Fox Business’ Republican Debate To Be Free For Certain Cable Customers

Republican Debates: Fox Business To Be
Courtesy of CNN

Fox Business Network has arranged for its coverage of a coming Presidential debate to be made available to a broader array of cable and satellite subscribers  – even if their current programming packages do not include the network.

Distributors that carry Fox Business on a higher digital tier -DirecTV, Suddenlink, Mediacom, Frontier, Wide Open West, and Cable One, and a number of National Cable Television Cooperative member companies – will “unbundle” FBN, making the channel available to their entire subscriber base ahead of the debates, not just the customers who elect to receive it. Fox Business is typically on an expanded basic tier on some of the nation’s bigger distributors, including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, Cox, and Cablevision.

The effort shows what one of the debates can mean to the network broadcasting it. Ratings for Republican and Democratic debates broadcast in recent weeks by Fox News Channel, CNN and CNBC have been well above viewing norms. For Fox Business, the next debate represents a chance not only to showcase Maria Bartiromo and Neil Cavuto, who will moderate the event along with Wall Street Journal editor Gerard Baker, but also a crack at touting the network to viewers who don’t regularly watch it.

“The debate falls at a pivotal time in the election cycle and through the help and support of these partners, many more of their customers will have access to it on November 10th,” Tim Carry, executive vice president of distribution for Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel, in a prepared statement.

The next Republican debate will be presented by Fox Business, which is owned by 21st Century Fox, and The Wall Street Journal, which is operated by News Corp., a sister company also controlled by Rupert Murdoch.  Fox Business said the debate is expected to  focus on jobs, taxes and the general health of the economy, as well as domestic and international policy issues.  The debates will begin at 6 p.m. eastern and 9 p.m. eastern and air live from  the Milwaukee Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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  1. Thomas Smith says:


  2. arttoglass says:

    Republican debate was blocked by Comcast on Cable TV Fox business channel and the internet for same.

  3. I fully agree with the comments. I fail to see why the debate was no on Fox News instead of Fox Business News where the folks on Basic Cable on Time-Warner Cable as well as Comcase do not carry Fox Business News. This one time, I would have one hundred million times rather have seen the actual debate rather than Bill O-Reilly, Megan Kelly and Hannity analyzing what the candiates are saying rather than listening to the actual candidates debates. I simply cannot believe that all the so-called brilliant individuals on Fox News were so short-sighted that they did not foresee this GIANT MISTAKE, especially as often as it is said on Fox that people don’t care and do not pay attention, etc. SORRY, this time we had no change to pay attention and I for one am really disappointed and was really looking forward to this debate. This was a big week especially for Ben Carson. Guess you do not have our backs after all!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Frances Armstrong, Lees Summit, MO

  4. Liph says:

    Isn’t Fox News the conservative news network? And they don’t even show the republican debate on their news channel that everyone can watch!!! That piss’s me off to no end. Thanks a lot Fox News for aiding and abetting the enemy.

  5. Valerie Enlund says:

    How dare they not make a political debate available to all Americans. Looks like the beginning of the end of our beauriful nation. God bless American.

  6. Valerie Enlund says:

    As an American citizen. I find that I am not able to view political bebates on my television, absolutely appalling. Just where does it end ??? In other words ,if I can’t afford to pay for a certain tier on cable. Im not privileged enough to know whats going on in my own country . Unfortunately this tells me exactly whats going on in my country. And I don’t like it at all. God bless America.

    • S says:

      Exactly, see who owns major media outlets and their political view. No freedom in America for a long time now. Think not. See if you can do your own medical therapies in a non medical freedom state (only a few). MD’s lose license so on. Not made up – been there done that.

  7. S says:

    Why do those mega wealthy (who own media outlets) decide who exactly gets to view what should be free to view by all (search who owns media outlets, will shock you). And does it matter anyway? Since much voting is not “digital” – no paper trail then all votes can be manipulated. There is a “governing” force behind our elections not at all by and for the people.

  8. dee says:

    I would like Dish to add it to my programming just for this eve.

  9. I live near Ottawa Canada. I cant find Fox Buss on any of my channels. I tried to see if I could added it and nope. I need my debate. :(

  10. Carol Bream says:

    Good luck to all us Canadians. We can’t get it at all. Sad.

  11. Richard de Souza says:

    I reside in Ottawa, Canada and would like to know what Fox Business Channel will be broadcasting the GOP cdebates tonight.

  12. Paco Rom says:

    If you can’t afford the extra cable fees the RNC does not want you to see the debate. You vote and they want their spin on the debate so you don’t know what real losers the Republican candidates are. . .

