Fox News Suspends Two Contributors For Crude Obama Remarks

Fox News Suspends Two Contributors For
Araya Diaz/WireImage

Fox News has suspended two on-air contributors in the wake of crude language they used on different programs on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network Monday to discuss President Obama.

“Earlier today, Fox contributors Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash made comments on different programs that were completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air,”said Bill Shine, senior executive vice president of programming for both networks, in a prepared statement. “Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel do not condone the use of such language, and have suspended both Peters and Dash for two weeks.”

The two networks are both owned by 21st Century Fox.

Peters made his comments on a Fox Business Network program hosted by Stuart Varney on Fox Business, using the word “p—y” to describe the President’s remarks on terrorism delivered Sunday evening. Dash (pictured, above) while speaking on Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” said that the President didn’t “give a s–t” about terrorism.

The two aren’t the first cable-news personalities to utter a disparaging word about a prominent public figure. Martin Bashir resigned from MSNBC in late 2013 after making intemperate remarks about conservative pundit and one-time Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Alec Baldwin was removed from a Friday-night program he had begun to host for MSNBC in November of that year after he was heard uttering an anti-gay slur while confronting reporters in an incident not  related to his hosting duties. He did not return to the air, choosing instead to part ways with MSNBC.


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  1. barry coombs says:

    They both stated the truth,,they should get a raise..

  2. Silverback says:

    You can’t tell the truth on Fox either !!!

  3. s says:

    Fox is not only stupid, but really? Since when is it a crime to say anything truthful about obama? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? These two had every right. If it’s good for the left, then it’s good for the right. Fox execs are the pussies and don’t give a shit about freedom of speech.

    • Ron says:

      Of course they are free to say whatever they want, and Fox is free to prevent them from using Fox’s resources to exercise that free speech while they are being employed by Fox.

  4. Joe Sanson says:

    Ms. Dash, Obama doesn’t give a hoot about terrorism…….or Obama doesn’t give a fig Newton about terrorism. Either term would have saved your job…….BUT, you are correct, in any case.

  5. Shrugged says:

    Obama has been given a pass for 7+ years. Its time to tell the truth about the POTUS loser.

  6. Roger says:

    Really? That’s been a FOX every day thing since its inception. Don’t let your crocodile conscience stop you now! I’m surprised the clowns in charge didn’t give them bonuses.

  7. Janice Field says:

    They didn’t say anything that wasn’t true! I’d give them a raise!

  8. JoeMama says:

    Calling someone a “pussy” in this context is akin to calling them a “pussycat”.

  9. Language such as the truth is really in bad form and will be banned! There is NO place for it!

  10. Mrhappyspits4u says:

    Both true statements

  11. ababy says:

    Fox won’t permit Oval Office language on their channels.

  12. Kathleen says:

    Regarding the 2 from Fox that were suspended I thought we adhered to the 1st amendment.

  13. Craig Smith says:

    Look, if you people don’t think that A. Fox suspended them precisely to get as many people to actually read what they said. And, B. That these people who appear on these shows are given a SCRIPT to read, provided by the very company that suspended them! – Then I am ashamed for you.
    This company does EVERYTHING by design and script. They read what they’re told to read, and then the OUTrage gets spread all over the general media outlets so MORE will read it. The cheapest ruse in the book. And SURE ENOUGH, you all bought it.

  14. JamesF says:

    Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash deserve a raise… not suspension. Not long ago, Megan Kelly introducing Mike Huckabee as Mike F… They didn’t suspend her.

  15. John Dendy says:

    Bill Shine is a low life piece of Trash.

  16. Non by Taylor says:

    She’s a Worn Out Tited Ho

    The NFL needs new Commissioner based on this Fiasco

  17. Lady Di says:

    How wonderful to read some of the most vitriolic and vicious comments I have ever seen… And how right it is in this country where free speech is not only allowed…. But used to be encouraged as part of our amazing Constitution. Only in America would many of these comments be allowed. As offensive as some of them are…we must protect that right of free speech. Young people today on college campuses who are unaware of the Constitution and what it means are now our demonstrating against any speech that offends in any way. We are traveling down a slippery slope… Be careful Liberals!

