Univision Crew Booted From Donald Trump Campaign Event

Donald Trump Jerry Bruckheimer
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Univision crews were ordered to leave Donald Trump’s campaign event at the Trump National Doral hotel in Florida on Friday.

Univision said crews from both the network and local affiliate were asked to leave Trump’s event, according to Doral’s Local 10 News. The station was reportedly cleared to cover the event, but crew members were told upon arrival by someone who appeared to be an off-duty police officer that they were not allowed on the property, which is owned by Trump, according to Local 10 News.

The event at the Trump National Doral is being held near Univision’s South Florida headquarters. Univision has battled publicly with Trump, the leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, since July when it pulled out of broadcasting the Trump-owned Miss USA beauty pageant because of Trump’s disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants.

Trump filed a $500 million lawsuit against Univision for backing out of the five-year contract to carry the Miss Universe francise. That lawsuit was the reason the Univision crews were turned away from the campaign rally, according to Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks.

“Mr. Trump is suing Univision for $500 million and until that is resolved it is a conflict of interest,” she said.

Hours before the event, pro-immigration organizations and members of the South Florida Hispanic community showed up to protest.

Friday’s incident comes after Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was thrown out of another Trump event in August when he tried to ask the presidential hopeful a question.

Ramos tweeted about Univision being booted out of Trump’s Friday event, writing, “Journalists from Univision were not allowed to cover a Donald Trump political event today in Doral, Florida.”

At the time that Univision dropped the Miss USA pageant, Univision also issued a ban on any of its employees conducting company business at Trump-owned hotels or resorts, including the National Doral, which is adjacent to Univision’s Florida headquarters.

At the time, a Univision spokeswoman said the company’s “decision to end our business relationship with Mr. Trump was influenced solely by our responsibility to speak up for the community we serve.”

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  1. How does one appear to be an off duty police officer? Just wondering…..

  2. We are primarily a country of immigrants, the diversity is what has made us a great country. The current wave of immigrants (Latinos) are getting the backlash the previous waves (Irish, Italian, Asian etc.) received. The difference today is, that without the minority’s vote you’ll never win a national election. And the Republicans (in their infinite wisdom) don’t understand this.

  3. So, Variety is lying when it says that Trump used “disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants.” No , he was speaking about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. When the hypocritical, lying media can’t be trusted to get the news right we know they are pro-illegal, pro-sanctuary cities and anti_trump. We’re on to your little game and we are SICK of it. THAT is why Trump is so far ahead in the polls, we are sick of the lies and anti-American stances the media takes.

    • Jessie says:

      Please report accurately – Ramos wasn’t kicked out of that August press conference when he “tried to ask the presidential hopeful a question.” He lobbed half a question and grandstanded in an ugly and egregious way that was disrespectful to everyone in the room. THAT’s why he was kicked out. We can all have our own opinion about whether this was right or wrong, but you swing from journalism to propaganda when you skew your facts this way.

    • Valerie says:

      Well said!

  4. Pat says:

    I LOVE Trumps honesty. I feel however, his New York style of name calling is a bit off putting to most of the country! Continue to disagree but tone down the sharp name calling and you have the win. Unlike the gentleman businessman, Romney was not bold enough to take on the media and Democrat candidates. A smart business man that surrounds himself with brilliant people is what the country needs. Go Trump. You have my vote!

  5. Why would you allow the enemy in your house? They were just there to smear Trump anyway.

  6. silverfox54 says:

    MR Trump should have them arrested for trespassing on private property?

  7. silverfox54 says:

    Mejor callate buey y regrasate a Mexico corrupto.

  8. Dunstan says:

    The belligerent no-necked bully just doesn’t know how or when to stop. He’s about as presidential as a cranky two-year-old.

  9. Bill B. says:

    The ugly racist child strikes again.

  10. Mike says:

    Trump is running for President of the United States. Sure, it’s his property but he doesn’t do himself any good by alienating a sizeable chunk of the country that he insults. Whether you white folks like or not, the Latinos and Asians will make up a huge chunk of the population in the not too distant future. You conservative, nativists old white people will just die out.

