CBS Canceling ‘Extant,’ Developing Halle Berry Legal Drama

extant halle berry jeffrey dean morgan
Courtesy of Robert Voets/CBS

CBS has canceled summer drama series “Extant,” which starred Halle Berry, after two seasons.

“CBS, Halle Berry and the producers have decided to conclude the ‘Extant’ story after last season’s exciting and fitting conclusion,” said Glenn Geller, president of CBS Entertainment. “’Extant’ played an important role in expanding CBS’s lineup of original scripted programming in the summer. We are proud of the show’s success on the network, as well as its popularity on Amazon Prime Video. We also want to thank the incomparable Halle Berry for her commitment and support for the series, and look forward to working with her on our next project together.”

The series, which wrapped its second season this September, from Amblin TV and CBS Television Studios revolved around astronaut Molly Woods (Berry) who is inexplicably pregnant when she returns home to her family after 13 months on a solo mission in outer space.

Season two took a big turn, which is most likely a cause for the series’ declining popularity this summer. Shifting from its original sci-fi nature to a more action-packed drama, the show also saw numerous casting changes, most notably replacing the male lead with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (pictured, above, with Berry). Aside from bringing on Morgan — who’s been cast in CBS’s “The Good Wife” for Season 7 — only three out of the freshman season’s seven lead actors where still involved with season two. Also many subplots from the first bow were dropped in the second go-around, which was helmed by new showrunners Elizabeth Kruger and Craig Shapiro, following original showrunner Greg Walker’s departure.

“I am so proud of what we accomplished on ‘Extant,’” said Berry. “This season seemed such a natural place to end Molly’s journey that I, along with CBS, felt it best served the story to leave it there. I’ve loved this experience working with such a talented cast and creative team. ‎It was my first foray into episodic television, and I’m excited to continue my relationship with CBS, producing more compelling stories through my 606 Films production banner.”

At the time of its inception, “Extant” was put on the fast-track, landing a straight-to-series 13-episode order with exec producer Steven Spielberg behind the project, plus Berry’s star-power. The Oscar winner’s casting marked a major moment in the television landscape, as many A-list stars were beginning to sign onto series as regulars — and have continued to do so more and more today.

“Extant” was the lowest-rated of three CBS original dramas this season, averaging a 1.1 rating in adults 18-49 and 6.35 million viewers overall in Nielsen’s “live plus-7” estimates. In same-day numbers, it was down more than 30% year-over-year.

CBS does plan to remain in business with Berry, announcing Friday that it is developing a legal drama with the star. Titled “Legalese” and penned by “Good Wife’s” Steven Lichtman, the story centers on a biracial lawyer from Chicago who follows a case to New Orleans. There, she finds herself partnering with a good ol’ boy white attorney while working in a very particular justice system that will ultimately expose the biases we all harbor. Berry and Lichtman would exec producer along with 606 Films’ Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Dan Thomas. It hails from CBS Television Studios.

CBS also canceled the Stephen King-based “Under the Dome” after three seasons with the finale airing this September. New drama “Zoo,” which is based on the James Patterson novel of the same name, has been renewed for season two, after an impressive performance ranking as the top new scripted series of the summer.

Also on the slate for next summer is long-running reality show “Big Brother” and upcoming comic thriller “BrainDead” from “Good Wife” creators Robert and Michelle King.

Amazon recently acquired the rights to “Extant” and “BrainDead,” while “Under the Dome” was already streaming with the company. “Zoo’s” first season is available on Netflix.

Rick Kissell contributed to this report.

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  1. Shannon says:

    The show Zoo sucks! I watched it once and vomited! I would rather watch Extant! Everything about it was perfect! You guys made a mistake canceling this show! Shame on you to leave it where you did. Tv shows are such a disappointment these days when youn take away the best ones!!!!!!

  2. At least Being Human a Syfy series that had the decency and courtesy to give it’s viewers one last season instead of abruptly canceling.. Shame on you CBS!

