‘Galaxy Quest’ TV Series in the Works

Galaxy Quest TV Show
Courtesy of DreamWorks SKG

Paramount Television is shopping a TV spin on the 1999 comedy “Galaxy Quest,” a spoof of the sci-fi TV show that starred Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver.

Robert Gordon, who co-wrote the DreamWorks feature with David Howard, is in negotiations to work on the TV adaptation, as are original director Dean Parisot and executive producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein. The movie’s conceit — revolving around the cast of a beloved 1970s sci-fi TV series who are inadvertently reunited for a real space trek to help an alien race — seems tailor-made for a series rendition.

In the years since “Quest” was released, Parisot has become a busy television helmer, while Johnson and Bernstein have scaled the heights with “Breaking Bad,” “Rectify” and “Better Call Saul,” among other shows.

Paramount has been mining its film vault for properties with built-in brand names to develop as TV series. Par revived its TV wing two years ago after dropping out of TV production following the 2006 divorce of Viacom and CBS Corp.

At present, Paramount TV is producing “School of Rock” for Nickelodeon. It is a co-producer with 20th Century Fox TV on the Fox drama pilot “Minority Report.” And Par TV has a pilot in contention at USA Network based on the 2007 Mark Wahlberg thriller “Shooter.”

Paramount TV declined to comment on “Galaxy Quest’s” television revival.

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  1. I would definitely watch a Galaxy Quest TV series IF it were cast with all the original actors

  2. owenmcc says:

    I hope they really push for this. If if falls through, by Grapthors mighty hammer, I shall be avenged!

  3. 4/22/15 12:56a Variety Cynthia Littleton Galaxy Quest
    The Film ”Galaxy Quest” 1999 may have been a parody and a spoof of Sci Fi Series but the Actors/Characters were brought into real life situations, it was no longer fictional, they were really in Space fighting aliens. If the series is Picked up and they keep the duality of the film and tone. it could work. Is it real or a fake world? They have to deal with a TV series world and/or a real one and the other people around them don’t know the difference.

    • Lon Krugar says:

      Whoever is making this silly movie into a TV series of Galaxy Quest rather than a new Star Trek series is a DAMN FOOL!

  4. chriswaco says:

    I agree that it’s probably a terrible idea for a TV show, although if they expand the idea to the entire ComiCon universe there’s a lot more material to poke fun at.

  5. Ted Faraone says:

    Galaxy Quest is a totally underrated movie. The triumphal ending doesn’t seem to leave much scope for a series — many years ago CBS produced a series pilot based on Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (I think it was called “Four in Love”) — and it ran into a similar problem. But one never knows….

  6. Rena Moretti says:

    As they say at Paramount: Leave no bad idea un-produced.

    This was a great parody and a great idea for a film. It’s a completely stupid idea for a TV show (unless of course they just stick the title and character names on top of a completely unrelated project).

    If Paramount thinks this turkey will put it back in the black, it’s got something else coming!

  7. rust says:

    HEY GRADE C REPORTER: the word is not CONCEIT, it’s CONCEPT. Don’t you people PROOF anything anymore?

    • Thinkkingallowed says:

      “In drama and other art forms, the central conceit of a work of fiction is the underlying fictitious assumption which must be accepted by the audience with suspension of disbelief so the plot may be seen as plausible.” from Wikipedia

  8. JoeMcG says:

    I don’t know… As a one-off, Galaxy Quest was great spoof of the Trek genre… but I’m not sure that can carry over effectively to a TV series. What makes a spoof work is that initial take on the joke. Once that’s done, well, everything else is just a repeat. Is there enough material to mine in order to keep spoofing the genre AND keep it fresh? The original Police Squad could only manage a few episodes before it got canned… and while it translated well to the big screen in the first Naked Gun… the sequels were tiresome retreads. Airplane set a new bar for the spoof, but did we really need Airplane 2?

    It’s going to take a real creative team to make this all work… again and again…

  9. william says:

    I hope they bring back the original crew. Does anyone but me know that in the movie Ghostbusters sigorney weaver had a quick breast shot.

  10. JOE S HILL says:

    I’m still confused here,because “GALAXY QUEST” is a DreamWorks Pictures’ property-how would Paramount have access to material from another studio? aside from DreamWorks Animation,which had
    a previous relationship with Paramount distributing their animated movies before moving to 20th Century Fox,i never heard of Paramount and DreamWorks having access to each other,unless Viacom owns DreamWorks,nor have i heard about that,,so all this,is still very confusing! as for “GALAXY QUEST” becoming Paramount Television’s next TV series,that too,is also an interesting challenge-especially over the casting part,unless they’ve secured Sigourney Weaver,Tim Allen,and Allan Rickman (loved him,in the 1st “DIE HARD”) to reprise their 1999 roles,,unlikely-but still,the casting to find other actors to fill these roles,will still be challenging-creativly speaking-Good Luck!!

    • cadavra says:

      Paramount and DreamWorks merged several years ago, so the former now owns most of DW’s properties. DreamWorks subsequently went non-exclusive as a live-action production company, though the library (and Animation) are still an exclusive part of Paramount.

  11. seems redundant as Galaxy Quest was a spoof on Star Trek, but by all means it would be awesome :D

  12. nerdrage says:

    Let the dream casting begin!

    Jason Nesmith – Nathan Fillion, Ben Browder or Joe Flanigan
    Gwen DeMarco – is Katee Sagal too busy with her husband’s new show?
    Alexander Dane – kidnap Patrick Stewart and force him to do it! make it so! I could also see Brent Spiner in this role
    Guy Fleegman – can’t beat Sam Rockwell
    Tommy Webber – age him up and get LeVar Burton
    Mathesar – Jim Parsons was born for this role

    Original cast members stunt casting:

    Sigourney Weaver as a soulless network suit
    Tony Shaloub as the World’s Biggest Galaxy Quest Fan slash Scary Stalker

  13. Stephen says:

    Seems like Other Space is kind of a step ahead on sci-fi comedy, but maybe a bigger budget TV version could work. The production design of Other Space is weak even for a web series.

  14. bassmanco says:

    Great movie. Terrible idea for a TV show.

  15. ooonaughtykitty says:

    Love that film. So funny.

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