Watch: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Pays Tribute to McDreamy

Patrick Dempsey Dead Grey's Anatomy
Courtesy of ABC

Warning: This post contains spoilers about ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.”

They may not have gotten to grow old together, but Patrick Dempsey’s Derek Shepherd and Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey’s relationship was like coming up for fresh air.

As those who were glued to the news coverage leading up to the event know, Thursday’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” resulted in an emotional goodbye to Derek — aka McDreamy and the Shonda Rhimes-created drama’s original heartthrob.

Fans still looking for a coping mechanism can watch this tribute video. Set to “How to Save a Life,” the show’s theme song, the video chronicles Derek’s first meeting with Meredith through their courtship, marriage and other near-death encounters.

Do you think Thursday’s episode did the show justice? Share in the comments.

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  1. I want to be with Patrick. Dempsey. And. Derek.

  2. this is my fav tv series movie, thx

  3. bandar togel says:

    This tv series is so good (y)

  4. judi togel says:

    this is my fav tv series movie,

  5. Vanessa says:

    I want to be with Patrick. Dempsey. And. Derek. Mcdreamy is. My. Doctor. And. Husband. In. Real life

  6. Vikki says:

    Derek and Meredith… they were the whole point of the show. I have watched since the beginning . I’ve put up with a lot of annoying characters and stupid story lines b/c I loved Derek and Meredith. People die in real life, in real life, we expect tragedy … in a show like Grey’s Anatomy… I expect joy… funny, a tear or two is OK… but mostly a happy ending. I don’t want to be sad during prime time thank you very much. I’ve got no reason to watch GA anymore. And I don’t trust SR. My fear is I”m going to watch Scandal, another SR show…watch that show for another few years and she going to have a sniper shoot Fitz in the neck…. and boop… shows is over. Ms Pope is off in the sunset with her white hat and no happy story. Too bad, you’ve wasted your time falling in love with these characters. There is no Vermont. There is no McDreamy It’s a big screw you! I’m done with the show.

  7. DoloresColucci says:

    After next week show I will not be watching abymor. Whaty an awful way to die Why did he have to He was the best partof the show.

  8. I missed the first seasons of GA, but caught up when entire seasons were available on DVDs. Had stopped watching after the episode which Mark and others were lost in the plane crash. I could only relate to Derek and Meredith and stopped watching all together when Yoon left. I am sad that Derek is not a part of the series, I could not adjust to another change now. In fact I no longer watch much TV. I agree that the show has a different audience now. Thanks Shonda for the first years of enjoyment for me. I have copies of them on DVDs that I can watch.

  9. Kelliann says:

    Hate Shonda Rhimes. I read interview with Patrick Dempsey. It is clear she fired him. I will never watch another of her shows again. ABC: fire that woman today!

  10. In 2010 my husband was in a car accident much like Patrick Dempsey’s character. He survived, but not without years of speech and physical therapy. Today he is one of the millions who live with traumatic brain injury. We call it our “new normal”. Watching this episode brought it all back complete with sobbing like I hadn’t done since 2010. He was fortunate to be flown to a level 1 trauma center, we are grateful for such expert care.

  11. diane says:

    Patrick Dempsey fired for being a diva? Clearly,Shonda Rhimes is the diva for killing off such a beloved character. The episode was so poorly written,having us believe that Merideth wouldn,t call ANYONE to be with her at the hospital? That she would pull the plug on Dereck without even calling his sister? Or Richard? Ridiculous. I,m not even curious about where the show is going. It might be called greys anatomy but its Derecks anatomy that carried the show.

  12. Laura says:

    It’s the beginning of the End. Every show which loses its main characters always go into a down ward spiral and loses its audience. GA needed either Dempsey or Washington. shonda and the writers are insane if they think the show will survive. Idiots..

  13. Sherman O says:

    GREYS ANATOMY is on its way out. This was a desperate move, but the backlash has been fierce. Dumb move ABC.

  14. Too violent. Too horrible. Fans of – what? – eleven seasons now, deserved better than to have a character die in such a gruesome way. Yes, I know it’s “just a TV show,” and Derek is really Patrick and Patrick is alive and divorced and races cars (ugh…car racing…not good). But seriously, Shonda could have just left him in D.C. operating on brains for the president and split the couple up. That way we’d be left knowing that the kids still had a father, Derek was still off somewhere spreading his love and his beautiful face on the East Coast and everyone would live happily ever after. But alas…

  15. Nancy Barnhart says:

    How could you have killed off Derek? Why can’t you make any of these characters be happy. Meridith and her children and Derek deserved better (especially since Patrick had signed an additional two ear contract). I enjoyed seeing this couple happy, raising their children, having amazing careers, and also an occasional problem we all may encounter ; especially since everyone life on Grey’s is so screwed up. Meridith’s role as a single Mom will not be the strong role she and Derek projected as a couple. Derek deserved better and it may be time for me to say goodbye to GA.

  16. The Writer says:

    Between Knight and Dempsey… Characters need to seriously stay off the streets and away from large, moving vehicles in that show. Just saying…

  17. Bennet Lea says:

    I loved it. No sloppy dragging it out and maudlin sobbing. Well done Shonda Rhimes!!! The T-bone was a total surprise.

  18. shan says:

    It was horrific that they could kill off a main character so easily, when the season hasn’t ended yet! (Which also makes me wonder what will be the big finale episode, a birth, another death or a big confession of love?)

    Derek deserved a better ending, things still feel unfinished for him and it just feels barbaric. There were other characters that could’ve been killed off but they chose him, which doesn’t make sense.
    He’s signed for season 12, but I wonder if he’ll be included much.

    Rhimes always kills off signature characters like Mark, Lexie, George and now Derek…
    I feel like he wasn’t given enough justice and Meredith will never get her happy ending that everyone believed she would get. Truthfully, I can see her ending up like Ellis Grey at this rate.

    One final thing, I hope they give Derek an amazing funeral and we get to see his mum and all his sisters. If they didn’t give him a justified death, they should justify him with a good send off!

  19. dr.thomachayan says:

    They could’ve killed off meridith, her character is whiny and borderline bossy with an entitlement.-Personally, i wouldn’t have missed her much and a big tribute could’ve been aired. Maybe this execution was to bring meridth’s psycho face and give her a gory death, while leaving her children with the avery couple and thus to bring more pizazz for the coming season is the plan. Killing meredith could’ve been a good idea than derek. replacement should be gay doctor who makes everyone uncomfortable with his extra energy like thomas lenon in his new show.

  20. Abbey says:

    I think that his death was to forced they should have done something different like give him cancer or something so he could have gotten closure with certain characters like Meredith

  21. luann18 says:

    I can’t understand it. Why would anyone want to kill off one of the main actors of the show? McDreamy & Meredith’s romance & relationship through the years is what kept many viewers coming back. Their relationship was a dream many could only wish for. A modern day fairy tale has been crushed & taken away

    This is very upsetting. Thanks Patrick Dempsey for many great years of acting, you will be missed!

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  23. A Mac says:

    Ugh that video is too damn emotional for 11am. smh

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