  3. We are another family disappointed At the cancelling of 3 awesome shows.EXTANT, UNDER THE DOME & THE FADES
    . Its hard to find a really well written series worth watching that can stand on its own without the need for sex scenes to attract viewers! I hate it when you just cancel a least out of respect for the other thousands of fans for these shows you can at least have the courtesy of a short season with an ENDING!!!
    This is so frustrating .. I’m considering cancelling our Amazon Prime!

  4. ruth verrett says:

    I am disappointed that you cancelled Extant and Under The Dome. Both my favorite shows. Two new shows not my style. Lost me as a viewer…….put back on Extant and Under the Dome (original cast husband on Extant)

  5. Russell says:

    If u cancel a series, all of us who wasted money on it should get a refund on the two seasons we bought.

  6. Extant and under the drome was the best shows ever and yall cancels them thats not right PLEASE HAILEY RECONSIDER YOU IS A GOOD ACTOR I LOVE THE SHOW

  7. Billy says:

    My wife and I…

  8. Billy says:

    My wife and rarely watch tv. We stumbled upon this series and got totally addicted..The sci fi and technology aspect of the series was innovative and new. Bummer it couldn’t last longer than two seasons.

  9. Casey says:

    Nuts ! Two of my fav shows.gone. It may have helped ratings if the shows were advertised more and aired twice a year instead of just for the summer.

  10. I agree with everyone else it’s so frustrating when you get into a new series only for it to be cut short !!! CBS seems to be doing this a lot lately, to the extent I’m even thinking of not watching any of there series.
    This way I can’t keep being disappointed

  11. Loretta Swick says:

    You know, I’m tired of watching new series only to get them cancelled. The least you can do is have a finale, or is that too much to ask? I’ve watched Extant since it debuted and am very upset with it’s cancellation. I watched Under the Dome too which is an awsome show. As far as big brother is concerned, I don’t know how that show gets to stay on the air. These reality shows are ridiculous in my opinion. I want to sit down and watch a good program.

  12. Ola says:

    So disappointing to learn my favorite show has been cancelled. I miss the love Molly had for Ethan. Wow, another great show lost!

  13. T.T says:

    NOOOOOOO. Why would you do this CBS?! My grandmother and I love Extanct. We were really excited to find out what happens next in season 3 until you cancelled it. It’s not fair! It was the best summer show in the world

  14. debbie says:

    omg im done with cbs summer shows … canceling extant… the dome and revolution.. Done with you cbs

  15. Star0833 says:

    I was just looking for this shows return. I can’t believe it’s been cancelled. I am so totally pissed. I don’t care who left the show, it was still very good. I’m MADD about this. Don’t expect me to watch anything else from you CBS.

  16. Kastle says:

    I just started watching this show in Amazon Prime, and I love it. I can’t belive it was cancelled after 2 seasons. After I read it was from CBS it all made sense. It reminds me of why I do not watch anything on those 3 networks and have not for a long time. Imagine Game of Thrones or any other amazing HBO or Showtimes show in any of the networks? They wouldn’t have lasted more than a year either.

  17. BJ says:

    I have looked forward to Extant coming back on, and now I’m so disappointed that it won’t be on. I wish they had let it run for another season before ending it. Too many pieces left unfinished. This plot had such potential. Make another sci-fy movie with Halle Berry please!

  18. Cynthia says:

    Very disappointed that Extant was canceled. It made summer TV wroth watching.

  19. Andrew Kinley says:

    Extant was the best thing that has happened to global TV in decades. Thought-provoking, smart, visually compelling… I guess CBS decided vampire shows were a better sell.

  20. Bob Vice says:

    This is crap.. They could have gone into the third season, since the evil computer was now in a host body. That what I was looking forward too.. They could at least wrap it up, having Halle Berry kill off the computer, and saving the world again. Also have her with her new love interest. And then there was her son Ethan.. they could have really gone into a third season… Cancel the Big Bang Theory it is stupid.. just like third Rock from the sun.. Also pissed at CBS for taking off Mike and Molly… they better give them a baby before they end it, or their will be a lot of ticked off people… Also not renewing Supergirl is stupid.. I am tired of getting into a chow and then having it get cancelled, guess I am going to have to start watching more Shondra shows, at least they are on longer… and have good story lines..

