Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Comes Out as an Independent

Megyn Kelly Independent
Courtesy of Fox News

In a lengthy sit-down interview for this week’s Variety cover story, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly revealed that she doesn’t belong to either party.

“I’m an independent,” Kelly said, adding that she’s voted for both Democrats and Republicans.

Pundits have long speculated about Kelly’s political affiliation, because she often sounds liberal on social issues, but conservative on fiscal ones. Kelly believes her lack of political ideology makes her a more effective reporter.

“I’m not rooting for anybody,” she says. “I’m a Fox News anchor, and I have no horse in the race. I can give anyone a hard time.”

When asked if she considers herself a journalist or a personality, Kelly says, “I don’t really separate the two. I just think of myself as Megyn Kelly — broadcaster. You can do both.”

Kelly also talked about the fact that, contrary to the perception in the media, not everybody at Fox is a Republican.

“[Sean] Hannity, who follows me, is obviously a conservative ideologue and is open about that,” she said. “Bill [O’Reilly] is very open about the opinions he has. I think he’s more of a populist. I think Greta [Van Susteren] is a liberal, although I’m not sure. Bret Baier, I have no idea what his political stripes are.”

Kelly said that when she interviewed with the network a decade ago, Fox News chairman Roger Ailes never posed any questions about how she voted.

“Nobody asked me about my political stripes,” Kelly says. “When Roger Ailes hired me, he knew I was the daughter of a college professor and a nurse. There was nothing in this resume that would telegraph, ‘She’s a secret conservative.’”

She says she’s never been told to go easy on Republican guests. “There have been so many times when I challenged Republicans on air — in big moments,” she says. “And my boss keeps promoting me.”

For more about Kelly, read this week’s Variety cover story.

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  1. Silver Brown says:

    Why does everyone talk about Trump’s women problems without talking about Clinton’s women problems. People care about policies and not personal lives.

  2. Silver Brown says:

    Billionaries own the media and media decides the winners, just like Bernie lost. News is more like action movies than real news. I stopped watching a while ago.

  3. Eva Betts says:

    When Megyn Kelly comes on tv I turn off fox news. Sorry Megyn I don`t like your comments about Donald Trump. Hillary should be in jail. You do not do fair reporting.

  4. Steve Randall says:

    Megyn Kelly, Mike Wallace, and Bret Baier have been ordered to take down Trump by Fox Owner Rupert Murdock. Most of the guest on their programs are aligned with the ‘Never Trump’ crowd. It’s blatanly obvious by just watching their shows whick I don’t do any more. Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and two or three on The Five, are about all that are left that promote conservative principles on Fox News. Sad.

  5. Carlos Mercadal says:

    Megyn Kelly is a liberal reporter, period. Fox News hired her so now they will have to live with that fact. When her program comes on I just switch to another channel, simple as that. Her style just turns me off.

    • S. R. Shermoen says:

      I agree with Carlos……In my opinion she is a closet Democrat and has way to many Ultra Liberal guests on her show who bashes The Donald at every turn, not that he doesn’t deserve a few shots.

  6. Gary Delaney says:

    Megyns facial muscles tell when she is in agreement and when she is not. As such; I detect her bias in certain subjects, and on this current political front I detect she is opposed to Trump and favors HilLIARy. Why? I can only guess. Probably because she is a feminist and wants a woman to be president. She should care more about WHO that might be.

  7. Richard Best says:

    Megan Kelly is exempt from my comment. I think she,is the the most excellent moderator FOX News Election Moderator Ever. But other Moderators can not control invited guest 2 or more. It’s a nonaudible fiasco. Because everyone is talking at the same time 😊. Speaking for many of viewers that feel the same. Thanks, Love ❤ Fox News, When its in a controlled environment

  8. James Tyrcha says:

    Didn’t Republican speaker Dennis Hastert go to jail for lying to the FBI Don’t you think you should tell your readers and followers of this disgrace of justice. Thanks again PS this typical Chicago political bullshit they tell you what you want to hear and do what they want and cover it up. Questions how come when they look at terrorist background they go back 20 years in 24 hours, there school’s, there friend’s, and what they all along the way, but for 8 years they can’t find any thing on Obama’s life. Thanks again

  9. Uesugi-sama says:

    I find her getting more and more snide and condescending, rude to guests. She just made some nasty comment to Dinesh Desouza about his marriage.

  10. dick912 says:

    She is a Democrat all the way. She is trying everything in her power to cut down Trump. She says she will give any body a hard time, but why is it only Trump?

  11. Jesse Caudill says:

    Megan kelly needs to watch the tape of Merv Griffin interviewing Robert Kennedy. You ask someone a question and shutup and listen to their answer. Treat them with respect and it wil be returned. I dont care what Ms. Kelly’s views are. The only thing shes running for are ratings.l

    • Kennedy says:

      I agree, Kelly needs to ask a question and then SHUT UP and let the person respond. Neil Cavuto is just as bad, or worse, when it comes to interrupting the person being interviewed.

  12. Chirs says:

    Why would FOX employ ANYONE who is not conservative? All the other news media channels emply Liberal Progressives EXCLUSIVELY!



    • Chirs says:

      Don’t watch CNN ever! They are sociallists! Carson is out not because of FOX, but because of the polling. I’d pick him over any of the Democratic candidates, which is what you will be pushed to do if you watch CNN.

  14. Phil19034 says:

    People… She’s a libertarian, and more of libertarian than R. Paul

    Libertarians are traditionally fiscally conservative and socially more liberal.

  15. SimonSays says:

    We should never stop asking ourselves difficult questions. Since when do we shrink from a challenge ? Keep on asking tough questions Megyn. Real people will give real answers.

