‘Walking Dead’ Producer Talks Latest Casualty: The Character We Knew ‘Is Dead’

Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen episode 603 of “The Walking Dead,” titled “Thank You.”

“The Walking Dead” has never been afraid to kill beloved characters, but in the third episode of season six, the show seemingly ripped out the beating heart of its sprawling cast, sending Steven Yeun’s Glenn Rhee toppling into a crowd of walkers where he appeared to be torn apart by the bloodthirsty horde. Fans immediately began formulating conspiracy theories that perhaps it was Nicholas’ (Michael Traynor) entrails we saw being yanked across the screen, and “TWD” after-show, “Talking Dead,” poured more fuel on the fire when it neglected to include Glenn during the episode’s weekly “In Memoriam” segment, and aired a statement from showrunner Scott Gimple that said, “In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story, to help complete the story.”

So is Glenn dead or alive? Was his apparent “death” a fake-out the likes of which the show has never attempted before? Variety spoke to executive producer David Alpert to try and gain some clarity on that, and learn what else is coming up for our remaining survivors in next week’s special 90-minute episode.

Let’s address the Glenn of it all up front, because I didn’t expect you guys to pull a Jon Snow on us at this stage of the game: Can you confirm that Glenn is dead?

[Laughs.] We will find out what happened to Glenn.

This show isn’t usually one to give us ambiguous deaths; and to me it seemed pretty cut and dry, just taking the episode as it was presented, without the context of the “Talking Dead.” From your perspective, what should we take away from that scene?

I think that part of what that scene is about is the violence inflicted on Glenn, but from a bigger perspective, I think it’s really about his interactions with Nicholas. There’s been a dynamic in the show since season one — the Rick-Shane dilemma — and what I love about last night’s episode is the fact that, watching Rick in the RV, he was Shane — that was not Rick from season one, that’s someone who’s gone full Bernthal. He wasn’t asking questions about who those people were outside his car, he picked up a friggin’ assault rifle and mowed them down without thinking twice. That Rick didn’t exist in season one … he’s really inhabiting that space, and Glenn has never gone there. And so in some ways, what I see last night as, he’s always embraced the kinder, better Rick, the one who believes in everybody’s humanity. He has forgiven and embraced and given Nicholas every opportunity in the show to do the right thing, and almost at every point along the way, has paid the price for it. I feel like, regardless of what happened to Glenn, he paid a tremendous price for having been human to Nicholas, and that, to me, from an emotional point-of-view — whether or not Glenn is alive or dead or something else — the Glenn that we knew, the one that believed in the better side of humanity, I think is dead.

That certainly seems to be one of the central tensions in the series as a whole, but specifically this season: how these survivors reconcile the need to survive with the desire to remain human. Will we see other characters struggling with that quandary this season, besides Rick?

Overall, yes — if you look at the conflict between the Alexandrians and our guys, I think it’s exemplified in that heated argument between Michonne and Heath, like, “you don’t know what it’s like out there.” And honestly, thinking back to what Sasha went through last season, and seeing what that was, you’re thinking, “life is pretty cushy in Alexandria — you really don’t know, and you should be thankful that you don’t know. But now that it’s at your door, you should really be thankful that you have these people with you.”

Michonne isn’t someone that vocalizes her feelings very often, so that scene with Heath had particular weight. She seemed eager to embrace Alexandria last season, but she’s also a very practical person, so how is she feeling about their position there at this point?

I think Michonne would consider herself a realist… by way of tangent, my father-in-law’s an engineer, he’s a scientist, so it’s like, the optimist says the glass is half full, the pessimist says the glass is half empty, and my father-in-law says you have a poorly designed glass, and I think to some degree you have that situation here with Michonne. She’s like, “no, there’s an amount of liquid in this glass,” and that’s a useful thing for her, so it’s not that that things are getting better or worse. There’s a place where there’s currently protection from zombies and people, and that’s useful for her, but I don’t think she looks at it and says, “yeah, this is the solution forever,” and I also don’t think she looks at it and says “oh this is a beacon for bad behavior.” She’s like, “this is a great place for me to rest my head right now.”

Daryl actually disobeyed Rick in favor of going back towards Alexandria in Sunday’s episode, although Rick doesn’t know that yet. How will his shift in priorities affect their dynamic moving forward?

What’s been great is that Daryl has been the most loyal, almost blindly loyal number two that Rick could ever ask for — he basically goes along with what Rick does. He’ll disagree, he’ll voice his disagreement and let Rick know his feelings, but also when Rick lays down the law, Daryl’s right there stepping up behind. And that dynamic between the two of them has contributed to their success; it’s allowed our group to survive when so many other people haven’t. And I feel like what’s been great about that has been… you have a trusted lieutenant so that allows you to get things done, but I also feel like it is time for Daryl to come into his own a little bit, even if that means conflicting with Rick. I was honestly, as a fan, excited that Daryl showed a little bit of initiative.

Much has been made of the ideological differences between Morgan and Rick this season, but last week we got to see Morgan and Carol’s differing approaches play out. Now that they both know what the other is capable of, where do they go from here?

That scene in 601 where she’s walking around with drinks and Morgan’s like “you always seem like you’re ready for something,” and she doesn’t know what to say, so she goes “aren’t you sweet?” It’s that classic Southern moment of “I’m going to be a gentlewoman here, but I really want to tell you to go f–k yourself; I just don’t know how to do it and still be civil, so I’m just gonna tell you ‘aren’t you sweet?'” It was that moment of, forgive the expression, game recognizing game. They looked at each other in that moment, and Morgan knew who she is, and Carol knew that he knew, so there was that moment of “okay, we’ll see how this thing’s gonna go.”

Ultimately, getting back to that Shane/Rick dynamic that was evidenced in season one and two, Morgan’s clearly embraced this humanist approach, and in the attack at Alexandria he really made some decisions that clearly have endangered the group, there’s no doubt about it. Those Wolves that attacked Rick, would they have been there had Morgan not let them go? Carol certainly wouldn’t have let them go, she would’ve straight-up murdered them, and not even thought twice about it. I think to some degree Morgan’s been there and back, so he’s going through some of what Rick did, but we haven’t seen the last of his evolution, for sure.

Next week’s 90-minute episode looks set to give us a glimpse into Morgan’s journey during his time off-screen — what else can we expect?

The most important thing is, Morgan is — if nothing else — incredibly smart. He’s capable, he’s confident, he’s thoughtful, but he’s very, very smart, so I think he understands the lay of the land as good, if not better, than anyone else, and I think he understands the implications of what’s just happened. There’s gonna be a fundamental shift in his worldview that comes out of this, but how that works is not a linear thing. This guy has been to nihilism and back, he’s explored the known universe of possibilities, but I think he’s about to encounter another one.

The past two episodes have thinned the Alexandrians out considerably. Now that some of the redshirts are out of the way, is this an opportunity for us to get to know the few who are left standing a little better?

Yeah, over the course of the season we’re definitely gonna learn a lot more about the Alexandrians and get to know them. Ultimately some of them are gonna rise to the occasion and become part of the core team, and others won’t, and like Sturgess and David and Annie will succumb to the ways of the world. [Laughs.] To some degree, the way our gang has survived is just by doing what needs to be done, and struggling with it emotionally and intellectually, but at the end of the day, they do exactly what needs to get done, and I feel like the Alexandrians haven’t been faced with that, and they’re going to be because the world’s not gonna let them do anything else.

Do you guys pay attention to fan reaction after big episodes like this? Are you sitting there reading the comments section and cackling maniacally to yourselves?

Everybody’s just been happy, I’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages, people telling me how thankful they are… [Laughs.] Yeah, no, I’m not the most beloved person when I’m walking out right now, but in a weird way, when people tell me they hate me for what happened last night, I take it as a compliment because it shows that they care, because I made a lot of other things that nobody talks to me about at all, so it’s nice when somebody cares.

We love our fans — the main thing is, we don’t listen to everything they tell us. We think that giving everybody what they want all the time isn’t the way to actually give them what they want. I have two children and if I loved them, they would eat cookies for breakfast and cookies for lunch and cookies for dinner, and that wouldn’t actually be what they’d want, because they would get stomach aches. You watch “The Walking Dead” because people you love die … whether you admit it, that is part of the reason you watch the show, so if we stopped killing characters you loved, you wouldn’t like the show anymore! So we embrace the outrage and the hostility as just another expression of love.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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  1. John says:

    ” if we stopped killing characters you loved, you wouldn’t like the show anymore! So we embrace the outrage and the hostility as just another expression of love.” That the dumbest statement I heard in a long while. I makes no real sense but that why Hollywood don’t make movies anymore or come up with new ones. Brain dead logic.