    • Leora says:

      Keep on telling yourself that…. your racist comments won’t take you very far.

      • It’s not asians, latinos, or other ethnic that we oppose, it’s the ones here illegally, under the radar, that won’t attempt to try and become legal, yet accept whatever handout the dem party wants to give them, including free health care, food stamps, and adc……Things I can’t get because I grew up here, and my income is reported to irs every year

  11. Alex says:

    Trump owns the property, he can boot out anyone he wants. Plus Ramos would have just made a fool out of himself again. so Trump likely did him a favor kicking him to the curb.

  12. Leo Sigh says:

    And he’s proving once again what a racist he is. Of course, Americans with little education and no clue will vote for him, but they always do vote for those with the ugliest, most racist and most bigoted minds. And then they justify it by saying “He’s telling it like it is”. No. He really isn’t.

    But, he won’t win. Doesn’t stand a chance. Just a pity we’re being subjected to all the digusting things he continues to do via a news media seemingly obsessed with fools.

    Meanwhile, I’m making sure I find out exactly what Mr. Trump owns, so that not one penny of my hard earned money will go to this nasty man.

  13. Karen DeAngelo says:

    I want a POTUS who bows to NO ONE and takes no crap! #TRUMP !!!

  14. Domicolo says:

    Commenting on Trump booted univision
    Hispanics need to support keeping the American dream alive. Its wrong to flood a Country with debt. Design a plan for a better tomorrow worldwide so each Country can support its citizens. Peace to all

  15. God Bless Trump. Buh-Bye Jorge!!! :-)

  16. J.E. Vizzusi says:

    I think the big picture story is would he tell parts of the Washington Press Corp not to attend his functions if he was President? He gets more bizarre everyday with his demands and the numbers in Iowa show it. He said himself if the polls went south on him, he would pull the plug. Does anyone really think this run will win the White House?

  17. Hue5693 says:

    Anyone who knows anything about Univision is that they’re politically connected with the Clinton campaign.

    • KCP says:

      So what if they are? They have as much right to do their job as anyone else.

      • carol says:

        Jorge’s wife works for Hillary so I don’t blame him for sending these people away, they are not there for Donald Trumps benefit and are for the opposing party as well.

  18. This journalist is embellishing. The rally is available for viewing on full on u-tube. A handful of Univision protestors attempted to disrupt the rally and prevent thousands who traveled to hear Trump verses a handful of protesters, speak. Trump was very, very patient with them twice, and the third time he had them put out. Furthermore. the “full unfiltered video” of the August press conference that Jorge’s Ramos attempted to disrupt is also available on U-TUBE. It too tells a far different story than the press and clips the press plays.

    Firstly, politicians hold press conferences every day. Most reporters are lucky to be able to ask one 20 second question. Ramos came there posing as a reporter but then acted as an activist trying to disrupt the event and was extremely rude and arrogant. He cut the questions of other reporters off and spoke out of turn, and then tried to give long speeches verses asking a question. He was told to wait his turn, and then told it was the turn of others. When he continued to act out, the rented security for the event escorted him out as is routine for people who attempt to disrupt political events, and has happened many times to every candidate. BUT, Trump allowed him to come back in, and twice more Trump allowed him to speak before having him thrown out for good. Ramos was allowed to speak for five minutes at a press conference. I know of no single reporter in US history that has been given five minutes and allowed to make speeches at a press conference, That said, Univision needs to hold there own event if they want one, and Trump should tell them they are permenetly barred because people are not entitled to hijack the events of others and rudely try and preclude people from hearing whom they came to hear, particularly not on someone else’s dime. Enough!

  19. 85wzen says:

    Was it because they are Mexicans? Just wondering…

  20. MissButterfly says:

    Good for Donald Trump!
    Univision was only there to make trouble.

