Howard Stern Says He’s Leaving ‘America’s Got Talent’

Howard Stern leaving Americas Got Talent
Courtesy of NBC

It looks like Howard Stern is leaving “America’s Got Talent” — or, at least he says he is.

The judge of the NBC competition show revealed the news on his radio show Wednesday morning that he would leave after the end of the current season, which wraps up this summer.

“I told them, this is my last season,” Stern said on his SiriusXM show. “I am going though my own career evaluation right now. I’m just too f–ing busy.”

Stern has been on “America’s Got Talent” for four seasons. The radio host, however, previously admitted that he “really did struggle” in the decision to sign on for the current season.

Don’t worry, though — Stern always has a replacement in mind, one with extensive experience in judging talent competition shows. He threw the name of Simon Cowell, who served as a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent,” into the ring.

NBC had no comment.

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  1. dan says:

    I am very glad to see him leave because he is a poor judge of talent. Only perverts listen to his radio show and his late night TV show.

  2. Bryan Cardin says:

    Despite his announcement that he wanted to leave I think it’s obvious what really happened. Show producer Simon Cowell wanted to replace Howard (as evidenced by the leaked email a few months back) and he did just that. Ratings were down and falling so they approach Howard, told him he was being replaced but allowed him to go out on his own terms by making it look like it was his decision. Think about it – every other year he dragged out the decision on whether to come back or not. This year he announces it early (during the AGT season) and on the SAME DAY NBC announced that Cowell is the replacement. Come on.

    Howard has a huge ego and couldn’t stand being publicly fired so this was orchestrated to give him an easy out so he can save face and his reputation as a success. By the way, several other of his endeavors have failed as well including Son of Beach and Howard TV.

  3. The Howard of narcissistic & sexual innuendo fame showcases how promotion of selfism can get you a load of money and media patronage. Last year I was auditorily flooded with his self-aggrandizement so I thought why not count how many times he refers to himself during one show of “I” and “me” and other self-referential acknowledgements. Are you ready? Ninety seven (97) which is more than the other three judges combined. Yes there were a couple of “we” in there, and a few of the “I’s” are unavoidable. So, if you take out the commercials and contestant time then that averages to several “I” moments per minute. Then there was this quote from the Howard master, “I’m a liar. I’m a compulsive liar!” Well, so much for judges showcasing character as a role model. What does the Howard résumé for hard earned talent look like? Sources say he highlighted his skill by looking in the mirror and saying how much he’s in love with that reflection.

  4. MieKayla Singleton says:

    I was going to audition for America’s Got Talent. Now that Howard Stern isn’t coming back, I’m not doing it. I had a bit of a crush on him.

  5. Bret says:

    The judging panel on AGT has been the best for the last few years compared to any other talent show. The judges have been half of the fun. Putting Simon on the show would completely ruin the “Fun” atmosphere on the panel of judges. There is being honest with someone and then there is just being plain RUDE. Simon is just plain RUDE! Please don’t ruin AGT – NBC. Find a Fun judge that can still throw criticism at the people on stage with out being an arrogant Jerk. Several of these other talent shows have another problem…The judges try to make everything about them. At least AGT’s panel right now is pretty laid back and they are fun to watch for the most part. DON’T RUIN A GREAT SHOW! Leave Simon off of this show Please.

  6. lilmejustme says:

    Hope that Howard changes his mind and comes back to America’s Got Talent…
    He adds real comments. No nonsense comments.
    I have grown to dislike the 2 women on the show.
    Comments such as “off the chainnnnnnnnnnn.: RIDICULOUS!
    And the other one with the dim wit and short skirt…
    And both seem to “go wild” for young men with the shirt off…
    How illogical.
    Both are mothers… Makes it even worst.
    Truly need Howard on the show.
    Bring Howard back NOW.

  7. karen schoner says:

    Howard , please don’t leave America Got Talent. you are the best judge ever. and I have such a great respect and love you.. you are so handsome. you are really a beautiful man. you have a beautiful smile and beautiful blue eyes, i have such a crush on you and will miss seeing you on the program. so sorry that you are leaving.

  8. Rick pennington says:

    Howard check out Red Bull sports motor cross. They have the best motor cross riderrider with the best jump you will ever see.

