength of whoever does the nagotiating for her, is a bit ridiculous.

      • Matthew says:

        And yet the professional victim Jennifer Lawrence is still complaining about everything under the sun from her mansion in Beverly Hills. She reminds me of one of those stereotypical actresses from the 1940s who orders her maids to make the rain stop so she can get some sun, and fires them if they fail to do so.

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