‘Hannibal’ Finale Postmortem: Bryan Fuller Breaks Down That Bloody Ending and Talks Revival Chances

Hannibal Season 3 finale

Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen the “Hannibal” season three finale, “The Wrath of the Lamb.”

Bryan Fuller’s “Hannibal” takes its leave from broadcast television in exactly the same manner in which it entered — full of style, subversiveness and some of the most cinematic imagery ever presented on the small screen.

Even fans familiar with Thomas Harris’ literary works would’ve had a hard time predicting how Fuller and his stars Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy would pull off the climax to Harris’ familiar “Red Dragon” story arc, but the team behind “Hannibal” once again made the material their own by focusing on the complex (but always compelling) relationship between Mikkelsen’s titular cannibal and Dancy’s criminal profiler, ending with a literal cliffhanger that was made a little less cruel (or more, depending on your perspective) by the post-credits stinger that saw Gillian Anderson’s Bedelia Du Maurier back on the menu, suggesting that its heroes might’ve survived that brutal fall.

Variety spoke to Fuller to dissect the finale and discuss the show’s revival chances — read on for our palate cleanser.

That finale was one hell of a mic drop. How do you feel, now that it’s out in the world?

It’s surreal. It serves as a series finale when it was designed as both a series finale and season finale, and knowing what would come next in my mind and seeing it very vividly, it’s hard to reconcile the ghost versus the living thing. I’m in a state of surreality, I would say, with it all.

Fans already seem to be speculating about Will and Hannibal’s intentions in that final scene — from your perspective, was Will hoping they’d die from that fall, or planning for them to survive? What was going through his mind in those last moments?

All season long, it had been developing this story of Will’s realization, even as he is going into Europe to track down his friend, that his agenda — as Chiyoh (Tao Okamoto) points out — is “I have to kill Hannibal in order to not become Hannibal.” And he gets so fed up with the machinations of the relationship and Hannibal sawing his head open and trying to get at his brain that he’s just like “f–k it, I’m done with you, I’m walking away.” And yet, as he states in the finale, that was all a ruse to get Hannibal to turn himself in. And so it was kind of a band-aid on a bigger wound, and then when Will is pulled back in to the Red Dragon arc, he’s asking Bedelia, “is Hannibal in love with me?” and Bedelia is saying “is this a ‘can’t live with him, can’t live without him?'” And essentially it is, and that’s sort of the conclusion Will comes to at the end, “I can’t live with him, I can’t live without him. This is the scenario where the least amount of people can die,” meaning, “the two of us.”

I think when Hannibal says, “This is all I ever wanted for you; this is all I ever wanted for both of us,” Will is forced to acknowledge that what they just experienced was actually a beautiful thing. He lingers on that feeling of, “it was beautiful and I will desire it again, and I will be chasing this feeling.” And as he said to Hannibal earlier, “I may not be able to save myself, and that’s just fine.” I feel like we were very honest with the audience in terms of saying exactly what Will does at the end — we said it a few times.

The foreshadowing was delightfully heavy in this episode.

And yet it still feels like a little bit of a surprise at the end. [The post-credits scene with Bedelia] was very intentionally setting up another season of the story … essentially saying that Hannibal could’ve survived.

Speaking of Bedelia, were you thinking you’d want to keep her around, Abel Gideon-style, for appearances in season four, or was that stinger going to be the last we saw of her?

I’m always up for more Gillian Anderson, as much as I can get, however I can get it, so we absolutely would’ve seen what happened before and after that stinger in season four.

As you said, Bedelia and Will actually discussed whether he and Hannibal are in love with each other in the penultimate episode, and it feels like the show spelled out the answer fairly clearly, even if it’s not an overtly sexual love — but where do you think Will lands on that, in the end?

I think that’s what motivates the leap, is his realization that Hannibal was right all along. As beautiful as that felt to him, he understands that it is a place that who he is will not survive in, and so his option is essentially to pull the plug on the whole story, and that’s the only way he’s going to win himself back. It’s a sad gesture in so many ways, and it brings an interesting question to the strength of friendships. In my personal experience, I would say I’ve experienced more hurtful betrayals by friends than I have lovers, and friendships I’ve had in my life have been every bit as intense as relationships I’ve had that have been sexual, so there’s an aspect of that where nothing quite hurts as badly as a friend betraying you. In an infidelity, that type of betrayal between lovers, you understand the human nature and that the heart wants what it wants, and the draw of sexuality and the temptation of that, so you get how human nature is the betrayer in that situation. When it comes to a friend and it’s not about genitals, it’s about the souls, it cuts much deeper.

What’s going through Hannibal’s mind when Will takes them over the cliff?