  9. Jillian says:

    Howard Stern is a racist misogynist jerk. Who gave him authority on the panel? The only judge that has a bit of sense is Howie. There is so much talent on stage, seems there could be on the panel.

  10. Joan Kaapke says:

    I like Howard Stern because he has common sense when it comes to recognizing talent, and is not afraid to vote against the silly, no-talented people who appear and are even approved by the other judges.,

    • MichaelWest says:

      Are you an idiot? Howard’s best friend, Robin Quivers, is Black and Female. My advice to you is, to quote Howard’s father, “Shut up! Sit Down! Don’t be stupid, you moron!”

      • MichaelWest says:

        Sorry, meant to reply to Jillian (July 28 @ 9:51 pm), IIindalu (July 2 @ 9:52 pm) and Garret Irvin (June 26 @ 6:36).

  11. llindalu says:

    Howard Stern is the most pitiful and disgustingly arrogant judge on any program ever. Howie Mandel should find another home. He has lost his touch and I’m sick of both of them. Heidi and Mel are terrific please keep them on.

  12. Garrett Irvin says:

    We have a pervert for a so called judge in Howard stern and a wife beater host and people wants to know what’s wrong with our kids and country UNBELIEVABLE

  13. Kathryn says:

    I will miss Howard Stern. Before he was on the show I didn’t really care for him…but listening to him on AGT, I saw a kinder, gentler, Howard Stern. His kindness impressed me. He’s actually a really likeable guy!

  14. carol bingley says:

    He is the only judge I can tolerate on AGT. I have had a hard time watching this show because they focus way too much on the judges and Nick Cannon. I am so tired of seeing only small parts of auditions because the cameras are on judges and Cannon. They just are not all that they seem to think they are. Too bad. For me, they are ruining a good show. Rather like Mary Murphy did on “So You Think You Can Dance”

  15. Here are the facts. Howard Stern is the GOAT, fact numero uno. Fact dos, he’s 61. Fact tre’, He is God on Earth. Ok, I’ll admit that 3rd fact might not necessarily be a “fact,” per say, but I stand by it.

    He said something on the air a while back that really made sense to me even though I feel like every other superfan out there, I want him on the air 24/7/365 but it’s not going to happen. He’s made us junkies and he’s slowly weening us off, it blows but it’s the reality. Anyway, back to the point he made that didn’t make me “ok” with this as much as accepting of it is this: He’s 61, he’s not going to be here forever, he is going to be gone forever one day (hopefully not this Jan. when his contract with Sirius is up).

    The poignant point he made is, and he made it after all the “I know I know’s.” (most people do this 5 days a week, yadda yadda yadda. BUT, the fact is Howard Stern is a phenominal interviewer, when he gets someone on the couch, sometimes it’s a two hour interview and when he’s done I find myself realizing that I laughed, I cried and I peed myself because I couldn’t hold it. When he’s there for the (I believe the number is between 140 and 150) live shows that he does give us, it’s not a watered down product, it’s still phenomenal radio. Hell, the fact that so many people are mad that he doesn’t work more is a backhanded compliment. His point, and it’s true, is take your favorite show, Game of Thrones or maybe The Walking Dead, they don’t tale any shit from the fans that we wait a year to get 10 episodes of GoT, or if your favorite show is something like Hawaii 5.0 or some other network show, you don’t whine that you want more than the typical 22-25 43 or so minutes a show which you get one piece of once a week but it get’s all chopped up and on certain weeks for seemingly no reason they wont air a new episode because they want the finale to air during sweeps. We’ve all come to accept that, but even at 61, he get’s on the air 150 times a year for 4 hours then The Wrap Up Show (which I love) follows it for another hour. So some quick math, let’s say each live show is only 3 hours because of 1 hour of commercials (which is a huge round up in terms of commercial time) 150 shows a year times 3 hours a show (not including TWU show that follows and the live ones that air on Thursdays and Fridays) is 450 hours a year of Howard and Co. doing their thing. Four Hundred and Fifty Hours A Year of The Greatest Broadcaster Of All Time vs. Nothing? I’ll take the 450h. AND like he says, pick your favorite tv show, even if it was on for 10 seasons for a legitimate hour for 25 shows a season, after 10 years that’s only 250 hours of entertainment. He gives you (remember, VeRRRRRRRRRRRy low estimate) 450 hours a year at the age of 61. His career is winding down, there’s no denying that, he has a wife at home who he adores and he certainly doesn’t need to do shows for the money, he’s rich beyond our wildest dreams.

