Donald Trump-Univision Feud Escalates with Mutual Bans, Jorge Ramos Disclosure

Donald Trump Univision Fued
Steve Sands/Getty Images

The war of words between Donald Trump and Univision escalated Friday, with social-media postings fanning the flames.

Trump sent a letter to Univision CEO Randy Falco on Friday banning Univision employees from using his Trump National Doral hotel and golf course complex, which sits adjacent to one of three large campuses that the Spanish-language media giant has in Miami. Trump’s letter to Falco was first reported by Politico.

Trump’s move may have been in response to an internal memo Univision sent to employees on Thursday telling staffers not to patronize any Trump hotel or property while conducting company business. That came on the heels of Univision pulling the plug Wednesday on its deal to carry the Trump Organization’s Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants after Trump made disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants in connection with border control issues.

Trump has declared himself a candidate for the GOP president nomination. His remarks about Mexico came on June 16 as he announced his White House bid at a news conference at Trump Tower in New York. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems,” Trump said. “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they’re telling us what we’re getting.”

The Miss USA telecast had been scheduled to air July 12. Trump has vowed to sue Univision for breach of contract. Also on Friday, he posted on Instagram a photo of a handwritten letter from Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos asking for an interview. The letter, sent to Trump on Thursday, included Ramos’ cell phone number, which spurred more anger among observers of the Trump-Univision feud.

Trump has accused Univision of responding to pressure from the Mexican government. He’s vowed to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border to tighten security.

Univision confirmed that it has told its employees not to patronize Trump properties. The company had no comment on the disclosure of Ramos’ telephone number.

A spokeswoman for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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  1. alina says:

    OHHHH what a intelligent humanity i don’t know who was smarter the questioner or the dumb ass that is running for the chief executive of the US YES you are all right Muslim people are the biggest problem in America you get rid of them and you have solved all of the American problems ALL OF THEM I mean after all bastard children that are being brought on to this earth and being feed by this great American government and our hard earned money that we pay in sickeningly high taxes to support them so that they can grow up to be better criminals, drug dealers murders and thieves, sucking this country to the bone all is applauded to OHHH NO that’s not a problem we do not have any problems like our economy and debt are so wonderful we are flourishing such beautiful poverty, unemployment and prostitution all that NOT A PROBLEM we get rid of MUSLIMS AND WE HAVE SOLVED all of Americas problems that’s true INTELLIGENCE
    Just the fact that we have the candidates that we do running to be the ”president” of this country says one thing EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE !!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHH !!!! ANYTHING CAN BE BOUGHT IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT

  2. Watched Univision’s interview with Jorge Ramos. I do not see how this man is an emotional person. Clearly he says he was asking his question half way through his question he was cut off by Donald. This article is as accurate as it gets for those who say the media is biased when presenting information. Clearly Variety did a decent job in this occasion. Jorge Ramos is and will continue being one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Google it before you start questioning this last statement.

  3. Donnie Trump fan says:

    Stupid Americans are TERRIFIED of Donald Trump. He is a threat to their cozy willful see nothing, do nothing, know nothing bliss. The fact so many are angry with him is a sure sign he’s telling the truth. The majority of TV sitcom sculpted morons in this country attack Trump because they are shocked by reality and truth. People are so stupid these days they think reality they see on TV is true. It’s all scripted. So tired of weak people in this country who take their advice from Dr. Phil. Find their happiness through Oprah. And get their education from the Kardashians. And Kardashians back Clinton? What does that tell you? Think, if you still can. Evil attracts evil. This country does not need another Bush or Clinton. Go away you tired, same old same dirty birds of hell. You say you want change? Real change? Then Trump for President. This man is more real and more authentic than any president we’ve ever had. He can’t be bought. He has his own money. He can’t be influenced by others you morons. That’s why he’s a threat. He would be the best thing for the American people that we’ve had in centuries. Dare to vote for real change not the fabricated bs change you were fooled into thinking you were getting last time. And get over your self righteous indignation about his comments on illegal immigration. Have you see the innocent faces of AMERICANS killed by illegal immigrants? Have you ever taken your child to an ER room and had to wait behind ILLEGAL aliens who were there with a toothache? U think politicians go to the same ERs we do? The same schools? No. If illegal aliens were residing in Martha’s Vineyard or Greenwhich Conn, stealing people’s identity, asking for free things on our dime, and driving around with no insurance hitting other people’s cars and killing Americans, we’d have a whole new outlook wouldn’t we, from the cushion covered elite? So get real. If someone wants to come to America, they can do it LEGALLY .