  21. pingacolada says:

    I love the way Trump is kicking butt all over the place cause I’d do exactly the same if I were in his position. Gotta love the Donald. He shoots from the hip and takes no crap from all of the sorry pc pussies who think they’re so utterly clever. I truly think he’s going to bring our country back to its senses in so many important ways.

    Trump/Cruz 2016? Yeah.

    • J.E. Vizzusi says:

      He is behind in Iowa by double digits! Clinton has 52% of the poll vote across the board.

      • pingacolada says:

        Donald Trump is not tapping into the sense of outrage that any American can rightfully feel when confronted with the likes of clueless douchebags like Jorge Ramos or with uppity Mexican migrants who sneak illegally into our country by the droves on a regular basis and then brazenly lay claim to the rights reserved by law exclusively for Americans and legal immigrants. If that were the case, they wouldn’t last here for one second more, and perhaps for that matter neither would you, so thank your lucky stars for that. There is a civilized way of dealing with those who break laws, and that is what in our name Donald Trump is simply advocating. You haven’t seen a country as civilized as ours any time or anywhere in history but we are primarily a country of laws, not of rednecks or tea baggers as you like to put it. If you don’t like it leave it. This is our country, not the illegal alien’s.

      • KCP says:

        I can assure you that Trump is not the peoples favorite, he is the favorite of the hate filled redneck Teabaggers and the ones with a brain will vote against him even if Daffy Duck is running against him.

      • pingacolada says:

        I’m not really familiar with how the pollsters spin their tales. I can assure you that Trump is the people’s favorite, and if the elections are not rigged he will become POTUS.

  22. mike chenault says:

    Mr.Trump, We hope you WIN your law suit against Univision, Romos interupted Mr. Trump , Romos needs to learn how to interview Mr.Trump without being Rude. Mr. Trump is right to protect Americans with American Laws from a invasion. Thumbs Up.Mike,Mark

  23. Mary says:

    Good for Donald Trump for keeping Univision out and Jorge Ramos is going to bark because remember his daughter is working for Hilary Clinton they have to kiss up for the immigration reform which we are totally against. Jorge Ramos and his crew and his Univision and Televisa and all those idiots should pay for all the freebies the illegal aliens are getting from the taxpayers and Donald Trump is holding to his word I hope he doesn’t give this unvision the time of day. Ha Ha who in the hell is Jorge Ramos he sure is not the greatest example of morality.

  24. Greg Marotta says:

    Casino Magnate Donald Trump: truly “The Ugly American.”

  25. carlos R. Solis says:

    I am proud of Univision for choosing to stand up against this disgusting degenerate. The times when Latinos labored in dirty unwanted jobs and kept their heads down while the unjust boss man made abusive remarks is over! Latin Americans are a force to be reckoned with because we are choosing to unite and make our voices heard at the voting polls.We do not need to accept Trumps revolting remarks as truth, many of us are U.S. military veterans and college educated we have paid our dues and now demand respect from bigots like Trump. Thank you Univision and Jorge Ramos for leading the way and setting an example!

    • He is not against latinos, just criminals who openly violate our immigration laws.

    • silverfox54 says:

      I’m hispanic and i will vote for Mr Trump?

    • People who enter he country illegally create their own problems. The US military requires everyone to have a valid social security number. If they had a college education, they would be able to earn money in their own country and would follow our rules. You make statements that are not supported in facts and disregard common sense. We have a legal process that allows 1 million migrants in every year. So how does illegal immigration help us? The unwanted jobs argument is a farce.This is a fee market. If the jobs don’t pay well or have bad working conditions then the employer need to adjust. Illegal immigrants disrupt the process.

      • KCP says:

        I am sorry, a farce? Would you work in the fields for hours in the hot sun for the small amount the immigrants work for? Of course you wouldn’t because you couldn’t you would be fired the first day for mouthing off.

  26. Sooner or later these fools are going to realize that Trump blew up all the rules and now if you want to cover him, you are going to play the game his way.

    And idiots can’t figure out why Trump is doing as well as he is !!!