  2. H4T3 says:

    Episode s06e03 where Glenn is tore apart by walkers was the last one I have seen of my “former” favourite serie!

  3. Dorle says:

    It will be Eugene whom Negan wacked not Glenn, First, if you follow the sequence when Negan did the mnie minie monie moe, it passed theu allnof hem but the not again to Eugene, so the last one Negan pointed was Eugene, besides, of you see the environment where the camera pointed, it angled and pointed to Eugene’s location, aside from this, he showed a hint when he gave the paper to Rick that indicates the ingredients for making bullets and he even said Abraham knows where, so that scene gave hints that he will be gone or will die, Besides, Rick’s groip wont be as good if one main one will be killed, they have that whatvyoucall team work to survive. It will be a lost too if Eugene will be gone, but it has a purpose, so anybody? Vorrect me if Im wrong but we will find out on October.

    • Swift Slick says:

      Here’s why that makes no sense. Eugene isn’t a character the audience cares for deeply and not one the group would be willing to start a War over. Neither are any of the people that we’ve accumulated in season 4 (Abraham, Rosita, Et Cetera).

      The series is attempting to start a War between the Survivors (Ricks Group) and Negans Army. At the same time they are attempting to make Maggie a leader (like Deanna) among the Hilltop Community. None of that can occur if Glenn is still alive. His death provides the catalyst, a reason to fight for their War and for her rise to power in the community.

      The only way to really give Glenn a pass is if they flip the script and kill Maggie instead. Which would be interesting but be a major nutless cop-out considering how Glenn escaped that dumpster surrounded by walkers. It would also make his character a magician and would cause the show to JUMP THE SHARK.

      In order for this show to continue on the path they’ve set forth, whiny Glenn Rhee must die.

    • arsalan says:

      It’s glenn. google it or read the 100th issue of the walking dead’s comic.

  4. Amily says:

    Just another reason why I say after the death (or presumed death in this case since I’ve only watched 3 episodes of season 6) of the beloved characters….”I hate this show. I love this show. I hate this show. I love this show…” I said this when the fatherly, sage and optimistic Hershel was killed; when the conflicted, gentle giant Tyrese died: and when the opinionated, protective and genuinely kind Dale passed. Fingers crossed for Glenn as I continue to watch TWD on Amazon…

  5. PankoPost says:

    Spoiler Warning: This is for those that know Glenn’s fate already. I have just Goggled for “Glenn survives” and this page is still the first result. I don’t know if people are still reading comments on this page. From all the 271 comments we had concerning Glenn’s fate, only a few got it right. I can quote here:

    EFT4Me on October 26, 2015 at 8:02 pm says: I think when the walkers started devouring Nicholas, Glen who was underneath him, scurried underneath the dumpster.

    henry on October 26, 2015 at 9:08 pm says: if he wriggles under the dumpster.. perhaps the herd doesn’t go after him and eventually leaves.. idk though…

    These both comments were right as Glenn did fit underneath the dumpster. Some people checked to see if would be possible for a person to fit below a regular dumpster and posted the evidence online. So this is not like jumping any shark. Glenn had a bottle of water and knife to keep the herd away till they go somewhere else. But what could lead the herd somewhere far from Glenn?

    Tim Rose on October 27, 2015 at 2:46 pm says: Help from Rick as everyone else is busy and fleeing. Rick gathering the herd and distracting them is the only chance Glenn has.

    This comment could be right, maybe Rick was the one who saved Glenn. Rick did fire his gun many times on those Wolves. His gun noises could have saved Glenn as he attracted the herd to him. Rick had escaped on foot and dragged that same herd that was after Glenn to Alexiandria or where would that herd have went?

    But what would happen if the herd never left, after moving bellow that dumpster, what would Glenn do?

    Trish on November 2, 2015 at 1:23 pm says: I’m also thinking, what about that flare gun? Maybe he shoots it away from himself and the walkers go toward it, allwoing him to get out from under the dumpster and climb over that ivy covered fence where there weren’t any walkers.

    This comment gave the best survival option in the worst scenario. There were two fences, one had walkers the other had bushes, this is the Ivy covered one that was behind Nicholas when he looked at Glenn before shooting himself. That fence had no walkers behind it.

    And just to close this with my own comment, Nicholas tried to climb that same ivy covered fence with bushes when Glenn was running to the other side and told him “Come on. Come on.” Instead of climbing the fence and letting Glenn behind to die as he did with his other team members Nicholas decided to follow Glenn.

    That was a bad decision because Nicholas got trapped with Glenn over that dumpster and that fence, that he tried to climb before, was far from his reach. As a way of saying “Thank you”, Nicholas saved one bullet in his gun to kill himself and unconsciously used his body to cover Glenn and distract the herd to save his life till he could get below that dumpster.

    If Nicholas had escaped through that fence and ignored Glenn orders, Nicholas would be alive and Glenn would be dead. This made me realize that the “cowardly Nicholas” that everyone hated ended up as a great hero that no one ever suspected. I believe that Nicholas have climbed that same fence with bushes before when he left his friends being eaten by walkers while he escaped. But this time Nicholas did differently, as he was being in trance and having deja vus about what happened he did not want this to repeat.

    So Nicholas decided to stay and save Glenn, his only friend left. Glenn told Nicholas that he was “not that (cowardly) person anymore” that leave his friends behind and once Nicholas proved how Glenn was right it may have cost his life.

    • Digital Jedi says:

      This point is frequently “mis-remembered” for some odd reason, but Nicholas tried to climb the same fence as Glenn. They were simply on either side of the dumpster. Nicholas jumped on the fence, and the Walkers on the other side immediately tried to grab him. Hence the reason he fell to the ground so quickly after jumping on it.

      This “ivy” covered fence (which I believe is actually trees) people refer to can be seen to the left of Nicholas. The dumpster is to his right. The zombies directly in front on the other side of the fence.

      • PankoPost says:

        Digital Jedi says: “If Nicholaus knew the town so well, why was it his idea to go down the alley in the first place?” I just told you. His idea was to go through that fence that had no walkers. He touched his hands on that fence, even if he was trying to “open” as you said, he would try to climb it when it was locked, but Glenn ignored that (just like most people) and thought he had a better idea as he was saying “Come on”.

        The same argument I am having with you is the same Nicholas would be having with Glenn about the best escape route. Nicholas would say “Follow me over this fence, There’s no walkers over there, just bushes.” Then Glenn would reply as you just did “We get a terrible view of that side of the fence.” Could have walkers hiding but it was too thick for them to pass through those bushes, they would have to use their knifes to open their path in there.

        Nicholas is not so dumb as people think. He knew the town very well. Nicholas told that he could even draw a map from that area. He just wasn’t expecting to see that building burned down. Nicholas seemed lost as he was panicking (like you have just said) but I believe it was more than that, he was remembering what happened there when he left his friends and having premonitions about his own fate.

      • Digital Jedi says:

        You’re completely missing my point. I acknowledged he knows the area. But he’s panic stricken, so his knowledge isn’t all that helpful in a situation where split second decisions matter. (The whole point of this season was differentiate the experience between the Alexandrians and Rick’s crew.)

        And my point about the trees isn’t that they don’t get a good look. It’s that WE, the audience, don’t get a good look. But a number of you keep insisting they could easily get away through those trees. My point is you don’t know that. My point is, you weren’t supposed to. It’s the reason you don’t get a good look.

        The best look we got was here, and it was momentary. There’s no valid argument that can demonstrably prove they’d be free and clear, should they manage to leap that fence before the herd got to them. (Didn’t work out great for Michonne and her crew on the other side of town.) It wasn’t an exit. It wasn’t supposed to be.

      • PankoPost says:

        The point that is “mis-remembered” is when Nicholas tried to climb the fence on the left with the bushes, when Glenn said “Come on”. Glenn was running to the wrong direction and telling Nicholas to follow him when in fact Glenn should be the one following Nicholas since he was the one who knew the place well. But Nicholas decided to follow Glenn instead so both would end trying to climb the other fence with the walkers. Glenn knew nothing about that place and acted as he was in charge. Glenn should have climbed that fence with the bushes as Nicholas to escape but he didn’t instead he wanted Nicholas to go to the other fence with the walkers.

      • Digital Jedi says:

        Everyone seems to think that there was this great escape route on the other side of those trees. We get a terrible view of that side of the fence. We have no idea if that was a forest (which is what people seem to think it was…in the middle of town) or some trees lining yet another building. Nicolaus wasn’t even trying to climb that fence. He was shaking it trying to make a chained fence open.