  4. Richard says:

    Certainly, if what Jorge Ramos is suggesting is true, i.e., that any candidate who wishes to enter the White House must receive approval from the likes of Miss Almanza, her Mexican “Narco Family”, and her 320,000+ supporters, then Marcola is correct not only about Brazil, not only about Latin America at large, but about the US as well. Not only are we truly in hell, but I take it back – there is no hope. If Ramos and those who subscribe to his form of demagogic populism have their way, then what my Mexican political activist friend stated about Mexico will inevitably become true of America: “By way of the Narcorrevolución” politicians “at all levels of government” will indeed be “supported by drug traffickers to gain power.”

    Please, opinions!
    How will America react? Why does Trump have so much support?
    What do you feel about immigration and Narco-families?
    Is it fair to allow Latin immigrants to say their families are innocent and then find that they are truly hiding stuff like these?
    Are the republicans right about latin americans?
    Are the democrats supporting America’s downfall?

    • Rosie says:

      Fucked Donald Trump!!!!! You talk about getting rid of the people from Mexico. Their the ones who work out in the fields because you are not going to see not one WHITE PERSON WORKING OUT THERE. And for your information the white people are the one’s who are killing their mother their father, grandmother, grandfather etc for their wealth you dum ass.

  5. Dopen Chanj says:

    I’d rather do without Univision than Donald Trump, and many, many patriotic Americans would agree 100%. Excelsior, Mr. Trump!

  6. O. L. says:

    Mr.Trump I’m a layer brick laborer for a half a million dollars in advance I will help you to build the border wall, if you are not elected President your 500k will be forfeited. Thank You Mr.Trump.

  7. Anne says:

    Well, in “the Donald’s” defense, I think he is referring more to the worst of the worst of the Mexican population who is in America wreaking havoc….I don’t think he is referring to the hard working, law abiding, LEGAL MEXICAN CITIZENS who live in the US. I mean, anyone who is documented and has gone through the proper channels to be here should not be offended at his comments. Those who are part of the violent Latino gangs, the Latino criminals, and the illegals are the ones who should be offended.

  8. ask says:

    Big Mistake!!! This will cost you A LOT of money Donald! You will pay a BIG price for this. This is probably your biggest mistake in life.

    The Latino community will NEVER, EVER vote for you. And not only that, they are getting organized to NEVER use any of your products or services EVER AGAIN….

    I wonder how the Republican Party will react once they see how much your stupidity will affect them. The Latino community is a tremendous work force in the USA. Vital for the economy.

    • A. VELAZQUEZ says:

      You are 100% Wrong. There are many hard working Mexican Americans who came to The United States because of the Filthy PRI Socialists who run Mexico. The Marxist/Socialists in Mexico have had almost total control of Mexico since the 1920,s. Almost 100 years. And what have they done for the Mexican People?, Drug Cartels, Diseases, No Infrastructure, socialist Educational system, Poverty, Crime, etc. Mexico is one of the richest commodity filled countries in the world. If Mexico had a President like Trump we would have Americans crossing the border for jobs in Mexico. Viva Trump/Carson 2016!!!

  9. 100% American says:

    It is very sad to me that it is once again “en vogue” to bash Mexicans. In the last 100 years, the U.S.’s relationship with Mexicans has run hot and cold. When the U.S. needed workers, the U.S. welcomed Mexicans with open arms. But when there were financial difficulties in the U.S., the Mexicans became the scapegoats for the problems. It happened during the Great Depression and it’s happening now. I guess we need someone to blame our problems on and the Mexicans are a convenient target despite the many contributions people of Mexican heritage have contributed to our country, and despite the fact that many of our families were here long before the people of European descent started coming west. Our families were here when states such as California were still a part of Mexico, but still people want to treat people of Mexican descent as outsiders. We are not outsiders. We are an integral part of this country and we have as much right to be here and to prosper as anyone else.