I think he’s thinking, “Oh s–t, I’m falling!” [Laughs.] No, in seriousness, I think he’s feeling that embrace and that’s the first thing that he’s feeling, and even as he’s plunging into the Atlantic, he’s first and foremost thinking about the man he’s holding onto and the man who’s holding onto him.

How did you guys conceptualize that show-stopping fight between Will, Hannibal and Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage)?

It was interesting because we did it much, much cheaper and cheerier than we had any other fight sequences in the show … We have spent days on one fight scene before and so much more structured, and there was a lot where we were flying by the seat of our pants in the very last days of production with being over-budget, having no money for relief to do it the way we intended to. So there was a certain catch-as-catch-can quality to the filmmaking.

And the editing process was really interesting, because it was the episode that took the longest to cut because there were so many production issues in terms of not getting what we needed to get to tell the story and not getting close-ups of Richard Armitage for the fight sequence and having to shoot close-ups of Hugh and Mads on stage and then using a sequence that was supposed to go earlier in the episode with Dolarhyde burning his shrine, moving that to the end so we could actually get a close-up of the actor’s face — because we would’ve ended the show without seeing a close-up of Richard Armitage’s face. So there was a lot of “let’s fix it in post!” with the finale, and we added the visual effects of the dragon wings to pump up the volume on the sequence. There was quite a bit done in post to bring that to fruition, because we didn’t have all of the footage to pull it off.

Those final moments were made all the more powerful with that Siouxsie Sioux track behind them — how did that song come about?

Oh my god, I love that song so much! It was something we were trying to get done for many, many, many months. Brian Reitzell had known some of Siouxsie Sioux’s people and I had been such a huge fan of hers — Siouxsie Sioux and David Bowie are kind of like the mom and pop of my musical tastes, I’ve seen her in concert more than any other artists — so for me, the honor of having her write an original song for the show is a career high and one that I’m still on, because I love the song. It feels like a James Bond theme and it’s big and poetic and lyrical and she hasn’t released a song in eight years. We asked and she said, “actually, I haven’t been inspired to write in a really long time, but this show inspires me and so yes, I’ll do it.”

We talked about the love story, that it was a love story between Will and Hannibal and the song should be a love theme, and she wrote “Love Crime.” It’s exactly what the sequence needed, and it was one of those where I had said to Brian Reitzell when I finally finished editing the episode, I was like, “this ending, it’s yours to save, because I think it needs to be better and we really need you to put your magic on it.” And he was like, “well, I just got the Siouxsie Sioux song…” And we had a listening party over at David Slade’s house; David and his wife Erica and Brian Reitzell and I were just sitting there, and everyone just kept pointing to their forearms because they were getting goosepimples and chills from hearing it.

When did you come up with the idea for this finale — was it between seasons, or further back?

It came about halfway through season two and we knew that Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter had to work together to defeat the Red Dragon, and that was a big move forward in their relationship, that the two actually hunt side by side. The ending of the book is not an ending of a season because it just sort of stops and people talk about strange feelings because of it and then they move on and you don’t know what happens but you think, “oh, this isn’t going to go well for the family” and all of that. But we needed something much more impactful and much more intimate, and Steve Lightfoot started talking about Sherlock and Moriarty and Reichenbach Falls and then it was like, “of course, that’s exactly what we need to do, and that murder-suicide for Will is what’s going to define his character and his last heroic act,” and it just felt perfect, so hats off to Arthur Conan Doyle.

It feels like Jack (Laurence Fishburne) should’ve seen all of this coming. From his perspective, did this outcome feel inevitable, or did he actually trust Will’s motives?

I think it goes back to something Jack said to Will earlier in the season, which was essentially, “I didn’t kill Hannibal Lecter because I need you to kill Hannibal Lecter.” I think Jack knew this was a horribly risky endeavor, but I think he also believed he would get what he wanted out of it, which was Hannibal dead and Dolarhyde dead. I think he was open to the possibility that he would lose Will too, and I think it was worth it for him.

Hannibal also made Alana (Caroline Dhavernas) a fairly ominous promise about her future, leading her to take Margot (Katharine Isabelle) and their son and get the hell out of dodge, proving she’s pretty much the only sensible person on the show. Did you foresee Hannibal keeping that promise in season four, or for Alana and Margot to live happily ever after?

It certainly was going to be a part of season four, and I actually was really excited about exploring the Margot/Alana relationship and how they were going to dismantle all of the Verger slaughterhouses and turn them humane. She was going to completely undo the evils of her family with Alana, like a Joan Crawford sitting at PepsiCo’s table saying “don’t f–k with me, fellas.” I was really excited about that story for Alana and Margot and seeing more of them, and also seeing what it would be like for them to realize that Hannibal might be coming back into their orbit.

How are chances of a revival looking at this point? Have you put a pin into it until after season one of “American Gods” is done, or are there still active conversations?