        If Nicholaus knew the town so well, why was it his idea to go down the alley in the first place? Yes, he had good knowledge of the town. But he was scared out of his mind. He either kept freezing or panicking, and apparently, not thinking straight. Which is why Glenn had to keep giving him instructions. There were no perfect options at that point. It was untenable situation.

  6. k says:

    I finally came to the conclusion that glenn is alive because he was saved by the survivors. Not only is he alive, he will join them. And in an evil plot twist from the writers, he wont die at the hands of negan: He will be forced to kill someone from the group (with a bat of course), in order to save maggie

  7. John John Laddii says:

    I think Stephen Yuen, if Glenn was going to die, would much rather have hum die being torn apart by a horde of Walkers than shot by some twit like how Beth died.
    I hate to say so, and I’d love being wrong, but I think he is dead. Given that we have seen another character survive iminent horde death (Tyrese) it is possible he will survive. Just because I cannot imagine a realistic scenario does not mean it is not there.
    The difference being, Tyrese was not on the ground when he was swarmed getting out of that car.

  8. trudy says:

    I think glenn crawls under the dumpster and survives. He cant die. He just cant. But that would be a way of him surviving.

  9. Joshua says:

    Personally I think he is dead. I have read a few different scenarios and the only one that would really make sense would be for this to be a hallucination.

    1. The bullets angle: Glenn is the one who is out of bullets. Why he was pointing it at the ground when he found this out is beyond me, but that happens all the time in movies and TV shows. Nicholas switches to his knife for an unknown reason. Clearly, he has a bullet left.

    2. The fall: Glenn and Nicholas are seen falling next to each other. Nicholas is never seen on top of Glenn so saying that the zombies were eating Nicholas instead is nothing but a guess. How Glenn’s head ends up by the dumpster violates physics unless the zombies somehow spun him around, in which case he would certainly be eaten. I also do not think that he and Nicholas would have fell straight to the ground. The zombies were very thick. They would have fell on top of zombies and eventually made it to the ground or the zombies would have started eating them while they’re laying on top of them.

    3. The intestines: Again, we never see Nicholas on top of Glenn. There is a shot where we see the side of Glenn’s head – we also see his chest as well and nobody is on top of him. The angle where we see someone ripped apart is ambiguous – intentionally, of course. As we see the angle from above, Glenn is completely surrounded by zombies, including one between him and the dumpster, while there are zombies closing in while reaching for him. There are so many around him that you can barely see him.

    4. Zombie blood vs. Fresh human blood: When blood is used for camouflage it is always blood from a zombie. Fresh human blood makes the zombies go nuts. Remember when Shane was in the bus? This eliminates Glenn being camouflaged by Nicholas’ blood, along with the fact that we never see him on top of Glenn.

    5. The dumpster: It looks as if the dumpster sits too low to hide under, but even if he could fit, the zombies could too. The zombies were on every side of the dumpster so he would have been just as screwed as he was on the ground. He would not make it to the top of the dumpster without being bitten or scratched considering he was completely surrounded.

    6. The surrounding fences: All sides of the fence had zombies on the other side. There are multiple angles that show this. He would have had to get away from all of the zombies that had him completely surrounded and then climb up the fence and hop over it while there are zombies all around it. This is simply not a realistic way for Glenn to make it out.

    7. The flare gun: Glenn does not have the flare gun in his hand when he falls. He would need to move around a bit just to get it out and then he would need to raise his arm to fire it above the zombies that are surrounding him. Surely they would devour him.

    No offense, but the scenarios where Glenn lives are likely from people who just don’t want him to die. I get it. I am a big fan. You have to ask yourself if this was a lesser character would you think that they actually lived? Realistically, he was trapped by a horde and nobody makes it out of THAT situation unscathed.

    This episode was very rough for many characters and Glenn’s death would fit in quite well. What they were doing was extremely dangerous and had a high probability of failure. The Wolves made things a lot more difficult than they needed to be but corralling that many zombies was a very difficult proposal at best. Glenn went out in a way that I think is perfect. You can’t always live through these dangerous situations. And not every death is going to be an emotional send off with loved ones surrounding. Sometimes people just get ripped to shreds by zombies.

    Every time Glenn got involved with Nicholas it ended badly for Glenn.

    As another person who commented said, being vague about this will keep the tension up and it will get people talking about it, which it clearly has done. The Walking Dead producers know exactly what they are doing here.

    Besides, do we really want to see Glenn get his head caved in by Negan?

    All of this could be a hallucination or visualization of some kind, which would render all of this moot.

  10. paula eugene says:

    If Glenn is dead- No more Walking Dead for me or my family

  11. Carol says:

    You are clearly in the wrong decade at least. Southern ladies can very sweetly smile and say fuck you and fuck off as nicely as “ya’ll have a great day now”. We can also smile just as sweetly as we pull the trigger or twist the knife we have ever so sweetly stabbed you with.

  12. Skye says:

    I have yet to watch last Sunday’s TWD. It is a favorite TV thriller, yet I do not like the reaction that I experienced after the infamous Glenn scene. I literally cried for hours and I’m not ready for TWD yet.
    I am still a fan…I know this is what makes this show so popular. I also know it is a TV production. With that said, I am uncomfortable that a TV show having such an impact.

  13. Ray says:

    I am already done watching this series. Even if glen somehow survives. Now it is just a series that want to keep audience by shocking them with main character dying like Game of Thrones. And all these feller episodes, b&w scenes are making me sick, it’s like they run out of material to write good episode and to add anything to the already repetitive plot that is hapening. All characeters are getting colder and colder, every sanctuary is destroyed, trees, trees everywhere, chasing zombies. Simply this series doesn’t give me the thrill to watch what happens next.

  14. Ger says:

    I’ve watched through a lot of my favourite characters die over the series and kept watching because I’ve been so enthralled, but if Glenn is dead, I’m so seriously done watching,

  15. Panko1 says:

    The things that will help Glenn survive that situation are… 1. His FRIEND NICHOLAS being eating is still distracting the herd 2. The FLARE GUN can open more space and set those walkers on fire to add even more distraction. He would risk getting him self burned but he would not get bit while getting burned. 3. The DUMPSTER is right next to him he could still climb it. 4. The COVERED FENCE is near the dumpster so he could still jump on the fence from that dumpster. Glenn could have serious burn injuries by setting on fire those zombies around him maybe that’s why Scott Gimple said Glenn would never be the way he was.

    • Bobby Zoom says:

      None of those scenarios are possible. Glenn was completely surrounded by walkers and they were all trying to get to him. He was screaming and moving his head. They were not just going to ignore him or think he disappeared because he might have had someone else’s blood on him. There is zero chance that he got out of that alive without there being a literal miracle. A flare gun wouldn’t light enough of them on fire either. As soon as he reaches to fire the gun zombies would tear him apart if that wasn’t his intestines being pulled out already. And anytime any other character has been in a similar situation they have died. Nobody survives a horde of zombies like that. Even if a few people were nearby with machine guns it still wouldn’t be enough to get the zombies that were already right on top of him.

      All sides of the fence had zombies present. No way out.

    • Digital Jedi says:

      While I think there’s still a lot that could happen once they continue that scene, your last two scenarios are not possible. The dumpster was full. Not just full. Overflowing. He’s not jumping in. The covered fence has another horde of Walkers on the other side. It’s the reason they didn’t jump it in the first place.

      • Digital Jedi says:

        Why they don’t just put Reply buttons on every comment, I’ll never know. Panko, the fence you’re speaking of is just a little too far away. It’s not reachable from the dumpster.

      • Panko1 says:

        My scenario is very possible. I know that dumpster is full. I mean for Glenn to climb the dumpster’s lid like he did before. He can open space by setting those zombies near him on fire so he can climb again. I don’t think Glenn could fit beneath that dumpster, so maybe his only option is climbing it again so then he can jump to the fence. But not that fence that has the zombie herd behind the dumpster. I mean the other fence, the one covered on the other side, that fence has nothing but bushes and trees behind it as we could see when Glenn was on that dumpster. My original idea was for Glenn to reach that bush fence before he fell. But now that Glenn is surrounded I think he will need to set those zombies on fire In order to make it. He could burn himself but he wouldn’t get bit.