  21. Les says:

    Why is American TV networks drip so many good series ???
    I’m in the UK and like the other viewers in these comments from other countries we love it and our viewing figures so not show in their numbers but as someone said in another website regarding extant their viewing numbers are outdated as so many more people now watch via the Internet streaming sites at their leasure (sometimes watching all episodes in a short period )
    So sad to see yet another thought provoking sci-fi being scrapped for a clone of another run of the mill no imagination series.

    Let’s hope another network pick it up and realises how good it is and advertises it properly.

  22. Can someone start a petition or something? This is BS, I love(d) this show :(

  23. Leah Bromlow says:

    Sorry to see it go, however it was not a show you could just watch, this show you had to study, go back watch over it was not for the couch potato… I loved that about it! A show that actually challanged the viewer of course let’s get rid of those, We the distributors have no idea where, or how to market this, we put it in the wrong place, make it fail so we can say it was someone else’s fault because it didn’t make us enough money quick enough. I am so sad to see wonderful neet stories fail because of business being business. I wonder what we never see because of this kind of censorship????

  24. I loved the show that Halle Berry starred in . It was an exciting story line, with a lot of unexpected twists. Sorry to hear that “Extant” was cancelled. Mary Ellen Thompson

  25. Angela Corbett says:

    I loved watching Extant . It’s a real shame there won’t be a season 3. But it did finish that perhaps at some point it could return.

  26. Katie says:

    That is BS I loved it left me waiting for season 3 if ratings were low it’s cause it was not advertised I found out about it through a friend, and watched both seasons non stop ….

  27. RoyG says:

    It’s BS stunts like this…pulling a good show after only two season…that have people leaving network programming in droves! And when people get disgusted with how networks don’t stick with a series, customers start to “cut the cord”, thus no more cable bill, those no more revenue for the cable company, thus no revenue kick-back to the networks. People end up going to the “chinese” streaming banks and watching or downloading the shows FOR FREE, and the networks aren’t getting any money for that. Basically, the networks have no one to blame but themselves when they see their market share shrivel and revenue income disappear.

  28. Charlena says:

    I loved this show! Halle was amazing! I loved the story line too… pooh!

  29. Janey says:

    I quit watching extant when that mean spirited robot girl that wouldn’t die came on as a regular and when it looked like Halle was dead- but I liked the Life Review being at the carnival- the guy that said, ” room for one more” was the most compassionate sounding person! After the thumb thing I quit watching for good!

  30. SaskiaLoe says:

    I wish I had knew it earlier. I’m from Germany and I have almoust finished the second season and was wondering when the third season will come. I am really disappointet about it now. I have no idea why all this good shows get cancelled. Not professional … leaves a really bad impression to the Producers.

  31. Lori says:

    Sad to hear extant would not be returning
    I liked the story line it was nice to watch something different on tv besides all the stupid reality shows
    Why are all the good shows cancelled?

  32. helen says:

    While my sister and I didn’t like Extant, we watched because we were fascinated with the talented young boy playing Ethan!! He was the star of Extant, as far as we were concerned!! So expressive. We loved him. Hope we see him in many other television shows and movies.

    • Really? Expressive? 90% of the time the kid had a blank face(no facial expression at all). You could rarely tell if he was happy, sad, or angry. Sounds to me like you need new glasses.

    • MoonKing says:

      You sould like a star gate sg 1 fan or ever worse Warehouse another terrible sci fi show with bad writing dim wits can relate with. You must look up to Robert Downey Jr. drug head hero.

      • Hey, we like scifi shows for the imaginative aspect They’re real entertainment. My guess all you watch is a bunch of boring crime dramas and reality shows which are nothing but boring everyday drama in the present world, not entertaining at all. There’s enough of that crap drama on the news.

  33. helen says:

    My sister and I hated Hallie Berry in “Extant” and are glad to hear it’s cancelled. We didn’t plan to watch it anymore, anyway. It was horrible and we felt, degrading for such a wonderful actress to lower herself to play such a stupid, crappy role! Her talents can be enjoyed elsewhere!!

    • You apparently haven’t noticed the big name Celebrities in tv shows now. They know where the money is. Popular tv shows main actors get paid a million$ per episode. Older big name celebs do it for the money now days, not the fame.