Martha De Laurentiis is investigating financing for a feature film and there’s any of a number of scenarios. Shows have come back years after they’ve been cancelled, and I’m never saying never because … as creatively daunting as it would be to tell that fourth season of Will and Hannibal’s story, I’m very excited by that challenge. If I’m terrified by something creatively, because I fear my ability to pull it off, that inspires me to work harder in order to accomplish it. So I’m inspired by it and I’m inspired by Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy as my partners on this show. That final exchange between Hannibal and Will, Hugh and I wrote that while we were talking about what the scene should be. I was like, “It’s very simple, it’s Hannibal saying this to Will…” and Hugh was like, “and Will would say ‘it’s beautiful,'” and I was like, “I’m just writing this down now and we’re gonna film that.” I miss that collaboration and I would love to engage in it again.

Finally, anything you would like to say to the fans as we close the NBC chapter of “Hannibal’s” story?

Yes, I’m very careful to talk about how this is the NBC series finale. [Laughs.] I will try but I don’t think I’ll be able to accurately articulate my appreciation for the enthusiasm of this fanbase that has taken this show, made it their own and created parallel worlds of fan fiction to this work of fan fiction — because that’s very much what this show is. I feel like it was a unique experience of myself as a fannibal, writing the show as I imagined it — it was my fan fiction — and then sharing it with other fan fiction writers who then elaborated on it in their own ways. It was a wonderful communal experience. I’ve never had a show in the thick of the Twitterverse like I did with “Hannibal,” and it was a really fantastic, exciting experience, and hopefully one we’ll be able to repeat on “American Gods.”

What did you think of the “Hannibal” season three finale? Share your reactions below. 

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  1. fran_bcn says:

    Well I thought Bedelia had cut her own leg and cooked it as a welcome gift to Hannibal who she expected be arriving anytime soon. Only he won’t cause he died. It sounds plausible since she is deranged, feels neglected and is eager for Hannibal’s attention. She cannot live without him, as she proves with some phrases directed towards Will but clearly projecting her own feeling.

    • Bella says:

      I think they shot that scene in a way that if it was the SERIES finale, it could be that she cut off her own leg like u said or if it was the SEASON finale, then Hannibal did it. Or some variation of it. It was an intentional open ending I think. Kinda saying “hey! This doesn’t have to be the end! We can still bring them back like we did with Chilton!”

  2. ssjay says:

    The majority of fannibals easily acknowledge and accept the fact that yes, the relationship between Will and Hannibal was more than friendship. Yet I find SO MANY comments dissing this viewpoint, even insisting that Will hated Hannibal! How did you even watch this show to it’s last episode with such a colossally mistaken view? This show was almost EXCLUSIVELY about the relationship between Will and Hannibal – the intricacies, the depth, the nuances, the intensity of it.

    Now, if we try to analyze things that has happened from the start of s1 to the end of s3: Here we have an extreme case of hyper-empathy – our dear Will and his hyper functioning mirror neurons. Unstable and broken and hounded by the overload of thoughts and emotions – his own as well as of others. And we have a character that’s a mirror image – a lateral inversion – of Will: Hannibal. Apathetic, unfeeling. In control and cool and collected. A mirror image, a lateral inversion, because they are also each other’s reflection because of the propensity for VIOLENCE in both. Here in itself you have a deliciously opposite-tempered pair presented, and hence is created a huge potential to play with a lot of emotional conflicts, balancing-acts, love, and hatred.

    That’s just about their opposite-yet-identical personalities – a paradoxical mix that could easily lead into a fatal attraction for each other.

    And then is the beautiful narration of their dark love story, which literally begins from day one. A love at first sight for Hannibal. The moment he laid his eyes on Will and got a taste of his fascinating, beautiful mind, he was captivated. “Beautiful.” was how Hannibal had described his mind, “Pure empathy.” The emotions he felt then were – morbid curiosity and fascination at Will Graham’s mind. And he begins with his ‘seduction’ right away: Calling up Hobb’s, leading Will to his first kill, manipulating him psychologically, aggravating his condition, deceiving him – all to just see Will’s reactions to it all – and when the proverb ‘curiosity killed the cat’ was fast becoming true for him, he framed Will. As we move to s2, Hannibal MISSES Will. Here we slowly move from curiosity to OBSESSION. He begins to frantically undo his sins with a string of murders, all for Will, leading to Will being released, then WANTING Will desperately, wanting to mark him and affect him and to cut off everything from his life that’s not Hannibal. He releases Randall Tier on Will knowing full well Will will kill him, thereby successfully shifts something MAJOR about Will’s personality, setting the events for Will’s ‘becoming’. Will finally acknowledges Hannibal’s obsession in one of the episodes when he says, “You don’t want me to have anything in my life that’s not you. I bond with Abigail; you take her away.I bond with barely more than the idea of a child; you take it away. You saw to it that I alienated Alana, alienated Jack.”