    It astounds me that anyone would agree with Donald Trump’s comments. The times they are a changing. Hispanics are becoming the majority in many places and people don’t like change. They are afraid of losing control and fear breeds hate and paranoia. Mexico is not “sending” people here. Give me a break. Hard working people are coming here in order to provide for their families. It’s true that some bad seeds may get through, but that is true of all immigrant groups. Stop blaming the problems in the U.S. on Mexicans and take a look in the mirror.

    • jsm1963 says:

      Well said. Won’t go far here, but stated very well never the less.

      • Joey Baloney says:

        In the United States, we put the Native Americans into Indian Reservations and the whites have the rest of the country. In Mexico, the whole country is essentially an Indian Reservation and the minority of European-descended whites live in their little enclaves for the rich and elite. So, when the Indian Reservation to the south of our border illegally discharges it’s poor, including some number of criminals, into our country it just goes against the grain here in the US. BTW, nobody is fooled by the term “Hispanic” as we know that the folks streaming over from Mexico are of overwhelming indigenous American descent and not of European descent despite the language / surnames (e.g., the poor Mexicans crossing our border don’t exactly look like Jorge Ramos, do they?). Now is that so hard to understand?

  10. Mama Grizzly says:

    Donald Trump killed his presidency campaign at the very same time that he launched it. His entire campaign is being defined by his stupid, insensitive remarks about Hispanics. Paying people to show up at rallies and fake republican voter polling will not get him the republican nomination.

  11. Carter Braxton says:

    Donald Trump is right-on about his comments. It’s about time a candidate stuck his neck out and point out the things that need to be corrected. He did not say anything discriminatory. He likes and employs Latinos. But please get the criminals and free-loaders out of this country and stop letting them into our society. We are Americans made of ALL people worldwide. Stop the HATE and BIGOTRY comments just because an Americaan candidate for President says it like it is. You may not like it but Trump is correct. You all have a big surprise coming.

  12. Rosa smith says:

    You better get use to Donald Trump he is going to win. Just like when Arnold Schwarzenegger won as governor.

  13. cadavra says:

    This has gotta be a nightmare for Republicans. Who do they side with–the candidate who makes them all look even crazier than they already are…or Mexicans? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  14. mikeditty says:

    Besides the fact that he is right about Mexicans and there flood of mess they bring,,he’s also right,why should we be the solution to every countrys problem when we have our own,,anyhow just think 80foot high rebar built wall with 777 volt that will make u not try ur luck again.

    • Stella says:

      He’s not right. The majority of Mexicans are hardworking. Trump stupidly thought that he could trash Mexican people to get attention for his joke of a campaign and that nobody would care. He didn’t expect Univision to FIRE him.

      Underneath all that bluster is a very insecure man who does nothing but fight with people.

    • Brad says:

      Great comment, seriously wish we had this technology hundreds of years ago to keep the European immigrants searching for religious freedoms out of this land. You fool, Anerica is great because of the diversity, “melting pot”, of people who make up our country. And take a long look in the mirror, over 70% of law enforcement is more concerned about violence from militia and Arayan type groups (most who need extreme sunscreen if you get my drift) than any other threats. Rather than spew hate just focus on making each day the best you can for yourself and others around you.

  15. Carl says:

    I can’t stop laughing! The sad thing is he may be right. Like Cuban being dumped here 1980, the Mexicans are not sending their brightest minds. Give the U.S. A chance, though, when we become a third world nation we will reciprocate in kind.

  16. Trump meant ILLEGAL Mexicans and they most certainly do bring crime into the US, join the gangs, rob, rape, etc. and the losers and unattractive that can’t become something it in their own country cross the US border illegally which is supposed to be ‘The Law of The Land’ My Calif. city is considered a illegal Hispanics sanctuary.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      SOME are criminals, just as others from OTHER countries.

      On a side note, Mexicans and others wouldn’t be bringing drugs here, if not for the insatiable appetite for drugs by Americans. Blame your neighbor first

      • Mary says:

        The drugs precede the addiction, if they weren’t brought here, if they weren’t pushing them to kids addictions would decrease. Your rationale is on par with blaming the murder and rape victims of illegals, are you saying if they hadn’t existed as potential victims, the illegals couldn’t have killed them? The Mexican drug cartels run their drugs all over the world, they come here to create demand. I will vote for any candidate that will build a wall and deport the illegal alien vermin, and 76% of US citizens black & white, democrat, independent & republican share that opinion. It’s past time to deport the filth & wealthy Mexico hav e to raise it’s taxes on it’s millionaires, billionaires, corporations large middle class & cartels to help it’s own.