  18. Joe Koncz says:

    They are a disgrace for saying that about Obama. I can see they hate the man that is plain to see but respect the office at least?

  19. Alan says:

    Right on both comments.

  20. rum says:

    Pusillanimous – Merriam-Webster
    lacking courage and resolution : marked by contemptible timidity. pu·sil·lan·i· mous·ly adverb. See pusillanimous defined for English-language learners.

  21. K. Kaprow says:

    Can we stop calling these people “contributors” now? They’re employees of Fox News and they’re paid for their opinions. “Contributor” is Fox’s euphemism for paid lackey. Let’s use language correctly and stop being patsies for Fox News.

    • Craig Smith says:

      And they OBVIOUSLY are reading from a script they’re given. When they get to their turn, they run through their memorized section. Or hell, sometimes I even see some of them checking their notes in front of them. Its laughable. All done for shock and publicity so main stream news will pick up on it.
      In fact, the outlets publicizing it, are probably run or owned by Fox or some other conservative agency.

  22. Carolyn Wright says:

    Fox did the right thing…creditability and fairness matters more then using crude inappropriate language.

  23. Ken Land says:

    Fox News you are getting as bad as CNN and the rest of the liberal media!

  24. Jack says:

    Ralph and Stacey are the only two that speaks the truth. I’m proud of them.

  25. Ellen says:

    I’m ticked at the misleading headline about actress and comedian Ms. Betty White.. announcing her supposed departure from television and show business in general. Turns out the headline is click bait. Click bait and switch.

    Lo and behold the article is about a skin product. It also implies Dr. Oz endorses the product. He doesn’t. Have a little respect for your readers Variety.

  26. robbin snow says:

    I just wanted to say I think FOX News is a bunch of P????? for doing this! This is America and I thought we were allowed to say what we wanted! People need to quit being a bunch of sensitive assholes and man the heck up! They were just calling like they see it, many other people see it the same way but just to scared to say it out loud! I am not a political person I am just a mother, wife and everyday person but over the years I have noticed so much change in the US and it is not good! We are called America for a reason and I think people are losing site of that! I don’t care what race, partner preference or how much money you make, as long as you treat people good! Don’t push your beliefs and bullcrap on other people – think and say what you want but people don’t have to agree and it shouldn’t be a big ordeal because they don’t. Yes some feeling are going to get hurt but its not the end of the damn world put your big boy / girls pants on and move on. Sorry for rambling but I can not believe the suspended these two reporters!

    • Toneyb. says:

      every since Obama decided he was running for president people have been showing their true colors. racism in America is just as strong as its ever been that’s because some people wa nt everything they want it all they don’t want to share they want to rule the world and some people think that only white is right oops did I say that oh well. of course that is not true for everyone I’ll be glad when judgement day comes. there are some really great people in the world but not everyoneeveryone.

      I am I am a white person myself and I see the attitude that white people have as though they areentitled to whatever they want. they say things about other races of people and want to rule with white people only at the top I am embarrassed as a white person with my christian beliefs that only love can conquer the hate that m some white people have for others I am so thankful that aside from being a white person first and foremost I am a human being can’t we all just get along? No 1 wants to talk about all the good that president obama has done after george bush and his republican gansters done takiñg us to a war we lost they behaved just like gangsters in the white house as they created the war that was not necessary only but to make them rich or richer shame on you people you want everything and what you can get you simply take it and that’s what 911 was all about taking what you wanted with no sense of Shame and you have the nerve to talk about how President Obama cleaned up the mess that you Republicans made starting a war when nobody 1 but your pockets got fat I pray for this country and. For all of you people that want everything especially the white people that are bigots bigots and closet racist I am sometimes embarrassed to be a white person. I am a self made millionaire that info later people of many nationality not like you white people like donald trump for God so loved the world that he gave so why don’t you give and show them the love that can conquer hate

    • jazz says:

