‘How To Get Away With Murder’s’ Conrad Ricamora on Latest Twist

How To Get Away With Murder
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SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not seen the Nov. 5 episode of “How To Get Away With Murder,” titled “I Want You to Die.”

In Thursday night’s flash-forward, viewers learned that Wes (Alfred Enoch) has a gun on mansion-murder night. By the end of the episode, more details on A.D.A. Emily Sinclair’s (Sarah Burns) death were revealed, as her body was seen falling from the roof, splatting on the floor, resulting in her ill fate. As the camera panned away, both Laurel (Karla Souza) and Bonnie (Liza Weil) were standing on different levels of the roof — did one of them push Sinclair to her death?

But long before the gory evening at the mansion, much happened with Annalise (Viola Davis) and the Keating Five as they worked on the Hapstall case.

The law students found out that there was more DNA than just Caleb Hapstall’s (Kendrick Sampson) at the crime scene where the Hapstall twins’ parents were murdered — so they decided they need to get hold of the DNA of Philip Jessup, the secret baby that the now-dead racist aunt Helena Hapstall had decades ago. Philip is also the disturbed-looking man who was spying on Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) in last week’s episode.

“He’s the secret Hapstall baby, and after finding this mystery DNA at the crime scene, the team is looking to make him a suspect to get Caleb and Catherine off,” Ricamora tells Variety of Philip.

Against Connor’s wishes, IT wiz Oliver came up with a plan to bait Philip via a dating site fake-out to meet up so that the Keating Five could get hold of his DNA. After Connor was planted at the date spot to meet up with the hacker Philip, however, the group realized the plan was far too dangerous and backed out — but it was too late. Turned out Philip had been spying on the clan all along and knew of their plan. When Oliver got back to his apartment, he opened the door to see none other than Philip waiting for him. And it didn’t look good.

Also on episode seven, Eve (Famke Janssen) returned and got Nate off the hook for yet another case — Sinclair wanted to get Nate in trouble for giving his dying wife pills so that she could end her life, so Sinclair took him to court. In between Eve’s successful work, she and Annalise found time to squeeze in some serious flirting.

In other couples’ news, Bonnie and Asher (Matt McGorry) were not on good terms in tonight’s episode and Bonnie lost it, breaking down and telling Annalise that she wants her to die.

On the topic of people dying, the big cliffhanger of the week is all about Oliver: Will he survive his confrontation with Philip?

Here, Ricamora talks to Variety about Oliver’s fate.

Let’s just put it all out there: Is Oliver going to die?!

You’ll have to watch next week to find out! You’ll find out very early on in next week’s episode what happens to Oliver and how this all plays out.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Hi, I’m Philip” — that’s probably what he’ll say when the scene picks up, but what else will happen between Oliver and Philip?

You’ll find more of who Philip is and what he’s about, fairly early on. That’s all I can say.

We really don’t know much about Philip. He’s been set up to be this creepy guy who’s a hacker and a secret child and may have DNA at the crime scene, but is there any chance he actually turns out to be a good guy?

I think there’s a chance for everyone to turn out and not be who you think they’re going to be. In this show, anything is possible — you’ve already seen that Frank is a killer, but who knows why! I think — definitely — Philip could surprise you. But it’s not looking good because he shows up at the end of this episode very uninvited, and he’s tricked everyone so there’s some sort of scheming. But you never know if he could turn out to be totally benign and just freaked out by the whole situation himself.

Whatever ends up happening to Oliver, how will this affect Connor?

You’ll see Connor freaking out more and more and feeling guilty and paranoid that he’s gotten Oliver this involved. I think that’s going to inspire his anger, which will come to a head in the next few episodes.

We already got a taste of Connor feeling guilty in tonight’s episode — he really didn’t want Oliver to help get Philip’s DNA. Why was Oliver so adamant about the plan?

He’s never helped without Connor being the one initiating it [until tonight]. Oliver is this IT guy and I think he’s into the scientific and forensic side of cases, and I think he’s also excited about getting out of his IT job where he probably spends all day helping his boss check email. Also, with his new diagnosis [HIV], it probably helps get his mind off things and is a little outlet to have that excitement in his life. Confidence isn’t one of his strong suits and I think he feels very confident in this arena.

Oliver has really helped out the team quite a bit with his shady findings. Should the Keating Five be called the Keating Six? 

Slowly but surely, he’s committed so much to this case. Since the beginning, he’s slowly started committing and entrenching himself to Annalise so I think he’s invested in it now.

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  1. Joanie2 says:

    These are very unlikable people! I personally don’t care what happens to any of them including Analise!

  2. A.B. says:

    What I want to know is what did Analise mean when she told Eve “it’s him”, referring to Wes.

  3. icy says:

    I love Oliver, please don’t kill him off!

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