Comedian Tom Shillue Will Take Host Duties at Fox News’ ‘Red Eye’

Tom Shillue Fox News
Steve Snowden/Getty Images

Tom Shillue will be the new host of Fox News Channel’s wee-hours program “Red Eye,” the 21st Century Fox-owned outlet revealed Thursday. He is expected to assume his new duties on the 3 a.m. program later this month.

Shillue is a stand-up comic who has appeared on programs including the old “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” and has been a regular panelist on the Fox News show.

Shillue most recently hosted “Red Eye.” on Tuesday evening.  A rotating roster of hosts has led the show since Gutfeld stepped down a few weeks ago.



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  1. Moefo Schmoe says:

    I am a big Red Eye fan and I watched the revolving exploration of fox personalitys. Next to Greg Gutfeld I would have liked to see “TV’s” Andy Levy take the slot. I like Tom Shillue and he projects the perfect cynicism for that show.

  2. asdff says:

    Tom’s the safe choice. Sherrod and Gavin are all awesome guests but struggled at hosting. Bonnie as well– what does it say that she can wear pants in the leg chair and nobody complains? She’s that good a comic, and unlike Sherrod and Gavin she doesn’t completely steal the spotlight. Tom Cotter was too corny. Kennedy already has a show, and is very very annoying if she’s on more than once every couple weeks. Shilue is deliciously awkward and plays off Andy very nicely. The only other person who really struck me as a viable candidate was Rob Long.

    Andy was never in the cards as host. He’s very good as a guest but I miss him as ombudsman. When Greg left, the show got way too safe, and it was already trending that way when Bill left. Joanne was a fun occasional guest but she’s really struggling as a regular and has been completely inadequate when she’s hosted. The show still hasn’t recovered from losing Bill Schulz– he added zaniness to the writing and the right intelligence and energy to the panels.

    They need to replace Joanne. She’d be fine on another show. I like her, I want her to succeed, but she’s just not working. Meanwhile, Greg’s first show was a trainwreck. Hopefully he’ll turn things around. Three guests, two panelists, and Andy back as ombudsman.

    • Goodbyenoway says:

      I like Bonnie but she was a terrible host. The show has gotten MUCH better since they dumped Bill Schulz who was awful and unstable. It allowed Andy to join the panel which was needed. Joanne is just fine, she fits her role. It’s interesting they will re-launch in 2 weeks with the always fun Tom Shillue. I can’t wait to see what changes will happen.

  3. John Dentinger says:

    Glad for Tom but would have loved to see Andy and JoNo co-host and play off each other. I think that would have been entertaining. She could have attracted the millennials and he could have set them all straight!

  4. Paul Doerwang says:

    Last night’s/this morning’s episode contained “subliminal frames” of Tom Shillue inserted into the broadcast in at least two instances that I saw. The possible meaning went right over my head!

  5. steven says:

    Tom Shillue worst pick for RedEye.The guy just isn’t that funny. I won’t be watching anymore. I hoping for Bonnie McFarlane or Sherrod Small

    • Bring back bill! says:

      Sherrod interrupts people too much and kind of takes over. He’d be great with his own show or as a guest on red eye, but he’s not a good leader of a panel like Tom is. I lump him in with Gavin and Bonnie as a great guest but crappy host. All three make me tune in when I see they’ll be on.

      They do need someone more zany and off-beat like Bill was. Bill was the perfect wingman for Greg: hilarious, good at drawing out the best in the other guests, helped keep the panel under control, injected plenty of zaniness, and his liberalism made him both an easy target for ridicule and (every once in a while) he’d make a really good point. John DeVore is the closest thing I can think of to this, but that would make another problem Red Eye has even worse: that it’s becoming way too straitlaced.

  6. Felicia Sullivan says:

    What a relief! Tom is the right choice. He has grown into the role of host. Good for him! Very funny and insightful. Glad it wasn’t Kennedy or Gavin McInnes who got it. Tom will make the show his own . I hope Andy and Joanne are staying with him. I never miss it when Tom is on. Good luck, Tom Shillue!!!

    • Goodbyenoway says:

      I love Gavin and Kennedy as guests but they were terrible hosts. I hope Andy isn’t disappointed in this news.

  7. Goodbyenoway says:

    Great choice. Good for Tom. He’s a great guy, easy going, funny. Last night they had that shrill Kennedy who talked over everyone. Get the hook for her.

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