      Its so funny, except its not, the amount of ppl on here saying they got suspended for saying the truth. Really? So ppl shld be allowed to be able to cuss out the president on a news channel that’s supposed to be respected. Also, its alarming the amount of you ppl that compared equated strength to “balls” and then went ahead to equate weakness with “pussy”. Its the same word that is used to refer to your vagina right? Or that you use to refer to your partner’s. Also, for conservatives y’all seem a lil too “un-conservative” and foul

    • Craig Smith says:

      Reporters? Stacy Dash?! — This was sarcasm, right?
      She’d a paid mouth piece, reading from a prepared script typed up by Fox!
      Are you that stupid?
      Also, just use a better adjective than PUSSY. Just say “Weak” or “Not strong”
      Why use a derogatory remark? because that’s what FOX wants. Attention whores for their “reporters”, as you so stupidly call them.

  27. LesL says:

    Boycotting Fox News till these two are reinstated.

  28. Linda says:

    Shame on Fox News for taking away the freedom of speech from two of your finest. This country is currently being lead down Lollipop Lane by a prik who doesn’t give a $hit about Americans and you have the audacity to punish these people for speaking the truth.

    • Avery says:

      Fox News has the right to decide what can and can’t be said on THEIR shows. The 1st amendment only protects us from the government. People need to read their constitution before ranting about rights. It only takes about 30 minutes.

      • K. Kaprow says:

        Parrots and puppets can’t think, let alone read. Some people on their team were punished, and now they’re sad. Of course, it’s all Obama’s fault.

  29. joan gibson says:

    Fox and Obama the emperor should screw themselves. Said it before and will say it again – stop saying Fox is fair and balanced – you are so far up his ass I am surprised you can even breath.

  30. S. Stratten says:

    Interesting that the good and retired Lt Col never served in Combat, but was if I read his profile correctly a prolific novelist while on active duty. 10 years in Germany, arduous duty I’m sure. Fox will hire anyone.

    • K. Kaprow says:

      How dare you impugn the reputation of one of America’s Heroes! If he wore a uniform, he’s automatically pure as snow and telling God’s own truth to what’s left of white Republican Amurica!

  31. Mike says:

    Well, Ron, many of us would consider someone who can’t spell simple one-syllable words, like you, to be too much of a “dumbass” to post their inane, third-grade level remarks. (Unfortunately, this could be considered a slight to the third graders out there. Sorry.)

  32. crawfiesue says:

    That Stacey Dash (pseudonym?) is one scary-looking tanned person.

    • Joe Neckbone says:

      You must be a racist. She is a “person of color”. Generally “people of color” are in the ” protected classes” unless of course you are a republican.

  33. King Joffe says:

    White people!!!! White people!!!! White people!!!!! Bush and every other white president other that Clinton, screwed this country. The last bush…..well hopefully the last bush did it to this country with no Vaseline. Six more years in office and didn’t find Bin Laden. Why?………you racist didn’t try hard enough. This BLACK dude come in………..well half BLACK dude and rub him out and you still can’t give the brother props. And now you blame OBAMA for everything. I would vote for Bin Laden before I ever vote for another white president. Your racism towards this President has done it for me. I have no respect for your race anymore. I kind of hope dummy chump wins the presidency. It would be nice to see your white savior destroy this country completely; since you all think every thing he says along with house slave skanky stacey dash and the dum idiot of a lieutenant is spot on. Merry Christmas all ;)

    • Avery says:

      “Bush and every other white president other that Clinton, screwed this country.”


    • Whitewolf Foxfire says:

      You are one blind idiot!!! Look up Clinton, Foster suicide(murder) and Whitewater!!! The Clintons are as dirty as it gets,MORON!!! Oh, dont forget Monica either!!!

      • djm159 says:

        Wait a minute now; we know that Vince Foster shot himself in the back of the head twice and dragged himself up a hill to die. The Clintons had nothing to do with that. If you believe that I have a bridge I’d like to talk to you about. Then there’s Benghazi and the famous video. We can prove Hillary’s innocence with the testimony of those who were there but Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith were unavailable for comment.

    • Nwsltr says:

      i won’t address your racists angle, but are you sure the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld group didn’t find Bin Laden?

      Just for the record we really don’t want dummy chump to be president. He will destroy the country and will piss off enough people that they will ALL come after the USA. and where will that leave the rest of us? Probably looking for new homes like the Syrin refugees.

