Cannes: George A. Romero’s ‘Empire of the Dead’ Set for TV Series

Empire of the Dead TV Show
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Demarest, which backed “A Most Wanted Man” and Kevin Smith’s “Tusk,” is developing a TV adaptation of George A. Romero’s “Empire of the Dead,” a 15-issue graphic novel published by Marvel Comics.

The production-finance company made the announcement Thursday at Cannes.

The series will be written by Romero and longtime partner Peter Grunwald, and executive produced by Romero and Grunwald with Demarest’s Sam Englebardt and William D. Johnson.

Romero’s iconic 1968 film “Night of the Living Dead” conceived the idea of a zombie apocalypse. “Empire of the Dead” mixes in vampires with zombies.

Demarest also announced it has teamed with the Ink Factory to produce and finance the TV adaptation of John le Carré’s “The Night Manager,” starring Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston. The six-part miniseries, directed by  Susanne Bier, is currently in production in the U.K., Morocco and Spain, and will air next year on AMC in the U.S. and the BBC in the U.K.

Demarest produced and financed the feature film “A Most Wanted Man,” based on le Carre’s novel and released by Lionsgate last year in one of the last films starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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  1. ZombieNerd says:

    I’m actually excited. TWD and FTWD are both on break at the moment, I’ve been trying to find other zombie shows to fulfil my longing for some zombie action. But nothing will ever compare to TWD.

  2. KillerRabbit says:

    Does anyone know what kind of vampires are in the comic?

    30 Days of Night style feral monsters, Dracula like aristocrats, Nosferatu style inhuman demons or True Blood style porn actors with fangs?

    Depending on which archetype is used this could either be a good monster mash or a cross between two of the worst shows to ever become inexplicable cultural phenomena.

    • Failingequalsprofit says:

      Basically the “True Blood” type, but a few of the issues blatantly tell the reader how they (the Vampires) can go outside in the sun (it won’t turn them to dust), and that a crucifix won’t bother them either. They also cannot shape shift into a bat (or other animals).

      • KillerRabbit says:

        So they’re basically just (probably conventionally attractive and extremely douchey) people with fangs?

        Awesome, now I know to skip this. Thanks!

  3. Failingequalsprofit says:

    So let me get this straight. A comic book that basically NO ONE knows about (go and try to find YouTube reviews for the issues, or reviews anywhere for that matter) gets a TV series based off of it?! The comic sold POORLY! Is this the answer to “The Walking Dead” because if so, it is pathetic. I have read the comic, and if you want to experience the worst Zombie/Vampire story known to man (so far) then by all means check it out.

    Also, that image used has NOTHING to do with Empire of the Dead. Zombies are not used as labor (they are used in fighting matches just like in Land of the Dead, since that was SO cool), so I’m thinking that someone mistook that image as something “Empire” related.

    • msbellalugosi says:

      Also the image is from the inside cover of the first issue. So it has something to do with Empire, even if the story doesn’t focus on zombie slave labor.

      • Failingequalsprofit says:

        Wasn’t aware that this was given the variant cover treatment. You got me there, but nothing like that (so far) has happened in the 12 issues that I’ve suffered through.

      • Eric says:

        Scratch that, its not on the inside of the book at all. Only a variant cover.

      • Eric says:

        It’s also a variant cover for issue #1. A wraparound variant by Frank Cho.

    • Debbie says:

      It’s airing on AMC, so it can’t be an answer to Walking Dead. I think airing on AMC is the strangest aspect of this whole thing. So they will have 3 zombie shows on their network?

  4. Cynthia Hawkins says:

    Please stop using the word “iconic.”

    • stevenmillan says:

      Sorry,but so many volumes have been written about NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD over the years(since its 1968 introduction to the world) that the film has become iconic,as well as having resurrected major interest in the zombie subgenre.

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