  16. Meryl says:

    I enjoy reading all of the comments on the show, it is my all time favorite show, that being said I think that the death of Glenn whether real of imaged is probably the stupidest move so far. For Glenn to go out that way is a disgrace to the writers. and a slap in the face to the fans. A Guy who is probably one of the best fighters and tacticians on the show and he lets himself get trapped that way? BS! I watched last nights episode and while it was quality acting, it was unimportant to the story. and at 90 minutes was a bit of dull fluff. I believe that there are only 2 characters that are absolutely integral to the show,
    Thank being Rick and Daryll, the next group would be Carol and Michone, I believe if a romance would evolve between Rick & Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge). I believe this would help Rick’s purpose and direction greatly. I love that other characters as well but when you look at which ones could carry the show, there is no question the above mentioned integral cast are the show. I believe that the reasons that the writers and those involved do what they do is because they can, and their is an extreme amount of egoism and power involved in killed off our favorites and basically saying screw you if you don’t like it, nothing you can do about it! except change the channel and contact the sponser’s of the show and voice your obvious displeasure. Quit buying the sponser’s product. My second favorite show was Game of throwns and becuase of there egotistical write I dropped HBO never to return

    • Y.S. Vashti says:

      Oh my gosh! Meryl, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Ninety freaking minutes of fluff that added very little to the story. Not only are we left clueless about Glenn, but we are in the dark on Alexandria, Rick, Judith, Enid, and all the walkers that deviated from the progression. I can’t believe that people actually thought Morgan’s 90 minutes was a GREAT episode. It was filler and fluff. That’s all!

      They are running season 6 as if it were a dang soap opera. I hate soap operas! I still think this fluff is evidence of writers either working on a budget, or running out of material, because Morgan’s story could have been told in a fraction of the time. One thing is for sure, they didn’t have to pay everyone the big bucks for the “Here’s Not Here” episode, because very few actors appeared in it. Moreover, the goat’s owner couldn’t have commanded much pay her brief appearance. Geez!

      • Y.S. Vashti says:

        Digital Jedi,

        I don’t recall any seasons beyond 6 that developed characters by dragging story lines on and on without congealing them together. Particularly events that were occurring the same day – including the Terminus event. The story lines ran together during the hour, or within 2 episodes.

        They didn’t disconnect them and stretch them out separately for weeks at a time. As for where I have been, i have been with the show through every episode beginning with season 1 show 1. So, I beg to differ. This season is dragging the episodes out.

        In a soap opera, one can watch on Monday and never see those characters again until Friday. Then when they appear on Friday, it is so brief that one must tune in Monday to see the cliff hanger from Friday. Problem is that on Monday, they don’t show them again. One must wait until Friday again. Too slow moving for me.

        The closest thing they did like that was the scenario with the apparently kidnapped Beth. Even so, one still got a chance to see what was progressing with the other main characters, but not this season. Season 6 is in soap opera format all day long. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I tend to lose interest in disjointed and disconnected soap opera styled screwy timelines.

      • Digital Jedi says:

        Not only did they disconnect them, but they totally used this same storytelling technique during both the Terminus and Beth storylines. You’re remembering the connected whole of the story, paste tense. You’re forgetting that they told those stories in pieces. The road to Terminus was told one group at a time. Each episode focusing on one part of the group, and frequently rewinding so as to tell the same time period from a different group’s perspective. Beth didn’t get her fate revealed until the next season, and she wasn’t a cliffhanger. Then her story completely rewound time by weeks. We even got two whole back-to-back episodes devoted to a bad guy. They started migrating to this type of storytelling during the prison season, and pretty much have told it that way every since the group got large enough to break up and give each substantive episodes. Other than episode 1 of this season, they’ve done nothing different.

      • Digital Jedi says:

        Nothing about Season 6, in execution, is any different than any other season of The Walking Dead. This show has always been character driven. It’s also not the first time you’ve been left wondering what happened while a character development episode made you wait. It’s totally not the first time they’ve filled in the same timelines from different people’s perspective. The show has always totally been a soap opera. Where have you guys been?

  17. Trish says:

    I don’t know why my comment from last night didn’t post. I like Morgan, but what the heck, an hour and a half on Morgan, other episodes could’ve benefited from that extra time. It was cruel to leave us hanging about Glenn. We may not find out next week either, in that sneak peak on TD Michonne is telling Maggie what happened with Glenn going to start a fire and there being no fire. It is true that Steven Yuen’s name was clearly missing from the beginning credits. His name should be right where they show Herschel’s watch. I don’t remember if Melissa McBride’s name was missing when Carol was banished and missed a few episodes…anybody have that info?

    After watching the dumpster scene a million times, I did notice a couple of things people have been going back and forth on.

    * Why does Glenn pull the trigger on his gun (the tell tale click-click) with it pointing at the ground with walkers in front of him? Clearly he finds he has no ammo left, but most people find that out when it’s pointed at the target. Not really solving a mystery here, just strange.

    * Some of you said the dumpster was open and argued about who would lock a dumpster…it is chained with a padlock on the chain.

    * Some people have been saying his feet are at the dumpster due to the way they fell, if you watch the scene where the intestines are being eaten, (we were all pretty distracted then), but you can see very well that the dumpster is just behind his head. And a garbage bag. I still think there is a chance that he pulls himself under the dumpster as the camera is pulling up to show the crowd of walkers. It is quite possibly off the ground enough. And harkening back to the tank scene, he just might think of that. AND if ANYONE would think of some crazy way out of this, IT’s Glenn. He’s the one that had the street savvy in Atlanta, he’s the main “run” guy. He’s just got those street smarts.

    * And, as one person noted, the walkers are all seemingly over one body, if Nicholas didn’t fall on top of him, there would be a seperate group of walkers eating Nicholas and Glenn.

    * I also stand by the fact that they filmed it all on such an angle that we can’t see who’s really getting eaten. It is way too high under Glenn’s chin for intestines to be being pulled from there. And there is definitely some height from where they’re eating to his head.

    * He’s freaking out, but not actually screaming. He’s in utter anquish, a. he may die, b. someone is beiing eaten right on top of him. We’d all be freaking out!

    I’m also thinking, what about that flare gun? Maybe he shoots it away from himself and the walkers go toward it, allwoing him to get out from under the dumpster and climb over that ivy covered fence where there weren’t any walkers.

    I’m also still hopeful that Jesus shows up. That is pretty fitting for that name.

    And whomever said that Scott Gimple’s words are kinds telling, he said “the Glenn that we knew, the one that believed in a better side of humanity is dead.”

    I think there is still hope.

    • Panko1 says:

      I agree with most things you said. Is a good thing that you mentioned the flare gun, the dumpster, the fence, these three things is he’s only way out. I bet Glenn was just making his plan till Nicholas blow his brains and fell on top of him. All Glenn has to do now is follow his plan, should not be hard now that he has no one to worry about and Nicholas became a distraction to the herd. That dumpster is still right next to him without any zombie blocking it and he can still use the flare gun to clear space for a few seconds and try to set a few zombies on fire to distract the herd even more, by doing that he would have enough time craw under the dumpster or even climb it till he reach that ivy covered fence as you have mentioned.

      • Bobby Zoom says:

        Actually, the view from above you can see that he is completely surrounded by zombies. There are in fact zombies in between him and the dumpster. The part of the fence that is covered there are also zombies behind it on the other side. One of the angles right before they climbed on the dumpster shows that there are zombies all the way around the outside of the fence. And if Glen can climb under the dumpster then so can the zombies.

  18. Panko1 says:

    0. Keep everyone guessing. Risk letting fans disappointed to how ambiguous the show became. There would be no confirmation at all, fans would loose their hopes gradually and get used with the show without it’s hero and don’t ever knowing what to expect and maybe unsatisfied by the inconclusive plot. I think they would have to add teasers, traces and flashbacks to give people false hope for a short time without letting knowing if what ever happened was real or not.

    1.Turn him into a zombie. Risk letting fans disappointed to what the hero of the show became. This would let most fans outraged after all the teasing ambiguity. Would be very hard to restore people’s optimism in their show. I think they could have Morgan as the new hero to bring new hope but it would take too much time for people to accept him as the new hero or to expect him to survive as well.

    2. Fake out his death. Risk letting fans disappointed to how unrealistic the show became. His death was not confirmed and he still has 1 percent chance to survive and 1 second to die. The Director/Writer from the show would have to be a mastermind to be able to pull this off. They can’t just make a multimillion Hollywood movie magic trick to fool their fans. So I think they wouldn’t show how he survived, letting people guessing how he ever got out of that situation or thinking it was just a hallucination.

    • Raziel says:

      I’ll repeat myself: Nicolas was OUT OF AMMO, so he couldn’t have shot himself in the head!

      Also: he supposedly shot himself with a gun on his right temple, but his blood got on Glenn’s right side of is face, when it should have been splattered on the left side of his face.