      We need to make sure racists like him do not get into office and we need to get the money out of politics. Every republican presidential candidate is bought and paid for (perhaps except dummy chump, but he’s a dummy and a chump) and they work for the people/corps who have bought and paid for them.

      Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn what color they are as long as they want to do right by our country. Rebuild it. Get the money out of politics. Since they drowned out Larry Lessig, the next best bet is Bernie Sanders. He wants money out of politics; to rebuild the country; to fix our broken democracy; fair wages; healthcare for everyone; ect. But, Bernie says, we, as citizens, ALL have to be in it to win it. So don’t give up on the country. Don’t let the slimeballs win. Keep a cool, steady and thinking head.

      Have a listen to what Bernie Sanders has to say. (TYT on YouTube and who did the video of the link I shared above do a great job of objectively covering news, and breaking things down. They keep it real.) It may change your mind. And quite frankly, he too, doesn’t give a damn the color of anyone’s skin, he cares only that you too, help to fix the country and take back our democracy from those self-serving slimeball assholes.

      Think about it, will ya!?

  34. Otto says:

    Terminate Bill Shine from Fox. He should work for Obama.

  35. Our goverment gave $150 billion dollars to the Middle East several months ago. After all the evil things our country has been through with that region I was like what is President Obama doing? It seems like our goverment cares more about the Middle East than they do America. $150 billion dollars could go a long way to helping us in our own country. To make matters worse President Obama is wanting to take in refugees from the Middle East. That is the most insane thing I have ever heard of. With ISIS running around in our country like the cockroaches that they are why invite more trouble into our country? I don’t get our goverments blind loyalty to the Middle East. Our country is quick to do anything to help that region. Food,money,clothes,etc etc. I don’t understand it.

  36. First Amendment says:

    Now that these two contributors have been suspended expressing their own freedom of speech opinions, It is my opinion that a boycott during their two week suspension should also be observed by all Fox viewers to show our support towards them for not being afraid of offending somebody that is supposed to be a public servant (Obama) serving all the people not just his supporters.

    • AliLongworth says:

      If you are going to use the name “First Amendment” how about learning what it really guarantees? (Arnie, Tammy and any other mental midgets posting below, this includes you too). The 1st A protects people from government limitations on speech. This is NOT an absolute protection, and does not mean anyone can say anything, anywhere at anytime. The oft quoted “yelling fire in a crowed theater” is common example, and limits by one’s employer are generally acceptable. (Do you really think that you can cuss out your boss without losing your job?). Perhaps you should attain a 8th grade level understanding of our basic Constitutional rights before sniveling about them being violated?.

    • Citizen says:

      Amen to First Amendment says

  37. Nikki says:

    Fox News you are WRONG. They are spot on. Shame on you Fox News

  38. joy karen says:

    Better to remain silent and be THOUGHT a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

    • Judy says:

      you should practice what you preach. I praise both of them for speaking what so many don’t have the balls to utter. Unless you are speaking of our POTUS ?????

    • Deb says:

      you are the fool sorry but if you think he is a good president you fell and bumped your head the say what it the truth they have the guts to say it

    • Fernande Picard. says:

      I do not approve of the suspensions. They are right. He is an hopeless President.

  39. Arnie Johnson says:

    Its too bad because they are 150% correct in their assessment of his attitude. What happened to freedom of speech. I believe Fox had no problem airing the protests in New York that called for harm to come to NYPD

  40. Tammy says:

    Guess whst if you are for Obama, you too are pussy terrorist. Bush had balls, and so does Trump. So guess what Trump will win the election because there’s so many for him, finally we will get out of this horrible nightmare. I agree with both their statements. So for all you terrorist we are voting for Trump and you guys will go back home where you came from or behind bars for being a terrorist in your own country. I can’t believe some people are still for Obama after all the crap that’s going on, and by the way this isn’t what Bush did you idiot, cause Obama has been in too long and the rest of us in the real world see it dumb ass.