    Also, the theme of ‘murder husbands’ becomes no more apparent than it does in this very episode when Hannibal says, “Mason Verger is a problem. Problem solving is hunting. It’s a savage pleasure, and we are born to it. A pleasure we can share.” and Will *tries* to rebuff it bc of his ‘forever good conscience’ by saying “You’re fostering co-dependency.”

    Now I don’t need to mention the constantly repeated angle of ‘perfect family of the murder husbands and their daughter Abigail’ and the could-have-been’s of running away and an idyllic life, the ugly break-up that took place in Hannibal’s kitchen, and the bleeding, dying stag.

    S3 opens with Hannibal’s broken heart. Will seeking him bc Hannibal haunts his head. There’s such ACHE and LONGING so BLATANT here between them. “Betrayal and forgiveness are best seen as something akin to falling in love.” Will forgives Hannibal, just as he had forgiven Will in s2. But then, Will cannot survive with this fatal attraction. If he does, he will BECOME him and then there is no turning back. So he pulls out the knife as they walk down the road, but Chiyo stops it.

    Now some people said this show is GLORIFYING murder and cannibalism. But look at how fiercely Will tries to stop himself from submitting to Hannibal’s darkness – bc yes, it is sick and unacceptable – despite undeniably having fallen for Hannibal by this point. But then we see how Hannibal tries to cut open Will’s head, stung by betrayal a second time, and Will is done with it. Done with Hannibal. A lover’s tiff. Only that it is extreme and murderous, bc it’s these two. And then we see that at this point, Hannibal has surrendered to his feelings for Will. Completely. No longer is he going to resist, manipulate, hurt, struggle. He gave in. This lover’s tiff, this was the tipping point for Hannibal. He turns himself in to the cops, so that Will knows where he is, all the time. An act of submission. As for Will, he is sick and tired of their deadly, exhausting dance and shuts Hannibal out completely. Never visits him. Marries a woman and tries to forget his past. But then it comes back, and this time, he knows that if he is pulled in, he is gone for good.

    Hannibal tried to kill his family, and despite that, Will’s reaction to that almost been passive, and with such a man, he took the risk of FAKING HIS ESCAPE. Will isn’t stupid to believe that they were going to win that one. Will KNOWS full well that they are not going to capture Hannibal a second time. As for Hannibal, he knows that Will is DEFINITELY GOING TO KILL HIM.

    When Dolarhyde is busy killing Hannibal, WILL REACHES FOR HIS GUN. I have only one explanation for this – it was to kill Dolarhyde. But after that- he had no fucking idea what he was going to do with Hannibal. He was torn. Because he can’t live with him, neither can he live without him.
    But Will was spared of that dilemma as Dolarhyde was too quick for his own good. They slay the dragon together, and thus we are lead to the defining moment of this beautiful show. Hannibal confesses, and Will says, “It’s beautiful.”

    Indeed it is.

  3. Was it me or was Bedelia upset that Hannibal chose Will over her? The final scene seemed like an act of despondency from her, and if Will Graham left with the “intention” to kill Hannibal, who else would eat her? Seems she was a little jelly that Hannibal chose Will’s meat rather than hers.

  4. Sophie says:

    Having a season 4 would be amazing! And 5 and 6…. but really I truly love this show and especially the characters, I need more!!!

    • Raymond says:

      The point is, in life, when death intervenes, you do not get more, except in your persistent regrets and in your imagination.

  5. Veronique Elefant says:

    Please don’t kill Will, and keep the flame alive between Will and Hannibal…You can eat Bedelia if you need to but she is absolutely gorgeous so it’s sad to deprive your fans of the toxic attraction that emanates from her. For my point of you, you don’t need to stick to the books, this 3 season series is the best I ever saw: every word, every regard, all details, the phantasmagoric mix of like dream images that touch our irrational sensitivity, IT WAS A FABULOUS SAGA TO SAVOR AGAIN AND AGAIN AND IN SLOW MOTION FOR EACH DETAIL. Never knew that tv show could be Art work, but you did it. Thanks

  6. jake podmore says:

    make another season YOU HAVE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. rainbow dash says:

    David do you have problem with gays?it’s not good at all man.any way hannibal is perfect and I hope mr.fuler continue it and make season 4 because I am addicted painfully.good job guys with making hannibal.

  8. Helena says:

    Instead of begging NBC to broadcast another season of “Hannibal,” bring it to the Food Network. With morally complex characters like Bobby Flay, Giada, and the Neelys, Hannibal would be in good company.