  34. Sharon says:

    That just figures. Just when you get a good show going you just drop us poor fans like hot stinky potatoes! Thanks for breaking my heart once again Hollywood!

  35. gottabril says:

    There are only 3 people that can save Halle’s career at this point:

    Shonda Rhiems

    Lee Daniel

    Quentin Teritino

    if there is anything left in her career to salvage one of those 3 need to be at the helm

  36. Janice says:

    I miss Extant. It was a unique science fiction drama with unusual themes. We will never know what happens to the “evolved” humans. Maybe another network will continue the story. The set design and technology was awesome.

  37. I made a “Renew Extant for a 3rd Season” petition on (also called Everyone who is upset that they cancelled Extant should sign this petition and share it. The moderators won’t let me post the link here but just google “Renew Extant 3rd Season” and the petition link should show up.

  38. marbanie12 says:

    I made a “Renew Extant for a 3rd Season” petition. Everyone who is upset that they cancelled Extant should this petition and share it.

  39. sabretruthtiger says:

    Aaaah I see, their priority is a liberal, social justice warrior, race division-based legal show which will better push the Zionist New World Order’s social engineering, ‘divide and conquer’ agenda.
    Keep the races, religions and genders at each other’s throats and they can’t unite against the banking scum destroying the West.

  40. sabretruthtiger says:

    Another moronic decision from the brainless pencil pushers at the studios. Get rid of any show with imagination and interesting sci-fi concepts and leave us with reality trash, girly relationship dramas, cop procedurals and cheesey low-brow comedy like 2 broke girls.

  41. Linda brown says:

    If the viewers (you remember those are the folks that make you the money) can’t rely on a show’s longevity, then it will become harder and harder to become emotionally involved with those characters knowing that the current episode you’re watching might well be the last. it’s sorta like climbing up the stairs to see what’s up there only to fall off a cliff. why bother climbing at all if you are only going to fall.

  42. Darlene says:

    Oh goodie, another Legal drama. That’s not been overdone has it? They have gone from something entirely new and compelling to the Legal drama’s we all know and love. Sorry guys you lost me no matter how well it is done. Dime a dozen……

  43. Jessica says:

    What! Oh man ,. Really you are cancelled this show. After watching it for the pass two seasons. Well that just sucks. Just saying…
    I don’t understand why put TV shows on and than cancelled it!! I hope you know that there are people out there actually watching stuff & gets involved. Well we all have to do what we have to do , I just wanted to say a little. Didn’t mean to sound pushy or anything. & have a nice day!!!

  44. avast says:

    Will not CBS again….

  45. jehzlau says:

    I wonder what will Taylor do in Season 3. Too bad there’s no 3rd season anymore. Oh well. O_O

  46. Tom Bauer says:

    My favorite sifi of all time. Great acting & plot. Sad.

  47. Sherri Boyett says:

    I was such a big fan!!! I can’t believe that it has been cancelled!!! I was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t wait for the next season!!! Please bring it back!!!

    Thank you,

    Sherri Boyett

  48. LaNell says:

    Plenty of boring, and/or stupid series go on and on.
    However …. even with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (looking body and face GAUNT) and Gòran whatever to look at….
    This series was unwatchable

    • Ulysses says:

      I agree that this show is so stupid, so FULL of cliches, so RIDICULOUS, etc. We have Berry as a mother to Ethan, which clearly shows that she has no affection for her robotic son, but somehow she always manages to remember she loves him when there are no other flesh and blood individuals to occupy her time. There is so MUCH MORE I COULD ANALYZE, but this show is not worth it!

    • sabretruthtiger says:

      Clearly your cerebral capacity is more suited to something like 2 Broke girls or the Kardashians. It’s better for you to post on articles about those shows rather than aim for coherent criticism on an intelligent sci-fi show with intriguing concepts and end up hurting yourself.

  49. adamrussell says:

    I suspect they did not want to be seen as showing sympathy for terrorists. Remember that the show had been written to try to show the point of view of both sides.

  50. Mary yuill says:

    I watched both serious of extant and was totally in grossed and am shocked that there is no more wish you would reconsider

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