      All of this makes me believe that this isn’t reality.

      Otherwise the blood splatter on the wrong side of the face would really be quite a big mistake!

      • Watch the episode again. The clicks are with the camera on Glenn. If they aren’t coming from Glenn’s gun, then that means Glenn either guessed he was out of bullets or just stopped shooting on his own. Neither of those make any sense. It would be a senseless audio clue, when the reverse makes perfect sense.

        The blood spatter is not on the wrong side of the face. What movie have you ever seen where a guy shoots himself in the head, and brains splatter out the same side as the gun barrel?

      • Panko1 says:

        Stop this nonsense and watch again. The scene shows only Glenn out of ammo, the empty clicks came only from Glenn’s gun. I saw the scene in slow motion and I could barely see Glenn clicking his lowered gun twice with his finger. Nicholas had to stop shooting and grab his knife because zombies were too close. Since Nicholas wasn’t the one with the empty gun, he had a bullet left to shoot him self in the head. Nicholas did shot his right temple but the bullet came out through his left temple and so did the blood that splattered on the right side of Glenn’s face. The Directors did everything right. I hate to disappoint you.

  19. Olivia says:

    I hope that Glenn isn’t dead it will change the way I watch the movie from now on. As of 11-1-2015 the 90 min show of Morgan was a JOKE… I turned off the show it was the WORSE part of the walking dead. This season is really BAD…The two best ones were when the Wolverines came in and when Glenn was attacked. A lot of my family who where die hard watchers now don’t watch the show. it keeps getting worse. Especially this last one about Morgan OMG Really….I use to look forward to the new seasons of the walking dead now I am looking to other movies to watch for this season is really awful. I cant stand the Morgan character he is to wimpy for me, and to spend a 90 min segment about him was a waste of money and time. If this is what the rest of the season is going to be about then I will no longer be watching this show. I loved Glenn, Darrell, Carol. and Michone, they are the heart of this show. Your cure for this movie needs to be the blood of the baby, “NO DONT KILL HER” just use her blood to make a cure. she was born after this started so I think she should be the cure. A innocent child to be the SUPER HERO.

    • Y.S. Vashti says:

      Olivia, I completely agree with you. Season 6 is the worst “Walking Dead” season to date. It isn’t so much the storyline’s content, or the acting. It is the soap opera styled way that they are segmenting the concurrent situations into multiple separate timelines in these episodes. All these same day events should be more congealed.

      It genuinely seems like they are either running out of story content, running on a limited budget for actor salaries, or attempting to fill up more episodes than they can write content for. They need to congeal these same day scenarios into something more unified, because Glenn’s, Alexandria’s, Judith’s, Enid’s, and Rick’s, fates are all just dangling as if they are unrelated television events.

      It is becoming frustrating and a slight bit boring. What they are doing in season 6 is the precise thing that made it impossible for me to ever watch any soap operas for long. Dragging episodes into perpetuity, with unrelated filler content, for weeks at a time tends to drive me away too.

      It cannot be that the actor’s union has demanded their actors work a week and get a week, or two off, but it sure seems that way. Seriously though, 90 minutes of Morgan’s issues gave me the impression that everyone else was on some kind of non working holiday vacation.

    • Cami says:

      Shut up. Olivia. You are a Fairweather fan. That Morgan episode was great. The fact is you cat handle every episode being hardcore, because guess what? More characters that are precious to you will have to die. There is a price for that intensity.
      Morgan is far from weak. He could kill, he’s capa be but he doesn’t want to. He takes restraint to not kill in the zombie apocalypse.

      • Y.S. Vashti says:

        Cami, it is true that Morgan is far from weak, but “Here’s Not Here” was far from great. It wasn’t so much that is was horrible, but it DEFINITELY didn’t warrant a 90 minute time slot that didn’t even include the rest of the star cast! So, being mean isn’t going to make the episode, that you enjoyed, suddenly become magnificent to the rest of us.

        Morgan has the capacity to kill, but his failure to know who to kill, when, and why, has already (and will in the future) put too many people in harm’s way – unnecessarily. Some of the people he allows to live are like rabid animals that should be put down for their own good and for the safety of others.

        I like Morgan too, but 90 fluff minutes of him. Seriously? With everything else going on in the show! Really? A lot of people have been slaughtered due to his failure to act responsibly. One thing is for sure, that wolverine savage that he is keeping, like a caged pet, should definitely NOT still be on the grounds of Alexandria. Morgan is new to the community and no one there would find that wolf’s presence acceptable. No one!

      • Trish says:

        No need to talk to people like that. She has a right to her opinion. No, she’s obviously not a true fan, as pissed as I get when someone I like dies, and will be REALLY PISSED when my core of favorites get killed, I will keep watching. I have to see it through and know how it ends.
        As for Morgan, I like Morgan, I’m glad he got his head back together, and honestly I’m a peace loving kind of person myself, but he’s gonna have to get his act together. Most of us seem to believe he can’t bring this Wolf back to a good place…so AGAIN, he’s endangering others with his new Zen approach. He almost got Rick killed and will likely get others killed with this approach. Carol and Rick may be pretty hard, but that may be how you have to be to survive until most of the evil people get taken out of the picture, or the good ones all do and evil prevails. We won’t know for a while. But so far, being Mr. Nice Guy has gotten a lot of people killed. Rick tried that too many times and good people died.
        For those of you dissing Rick, he has done SO much for this group, been a pretty good leader 90% of the time (maybe a little less) but under the circumstances, I’d like to see ANYONE do better. No wonder he’s crakced a bit here and there, the pressure of being a leader under such dire circumstances are something no one should ever have to face.

  20. Raziel says:

    Hey guys,

    Don’t mean to spoil or anything but I’ve just re-checked the part where Glenn switches from gun to knife in the alley. If you listen carefully, when he does you can actually hear a click-click, which isn’t coming from Glenn’s gun. Which means that Nicolas was out of ammo too (and didn’t just decide to fight with a knife like Glenn to be cool too ;-)).

    If Nicolas is out of ammo, how can he shoot himself?

    I’m not pushing for an easily resolution like an hallucination (it’s a cheap ploy in my view), but I’m pretty sure (and happy that) Glenn is alive.

    Not to mention the fact that this sentence from the Producer would make no sense if Glenn was actually dead. Don’t you think:
    “the Glenn that we knew, the one that believed in the better side of humanity, I think is dead.”

  21. Adam suarez says:

    It has to be a dream. Both men unloaded their weapons on the walkers so there is no way that Nickolas could have shot himself on top of the dumpster. Glen is dreaming…..

    • Adam suarez says:

      It has to be a dream. Both men unloaded their weapons on the walkers so there is no way that Nickolas could have shot himself on top of the dumpster. Glen is dreaming….. Also like tonights episode we see flashbacks so it is very possible that glen is having visions in the petstore about what would happen if he brings nick with him.

  22. Zak says:

    Wtf why kill Glenn like that that was the worst I mean come on not the fan favourite

  23. Glenn is alive and well and not close to death…not this season guys. If he were really most sincerely dead they would have shown it conclusively…ala Noah. And if you take a gander at IMDB you’d notice who is in 83 episodes which certainly implies who lives in the storyline. This is a typical, not very original, being played by the producers, cliffhanger.

  24. Anna says:

    As far as I was concerned, there was a holy trinity in The Walking Dead composed of Daryl, Glen and Michone (soul, heart and brains). Anyone else (and I include Rick) could die and I could live with it and keep watching. This evil tease on the part of the producers that we might see Glen again is the only last thread that makes me consider watching the next episode. Seriously, the show without Daryl, Glen or Michone, is just too painful to watch. Maybe it’s the girl in me that wants characters that have heart – the girlfriends in our group of friends kind of collectively don’t feel like watching anymore. Maybe I belong to a niche that shouldn’t be watching TWD. I can watch Game of Thrones without Jon Snow – maybe not without Tyrion, but TWD without Daryl, Michone or Glen. I’m really having a hard time talking myself back into it.

    • Flor says:

      I coudn’t agree with you more, Rick could die and wouldn’t make any difference, he lost his mind, his humanity and himself. Now all he has is power, but he’s not beeing objective, nor focus so that’s just stupid. But Glenn, Michone and Daryl had kept their principles all the way, containing the group and preventing them from crossing the line into insanity. They’ve become stronger and stronger. They can’t die!!
      For the ones who say “if you don’t want to see people die then don’t watch it, it’s not the show for you blah blah” …you are just simple minded. Not wanting certain people dead it’s not a fangirl thing. TWD is not only about bloody deaths, it’s supposed to be a smart show about surviving without loosing the essential. The random dead of important characters with the only purpose of making an impact, just degrades the quality of the show.

