Inside Rosie O’Donnell’s Dramatic Exit From ‘The View’ (Exclusive)

'The View': Inside Rosie O'Donnell's Dramatic

When Rosie O’Donnell made her triumphant return to “The View” in September, she promised a calmer version of the host who previously fled the program in 2007 after a single season.

But O’Donnell’s unhappiness at “The View” led her to announce on Friday, via a story in the New York Post’s Page Six section, that she was exiting the show after five months. ABC executives agreed to release her early from a 11-month contract, estimated to be worth $5 million.

In a brief interview with “Entertainment Tonight” over the weekend, O’Donnell attributed her departure to a desire to focus on her family after divorcing with wife Michelle Rounds, whom she married in 2012, and whose first initial she tattooed on her wedding-ring finger. But insiders say that the end of her second marriage, which she candidly talked about with “The View’s” staff, isn’t the only reason she’s leaving.

O’Donnell, who has a reputation as a demanding and sometimes abrasive boss, didn’t feel like her strengths were being properly used by ABC, according to those close to the 52-year-old comedian. Compounding the problem were tensions with co-host Whoopi Goldberg and behind-the-scenes executive turmoil at “The View,” which recently shifted to management under ABC News.

In a pressure-filled environment, O’Donnell fell into some of the same traps that she faced the last time she was on “The View,” when she refused to wear a earpiece on camera and openly battled with then-exec producer Bill Geddie. On the other hand, she wasn’t able to catalyze the same buzz and ratings growth as she did before.

During her first stint on the show, O’Donnell had served as “The View’s” moderator, but that job now belongs to Goldberg. Insiders say this turned out to be a source of frustration for O’Donnell, as she felt Goldberg was dismissive of opposing viewpoints during some of the show’s key debates. For example, O’Donnell didn’t like what she saw as Goldberg’s refusal to let the co-hosts have a candid discussion about one of the most explosive topics of the past few months: the allegations of rape levied at Bill Cosby by more than two dozen women.

The working relationship between O’Donnell and Goldberg became even more strained as a result of the show’s morning meetings. “The View” staff typically congregated at 9 a.m. each day to brainstorm for the “Hot Topics” segment. O’Donnell didn’t think this gave them enough time to prepare for an 11 a.m. live show, so the meetings were moved to 8:30 a.m.

But the earlier time meant that Goldberg (who commutes into the city each morning from New Jersey) would sometimes arrive a few minutes late. This irked O’Donnell, who interpreted Goldberg’s occasional tardiness as a sign that she wasn’t committed to the job. The meetings eventually moved back to 9 a.m.

During her previous ’06-’07 tenure, which was certainly rocky, O’Donnell increased viewership and made the show relevant again. This year, “The View” has plummeted 9% in its target demo of women 25-54, sometimes even losing the demo race to CBS’ upstart rival, “The Talk.”

The disappointing numbers could be a result of O’Donnell’s different persona on “The View,” where she isn’t as political as the outspoken liberal who once used to trash George W. Bush’s policies and offer Sept. 11 conspiracy theories. The daytime TV star looked uncomfortable and tentative at the “Hot Topics” table this season, and recused herself from long stretches of conversation. ABC executives would often ask O’Donnell to look happier on air, a note that the comedian didn’t appreciate, according to sources.

While O’Donnell remains a skilled interviewer, it’s also clear that she isn’t as attuned to pop culture as she used to be. In 2011, she had a short-lived talk show on OWN and, by many accounts, drove her staff crazy by berating them and constantly changing the format — veering from light celebrity interviews to games with the audience.

But following a near fatal heart attack in 2012, O’Donnell has become even more serious about social issues. During “Hot Topics,” she’d often chime in to plug one of her favorite documentaries, and asked that the show book guests like “Vagina Monologues” writer Eve Ensler and the parents of Matthew Shepard.

These more hard-hitting segments didn’t rate with the daytime audience, which prefers light fare such as discussions about Justin Bieber, “Dancing With the Stars” and “The Bachelor” (a show that O’Donnell doesn’t watch).

