‘Hannibal’: Producers Stoke Fan Support with ‘#SaveHannibal’ Twitter Campaign

Hannibal Season Finale

Hannibal” is not going quietly.

As word spread of NBC’s decision to cancel the show after the conclusion of its third season in August, producers took to the Twitterverse with a #SaveHannibal campaign to demonstrate the depth of the show’s fan engagement to prospective new outlets.

Producers Gaumont Intl. Television and Martha De Laurentiis of the De Laurentiis Co. are actively shopping the show to new buyers, ranging from digital outlets to cable channels. The prequel to “Silence of the Lambs” reportedly had plans to introduce the Clarice Starling character, played by Jodie Foster in the Oscar-winning 1991 movie, in its fourth season.

In the meantime, the show’s hardcore fans, known as “Fannibals,” are keeping the show trending in the U.S. and other markets on social-media platforms. Exec producer Bryan Fuller, who just last week earned a series greenlight for a fantasy drama at Starz, “American Gods,” also has a dedicated online following, which doesn’t hurt the effort, either.

A sampling:

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  1. Rose Lane says:

    You just can’t cancel the show!! There is so much more that can & should happen… This was a great series!!! And from looks lot of fans!!! Season 1&2. Totally assome!!! Season three right plot.. But seemed to much like weird music in beginning of season… That threw me off a bit… And I believe that was probably ratings on third season were possible low.. But plot was perfect!!! And there has to be more seasons to come!!! And if amazon to blame wow that bull—-!! I am account holder as well stock!!! And this is my favorite series!!! Please don’t cancel:(:(:(

  2. Bradlee TheDawg says:

    Hannibal is creepy and disgusting. I don’t care how “well acted” or whatever – it’s unpleasant to watch and there are no sympathetic characters, and that’s why nobody watches it. The whole premise is sickening. It belongs on one of the niche content repositories like Amazon/Hulu/YouTube/Netflix/whatever, not NBC. I’m betting it could not find enough of an audience anywhere to cover the production costs.

    • Julie Helms-Westmoreland says:

      No one said you have to watch it.

    • HanniTheCanni says:

      Wow. I know one person Hannibal could eat. I’d watch out, we eat the rude. Hannibal never fit in at NBC, I agree but also NBC never gave it a chance. Bad prime time slots, horrible timing. (Summer isn’t when people watch tv, Fall and Winter is). So, it might not be your type of show but thousands of people LOVE Hannibal and we are growing in numbers. Netflix/Hulu/TVtibit Or even another cable channel will do, but NBC has lost on this, not us.

      Don’t belittle a piece of art.

    • jrzygirl65 says:

      Aww, Bwadlee….c’mere and let me give you hug. There, there.

  3. Bernard Diggins says:

    Huge #s on Amazon Prime, maybe they pick it up as they get deeper into original content.

  4. Varun says:

    #netflix-Hannibal deserves better! The grotesquely dark and riveting show has more to offer. The writing is excellent. You are more aggressive in terms of marketing and that’s what the show needs. Hannibal is underrated! Renew it because you’ve nothing to lose! You can undo your mistakes. Remember Marco Polo?

  5. Stanley O says:

    Netflix, Starz, Amazon, Showtime, Cinemax, FX, or HBO would do themselves a favor by adding this quality show.

  6. Reblogged this on HORROR BOOM and commented:
    Welp, as you may have read today, we Hannibal fans got some rotten news: the current season three will be the show’s last, as goddamned NBC has decided to cancel it. On the plus side, however, devoted fans are taking to social media (and more) to try to talk some sense into NBC. This will probably not work, but hopefully it will grner enough attention from providers like, say, Netflix, to pick the show up for another season or two. Check out this Variety piece, especially if you want a link to the change.org petition, which is really picking up speed. You can also call or email Netflix to urge them to pick Hannibal up. Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed…

  7. patricnasty says:

    Imagine how much better the show would be if they actually stayed true to how Thomas Harris wrote the actual character and story.

    • giantslor says:

      I’ve read the books. The show is better.

      • jrzygirl65 says:

        I won’t venture an opinion on the subject other than, one has a greater appreciation for the creative “re-imagining” of the show if you’ve read/watched the books and movies.

      • patricnasty says:

        The show would NOT be boring if they stayed true to the books and the show is NOT better. Turning Wil Graham into some neurotic loon who has visions and is nothing like the character that Thomas Harris portrayed in the book is not acceptable. Edward Norton played a perfect Will Graham. An intelligent, competent agent who, at first, works with Dr. Lecter and then, stands toe to toe with Dr. Lecter once Hannibal is behind bars.
        Also, the novels “Red Dragon” and “The Silence Of The Lambs” were adapted faithfully to the screen; unlike “Hannibal” which was butchered on the screen.
        Lastly, Scott Glenn is the only acceptable choice for Jack Crawford. I did not like Harvey Keitel and I do not like Laurence Fishburne.

      • giantslor says:

        Boring? The show is completely engrossing. You must have a short attention span.

      • anon12 says:

        I second this. I’ve been a big fan of the books for years but the show is definitely better.

    • Jenna says:

      Then watch the movies. Bryan is taking his expansive imagination and doing something new, but still taking these well-known characters and specific plot lines and spinning them into something new. It’d be very boring if they went exactly by the book. If that’s what you’d like then just read the books and/or watch the movies.

  8. sandra stucki says:

    Save Hannibal. One of the few network shows with true style and substance.

  9. Arline Parrinelli says:

    Why do they ALWAYS cancel the shows I love, and keep the reality crap.

    • jhs39 says:

      I’m rooting for Hannibal season 4 on Netflix but given the ratings it’s a miracle NBC aired Hannibal for 3 seasons. It’s just not mainstream enough to be a network program. Orphan Black would be gone by now if it was on one of the big four networks–they aren’t looking for cult programs. That’s why shows like Dollhouse and Firefly and Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies never last–quality isn’t enough on network television–you also have to appeal to the widest possible audience or at least a very large niche.

      • Bradlee TheDawg says:

        @Jenna – what’s “sad” about it? It’s basic economics. NBC has to sell ads to survive. To sell ads they need viewers. To get viewers they need to appeal to the widest possible audience. That’s not “sad” – it’s called capitalism. Do don’t cry – as long as there are other outlets for shows like this you’ll be able to see them (IF you’re willing to pay additional monthly fees for the service. Funny though how, when it’s going to cost them another $9.95/mo – how few people actually continue to care.

      • Jenna says:

        Great point! And also quite sad that quantity is valued over quality.

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