  41. Tammy says:

    I see nothing wro g with their opinions, this is America we are free. Our leader is taking that away from us and yes I agree with their statements, why punish them when we have freedom of speach? Oh ya, because it hurts his feelings. Get out of office, we can’t wait for Trump to be president!!! If you’re scared to post my comment then you are the same as him.

    • Sandra Moore says:

      Tammy I can see you with your 12 children hang off your legs with a greasy apron and no teeth. Typing this little post. I know you are not in the top 1% of the rich in this country. So why in the hell would you be a Trump supporter? Do you really thinks he cares? No, he is just a rich guy who wants more power. Tammy if you don’t stop drinking the “kool aid” and wake the hell up before it’s too late. We will be in trouble.

      • Avery says:

        @Deb “But to attack Tammy because she is for Trump so is most of America ”

        No. Most of America is not for Trump.

      • Deb says:

        oops sorry NOT from the Rich

      • Deb says:

        We are in trouble because of Obama since he got in office this country has went to hell. Don’t you dare say the same about me. I have worked since I was 16 now 52 I still work more now. Only had 2 sons been married since I was 18. Seen a lot in my years some I agreed with some I don’t. But to attack Tammy because she is for Trump so is most of America and those percentages are from the Rich

      • Sandra the question you should be asking is WHY obama doesnt care about this country and why he is hell bent on dividing this country along racial and and economic lines. Do a search on-line for “Saul Alinsky rules for radicals” and compare it to what the dipshit you are defending is trying (and succeeding) to do to this great nation.As for Peters and Dash I applaud what they said and how they said it.

  42. David Duncan says:

    so telling the truth gets you benched at fox compared to the others where lies were told and only after some public outrage were any fired or punished. fox trying to do the right thing –perhaps there were better choices for use–but they did tell the truth–

  43. Steve says:

    You people at FOX are pussies. They only said what the rest of America thinks. When are you going to quit kissing Obama’s ass.

    Stacy rocks. I don’t give a shit she cussed. We’ve become a nation of sissies. WTF?

    Even the libtard CNN called Obama out.

    We need more like those two.

  44. Ed Van Wagner says:

    Awww, did someone get offended? Too bad! This isn’t 1950. These words are used every day on the street, in our homes and in our schools! Don’t be so uptight for God sake! Join the REAL world.

  45. Don Hedges says:

    You suspend two people for a statement the feel is true. Is this a violation of free speech?
    I want to be clear that Obama has been lying to the American people every since he has been in office and that offends me. By the way I agree with what they said. FOX lost their balls and now have cream puffs

    • Heather says:

      Do you even know what the First Amendment means? It means the government can’t come after you. Go into work and cuss out your boss and see how quickly things turn south.

  46. I totally understand wanting contributors to use professional speech. I would totally condone a suspension to reprimand, but I also feel that the frustration they feel exceeded the polite vocabulary realm. I would have qualified the suspension by saying the words were Inappropriate, but we do not condemn their points of view, and they will be back. The liberal media voices outnumber the conservative it seems, and they are getting away with changing this countries operation and values.

  47. Allan Ridley says:

    Come on now! This is just a publicity stunt to get other media to let the country know that our President is a “p—y” and “give a s–t” about terrorism.

    Don’t even try to feed me the suspended for profanity line. I hear “pussy” and “shit” all over TV every day. And those words are way down on my list of what I consider offensive on Fox News. You will notice that it was the profanity they were suspended over and not the disrespectful name calling of a sitting President.

    And a two-week suspension, really? If someone on a major news channel had called President Reagan a pussy and said he didn’t give a shit about something when he was in office, then you probably still would not be seeing them on TV now.

  48. Matthew says:

    You’re in time out! We don’t use those words! No no no no no NO!

  49. z4zed says:

    I am amazed FOX finally stepped up to correct unacceptable commentary, regardless of which political party is being referenced. Contributors are not journalists but there ought to be some line of respectability in what they say. if they can’t make a point without swearing or using vulgar language, they probably shouldn’t be on the air, even FOX. I would extend the same comment to the last president for whom I have little to no use.

  50. Bryan says:

    Stacy Dash is awesome. I’ll put money in the swear jar for her!! Extra points for anyone that gets this comment. (IMDB Moving)

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