Staffers say there weren’t as many backstage fights as there were during O’Donnell’s previous tenure on the show — which included the fallout from O’Donnell mocking Donald Trump’s hair, and creator-exec producer Barbara Walters getting caught in that public feud, as well as a spectacular shouting match with ex-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on her final day. But the off-stage interactions between O’Donnell and the ABC staff were often cold. “She shut down completely,” one employee says.

O’Donnell didn’t gel much with the staff, and she once singled out certain people in a meeting and accused them of leaking information about her in the press. And she constantly talked about how she had made a mistake in agreeing to return to “The View,” and threatened to quit on several occasions.

There may not have been a single event that let to O’Donnell’s decision to leave “The View,” although her mood slightly improved in January when Goldberg was sidelined for two weeks due to a back injury. (Rosie Perez was also absent, rehearsing for a Broadway play.)

O’Donnell then took over as moderator, and started to channel her old personality. She cracked one-liners, improvised from the TelePrompTer and was happy to steer the show her own way, according to sources. But she was disappointed that ratings for “The View” dipped with her in charge, a decline that could also be the result of a rotating panel of B-list guest co-hosts.

See More: Rosie O’Donnell Returns to ‘The View’ Healthier and Happier

O’Donnell’s brief return to “The View” has coincided with a period of upheaval at the network. Her hiring at “The View” was one of the last acts by Anne Sweeney, who stepped down as president of Disney/ABC Television Group last month after 10 years at the helm. In addition, insiders say “The View” these days often feels like a rudderless ship without Walters, who retired last May.

O’Donnell was disheartened that she couldn’t steer “The View” in the right direction, and that her ideas weren’t being heard. O’Donnell was accustomed to being in charge as she was during her six-season run on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” which ran in syndication from 1996-2002. She’d frequently cite her previous TV experience and awards in meetings as proof that other staffers should listen to her.

But as the 18th season of “The View” started to come together over the summer, incoming ABC president Ben Sherwood — who officially started his job this month — wanted his ABC News team to oversee the show’s post-Walters makeover instead of ABC’s daytime executives. ABC News and the daytime execs on the entertainment side engaged in a tug of war over the show until Sherwood mandated that it move to the news side.

The inhouse bickering over “The View” meant that important decisions, like casting the new co-hosts that would join O’Donnell and Goldberg, became frantic, eleventh-hour decisions. ABC finally settled on Republican strategist Nicolle Wallace and Perez just weeks before the first live airing, as new exec producer and showrunner Bill Wolff was cobbling together a revamped set without communicating with any of the co-hosts.

“The View” premiered to 3.9 million viewers in September—an eight-year record that proved stay-at home moms and dads were eager to see O’Donnell back on the show—but then the numbers quickly dropped.

In October, following the disappointing launch, ABC News officially inherited control of “The View” as part of Sherwood’s plan, but the show’s staff is still largely comprised of daytime employees who resent the new hierarchical structure.

“The View” is now being micro-managed by five executives under the direction of ABC News president James Goldston. Sources have expressed frustration that seemingly mundane decisions are filtered through an exec gantlet that includes Tom Cibrowski, senior VP of programs; Barbara Fedida, senior VP for talent and business; David Sloan, a senior executive producer at “20/20”; Randall Barone, VP of daytime programming; and Wolff, a former “Rachel Maddow” producer, who sources say doesn’t exercise much control and seems lost in the daytime zone.

Last week, “View” co-exec producer Brian Balthazar announced he was leaving to take on a job as VP of programming at HGTV. “There are way too many cooks,” says one staffer.

Sources say that some of O’Donnell’s expectations could have been managed if the reshuffling to ABC News hadn’t produced such a chaotic work environment. But the new organizational structure put into effect by Sherwood has made morale at “The View” low. On Jan. 14, Variety broke the news that ABC executives had reached a decision to fire Perez and replace her with a younger co-host. But once the plan was made public, ABC backtracked amid a backlash from O’Donnell and the other co-hosts who weren’t aware of the plan.