  9. Courtney says:

    I just finished the season half an hour ago. It really seemed scatter-brained, like the writers were trying to accomplish a lot in little time, but I enjoyed it all the same. Hannibal is one of the few shows that have really caught my interest with production, writing, and acting. I am very disappointed that NBC cancelled and I will certainly be looking forward to more Hannibal news. I feel there are so many loose ends that need to be tied together. And goddamn I need to know more about Bedelia and her leg!!

  10. koch_byte says:

    was ferreal expecting them to make out. was really hoping they would make out.

  11. dev says:

    It ended, let’s leave it at that.

  12. Reinaldo Y. says:

    I just can’t understand how it could be possible for Will and Hanniball to have survived that falling. Even if they were not badly hurt that would have been a far-fetched scenario.

  13. Jim says:

    I absolutely LOVED this show and this the final episode. I hope there will come a day when there will be more. I’m definitely a fannibal. Thank you for some art that stood head and shoulders above other television. I was haunted, challenged, creeped out, and riveted.

  14. AJ says:

    I loved the final ending and thought it quite appropriate for a series finale. I just wish season 3 would have been a full season and that would have made it that much more special. I always loved the show and thought it was the most exquisitely made show I have ever had the pleasure to watch.

  15. Dav says:

    I really wish they didn’t make it so damn gay. It would of been fine if they kept it more subtle and shown that they had that friendship connection…a bromance but they took it too far.

    • Christopher says:

      well they didnt take it too far, no kissing its not a sexual thing, like in the topic above its more to do with the soul and a true understanding of one another. lets not get it twisted they do now desire each other sexually.

    • Courtney says:

      But it wasn’t just friendship. That was extremely and explicitly clear.

  16. dstorfer says:

    I was watching the finale and turned to my wife and said “This music sounds like a Bond theme” and apparently I’m not the only one who thought that. It was amusing to read the producer saying the same thing, as I’m sure many other viewers thought as well.
    I loved reading the thing about Sherlock/Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls. I’m only vaguely familiar with that, but enough to get the reference and think it’s a cool nod to literary history. As they say – it’s all been done before. But it’s still nice to combine those things and have synergy!

  17. Dana says:

    Bring back Hannibal!!

  18. Roy says:

    I never bother to comment on ANYTHING , but having watched the finale of the most delicious series I have ever had pleasure to watch over in the u.k, i am gutted to the core that it’s finished, BUT, agree with some comments about the 3rd season being too slow and stylish at the beginning for my tastes, but it was still watchable , it just felt a bit too awkward when it went to the red dragon. I have been hooked since the trailers nevermind the pilot, plus how anyone can compare thrones to this ?? Thrones is brash and totally different imho, but with regards the ending, i was left a little underwhelmed tbh, though upon reading fuller’s notes above, seem to be budget /time based , the ending of the dragon wasn’t as promising as I had hoped, compared to the shows previous climactic finishes, plus the final cliffhanger left me with a strange sensation of loving and hating at the same time. I do though say thank you to everyone involved in adding something truly beautiful to everyone’s lives who took the time to watch such a gloriously horrific series which made everyone think for a change. If I was ever lucky enough to bump into mads or Hugh or Brian etc I will thank them from the bottom of my beating heart for bringing myself and my wife so much pleasure and unlike some who mate happy it ended on a ‘high’ , I will be deleriously happy if it came back , so long as the cast are the same.

    • Nina Taylor says:


      *semper ad meliora alis volat propriis*

      On Sun, Sep 6, 2015 at 7:39 AM, Nina Taylor wrote:

      > I have read an interview with Bryan Fuller for Variety in which he said he > did not have enough “money” for the finale — do you think that is true? > The whole series (3 seasons) meant so much to me — I learned with every > episode I watched. I would beg to have it back again, and then, again, I > would not — it was rather a perfect ending. > > Nina > > *semper ad meliora alis volat propriis* > > > > On Sun, Sep 6, 2015 at 7:34 AM, Nina Taylor > wrote: > >> You must be a moron — the Hannibal in this TV show has not yet met >> Clarice, and she has nothing to do with the plot line. Actually, Mads >> Mikkelsen will forevermore be Hannibal for me — against Mad’s >> interpretation, Sir Anthony does not stand a chance. >> >> Nina >> >> *semper ad meliora alis volat propriis* >> >> >>

    • Nina Taylor says:

      You must be a moron — the Hannibal in this TV show has not yet met Clarice, and she has nothing to do with the plot line. Actually, Mads Mikkelsen will forevermore be Hannibal for me — against Mad’s interpretation, Sir Anthony does not stand a chance.