    • Stella says:

      And what about legal immigrants from Europe who commit crimes such as Joe Giudice? They get to be on TV!

  17. ElSid says:

    Yup, he’s ready for the presidency =)

  18. Chris says:

    Just another in a long list of bat-s#*t crazy right-wingers who keep shooting themselves in the foot with their beloved guns. So much for Republicans trying to court the Hispanic vote!

    • A. VELAZQUEZ says:

      Chris You are 100% Wrong. There are many hard working Mexican Americans who came to The United States because of the Filthy PRI Socialists who run Mexico. The Marxist/Socialists in Mexico have had almost total control of Mexico since the 1920,s. Almost 100 years. And what have they done for the Mexican People?, Drug Cartels, Diseases, No Infrastructure, socialist Educational system, Poverty, Crime, etc. Mexico is one of the richest commodity filled countries in the world. If Mexico had a President like Trump we would have Americans crossing the border for jobs in Mexico. Viva Trump/Carson 2016!!!

  19. Stella says:

    Trump just gets into petty fights with everybody. He has crashed the GOP clown car. lol

  20. billyj79 says:

    I think Trumps wording and being so blunt has overblown this issue.

    Yes, criminals are crossing the border, but I don’t believe Mexico is “sending” them, they are criminals they do it on their own and Mexico does not have the ability or perhaps the will to stop them.

    When it comes to legalities, Univision probably is on the hook for the signed contract and will have to come to a settlement or some type of compensation.

  21. conrad woodie says:

    This is a cautionary tale, and a message to Univision: When you dance with the Devil, you are likely to get burned. Check your talent and content inventory and look for potential faux paus now, before they spew this kind of bile.

  22. Jose Cardenas says:

    Good for Trump not playing the Political Correctness card.

  23. m says:

    I’m poor as hell and Hispanic, and I hope trump gets elected as president, he,s right about Mexicans and among other things to whether anyone likes it or not,,besides we need a leader with balls,a straight up kinda guy.

    • Miguel says:

      Well where I work at all the white people complain. No black people work there. Asians quit.Hispanics, not Mexicans, because not everyone is Mexican do all the work.

    • jsm1963 says:

      Paid for by Trump For President®

      • jsm1963 says:

        People are just afraid of change. People freak out when a world they once knew fades away and they have no control over it.

      • Antonio says:

        it’s very true, but we’re not going to try make all these anglo understand. they just afraid of as that’s all. they know that they killed many indians and they have stolen everything and they are afraid were are going to take it back: to all anglo i would say not to worry about anything, we just want to be happy and in peace. by the way i’m an American, Brown but an american.

      • Jimmy Green says:

        He’s right. Mexicans take jobs away from Hispanics.

  24. jsm1963 says:

    What are the numbers on violent crimes committed by undocumented aliens?

    Border enforcement is greater than it’s ever been. How much more do we want to prevent someone from coming here to pick lettuce in our fields? What would be enough? Like someone said, build a bigger wall and they’ll just build a bigger ladder.

  25. biglug07 says:

    Everyone here who criticizes the comments of Donald Trump regarding mexican illegal immigrants let me ask some questions: First, do you agree that there are, in fact murderers and rapists, criminals that are entering our country through the ridiculous southern border? Also, how might your opinion change if an illegal kills a member of your family? Crime and drunk driving has killed many, many American citizens by illegal mexican immigrants. Certainly most mexican immigrants are good, hard working people. But many of them send their dollars that they honorably earn here back to mexico which weakens our economy. Finally, every nation on earth secures their borders. Even third world countries that can barely afford to feed their people secure their own borders. Why are some of you against this common sense for our(and your) own security. God bless our nation.

  26. Linda says:

    With that language, it seems to me you are the one who needs to be kicked out because you’re not doing this country any good. At least the majority of those people aren’t ignorant and have morals unlike you.

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