    So, in summary, stop bitching about how much you don’t get to hear him and enjoy it when you do, he won’t be there forever. If he were an Iowaska candle it would be well more than half way burnt. You don’t notice it because he takes incredible care of himself but he’s a 62 year old man who has entertained many of us more than any other man/show has ever or will ever. So please, no more bitching about him not being there, he earned this time of leisure (which he might actually get some if he’s serious about this AGT announcement) 50 times over. Enjoy him while he’s still around, because he has a smoking hot wife at home, more money than 99.9999999% of his listeners, he’s more famous than 90+% of the people he interviews but for us, he still gives us 450 hours a year. To that I say Kishamatucas and the sincerest of thank you’s to one of the top 3 biggest celebrities in this 31 year olds life. Howard, please stay longer, I wasn’t born or old enough to really get the just of your show until I was 16 (when I got my first car) and first listened to you driving to H.S. and then University and now here it is 15 years later and I’m realizing that you, a person I’ll most likely never meet (even if I were in NY I wouldn’t approach you because I wouldn’t want to be another one of those people who approach you just to tell you how much you’ve meant to me) have been a part of my life for coming up on half of it and for that I can think of no greater thank you than a Bababooey to you and your team and the sincerest and smallest amount of gayness I can involve say I love you the way one loves an entertainer and I’m not one of these whiney cocksuckers who says “oh he only works 3 days a week, blah blah” I’m one of those guys who is grateful for every minute you keep on doing what you do. Thank you and an “OOOOOOOHHHHHH MYYYYYY to you all but specifically those massive mammory mellons of Miss Chocolate Milk herself, Robin!

    – Sean from Philly

    • Tom Anderson says:

      You are surely a Stern superfan! I was also a Stern fan years years ago, but his “shtick” has gotten old with me, especially his wig which only looks more and more fake as he gets older. I’d respect him more if he dumped the wig and showed his true self, but he now seems as fake as a Brian Williams news story!

      • Don Frankin says:

        Stern has matured into the best interviewer ever.. He now gets A list people into the studio and he asks them the questions that nobody else will ask–in a respectful way.. For those of you who characterize his show as schtick and think its all about strippers and perverts, maybe you should listen some time….

        As far as America’s Got Talent, its a terrible hack show which spends more time with the camera on the judges panel and Nick Cannon’s mugging and schtick than it does on talent.. Its unwatchable, so Howard dumping AGT is fine with me

  16. Jimmy Green says:

    don’t let the door hit you on the way out pervert

  17. Martin says:

    What a joke. Howard works 12 hours per week and has over 10 weeks of vacation but he is too busy for AGT? I do NOT believe this for one second.

    He knows NBC wants to fire him OR it’s a ploy to get a new contract with more money.

    More lies from the wig.

  18. Mark says:

    Goodbye AGT.

  19. dsrbroadway says:

    I’m sure he mentioned Simon in a half-serious manner. He was furious a couple of months ago when it came out that Simon wanted to replace Howard on AGT.

  20. ncldjk says:

    Maybe now I can stomach watching the show…good riddance.

  21. Joan Smith says:

    I hated the idea of Howard Stern on AGT when they announced it. However, he surprised me and has done an adequate job as a judge. If he wants to or needs to leave then so be it. I’m sure someone else will be adequate also…it’s the performers that make the show. The judges are just icing.

    • CMarks says:

      Agreed. Never a fan of Howard as a radio shock jock so was disappointed when it was announced he’d be on AGT. However, with very few exception I think he has done a terrific job as a judge (still can’t figure out his over the top elation with the groin kicking from a few seasons back). On AGT Stern seems fair and quite often offers very good advice and constructive criticism to the performers. If he leaves I’ll be disappointed but nearly as much as my disappointment if he’s replaced by Simon Cowell or, God forbid, they bring back the arrogant pompous ass Peirs Morgan.

  22. Millie says:

    NO. Love Howard.

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