Perez returned to the show last week from her previously scheduled monthlong hiatus to rehearse for Larry David’s play “Fish in the Dark.” ABC execs strongly deny that there was ever a plan in place to remove Perez. But Perez’s return to “The View” was deemed awkward by some, despite Goldberg announcing on TV that the show’s four co-hosts were there to stay for good. A few days later, O’Donnell had enough — and she bailed on “The View.”

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  1. mike costello says:

    Rosie leave the country no one will miss you, you give nothing but hate. good bye

  2. libby richardson says:

    Please can someone help my daughter I haven’t been able to find a doctor in the state of Virginia whose familiar with her condition please someone help her she’s the only daughter I have and I love her so much please help me help her

  3. Elizabeth Haley says:

    I am SO happy that O’donnel is GONE !! She’s obnoxious !! As Elizabeth Hasselbeck was !! I LOVE WHOOPI !! I miss Joy !

  4. kap says:

    The View has now become The Whoopie show.

  5. Barbara Loveday says:

    I definitely won’t be watching the view any longer> I was so happy that Rosie was back and I do find Whoopie to like her opinion to be the foremost one and I never liked the blonde Republican at all.!!! I am sorry that it has changed so much that I can’t watch any longer.

  6. maurine holecek says:

    I love rosie o’ and I loved the view with her on it I also like whoppi but I think she does also like her
    opinion to be the only one I do not watch as often as I used to because rosie o’ is gone it was nice
    to have her side of things voiced I do not know how they will bring the magic back without her
    nicolle an rosie p are not going to do it

  7. Adriana Gray says:

    BTW, I couldn’t stand Barbara Walters on there. Her hatred of children is disgusting…saying they (children and families) should have to sit in a different part of the plane is atrocious. Was she never a baby or toddler? Or, was she born from the womb full grown? Perhaps if she hates the noises of children so much, she should fly private. I ‘think’ she has enough money. As for myself, I bring earplugs on the plane. Its the circle of life…you probably cried as a baby and, believe it or not, babies still cry. Maybe you think families shouldn’t take their children with them on a plane? Did you ever consider they might be going to a funeral? Or, maybe we are taking them to see their grandparents who CAN’T fly anymore. Do you want to deprive these kids of knowing their grandparents. Get some f’in earplugs or some fancy noise eliminating earphones. What the F is wrong with you?!?! Flying commercial has never been about enjoying yourself. You just deal with it…take an ambien, take a xanax, put earplugs in, wear noise elimination earphones, fly private, I don’t care. But, its YOUR problem! Hate to break the news, but the world does NOT revolve around you…and, yes, YOU were loud and annoying as a child too!!!

  8. Adriana Gray says:

    I miss Rosie O. I like ‘The View’ to show different views…isn’t that what the show is all about?!?!? It seems very watered down after Rosie O’s departure. Perhaps she was too confrontational? I wish she had stuck in there, though. I’ve been an avid watcher of at least the ‘hot topics’ portion of the show and I like to see a lively debate. Rosie O brought that to the table. I think Whoopie does too. I like Nicole Wallace and Rosie P, but they are wishy washy. If Rosie O is off the table and they can’t find anyone else who REALLY speaks their mind, this will become a boring show. BTW, Rosie O’s comments on Bill Cosby was the only one I could relate to. I love Whoopie, but her constant stance on ‘we don’t know for sure’ is getting tiring. I know Whoopie is friends with a lot of celebrities and can’t bring herself to even entertain the thought that one of her ‘friends’ did something bad, but its part of the job.

  9. Maureen rough says:

    I used to watch the view everyday. Now I rarely, if ever, watch it. Whoppi promotes too much black stars in proportion to the black population to the point that Caucasion seems like a dirty word. Nicole Wallace seems to be the only calm voice of any reason and often looks at both sides of an issue. Rosie definitely was squashed, so lost her charm and talent. It just doesn’t gel anymore and I have deleted it from my DVR recordings. Apparently a lot of people feel the same. The people at this helm have it all screwed up.