      *semper ad meliora alis volat propriis*

  19. The finale to season 3 was so satisfying erotically and yet surprising although it made total sense. I felt that Hannibal’s scheming was so totally encompassing every aspect of Wills actions there was no other sensible choice for him to make- one that could accept AND out-do the powerfully hypnotic capabilities of Hannibal’s planning … if not planning then maybe – seeing how things would most likely play out if he didn’t manipulate the events … even though he surely knew Will would have to at least try to kill him after killing Dolarhyde. The writers, producers, the cast the crew…all exceeded simple expectations of what the show is about. To me, the jostling of time slots was such a dis. Totally undeserved. Here’s to Mads who gave life to Fuller’s vision … not many can out-do Sir Anthony Hopkins! Although that’s unfair as his Hannibal was so much more of a hunter as compared to the sexualized version we saw from Mads. Which would not have been mirrored properly without all the different kinds of love stories going on throughout the season…all well-played. Thouroughly enjoyable albeit gory. Thanks for the entertainment! Much love 💖 👏 💓 👏 💕 👏 💗

  20. Frank says:

    WE all know that the ending is nonsense.. the story continues.. what about Clarice Starling? What about the Silence of the Lambs? I hate that they just decided to kill Will and Hannibal.. get the flip out of here….. at least end like the movie, Hannibal back in Jail, will retires… in walks Clarice

  21. Sam hurst says:

    Usually I can’t be bothered watching T.V. Dramas, especially network productions but after seeing five minutes of a season one episode by chance, I was hooked. I would sit on the deck after the kids went to bed and watch the previous episodes on my IPad. My spine would be chilled by the adrenaline running through my body. I’m a cop and I don’t get this fear when I am working the street but there were nights I would be watching the show and have to come inside the house to feel secure.

    After the finale I felt a real emptiness and I wish some millionaire would step forward and finance ten more seasons, I wouldn’t care if it became like a soap opera: the characters are so intreaguing that I would be happy just watching them drink hot chocolate. I thank NBC for allowing the show to push the boundaries of Network drama, but ironically the type of audience that would appreciate Hannibal would rarely watch network shows!

  22. Liz says:

    I enjoyed the series. I was worried when Hannibal and Will were out for each other. I could see the
    Love they had for one another and as crazy as it was a deep loyal friendship. So I was pleased with the ending. Sad with the murder suicide over the cliff.

    • happyartist says:

      Wow, I don’t watch network TV and came across this at the public library. Had this show been on a cable channel it would still be on. I love the Walking Dead but if I had a choice between watching Hannibal it would be bye bye Walking Dead for me. NBC was definitely the wrong network for this show. It was not marketed properly which is one reason people don’t watch network TV. Loved this show. Bring it back August 2017.

  23. blue says:

    I immensely enjoy the role of the lead actor. He definitely is worthy and virtually exceeds Anthony Hopkins. Laurence Fishburne is particularly wonderful too. The dialogue and the language and the nuances were great.

  24. blue says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of anything involving Hannibal Lecter. NBC’s latest edition has been nothing short of wonderful. It’s too bad that the series may not continue into a fourth, just like it’s too bad no other additional movies were made. Perhaps minds will be changed on creativity and beautiful casting will be allowed to flourish for another season or two. I’m very grateful for on demand. This is the way I have been watching the last few episodes.

  25. Chris says:

    How could a show so dark, a show that could not have existed on TV 20 years ago, become so magnetic that I was forced to watch and over time, begin to actually understand them too? Was that the point of this show, to draw innocent minds opposed to evil and get them to fantasize about it too? After Dexter, I didn’t think TV could find any way to up the ante, until this. How many of you were eating your dinner every time this show came on? Do you even realize you were tying your pleasure to the eating of humans in doing so? Every consumption on the couch in front of Hannibal was an invitation to put meat on the menu as Will Graham said. You know, the other OTHER white meat. So may comments below talk about this show making them “feel” things. That’s downright scary right there. I don’t want to know what that really means. But yeah, I’m just as guilty, I watched this show like a religion every week, and I hated myself every minute, biting my nails as I tried to understand half of what Hannibal and his foolish shrink were even talking about half the time. They never said full sentences, only uttered poetic prose meant to make them seem way more intelligent than the audience. Or maybe they really were. If this is how super intelligent people behave, why have I spent my whole life wishing I was that smart? It’s better to be a dumb animal who kills for hunger than knowingly butchering people. Through all of this prose and poetry, did anyone in love with Hannibal stop to think, what if it was you? What if it was you on the kitchen counter being marinated? Would you love Hannibal then? I feel the ending is brilliant. If you are going to do evil, and enjoy it, then the least you could do is take yourself out and spare the years societal damage that the years of chasing that feeling will have on the world. Will Graham fought his urges for many long years, with the devil in his ears telling him to let go. And when he finally listened, he was man enough to end himself. (Or at least he gave it one heck of a good try!) I think that’s where the beauty in this episode lies. Will Graham was a hero. The only one this show really had. I loved the ending.