  13. Marie Magill says:

    Once again, the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot. This time, they’re excluding the average person (by airing the debate on an inaccessible channel for most of us), who might have voted for one of them! I know that I’m not alone in this. It’s truly hurtful, and outrageous!
    What was the RNC thinking when they opted for this channel? Why could it not have been broadcasted on Fox News?

  14. Dorothy Gazonas says:

    Cannot see the fox business debates on my TV. Debates should be available all…..

  15. Phil Tyler says:

    It should be part of the basic DirecTV package as a counter to CNBC.

  16. Sam says:

    They have not made it available to Bell Canada. You can get FBN for an extra cost here. Be assured that I will not subscribe to it — now or in the future. It’s clear to me that they do not care about customers.
    I’d also like to know why Reince Priebis accepted this network for the debate. He, at least, should care about voters.

  17. Tom Clark says:

    I’m having difficulty in finding out if COX will make FBN available to all of it’s customers for free. If not, then FOX Business will be cutting out a major portion of their intended audience.

  18. Kenny Kingsley says:

    These debates are not business news, a sporting event or a pay for view. These are newsworthy events that should be available to all. Go watch the movie NETWORK. This is where we are very close to being.

  19. Rita Wentz says:

    Where to I go on the internet to watch debate 11/10, I have Cox but not the Fox business channel

  20. Web Admin says:

    This just stinks overall. Dish Network, which has a large number of customers will not be joining into this “unbundle” package, and those of us on Dish that can’t afford very expensive packages will be left in the cold…. to only hear bits and pieces the liberal media believes we should have for consumption….. guess I’m off to find a radio station that will provide it.

  21. Hotel Dweller says:

    Will it be rebroadcast on Fox or Fox News Channel? I’m traveling on the 10th and my hotel cannot easily change their channel programming to offer FBN.

  22. MAH says:

    I’m extremely disappointed that the next Republican debate is being shown on a new channel that is not available on all cable line ups. It is not listed on Comcast in my zipcode. I tried to call FBN and was disconnected, called back and got only recordings.
    It could have been aired on Fox News and had the selected moderators host it. Easy schmeazy; everyone gets a chance to see it.
    Most of us hate to try and garner information once the spinning starts. This decision is a big Loser for Fox, in my opinion.

  23. elizabeth mcgahan says:

    How can we see this debate in Canada…we do not have access to Fox Business but do have access to the Fox News channel through our cable package.

  24. CJ says:


  25. CJ says:


  26. Sam says:

    I don’t see Bell Canada in the list.

  27. E.D. Dodds says:

    My TV package with Verizon/Fios doesn’t include Fox Business News so…. I won’t be able to see the debates coming up next week. What a shame! I have been following the news as it pertains to all of the Republican Candidates and I’m puzzled why this channel was chosen for this debate? I will have to be content with hearing second hand information following the Fox Business News Republican Debate! As a Fox News Channel regular viewer, I feel discriminated against!

  28. Pat Matheny says:

    I pray every cable network in the USA unbundles FBN for these important Republican Debates, as senior citizens with basic cable we are the highest percentage of voter turnout. My sister and I follow the debates on both sides of the aisle-she resides in the 51104 area code and I reside in the 72143 area code. Make it happen. FOX News fans.

  29. The entire country is a fraud.

  30. Anne T. Fitzgerald says:

    The very fact that you put Rand Paul on the big stage instead of Chris Christie once again makes me believe that these “so called debates” are a fraud. Everything that I have heard leading up to your “debate” is the same as before, i.e., who can we pit against whom. You are looking for ratings, not substance. I watched the other debates, but have no intention of watching this one. I have better things to do with 2+ hours of my life.

  31. Judith Hoyrup and Gordon Wilson says:

    Have just spoken to my TV Provider, and Have been informed that the debate on Fox business news is not going to be shown in Canada. Please do something about this. We are staunch Republicans, Conservatives living in British Columbia, Canada and are hooked on Fox News and Bill O’Reilly. We Never miss a show.

    • Vic says:

      Are you serious?? I’m in ontario and have followed all the US debates. Do we not get it in Canada

    • Tea Party Massacre says:

      Lol. Republicans want to make you pay them and their cronies in order to see them bicker with each other over who is the richest. Sounds about right.

      • Considerata says:

        Actually, this might be more accurately described as liberal media’s attempt to control and deny citizens access to truthful reporting by making them pay for anything contrary to democrat lockstep talking point propaganda. Your characterization speaks volumes and serves as an example of the left mindset.

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