  10. valleygirl says:

    I personally think that Whoopi Goldberg ‘makes’ the View, and getting rid of Elizabeth Hassel’dork’ was such a relief! Listening to her high pitched squeaky voice constantly cutting in and pushing her opinions on everyone and everything…(and totally Republican opinions) She was the ‘most’ annoying of any hosts they’ve had. Rosie was noisy and outspoken, and I can understand that she would want to be the moderator, but Whoopie is best at that job, and does a great job of keeping things from getting too volatile. Her opinions and statements are always intelligent,’middle of the road’ and not ‘inciteful’. I admire her greatly, and I hope she stays permenantly. Rosie ‘ok’ (it’s hard to wipe out her some of her ‘dumb’ movie…sorry Rosie O’Donnell couldn’t accept not being the boss, and couldn’t follow along with expected conditions (ie: wearing the earpiece). She is always going to be the author of her own demise…probably even in her marriage. She seems very bossy and controlling. Keep Whoopi as long as possible. and PLEASE never bring back Elizabeth H!!! ‘Let sleeping voices lie’…lol.

    • Zeke says:

      Obviously, you are anti republican. Yes she had to speak out because it was the rest against her. You might not like it but if you look at elections the country is pretty well split in half. Presidents get about 50-55% of the vote. I would never have watched it without Elizabeth. The others are so liberal that about half the country doesn’t agree with them. Just like about half the country doesn’t agree with the conservatives. Very few shows on national tv will service with only one view point.

  11. lavern says:

    Who wrote this fish wrapper. Rosie is (was) the only reasonable person on the panel. Variety pulls out it’s poison pen.

  12. cdhaskell says:

    Rosie O’Donnell should get her own variety show. Despite the rating the show was great.

  13. pat says:

    I would like to see rosie O Donald with her own show with format similar to jimmy fallon slower pace.

  14. cdhaskell says:

    I am shock the way Ms. Young was talking about Rosie O’Donnell in such manner. I was told if you don’t like a person don’t talk about any in the manner that she just did. I know that everyone got the right to give their views but she should be careful and think about the word before opening your mouth. Life is too short to make the statement that she did.

  15. des says:

    more likely nicole and rosie perez are the reasons for the drop, Whoopie appears racists often and I was very happy to see rosie o donnell back but i understand her frustration, this show has gone to the dumps and it is not her that brought them there

  16. Mary says:

    REALLY hate to see Rosie O’donnell leave. Rosie Perez, on the other hand, needs to be long gone. NEVER cared for her on this platform. And Whoopi. …..DEFINITELY needs to go. I find her abrasive, dominant and exuding entitlement on her new throne. Best two weeks this season were the weeks Whoopi was absent and O’donnell was lead. Now more time for The Talk and Hoda and Kathie Lee. To The View. …best viewed in my rear view mirror.

  17. pat says:

    Rosie o Donna finds a place on tv I really like her I don’t always agree with her but she smart,
    crafty ,and knows a lot of people .
    Woopie can’t complete a sentence, time to retire I don’t like the she dismiss anything she isn’t interested in or knows about.
    I like Wallace and rosie p I don’t like what not to wear chick.

    • Mary says:

      Agree with you on everything except Rosie Perez. Little value from her. O’donnell needs her own talk show again. She’s smart, engaging, funny and great with kids and crafts.

  18. Belinda Flory says:

    I love the three ladies,Whoopie, Nicolle and Perez. I have especially enjoyed Nicole and learning about her life. She is very down to earth but funny,too. Find a new fourth.

  19. Have any of you “haters” out there read the bio’s of these four fantastic women? Rosie O’Donnell is a fabulous person who helps thousands of children all over the world, I loved her on The View this season and am very sorry to see her go.