  26. Hysni Spahi says:

    I love this Series allot Hannibal is Perfect :)
    I wish They Make Season 4
    Will Graham with be Dragon :P

  27. Nina Taylor says:

    It surprises me, honestly, that you do not realize how deep into human mythology you took this series — or maybe you do and you just don’t think the rest of us human beings could understand. I am writing for myself “The Gospel According to Will Graham,” — you can either recognize the parallel or deny it — either way, for me it exists.

  28. Yvonne Riggs says:

    I posted Sunday about this incredibly seductively beautiful production. But in retrospect I think it’s time for a reality check. The terrible beauty was only beautiful because it was make believe. In reality cruelty is the very antithesis of beauty. So kids don’t do this at home.

  29. Angus says:

    Some events aren’t meant to linger, I guess. More’s the pity. When I think of past short-lived shows like, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Jericho, Nowhere Man, Journeyman, and others like them, Hannibal is by far my favorite. Three brilliant seasons just isn’t enough. This is the type of show that sinks into your psyche and leaves a permanent and glorious scar. A beautiful scar.

  30. martina says:

    “It’s beautiful”.

  31. Mark says:

    Hannibal was the best show on network TV. Hope someday for more. The whole cast and every one that worked on the show were brilliant.

  32. Don Days says:

    I thought this a fantastic series. True break through. I loved the slices in II, I want more. Gruesome Movies. TV im thete. And no I wont go out and act upon any of this. 10pm is fine. Bewitched was cool as a kid. Oh, Dark Shadows.
    Would like some sort of new take off series. Thank you for letting mr Vent.

  33. jeff says:

    Its really sad to lose such a beautiful show,i just dont understand why they wouldn’t wanna go a few more seasons,Nbc loves axing everything great, So stupid

  34. midnite says:

    Thank you all for such an excellent series. I rarely watch television shows and especially don’t watch mainstream programming. Most shows aren’t original and seriously, we don’t need anymore medical shows or cop shows. This series was truly a mind bender that made me think and feel things.

    Even thought I am a hard core fan, I think the series ended exactly when and how it should have ended. The soul mates were toxic and they couldn’t go on playing cat and mouse forever. I enjoyed this series more than the Silence of the Lambs movies and more than The Red Dragon novel and The Red Dragon was one of the best books I’ve read.

    I’m hoping these guys come together someday for a movie, but I think a continued television series would get too predictable. As it was, I already tired of many of the other characters and pretty much just cared about Hannibal and Will during this last season. I did however, very much enough the episode where Jack kicked Hannibal’s ass.

  35. mark says:

    I will now follow Bryan Fuller anywhere he wants to take us but Hannibal is done and while we would like more,even the X Files movie was disappointing as will the new limited return on Fox in 2016 although we will watch simply because we now know how talented Gillian Anderson is. So,to those who do want more,there may be other characters worth adapting from Mr. Harris creative mind but it ended right where it should. NBC never could figure out how to promote this unique series and knew it was for a limited audience kind of like when Medium aired for a few seasons before CBS picked it up. Even if more folks had watched it,this was about as far as the friendship could go between Will and Dr.Lechter. Leaving us wanting more is a tribute to the staff and cast. Mads has done some wonderful film work you can find on Netflix,etc. and Hugh married well so not to worry about his future,either. Let’s just rally behind Bryan Fuller and thank him for a series that obviously is not for Emmy consideration but will remain in our hearts for a very long time.

  36. Mike says:

    WOW! Bittersweet to the max…one of the greatest shows EVER on TV…very sad/angry the show was cancelled. Good to see Bedilia got a leg up on everyone at the end.

  37. Joey says:

    I have never expected such an insanely Glorious production for a series. It really dwarfs many of the other series, when it comes to the storyline, the cinematography, man, the Cinematography. It is by Far the Best, it even puts many of the “artistic” films to shame when it comes to it. But, as much as I like to watch the 4th, 5th, or even the 100th season of Hannibal. I thought it ended beautifully, the emotion Hugh Dancy’s and Mads Mikkelsen’s characters had portrayed by the cliff for one another was on another level, man. Looking forward to the further works of Brian Fuller’s and his Awesome team!

    *Drops mic* xD

  38. P. Muus says:

    Hannibal has been the most brilliant, artistic, thrilling, fantastically beautiful,
    Spellbinding television production I have
    Ever experienced! I watch each episode over & over because each episode is so full of every emotion, surprises, shock, visual and heart-rending beauty and horror. I am devastated that the third season is over, and am praying there will be more Hannibal with this production and acting crew. Absolutely the best I have ever experienced! Bravo! More! Nothing can compare! Thank you!