  25. Dan says:

    Folks, I’m afraid the producers of the series are playing you like a violin. Glenn is dead. It would be absurd for him to have survived this, and the writers fully know this. But there will inevitably have to be a story arc of several episodes in which all the other characters wonder, “What happened to Glenn? Where is Glenn? I’m going to go look for Glenn!” etc. This new arc would lack any tension or suspense unless the show could create some sense of uncertainty in you, dear viewers, about whether Glen is in fact dead or not. Hence, the somewhat ambiguous framing of the shots of him being eaten, making sure there are no other surviving characters present to witness his death, and having the actor who plays Glenn *not* appear in the traditional post-death Talking Dead discussion (don’t you think the producers of the show have the ability to ask an actor not to appear on Talking Dead if doing so will help promote desired ambiguity in the story line?) By promoting this uncertainty, they get to hit you with a double whammy – several episodes down the line there will be some shocking “reveal” that confirms he is dead for the other characters, a reveal that would be drained of its potency if you (the viewer) were already sure that he was dead. So how do I know he is really dead? Because I have faith this show has not jumped the shark, and there is no non-silly way for him to have survived what we saw last week, and concocting something ridiculous would undermine the show’s overall credibility. Recall, he was lying at the bottom of a giant herd of walkers. He was not stealthily hiding under Nicholas’s corpse, the way the Glenn we know and love would have pluckily done if he was still fighting for his life. No, he was lying there in the middle of hundreds of grasping, chomping walkers who are inches away from him, and he is SCREAMING HIS HEAD OFF! There is no way he would not be bitten. And those of you saying Nicholas’s corpse would disguise him, no, it is walker guts that form a disguise, not the guts of a person who has just been killed seconds ago (if the smell of freshly killed human was a walker repellent, then walkers would never eat the humans they killed — but instead they always feast on them greedily). Glenn is not going to escape and survive. If that was not Glenn’s guts being devoured in that scene, then Glenn has at least been badly bitten and he is going to die. And, if he doesn’t, this show just got a lot sillier.

    • Bobby Zoom says:

      Spot on, Dan. I have watched the clip at least a dozen times and I see no possible way for him to get out of that. People keep trying to say that Nicholas was on top of him but we never see that in the way that they fell makes it look like Nicholas would have felt beside him.

      People are also saying because Glenn has been filming new episodes that he didn’t die. That is not necessarily true either. He could easily be filming flashbacks, which Scott Gimple said would possibly happen or he could be part of hallucinations. We have also seen that before. Jimbo said that he would be seen again or parts of him would be seen again. He is definitely being vague so that people will stay tuned in. He knows that killing Glen off so early in the season will bother a lot of people so he’s going to make it seem like there is some doubt as to whether Glen really died or not. Realistically, Glenn had no way out. Bottom line.

      • Digital Jedi says:

        Had Nicholas fallen beside him, the Walkers wouldn’t have been centralized over him. There would have been a second focal point in the crane shot. The Walkers were all feasting in one focused area.

    • Madison says:

      Madison says:
      November 3, 2015 at 4:26 pm
      Well I hate to tell you Dan, Glen is not dead. They have pictures of him filming future episodes that have not been released yet, and he was alive and well filming with the rest of the cast. The pictures were on Entertainment Tonights website.

      • Digital Jedi says:

        Jumping the shark does not mean something you don’t understand happens or can’t quite see yet happens later on. Jumping the shark was born from a scene in a show that was inconsistent with and silly(ier) than the show’s premise. (Someone literally jumped a shark on waterskis.) There can be scenes and situations when the show returns to that moment, that weren’t in the original sequence that plausibly explain a survival. This scene was decidedly ambiguous. And decidedly meant to keep you hanging until they returned to it.

        Now when they return to the scene, Glenn could just as easily be killed moments later. But for the moment, zombies are eating a fresh dead guy who’s lying on top of a live Glenn. Until they return to that moment, we’re writing him off too soon.

      • Bobby Zoom says:

        Glenn will be in future episodes but not as a current cast member. He will be in hallucinations or flashbacks of some sort. Dan is 100% correct. Gimple said as much. He also said that these appearances from Glenn will complete the story. You don’t complete a character that is going to live. Unless this is some sort of dream then there is no way that Glenn makes it out of there. If he does then it is definitely jumping the shark. And for what? To get his head bashed in by Negan? Him dying at that point is an excellent way for him to go because it is very realistic. They were undertaking a very dangerous plan and it went wrong. It’s exactly the kind of thing that would really happen if this were really a zombie apocalypse.

    • Trish says:

      I don’t think Glenn surving by some miracle would be “jumping the shark…” It’s literally just minutes that this is happening and something major could draw them away that quick. They are easily distracted even while eating a fresh kill and leave meals behind, seen that many times. I do agree, it would be almost impossible for him not to have been bitten. So he dies down the road a bit. But they won’t just be looking for him all season, according to IMDB he is in every episode through the second half od Season 6 into the first part of 2016….I highly doubt we’d keep seeing him over and over again as a walker all that time.

      • Madison says:

        Sorry Trish, my reply was meant for Dan. I agree with you though, there’s a few ways for him to get out of this, and he will be back. They wouldn’t have pictures leaked of future episodes being filmed with Glen in them if he was killed. Glen is just in trouble, but he will get out of it.

      • Madison says:

        Well I hate to tell you, Glen is not dead. They have pictures of him filming future episodes that have not been released yet, and he was alive and well filming with the rest of the cast. The pictures were on Entertainment Tonights website.

  26. Trish says:

    For those of you saying there are no walker corpses for Glenn to use, wrong. They shot plenty of them right before they jumped up on the dumpster. So they’re lying all around Glenn. If his head is indeed away from the dumpster, then it and his arms are closer to the where dead walkers fell. And although the way they fell makes it look like it should be that way, as they pull back it looks more like his head is closer to the dumpster…I could be wrong, but that’s how I saw it.
    And as we’ve seen in the past, any big noise distracts walkers from what they’re eating and they will get right up and walk away from a fresh kill. So if this Jesus guy exists, maybe he’ll blow something up, lob a grenade or something that immediately distracts eating walkers and they walk away from Glenn. BUT, I still think it would be REALLY hard for him to not at least be bitten. Maybe he’ll end up as a Herschel did, if only his limbs were exposed, that could be remedied.
    And as far as this all being some hallucination of Nicholas’s, they set this whole episode up with him having this moments of being in this trance-like state, so although it will still piss some people off that they messed with our heads, it IS entirely plausible that that’s what happened. It might be just those moments on top of the dumpster that he’s seeing himself shoot himself in the head…and then maybe Jesus shows up…or some other big distraction.
    As far as them never leaving the Pet shop, everybody else was seen leaving though, and Nicholas wasn’t with them, so Glenn being alone on his mission seems less likely than some of the other scenarios.

    • Y. S. Vashti says:


      Mark and I were debating about the walker corpses in season 1 episode 2 where Glenn and Rick covered themselves in corpse guts and walked through the street with the walkers (until the rain began to wash the blood off). Interesting how those walkers could hope fences and climb fire escapes too, but I digress.

      As for who all left the pet shop and when they left, it all depends on where they are in the freaky timeline thing they are doing in season 6. It could be Nicholas hallucinating on top of the dumpster, or Glenn still crouched in the back room of the pet shop contemplating how Nick can cost him his life.

      If I can stick it out past tonight’s episode (which probably won’t reveal Glenn’s fate) and my disdain for the screwy, dragged out, timeline thing they’re doing, then I guess I shall see (or hear about it) soon enough. You know how they say, “Let’s keep hope alive?” Well, I say, “Let’s keep Glenn alive.”

      • Trish says:

        I know what you mean about the walkers…there are definitely some inconsistencies where their abilities are concerned, one minute they’re agile enough to climb over something, the next their bumbling uncoordinated oafs. Hard to day what can and cannot happen where they’re concerned.
        I DO hope Glen is Alive. He’s not my favorite, but in the core. I’m not pissed or thinking they “jumped the shark” on this whole thing either. I just think anything can and will happen on TWD and in this crazy post-apocalyptic world. And the writers definitely like to keep things interesting. But that’s why most of love this, we’re on the edge of our seats much of the time. I know that’s what’s got me back every week. But that said, I will REALLY not be happy if any of my core folks dies, Rick, Darryl, Carol and Michonne. Although that leaves Carl and Judith out there as walker meals, and that’s not acceptable. Unless all is lost, then everyone goes. Since we don’t know how this ends….
        but I’m not ready for core people to go.
        And there better some rehashing of what’s happened to Glenn, and Rick this week. If it’s an hour and a half of just Morgan’s story and they leave us hanging another week, that’s gonna really make people mad. (Obviously, me included).
        And I really hope Darryl doesn’t get killed off because Norman Reedus is getting his own new show!!!!!!!! I don’t even want to talk about how mad that would make me.