    • Fox Verde says:

      just because we don’t like this loudmouth doesn’t mean we are “haters” are you 12 years old? lmao and when folks do things for people it shouldn’t be a “photo op” it shouldn’t be something that somebody brags about that they do. real genuine help is given to folks without advertising it like a PR stunt. open your eyes girl. open up your mind so your eyes can see. she is a bully who cannot get along or cooperate with anybody and…who could give 2 hoots about you…unless she can benefit from YOU. big loudmouth bully crybaby my way or the highway.

  20. Nanci Carvill says:

    I really loved the View this season and all four ladies did a great job. I like hot topics and the fact they talk about news and not just celebrities. I liked Rosie’s craft segment and her trying to educate the audience regarding lgbt, women’s heart problems, issues with teenagers, her love of children and Frozen. I didn’t like some of Whoopie’s comments, like her standing up for Cosby and loved Rosie’s comment, “how many sex accusations will make you think Cosby might be guilty…100?” Whoopie admits she was not the greatest mother yet she insists her ideas on how to raise children are correct and has belittled Rosie quite a bit. Those two needed to work that out off camera. I still love Whoopie but not as much as before, Nicole is great and informative and Rosie P is smart and makes her comments in a nonthreatening way.

  21. Sandra Templeton says:

    I used to watch “The View” everyday, but when they hired Rosie O’Donnel again I stopped watching. Whoopi is the only cast member that I like. The others just do not seem to fit.

  22. Peggy Lougheed says:

    I think Whoopee, Joy Bayhard , , Rosie O’Donnell and Sherri Shepard would make a great panel as I think they are all dynamic and would really gel. If things don’t change soon I think everyone will just stop watching. Also really miss Barb Walters

  23. Barbara Headley says:

    The dynamics of this current group is not there. Rsie Perez is not geling in and I cant even remember the blond ladys name …Joy needs to come back that day they had dynamics and than Rosie O should stay and speek her hes hysterical all the time a gay man on a fale show that is the way to go. When this show fails it will be because their panel is not popular or inviting or exciting…sorry

  24. cdhaskell says:

    Let’s face it Both Whoopi and Rosie O’Donnell was too much alike in everything. It is irony that everyone thought the person who was going to lost her job would be Rosie Perez.

  25. G Prevsot says:

    Please bring back Joy Behar. She was a great mix with the others. I am glad Rosie O’Donnell is gone.
    She was not a good mix with Whoopi, who I think is great!

    • Theresa Primavera says:

      I was getting annoyed at Whoopi’s long,long,long intro to a question. Whoopi did not allow O’Donnell to express her point fully. I could see Whoopi rush O’Donnell’s time in front of Camera. Whoopi did over use Camera time. I will miss O’Donnell. I am not a fan of Joy Behar. She pushes the democrats until you want to scream. I am neither pro or con. I do like a fair conversation. With Behar it is either her way or no way. Whoopi can be the same. They will make a good match. I REMEMBER WHEN BEHAR AND GOLDBERG WALKED OFF THE STAGE, WHEN O’REILLY WAS ON THE VIEW. NO CLASS !!!! Perez is O.K. but, she too can push her liberalism too far!!!!!! I do not want to watch a political ABCNEWS SHOW WHEN I TUNED IN FOR ENTERTAINMENT. BRING WALTER’S BACK,!!! SHE HAS CLASS AND KNOW S HOW TO T REAT PEOPLE. I WILL NOT BE WATCHING THE VIEW ANYMORE AND HAVE BEEN WATCHING FROM THE BEGINNING. THIS IS NOT THE SAME SHOW!!!!!t WHOOPI SHOULD WATCH THE TALK TO SEE HOW A GROUP CAN GET ALONG AND SHOW EACH OTHER RESPECT. BRING SOME CLASS PEOPLE ON AND CHANGE THE BORING SHOW.
      GOODBYE TO THE VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Joe Castillo says:

    Rosie O is the only reason I watch the view.

  27. Dee says:

    I love Rosie O’Donnell, but I am glad she is making a good decision for her health and family. I will not watch the view without her. Nicole has been wonderful too.