  39. Ryan says:

    Great finale..I didnt even know it was the Series finale going into it..But it was awesome..AS “Cheesy” as he says the final fight scene is i honestly thought it was one out of maybe 5 times where i stood up and was like HOLY SH*t…

  40. Ramona says:

    I will miss Hannibal. I love the intelligent and creative writing, acting and to see the unfolding of a glorious blood soaked masterpiece. It made me think. It horrified me and I loved Hannibal for it. I do not want it to go. Please reconsider and continue the series?

  41. I really enjoyed the entire series of Hannibal. If that makes me a weirdo, so be it. I have also seen all the Hannibal movies..seeing the movies made me certainly want to see the TV series.

  42. Khali says:

    I watched it with tears in my eyes.

  43. Lonnie says:

    Awesome show/series, will go down as my favorites of all time. Very intelligent. I want more!

  44. True Fan says:

    That was the most powerful and truly awesome ending to any show I have ever seen in my fifty years of life… standing ovation true greatness!!!

  45. M. Oertle says:

    It was – BEAUTIFUL! I will miss the whole cast deeply, especially Mads and Hugh! Fantastic work and good luck in all future endeavors. See you on the big screen soon.

  46. Lindsey says:

    You want to know what I though of the finale? “It was beautiful.” But I am not full. Another course, please!

  47. Joe says:

    Please. If I could honestly ask for one thing, just please bring back Hannibal. No show that I have ever watching has kept me so emotionally connected to it. Survive the fall Hanny and Will!

  48. genghischron says:

    I truly loved this program. Mads will always be my Hannibal.

  49. I thought the ending was great. Will had finally fooled the monster enough to kill him even sacrificing himself to do so

    The show itself was getting off track this last season. Everyone started to talk like Hannibal, and half the time sounding like pedantic poetry, whispering their lines. And the artistic, slow-motion acts of cooking and bloodletting that were so unique were way over-used in nearly every scene this season. I thought maybe a different director took over. It was just painful. And I never once thought Hannibal was “in love” with Will. Hannibal liked to mentor people and eff with them too. Will seemed to ruffle his narcissism and his need to win. I saw them as great competitors, but love? Ha! Sociopaths don’t love, especially psychotic ones. And I don’t accept the premise that Will was becoming Hannibal (I read the books and his character was sane); I think he hated him very much though, especially after he attacked his family. But then they wrote all this hectic connection between Will and Hannibal this season and it fell flat with me. It didn’t match the other seasons. So some of the last dialogues with Bedelia and Will seemed contrived and just weird (why would he open up to her? If only to make sure Hannibal got his messages?) They made her such a caricature of herself that I found her silly like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard over-acting on purpose. The last scene where she is sitting at the table with her amputated leg up there was a hoot, I have to say. But it didn’t make sense for a series finale. When did Hannibal have time to do this? Oh, yeah, he was supposed to have survived that 200 foot drop off a cliff with rocks and 2 feet of ocean below. Sure that makes sense.

    • Matt Smith says:

      I agree with everything you said Deborah. The “murder husband” plot felt contrived to me and I preferred the relationship from earlier seasons when Will tickled Hannibal’s narcissistic fancy because Hannibal found someone who could finally understand him in Will, a person with almost other-worldly emphatic ability. And Hannibal being Hannibal, much like the leopard, was compelled to play with Will before eating him. But then Will and Jack exploited Hannibal’s desire for true companionship to bait Hannibal to catch him. The “murder husband” angle was meant as a farce, but that is what the writers decided to run with this season. Will truly becoming like Hannibal.

      And it felt like to me that the creative team were overindulging themselves this season.Like you mentioned with the dialogue, everyone started talking like Hannibal (a similar problem with True Detective Season 2 with everyone talking like Rusty); and the dreamy cinematography making up large chunks of every episode; and the constant ambient music; there was no self-discipline. The creators should have remembered the maxim less is more.

      But the worst mistake of this season was the treatment of death. In past seasons, the writing lingered on the consequences of death for the survivors. And it was something fresh and novel we rarely see in entertainment. In fiction, too often when someone dies they are treated like they are erased from existence, like their death bears no weight on those around them and Hannibal seasons 1 & 2 went against this archetype. But this season no one cared about the deaths.

    • Fernando says:

      I agree with you on everything except the love story and the possibility of survival (I’d be willing to suspend my disbelief there). I thought for a long time that they looked like a couple. I don’t think they have something gay going on, it’s just some kind of love born of the intimacy they have being able to be the only ones who understand each other perfectly.

      But yeah, the dialogue wasn’t as good and it did look like they were trying to copy Hannibal (specially Dr.Bloom) and the slow-mo artistic shooots appeared to be forced and not born out of inspiration like in the other seasons. This last episode did fine without them, it was actually the best episode of the season and just goes to show how the rest of the season could’ve gone having a quicker pace.

  50. Dr. Lecter says:

    Can’t believe this show has been cancelled.

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