‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Title Revealed: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

Fear The Walking Dead Comic-Con
Image courtesy of AMC

Fear not — more zombies are coming soon.

“Fear the Walking Dead” is the official title for “The Walking Dead” companion series, AMC announced Friday.

Executive producer Robert Kirkman took to his Twitter to let his fans in on the news, also teasing more details soon to come:

The spinoff will be set in Los Angeles, and will feature new characters and storylines.

“We’re thrilled to bring audiences worldwide ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ within 24 hours of the U.S. premiere so that fans can experience the excitement of one of the year’s most anticipated new dramas together exclusively on AMC Global,” said Bruce Tuchman, president of AMC and Sundance Channel Global. “AMC has created some of the most compelling programming on television in recent years, and this new show will perfectly complement the popular films and exclusive original series showcased on the network.”

Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens (pictured), Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey will star in “Fear the Walking Dead,” which is exec produced by Kirkman and his “Walking Dead” team, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero and David Alpert. Dave Erickson will exec produce and serve as showrunner. Erickson and Kirkman co-created and co-wrote the pilot.

“Fear” was handed a straight-to-series two season order. Season one is set to premiere this summer with six episodes. Season two is slated for 2016.

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  1. Richard G Castruita says:

    Whats The Difference. Unknown Actors Walking Around? I Watched the Walking dead for about 20 Minutes and Never Watched it again! ! What Junk!! And now they have Two Shows?!

  2. chris says:

    The more I read about the back story of the characters the less excited I am to watch it….this looks like a bad family drama with zombies

  3. Why only 6 episodes in season 1? That is just a tease. Enough to get interested and then we have to wait.

    • chris says:

      looks like all its gonna be is a bad after school special with zombies….Have you read the ridiculous back stories of these characters? dont worry you most likely wont make it to episode 6 before you lose interest….Ya know what you do with a drug fein in the zombie apocalypse? feed him to the zombies…STUPID!

  4. hiala says:

    All I can say is that I can’t wait to see it!!!! I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead series I never miss an episode I love it, so please please just bring it on!!!Can’t wait to see it!

  5. Walt says:

    6 episodes then back NEXT YEAR. Don’t think so. That’s why I quit watching the game of thrones. 10 episodes a year was not enough to keep me interested.

  6. Charlie Brown says:

    More zombies.. gotta have my zombie fix. I don’t think the new show will hurt ratings on the original at all.

  7. Mykia says:

    Ugaolf80 you may not know the walking dead, but I do ,and you better shut the tone because it the best show on TV.

  8. Mykia says:

    I LOVE “The Walking Dead” , and the comics because it’s a classic, but does this mean “Fear the Walking Dead” will take the walking dead spot, and if it does I don’t know how I am suppose like it. (sorry I love THW dead to not give up for some random show I do not even know. ) And yet I love TWD so I will stay with it until 2025. I hope you do not GIVE UP ON THE WALKING DEAD, AND MANY PEOPLE LOVE THE WALKING DEAD 17 MILLION PEOPLE.

  9. ugagolf80 says:

    Walking Dead:Genesis

    Walking Dead: Outbreak

    hell even “Better Call Walking Dead” would be better-sheesh

  10. YouTube says:

    I know some people hate this spin-off because of the title & because of the (6) episodes. But it’s fine I’m watching it. But fear the dead would have been a good name seriously. Just can’t wait for season 6 of tAMCs the walking dead .original series. comes October 11th 2015.

    • Mykia says:

      Listen, I love “The Walking Dead” , and YouTube you can not talk for everyone, so I will watch it, but I will not say it is simply better than the walking dead.

  11. Dawn Crane says:

    I love this title, It’s Perfect!

  12. Paul says:

    Was “Slightly Uncomfortable Around the Walking Dead” already taken?

  13. The title is dumb. I to would rather see it take place in a mountain or desert.Something not done.Where they have to fight the elements as well.I won’t be watching.I would rather have a prequel on how the original group met.Andrea,Glen ect.up to the moment Rick found his family.Make it a movie.Another series? no

  14. Blaze Winters says:

    The title is a tad lame. I also think LA is a poor choice. I’d rather see how people are having to struggle with not only zombies but the environment as well. Can you imagine how much harder it would be to hide from walkers when the snow crunches? Or trying to survive in the cold while a horde is passing? Heck, why not Montana? Please rethink the location, LA has been done to death. No pun intended

  15. Greg Bailey says:

    “Fear the Walking Dead.” Maybe it will grow on me, but not sure. Of course, those of us who watch the original will nick name the new one just “Fear,” as it has the name of the original series in it already. Actually, the “Walkers” have become a bit tame. Hardly anyone would fear them unless you get trapped and then, oh, my! We need a newer, more spring in their step, Walker. Ones that move quicker, run a little; maybe a “smart” Walker, one that is sort of a hybrid, that can think and plan, maybe even mumble a couple of words. A thinking, planning walker….now that would be creepy!!

  16. NO….ah ah this title STINKS! Cant you just keep it simple??? TWD 2 maybe? and WHY did you ever decide to choose LA?? My gawd,anywhere in the world and its the same old L.A. thang over & over BLAH,theres a few Zombies in LA already among everything else is in…L.A. already,come on! Why not San Francisco lol,no seriously though,maybe Washington since Washington has been mention in TWD already or like one already said….. ALASKA! Hey,theres a 1st,zombies/walkers in Alaska where the scenery and survival is all different with frigid temps,snow and different scenery. Alaska even has there continues night time hours which is also different,that could of been a GREAT idea.Well,like most of those who thrive and succeed,they get a BIG head and go too far and next thing you know,they mess everything up by getting to complacent and sure of themselves,and thats what i see here. The location,characters and Title is all bad,sorry but im pretty concerned. LA just turns my stomach after seeing so much LA already,i would of been happy with Canada even lol.But the title has heightened my concern :P Shame on you Robert Kirkman lol,come on,wheres you TWD mojo!!!