  28. I use to really like Rosie O’Donnell but she is just a 52 years old bully.I have never liked Barbara Walters, Rosie Perez, Elizabeth Hasslebeck and the other new co-host. I love Whoopi and always have. She’s older than the others and knows more about life. Let’s face it Whoopi’s the best thing to happen to The View. Shame on them for trying to buy out her contract. Star Jones was done wrong also. I stopped watching when she was no longer there, unless a guess I like was on. I’m 53 and most of the people I know who use to watch the show stopped around the time I did.

  29. Salsa says:

    I guarantee Mario Cantone will be joining this show.

  30. Linda Landry says:

    Best thing they could have done is. Get rid of Rossie Perez (laughing hyena) and Nicole Wallace. Best thing for Rosie. O’Donnell is go back to a show of her own. She is smart and funny and was successful in my book. Bye Rosie I’ll miss you. You and I have open heart surgeries in common so I know about stress levels. Bless you and take care of yourself.

  31. Karen Howard says:

    Rosie O is the only reason I watch the view. She is not replaceable.

    • Mary says:

      Agreed! !!!! Get her own talk show and studio.

    • Russianrose says:

      Thanks, Variety, for printing a reasonable, believable explanation for Rosie’s departure. I would watch a different show if Rosie were in charge! She was NOT abrasive in her comments this time around on The View. I really think the network is making some bad calls.

    • Linda says:

      I completely agree ! Rosie O is the most interesting person on there, with Whoopi second, then Nicole. I sure hope Rosie P leaves Soon. She’s annoying, overall, esp that ulcer producing laugh.

    • Brian says:

      Glad to see the bold , loud,obnoxious Rosie leaving,should never had brought her moody look back to a table that had nothing but smiles and laughs..With Rosie’s prude look it brought the atmosphere done.Good riddance Rosie and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!! Please please network do not reinstate her again!!!

    • joseph hatton says:

      omg-rosie is the most obnoxious, brutish, conceited and ignorant person on tv. She always was and it always puzzled me that she was on tv. Hiring her again for the view was Walters’ big mistake

  32. TERRY L. GUARINO says:


  33. dee says:


  34. Cornfed says:

    I think ppl on this site need a mental check more than Rosie supposedly does. She BARELY even got to speak most days, with Whoopi and Rosie P. doing most the talking! Fantastic article Variety, and thank you for not taking sides, but giving a realistic account from ALL angles. The show was arguably its best when Whoopi was in the hospital. Mario Cantone and Rosie were a joy to watch, and Mario also clicks with Nicole, what a hoot. Rosie just needed to manage the dialogue and talking over each other. I do believe that Rosie chose her health over this job; otherwise she would’ve just waited for Whoopi to be fired. The big shocker in this article is how little power Bill Wolff has as the EP. I honestly thought that Rosie would hang in there long enuf for Whoopi to be fired OR her contract to expire. But real life stepped in the way. Good for Rosie, but bad for us viewers. I’ll be taking the show off the dvr once she leaves.

  35. Dunnyveg says:

    America is going down the tubes, and all citizens have to worry about is this silly nonsense?

    If this is the best we are capable of these days, we deserve what we get.

  36. diane hollander says:

    the moment rosie o leaves the show I will never watch the view again. honestly I feel the show is boring with too many guests and not enough hot topics. I guess no one of the co-hosts are allowed to avoid getting into a heated discussion on topics that might cause a slight problem they seem to end up agreeing. that makes bad tv. also rosie p. talks too much and I never like whoppi. I think the show will fail because of producers being to afraid to let the show be what it should be.

  37. Dona Felipa says:

    Poor dear Whoopi has become something of a boot-licker… going out of her way to make excuses for everyone from Brian williams to Bill Cosby….I don’t blame Rosie for having had enough.

  38. Bye Bye Rosie says:

    Rosie doesn’t fit in anywhere, that’s why everything she’s done in the last 10+ years has been an unmitigated disaster. She needs to accept the fact that a large percentage of the population hates her guts, and move on to do things that are far less visible.