  27. David Bell says:

    I think Maggie is going to find him as a zombie

  28. Storm says:

    I think he should live Maggie has lost everyone as is pus Glynn is a badass at the beginning he was the one to go in to dangers thing to get things for everyone now yall want to kill him off why? He is one of the one that brings action in to this show you got Rick but he seems more crazy now this show keeps to keep the ones that make the action

  29. Y S Vashti says:

    I want Glenn to be alive as much as the next fan and the network killing him off at this juncture is alienating me too. However, the ONLY way that Glenn could possibly be alive is if Nicholas is zoned out and hallucinating about his own way out of their precarious predicament (which is HIGHLY PROBABLE)!

    There are several things that must be logically considered and they are as follows:

    1) Both Glenn & Nick shot off their last bullets before resorting to knives for defense.
    2) If they are both all out of bullets, then cowardly Nick cannot possibly shoot himself.
    3) Being covered in blood and guts only works if it is from dead WALKER’S corpse.
    4) A bath in Nick’s fresh HUMAN blood would still make Glenn smell like walker bait.
    5) Walkers would eat Glenn’s face, neck, arms, and legs (which are all still exposed).
    6) The dumpster is not only full, it is chained and padlocked too!
    7) The dumpster is entirely too low on the ground for Glenn to slide underneath it.
    8) Glenn should be laying head toward walkers and feet toward dumpster not vice versa.
    9) Even if someone creates a loud distraction, damage to Glenn would already be done.

    So, all of the theories out there lack plausibility! The only plausible survival option is that Nicholas is out of bullets, terrified, zoned out, and hallucinating about his options! If that is the case, then (and only then), can Glenn fall backward off a dumpster and land in a direction that is a complete mirror flip from the direction of his fall.

    If Nick is being delusional (which is the ONLY viable option for Glenn’s survival), then the distraction initially planned by the group (to pull the walkers away from Alexandria and back towards the rest of the herd following Sasha, Abraham, Daryl, and Rick) would allow both Glenn and Nicholas to still be alive (unless Nicholas’ terror causes him to faint, fall off the dumpster and land in the zombie pack ALONE). That is the only way Glenn would be alive. If that is not the case, then our beloved Glenn is dead and I am disheartened!

    • 1. Only Glenn ran out of bullets. Nicholas is never depicted as running out. Only mimicking Glenn.
      2. See 1.
      3. I don’t know where you guys are getting this. This has never been true. There’s no difference between Walkers and regular corpses other than the obvious. The first time they tried this, they used a random corpse from the street.
      4. See 3.
      5. Unless he’s sharp enough to pull them in. Walker’s aren’t the brightest bulbs in the marquee.
      6. I’m perplexed as to how that’s relevant. But that’s not depicted in the episode at all. The dumpster is so full, it’s not even fully closed. Who padlocks a dumpster?
      6. Pause shots of the dumpster. You shouldn’t have been able to tell upon first viewing either way. But pausing the few shots of the dumpster shows a sizable gap.
      7. I don’t see why. Because bodies don’t roll?
      8. See all those others.

      • Y S Vashti says:

        1. You are hoping that Nicholas was mimicking Glenn. The coward that he is would pop off all ammo to stay alive. Nice try.
        2. See 1.
        3. There were no random corpses in the street. Just living walkers and dead walkers, but even if they used a random corpse from the street, it was a corpse – not a fresh kill with fresh blood.
        4. See 3.
        5. Sharp enough to pull them in where while in a state of shock. Walkers are the brightest bulbs, but they are amongst the most voracious ones.
        6. It is relevant, because several people have stated that he might jump in the dumpster (or should have in the first place).
        7. I paused the dumpster shots. There was even a shot where Nick was low enough to the ground to show that the gap wasn’t very sizable at all. However, it is Hollywood. So, they may make this one work.
        8. You should see why, because if bodies flip and roll the way you suggest, then there is no way possible that Nick landed on top of him!
        9. See all others.

        Either way, my suggested probability is more realistic! However, as I stated before, this is Hollywood. Heck, Glenn is one of my favorite characters. So, I hope that you are correct and that any of these unrealistic possibilities worked out for his survival!

      • 1 & 2. Not hoping at all. Glenn is depicted as running out of bullets with his gun making clear click-click sounds. Nicholas looks over at Glenn and just starts stabbing. He’s never portrayed as running out of bullets, and that’s what’s relevant to whether he can have any later.
        3 & 4. It was Atlanta. There were hundreds of corpses in the streets. He and the body he was next to had clearly been feasted on. Whether or not it needs to be old blood is not stated in the series. Only that they need to smell different from the living.
        5. And yet, he’s done it before. Like when he was piled on by Walkers when Nicholas almost killed him. Rick has done it before. In that same famous moment when he first met Glenn.
        6. Okay, but it was definitely not padlocked. It was just too full.
        7. Pause it earlier when Nicholas is approaching the dumpster. Like I said, that’s a sizable gap. Hollywood doesn’t plan their stories as they go.
        8. I don’t get why this one is in question. You call fall of a object a dozen different times from the same angle and land a dozen different ways. This isn’t a set in stone rule.

        Factor in a couple of other things. As soon as I saw then tearing into him, I noticed that Glenn’s intestines are either elevated in the air, or located in his chest. Glenn also continues to cry out after most of the internal organs that would allow that have been removed. For a show that’s been reasonably consistent with with how a person would react when their body is being torn to pieces, this seems like a context clue that we all should have picked up on.

        Oh yeah, one other thing. Why are all the zombies surrounding Glenn and only Glenn? Nicholas is still fresh meat. Were he anywhere else other than on top of Glenn, the entire horde of zombies wouldn’t be fixated on that singular spot. Sure, one could argue that they’re eating him and Nicholas. But the crane shot shows Glenn at the vortex of the swirling horde. They’re either not eating Nicholas (which we know wouldn’t be true. As the hospital story demonstrated, they’ll happily eat a corpse if it only recently died.) or Nicholas is on top of Glenn, and the zombies are fixated on his corpse. There’s still time for Glenn to scurry under the dumpster (or some other eventuality) by the time we resume that scene Sunday. Or he could get eaten. But as of now, that moment is frozen in time until the next episode and Glenn is currently alive.

    • Y S Vashti says:

      Hmmm…it just occurred to me that there is actually one other viable way that Glenn could probably live through this and make it out alive. It may be a stretch, but the first 3 episodes of “The Walking Dead,” season 6, are running these freaky, multiple flashback, timelines concurrently.

      It is highly plausible that one of the timelines may involve Glenn, still kneeling in the back room of the pet store, contemplating and playing out scenarios (in his own head) of what could possibly go wrong if he allows Nicholas to come with him.

      I recall that when he said Nick could accompany him, he stated, “I just gotta do one thing first.” I, personally, never saw him emerge from that room. Furthermore, they never actually show Glenn AND Nick leaving the pet store either.

      So, maybe in the death scene, the producers haven’t left the timeline where Glenn is in the back room thinking his decision and options through yet. As a result of his own soul searching back there, he may think about it (hence the scene where he sees his own death), snap out of it, and decide that he would rather go and burn the building down alone.

      Remember, Michonne told Heath that “GLENN is out there risking HIS life for you, and everyone else.” There was no mention of Nick. She could have said, “Glenn is out there, with Nick, risking his life for you, and everyone else.”

      I may be reaching here, but it is a very viable probability that would allow Glenn to remain alive without aggravating the viewers in regards to reality, or lack thereof. Truth be told, these screwy timelines in season 6 are driving me nuts. Even so, this may be one of those crazy timeline things where Glenn is simply contemplating his possible demise.

      Either way, as cold as it seems, they should have listened to Rick. “No hiding. No waiting.” They ran into a pet store to “hide and wait,” because some people couldn’t keep up. Big mistake!

  30. Linda Savadian says:

    Thanks for this Oct 26th interview in VARIETY w/ TWD producer Scott Gimple, I think I see a bit of info about Glenn’s status. .. dead? alive?

    They teased us, we the stunned and shocked fans (Glenn’s dead?? NO WAY! CAN’T BE! !) is in TALKING DEAD episode immediately following “Thank you” with (paraphrased), “we will see a sort of ‘Glenn’ in future”.
    I think this excerpt of the interview may hint at what’s to happen with our (and Maggie’s ) beloved Glenn.