    • Chirs says:

      Thats Naive. Any question you ask will have political ramifications. If you work for FOX, at least have the decency to be conservative.

  16. Alexander Nikolayenko says:

    The comments in this section really open your eyes to how backward and ridiculous the members of the Republican Party are

    • Chirs says:

      Alex, do you want to go back to Communism? My wife immigrated from Moscow, and she is appalled at the changes here in the USA. Where else can she go? Lets save the US, the way it used to be.

  17. beardawg says:

    Kelly said “I’m an independent”. My guess is “She’s Playing it safe”. With her ratings in the can she can’t afford to piss off anyone else.

    • Chirs says:

      Wait till after Thursday’s debates, when the low ratings will expose her effect! Her “independent” ideology (she claims) is nothing compared to the ill effects she has during the debates when she is coming out as the true “independent” liberal she is.

  18. Eva Cagle says:


  19. John says:

    Perhaps you’d do better over at MSNBC, Megyn, as they love phony, biased, and dishonest journalists more so than your current network does. You and Brian Williams should do a show together! I’m sure you’d get great ratings (sarcasm)!

  20. Joyce Dean says:

    Megan, you sure did a hatchet job on Donald Trump. Hope you and Fox are proud of yourselves. Everyone watching that night knew you were out to get him.We are not going to watch Fox News anymore after that trick. Also it is too bad that there is no longer any modesty with you and your fellow women anchors that you think you need to wear skirup so high can see your thighs and almost your asses, you should be ashamed, I certainly am for you, it is sickening and if that is the best that women Fox anchors can do is show off their all then maybe you all need to get a job as a stripper, more appropriate.

  21. mary says:

    I say we BOYCOTT THE KELLY FILE! megyn needs to learn a lesson. she was way out of line with her questioning during the debate. brett baier and chris Wallace are no bargins either! trump is in it to win it, and your inappropriate questions backfired. the “terrible trio” are not professional journalist’s, they are in trump’s words; LIGHTWEIGHTS!!

    • Carrie says:

      I don’t think that Megan Kelly’s questions were hard or picking picking on Trump. She is an attorney and sometimes she treats her guests as if they were on the witness stand and she did that with Trump. She has good guests on her show and she treats both Democrats and Republicans the same. I have known for a long time she is not a conservative but she is good at getting to the bottom of things. I am a conservative who is fed up with both parties. Nothing gets done in Congress because they are pretty much in bed with one another. Only term limits will fix our problems and before we can move forward and get rid of it only then can we go for team limits. They make more money when the leave congress than when they are in office. You only have to serve 4 to 6 years in order to received a huge check once a month for the rest of your life.

      • Chirs says:

        She should never have been invited to the debate since it is FOX. There is no other network out there that is NOT liberal progressive. Can’t we have at least on network that is conservative? Why did the FOX network allow this??? They will not get much ratings since they chooose to keep her, instead of kicking her to the curb which she deserves, instead of getting Trump to show up, and get the ratings they want!!

  22. Gloria Sapien Rodriguez says:

    well “Fox News,” for a minute I thought it was the MEDIA LEFT leading the debate when I heard Trump being attacked!! It was a dirty act by FOX. If you were going that way how come you did not ask Jeb why he said he was Mexican clearly showing where he stands as far as illegals (as G.Bush, who opened the door in the first place). Or Rubio among others who stood by and let Obama let illegals in,TALK IS CHEAP, yes. Rubio makes good speeches, looks impressive but I will take Trump over these hypocrites who is the only one putting his neck in the noose. Yes. Rubio, jeb, Skywalker and others know how to be impressive as Politicians, but as far as that goes I see only Rand Paul standing alone over the years against Obama and as such Trump being the only one calling a spade a spade.
    Fox……STOP PUSHING JEB AND RUBIO DOWN OUR THROATS AS THE LEFT HAS DONE………SHAME ON YOU!!!!! Megn, shame on you and good for Trump to not coward over as other candidates have done in the pass!!!!!!

  23. Mr. Jack says:

    Hoping to see FOX can Megyn as her reviewer ship plunges ! She out of her league and would be happy to see her disappear! BYE BYE BYE Megyn!!!!!

  24. Moma Tkr says:

    If we were all Independents, then people would vote more rationally by paying attention to the actual issues rather than knee-jerk emotional allegiance to a party because our grandparents always were members of this Party or I’m Catholic and most Catholics vote this way or I’m Irish and Irish vote this way or I’m Jewish and Jews vote that way. People will put what is best for all people in a Nation when attending to the individual issues of a given time rather than supporting a political party like a fan supporting their baseball team. Voting should be rational and not emotional — it’s that important and it is about our Nation — all of us — not just those who belong to a specific religion, for example.

  25. I believe Megyn is a Conservative, at least I hope she is! I find liberals utterly disgusting

    • Kaisen says:

      I’m sure libs feel the same way about you, bubala. I think she’s pretty much a libertarian, which is a conservative with training wheels. So, yeah, she’s not a party ideologue, thus she is technically “independent,” but listening to her and actually watching her, she’s a right-leaning libertarian.

  26. Suz says:

    I personally would never presume to know how anyone actually votes but Fox News reporters are obviously paid to play a certain role on TV just as politicians play a certain role to get people to vote for them. Meanwhile regular people who identify with a specific party fight amongst each other while news conglomerates, international corporations and politicians reap the benefits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying politicians are in it together but they are vying for money and power amongst each other more so than serving their constituents.

  27. Phil Esteen says:

    Oh yeah, Megyn Kelly is an independent alright. An utterly asinine a-hole independent of free thought or principles.

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