  17. Almost as bad a title as Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. I was not aware the force went to sleep.

  18. Only 6 episodes for a season? That’s doesn’t seem worth watching or caring about.

  19. Kady says:

    I adore Walking Dead but WILL NEVER WATCH THIS. Never fails to sicken me how quickly a good solid Original something-or-other can be adulterated into a billion poorly executed copies. Walking Dead Los Angeles? What’s next? Walking Dead New York? Walking Dead SVU? Hey! Somebody call Peter Jackson! I bet we can get at least FOUR movies this time!

  20. Joe says:

    I cant stand it when people say it’s over done or to much of a good thing is bad. If you feel it’s to much quit watching for those of us who believe there is ever to much of a good thing i say bring it on, the more the better.

  21. joe says:

    Terriible name. Terrible. Laughably terrible.

    … also, why not set the show someplace with a bit different of an environment… hwere they need to deal with hot or cold or something. Setting it in the exact same place (oooo, it’s on the other coast… whoa!) is lazy.

  22. terrimolina says:

    Dumb title….I hope the writers are better with the scripts.

  23. Bill B. says:

    Very bad title, but a bad idea too. Anyone ever heard of wearing something out? Or too much of a good thing? I fear Fear the Walking Dead, but for different reasons than the title suggests.

  24. It should be called “Fear The Dead” we have no concept in the beginning, and this is a prequel, that the living are “The Walking Dead” so the title makes no sense. Did no one think the title out? Seriously?

  25. Damion says:

    Fear the Walking Dead? Excited by the show. Underwhelmed with the title. Lazy.

  26. Deb Case says:

    Not interested. Especially without any input from Darabont. He was the main reason the WD flew in the first place. I don’t want a bunch of spin off crap with a half ass cast they gather up from other shows. Bleh. No.

  27. the name sucks, but im excited about the show :D great cast.

  28. Jolynnco says:

    sad to hear only 6 episodes, but glad to hear it will be on in the summer to fill The Walking Dead void in those months :-) Can’t wait to see it.

  29. Laura says:

    Only 6 episodes?? :(

  30. I can’t wait for this show, I know it will be as brilliant as The Walker Dead is !! I love the name to !

  31. tina steeves says:

    i sure hope the walking dead wont be disappointing, some of the episodes are dragged out and kind of boaring while a lot keep you in your seat waiting for the bathroom break. I truly hope tis is one I want to watch over and over again

  32. Ed Exner says:

    Does the title really matter? I could care less what they call it, the content of the show will either make us glad we watched it, or not. The fact that it will air during TWD down time is definitely the right timing for this show to have a good chance at success. All us true Dead fans agonize during the long between season break! .

  33. Lisa Troup says:

    An awfully high bar set AMC. . .hope you are not going to make a crappy spinoff to make more $ greedy corporation. I am wary since that BCS shite in between TWD and TTD the first episode this year, and the PROFUSE amount of commercials you ram down our throats!(I refuse to buy anything I see in commercial!). . .Don’t do this half arsz AMC.We Are a tad more sophisticated than you seem to believe,& one sign of thrown together ,contrived crap will send us reaching for the clicker!!!There are too many good series out there on services to chose from, so don’t kill this golden goose. . .fore warned is fair warned. . .0;(

  34. I find that title rather boring to be honest. No offense to the creators and everyone involved with it. They are geniuses. I just think it’s rather unoriginal and boring and VERY comic’ish.

  35. Ricky Kopp says:

    Hoping that it backtracks and shows us the epidemic from day 1 so we can see what all went on in the world while Rick was in a coma.

    • Shiraz says:

      Check out the wepisodes at the AMC site. There are 3 “pre” shows there that are interesting and fill the gap a little…

  36. John says:

    I hope they put as much effort into the show as they did coming up with the name! Though, to be honest, I think they could have gone with the more eloquent “BOO! The Walking Dead” or maybe a little more straight forward with something like “Scary Walking Dead”.

    • John says:

      For everyone with poor sarcasm detectors that was, in fact, sarcasm. I know, I know, it’s a little hard to tell from the tone, but trust me, it is.

      I hope the show has more merit than that ridiculously unimaginative, and wholly opportunistic title.

  37. mke says:

    I’m wondering how different this will be in direction from “The Walking Dead”.

  38. Id be down with this if they aired the spinoff during Walking Deads downtime.

    • Holly says:

      It is during down time. The article said season one is this summer and season 2 is next summer. That’s between TWD seasons. You’re welcome.

  39. Rene says:

    Skeptical, but it’s anything half as good as the original, it will keep us going while The Walking Dead is off season. But if the original team has a hand in it, it will be GREAT!

  40. Dave says:

    They need to stop with the dumbass short 6 episode seasons…..give people more than that…you just get into something and it ends….really getting tired of that to be honest.

    • Brian Ford says:

      The only season that had 6 episodes was season 1…season 2 had 13 episodes…the remaining season have all had 16 episodes…also from season 2-5 they do a split season…half in the fall and the other half in late winter to spring

  41. Jamman says:

    Fear the money-grubbing TV execs who are too zombie like to think up a new concept and not dilute their honey pot with exposure.

  42. Dead Head says:

    “Fear the walking dead”??? Why because no one fears them already?
    Someone needs to shoot that title in the head.

  43. LOL says:

    I like it. It’s aggressive.

  44. Isaac says:

    That might be the laziest/worst title ever.

  45. Hunter says:

    Laughable title

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