  39. charcramer says:

    I don’t think Rosie is the problem at all. The show just does not work. It has not worked for some time. Who wants to watch tension and anger and arguments about race and politics? Fox News has the handle on that. ABC needs to bring back One Life to Live and All My Children.

  40. Karen says:

    If theythey ever get rid of Whoopi I’ll watch the show!

  41. Shirley Stonehouse says:

    The View was a show I watched (when I had the chance) until Rosie O’Donnell joined it the first time. Once she was gone, I started watching again. When she came on for the 2nd time I gave it a try, but nope, just couldn’t take her rude, crude, crass personality. So I stopped watching again. Once she’s gone I’ll tune in yet again!! I’m sorry about her marriage breakup, but she needs to concentrate on raising her kids, not plummeting the Views ratings.

  42. macd says:

    Keep Nicole (to my great surprise, I really like her charm and intelligence, and I’m one of those evil Democrats!), get rid of the rest, and bring back Joy Behar! These two bright ladies, and interesting guests, are the only saving grace to restore The View to its former prominence.

    • Maribelle MacAlpin says:

      I really enjoy Nicole Wallace (and I’m a Democrat) She’s smart and funny. I like seeing them discuss some serious issues as well as the fun stuff. I’ve been watching since I retired from the Newark Court system, as a court clerk (16 yr’s ago). ,,, Whoopi is great also and I enjoy Mario Cantone’s occasional visits. Keep up the good work.

  43. Soxie McCann says:

    Am pleased she is leaving. Never did like her and was amazed that she was invited back. Basically she is not a pleasant person. Even when she smiles, her mouth turns down. I am not surprised to hear she is a prima Donna with staff and others. Good riddance!

  44. Corrector says:

    Both Rosie O. and Whoopi live in New Jersey, so the point about Whoopi’s being late because of her commute doesn’t hold much water.

  45. O’Donnell doesn’t realize how unimportant to most people she really is and i cant think of a single person who would invite her into their home,she takes her butchness way to far even to the point of brutishness and it makes most people uncomfortable.

  46. “During her previous ’06-’07 tenure, which was certainly rocky, O’Donnell increased viewership and made the show relevant again.”

    Relevant with O’Donnell? That’s a major stretch.

  47. cdhaskell says:

    I believe that she indeed have you tube channel already. I can’t wait to see who will replace her on the show.

  48. bb_959 says:

    But, did she give her loyal viewers the finger like her exit from her own show? Now, that’s news… Blah!

  49. barron says:

    While visiting relatives, they turned on the view. I got up and went outside and sat in 20 degree weather. I would rather hang myself than watch the view.

  50. Xanna Don't says:

    <<>> You could bring Johnny Carson back from the dead and even he wouldn’t be able to catalyze ratings growth, not while 3 million All My Children and One Life To Live fans are actively boycotting all ABC programming, including primetime. That’s why the network continues to lag behind overall.
    <<>> Where did Variety get these statistics? I’ve read a lot of silly things about the demise of The View, but this unsubstantiated assumption about us, the soap viewers who had made ABC Daytime strong, is the dumbest yet. Again, nothing will “rate” until we soap fans end our boycott. We watched for decades; we can boycott indefinitely.

    • Miffy says:

      You are ridiculous, like most soap fans. Your silly “boycott” is having no effect. ABC has some very highly rated shows, such as its Thursday night lineup. And The View and The Chew continue to outrate those granny soaps that you bemoan.

      Step back into reality – your silly soaps are NEVER coming back. And other than a few hundred superfans like you, no one really cares.

    • Xanna Don't says:

      The two quotes above that were deleted are: 1. [Rosie] wasn’t able to catalyze the same buzz and ratings growth as she did before. 2. [Rosie’s serious story efforts] didn’t rate with the daytime audience, which prefers light fare such as discussions about Justin Bieber, “Dancing With the Stars” and “The Bachelor.”

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