    ….. he’s (Glenn) always embraced the kinder, better Rick, the one who believes in everybody’s humanity. He has forgiven and embraced and given Nicholas every opportunity in the show to do the right thing, and almost at every point along the way, has paid the price for it. I feel like, regardless of what happened to Glenn, he paid a tremendous price for having been human to Nicholas, and that, to me, from an emotional point-of-view — whether or not Glenn is alive or dead or something else — the Glenn that we knew, the one that believed in the better side of humanity, I think is dead

    • Panko1 says:

      The Glenn that we knew is not dead, he is Morgan now, he also “embraces the kinder, better Rick, the one who believes in everybody’s humanity”. Both Glenn and Morgan likes to help everyone specially those who tries to kill them. The difference is that Morgan help them (Wolves) kill his friends. And Glenn help them (Nicholas) kill both themselves. Morgan will be the new Glenn.

  31. Roy says:

    I would guess he is not dead. It does appear they are eating Nic if you watch the clip. Glen’s face is much lower than the guts, but the camera tries to make it look like its Glen. Look at how they fall. Glenn is falling right beneath Nic. I’m guessing something is going to happen to cause the walkers to move, and Glen will be there lying under Nics hollow carcas, alive and well. I like Glen, would prefer to see him survive. He will be less trusting and less forgiving going forward.

  32. Sarah H-M says:

    My first thought after the note was read on Talking Dead, that we would see Glenn again in some fashion, was that Maggie’s pregnant. Probably wrong, but that’s what I thought of! And if Glenn truly is dead, I hope Maggie is pregnant.

  33. GreyFox227 says:

    It amazes me how utterly stupid some of you are. Nicholas’ blood would not make Glen invisible to the walkers. Only zombie blood does that and Nicholas never turned. You people are morons…….

    • Then why did it work with a random corpse the first time they tried it?

      • Panko1 says:

        The thing I know about walkers is that they hate an expired cold meal. This is why Martinez was comparing rotten guts that was used as a camouflage at the first season. But that’s not the case now. Having fresh warm blood will have the opposite effect, the scent will attract more walkers like sharks. Even when Rick cut his hand and started to bleed the scent of his blood could attract walkers to him as well, they can smell the blood and follow his track.

      • samc says:

        The corpse they got the blood and guts from in Atlanta was from the walker in the alley that TDog and Morales had killed earlier when Rick and Glenn were running into the building. Only walker blood/guts hide people from walkers. Human blood, freshly dead people blood does not hide people. Only the blood of those who have already turned works as camo.

    • Trish says:

      SERIOUSLY? No need to be a total jerk…we’re all just fans here. People are trying to be hopeful and find a possible way out of this.

  34. linda kelley says:

    There are three reasons the writers could have done this better. First of all did Glenn really have to die? second, why so gruesomely, and third, which I believe the worst…he died alone. Now my sons have since told me it wasn’t Glenn they were tearing apart. Nicholas fell on top of him and they were eating him. So Glenn didn’t die …hope so.

  35. here is what happened. glenn fell first with nicholas on top. the blood from nicholas will fall on glenn and he will be considered another walker just like carol did in the episode where she rescued the group on the truck. only other possibility is that the dumpster had room for him to crawl under and possibly get to the other side glenn

  36. dumpsterdiver69 says:

    Glenn’s dead… He dies in the comic / graphic novel and he died by a dumpster and was eaten. Yummy… In the comic he had two kids with his wife before dying on a supply run so she might have a bun in the oven and at least something can continue of Glenn much later on that won’t get much airtime probably. He was the only Asian character in the entire show that I know of. RIP Glenn. Hopefully Yuen can get some side gigs now. I’m sure he’ll be OK – and there are always lots of Zombie Cons in the future with lots of cute and beautiful Zombie chicks!

    • Elysium says:

      Actually, take a look back at the comics again. Glenn didn’t die amid a crowd of walkers next to a dumpster. He was killed by Negan. Beat to death with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and aptly named “Lucy”. It’s something to take into consideration if they’re sticking closely enough to the comics. Plus, there have been images indicating he’ll appear in later episodes, specifically with a character that has not yet appeared in the series. I’m gonna guess he’s pretty well alive.

    • Trish says:

      I see you’re comment is edited now, cutting the poor taste asian comment. Thanks. Not sure how you got mine edited too, doesn’t change that some people saw that. We’re all just fans here, no need to be offensive.

    • Trish says:

      What’s your problem? Real funny, you got a problem with Asians?
      And secondly, there are people in TWD that weren’t even in the comic version, and they don’t necessarily die the way they did in the comic. So that mean’s nothing. It’s based on the comics, not living by them.

  37. justwondering says:

    probably to add. . .what are the odds that glenn and nicholas would wear same colored shirts? nicholas’ jacket almost has the same color as glenn’s button down shirt. . .this is also a good way to mislead the viewers that the walkers are chowing down on glenn’s insides. . .

  38. Sandy Underpants says:

    The problem with the fall off the garbage dumpster is that the walkers wouldn’t have moved to give them space to fall on the pavement, they both would’ve landed on a mosh pit of walkers and gotten torn apart before they even came to rest on the ground, if there was any meat left on either of them by that point.

    • I don’t see how. The walkers aren’t exactly speed demons, and I’ve never seen one bite someone in mid run. Much less falling. They’d have fallen right past them precisely because they’re not a mosh pit. Zombies can’t catch and have horrible reflexes.

  39. Jason says:

    Glenn was hallucinating.. He comes back to it and shoots Nicholas to save himself, something he’s never done. Not the same Glenn. Boom.

  40. Susan says:

    I think we will hear that Maggie is pregnant, therefore, Glen lives on. We will see flashbacks of Glen to keep him alive in our minds.

  41. David says:

    For the sake of the show I hope Glenn is dead. Main characters getting killed every so often keeps the show interesting. The only character I can’t see them killing off is Rick. He’s the hub to a wheel with the other characters being spokes.

  42. “In another form” means no more Mr. Nice Guy. FINALLY.

  43. Marie says:

    Personally, I think they may have jumped the shark with this.

  44. Judy says:

    My take….Glenn fell underneath stupid Nicholas. The walkers are eating Nic and the guts and gore are spilling onto Glenn. He will smell like a walker which will be a turn-off to them, then they leave him alone and alive. He gets up, starts “walking” with them and comes upon Rick trapped in the motor home. He can go into the crowd unharmed!

    • Trish says:

      As crazy as it kinda seems, it HAS happened before, so it’s NOT too far off track to think he might survive by having guts all over him, he and Rick did that in Season 1 and Carol did it to break into Terminus…so why not? I think something big will distract them at the point in time right where we left off, Glenn freaking out because Nicholas is being eaten right on top of him. Maybe he managed to get his head out of range by pulling a little under the dumpster, then when they starle and start walking away he’ll get up and walk among them to escape. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  45. shane says:

    On IMDB, Glenn in listed in 82 episodes. Episode 82 is episode 15 of Season 6. Obviously alive

    • Panko1 says:

      Obviously not alive. “In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story, to help complete the story.”

  46. RTP Atletico says:

    Glenn is really a cyborg from the future. He needs to keep this group alive so that humanity can survive in the future. In the next episode the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Version 2.4 Infiltration-Combat Unit, will appear and join the group.
    That is the only real way Glenn lives. Otherwise have him die or the show will be ruined. Keep it realistic guys, or use my versions of how Glenn lives above.

  47. Ayla Presley says:

    glenn is not dead i dont see it rewatched it a million times it wasn’t glenn and i wont believe he’s dead my heart fell to pieces when i thought he was but glen is not dead it felt horrible watching him dead like when i got dumped the walking dad has become a big part in my life their like a second family me and my mom watch it every sunday and ive hated every one this seson their the worst walking deads ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. M. Pharr says:

    I’m beginning to think AMC just pulled a Halloween trick on us. If so, I regret the decision. Walking Dead has always been a plausible and moving tragedy at base, enlivened by remarkable special effects. Making Glenn’s “death” either a camera trick or Nicholas’s hallucination would detract from the show both now and in the future.

  49. The funny thing is, everyone keeps saying there’s no way Glenn could survive being piled on by a huge horde of zombies, then proceed to mention how him calling Rick “dumbass” harkened back to when they first met. You know, that time Rick survived being piled upon by a huge horde of zombies. SMDH

  50. Paul says:

    Glenn’s not dead, and I’ll eat the brain of anyone who says otherwise.

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