‘Game of Thrones’ Teases Jon Snow’s Season 6 Return

game of thrones director postmortem

Just when you thought the heated debate had subsided about whether Jon Snow is dead or alive on “Game of Thrones,” HBO has reignited the discussion.

The hit show released the poster for season six on Monday, teasing Kit Harington’s character’s return.

The Lord Commander appears on season six’s first promotional image with blood running down his face. Snow appeared to be dead in season five’s finale after being betrayed and stabbed by members of the Night’s Watch.

Harington, however, has been spotted on the show’s Ireland set in full costume multiple times over the past few months.

HBO president Michael Lombardo said in July at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that “dead is dead is dead. He be dead” about the fan favorite, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from speculating about a Jon Snow resurrection.

Season six premieres in April 2016.

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  1. Lorene Pare says:

    I believe GOT got a very strong reaction from fans, therefore, Jon Snow lives! Remember it’s very cold where he lives so one will not bleed out that quickly… Plus I think that young kid will save him! Yes! It’ll be lovely to have Jon Snow back for the last season!

    • Lauren Welch says:

      Wait, you think he’ll be resurrected solely because of the fan response and not because that’s obviously what George R. R. Martin had planned when writing the books all along? No. He’s part of a prophecy and an extremely integral part to the eventual plotline. Also, when you say “that young kid” will save him, do you mean Olly? The one who stabbed him and isn’t even in the books? How would he be able to bring him back to life (as Jon Snow IS most certainly dead)? He doesn’t have the power to do that. He doesn’t have any power nor any motivation to do such a thing (he stabbed Jon because he brought the Wildlings south of the wall and the wildlings murdered his parents in front of him making him an orphan who has to live at the Wall with the Knight’s Watch so there’s his motivation to see Jon, as Lord Commander, dead). The “red witch” Mellisandre doesn’t even have that power yet. The only one who does (that we know of in the story) is Thoros of Myr who has resurrected Beric Dondarrion 6 times. His only hope for resurrection obviously lies within the power of the God of Light and Mellisandre somehow learning the magic that Thoros possesses. Why would Olly even try to resurrect Jon if he was one who stabbed him in the first place? In the end: Jon Snow IS dead (therefore, no one involved in the show is technically lying when they keep insisting that he is dead!) but will be reborn (possibly warging into his direwolf Ghost until Mellisandre can figure out how to resurrect him) as Lord Jon Stark of Winterfell.

      • Fan Dan says:

        When Will Game Of Thrones Season 6 Air
        While one season of Game of Thrones did hit the airwaves at the very end of March,most have premiered in April and recently Game of Thrones announced Season 6 will begin airing on April 24 2016 on HBO

        Luckily, HBO does a great job of keeping up fan interest

  2. Joe says:

    Jon Snow is dead. Jon Targaryen lives.

    • Lauren Welch says:

      Sorry! This comment about Olly was meant for Lorene’s comment not Joe. I guess there’s no edit or delete button.

    • Lauren Welch says:

      ****SPOILER: Why does everyone seem to assume he’ll take the name Targaryen when he’s resurrected instead of Lord Stark? He isn’t even aware of his true parentage yet and he’s still a Stark which means it makes much more sense that he will choose the name of the family to which he has always wanted to belong! Long Live Lord Jon Stark of Winterfell aka Azor Ahai, aka the Prince Who Was Promised, aka the Stallion who Shall Mount the World, etc.!!!

    • Lorene Pare says:

      I believe you’re correct! LoL

  3. Stanley O says:

    He ain’t dead. Jon Snow lives!

    • Lauren Welch says:

      Jon Snow IS dead. Technically no one is lying when they insist he is. He will be resurrected (thereby releasing him, through death, from the Night’s Watch) and reborn Lord Jon Stark of Winterfell (IMO although there are obviously many debates over the details of how this will happen and whose name he will choose).

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