  27. AEvangelista says:

    Jorge Ramos is the leader of the cheaters. They cheat when they cross the border, they cheat when they stay, they cheat when they get work, and they cheat when they have kids. This is why we must build the great wall. Trump-Carson 2016.

  28. jackdeth72 says:



    • Good for Mr. Trump. Jorge Ramos is a cheat, crook, votes in Mexico and votes here. Stay in Mexico Jorge and maybe you can help your corrupt government take care of its people. Trump 2016

  29. RDPowers says:

    Trumps comments were about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Please be truthful.

    • betty austin says:

      I an 83 past may. I follow campaigns. I have never seen so much throwing at trump. They are afarid he’going to make them pay more taxes.i would rather have mouthy president that finance brains rhan no brains at all like obama!!!!

  30. Sheila Moyet says:

    That is one of the reasons I like Trump. He doesn’t play, He’s not afraid to have idiots removed. The only reason they were at his event just to cause drama.

  31. Edgaravila says:

    Ese tipo odia a los latinos ya no lo sigan innorenlo el no va hacer elejido los republicanos no lo quieren no les combiene

  32. Peter says:

    IT’S FUNNY HOW MUST OF YOU BELIEVE THAT TRUMP HAS A CHANCE OF BECOMING PRESIDENT. He is a joke, he does not have any political experience. For your information Ramos holds a degree in communication at the Ibero-American University in México City and has a Master’s degree in International Studies from the University of Miami. HAHAHAHAH HOW NAIVE :)

    • Then Ramos should know the difference between advocating a position and being a journalist. He does not. Trump is winning because of his stance on illegal immigration. He is winning because people believe he can make decision and push back on the leftist open borders agenda that helps other countries and hurts the USA.

  33. Joe Campbell says:

    Jorge Ramos is full of it.

  34. Jorge Ramos es otro Mexicano desnutrido que se puedo hacer residente gracias a su ex esposa cubana, Odia a los cubanos y Cree que Mexico es el ombligo de mundo. Entonces porque no te vas a hacer tus programitos baratos a Los Angeles.

  35. Felipe Odulio says:

    Univision issued a ban on any of its employees conducting company business at Trump-owned hotels or resorts, including the National Doral, which is adjacent to Univision’s Florida headquarters. This is not hard to understand. This is not Trump’s fault that they are banned. Univision issued the ban. Trump was merely following Univision’s ban.

  36. mommom says:

    It’s just to get more free coverage,lol.

  37. Orale pinche guey says:

    Jorge Ramos you better go back to Mexico, what a shame of ” journalist” where did you study? Mexico universities hahaha

  38. Trump is a strong man, he doesn’t let himself be taken advantage of.

  39. cheryl55 says:

    They SHOULD be thrown out…..EVERY time they show up to disrupt!! EVERY time. Ramos does NOT respect our laws and that is pathetic. Americans come to see and hear Donald Trump NOT UNIVISION!!!

  40. james shaw says:

    Univision banned all their employees from any contact or business with Trump–why is it thought to be wrong if he boots em off his property? There is a price to pay for making enemies with Donald Trump.

  41. Boycott SNL on November 7th. Boycott all DJT events and any business interests he has. :)

  42. Jtomka says:

    It was held on private property owned by Donald Trump. If Jorge Ramos would learn how to behave in a civilized manner he might be allowed in the party. Oh well.

  43. Gahan says:

    Univision is only there to trap or smear Trump.
    Good move, Donald! Trump 2016. Teamsters for Trump.

  44. EK says:

    So much for freedom of the press during a (God forbid) Trump administration. Not to mntion a disregard for the Constitution which a POTUS is sworn to uphold. Guy’s a bone headed grandstander whose days as a serious candidate are numbered.

    • sreve says:

      freedom of the press Clintons way is no freedom at all you disagree and the IRS comes for you and the dems are so stupid because they only follow one side of an argument.

    • skzion says:

      Oh please, EK. The Trump event was held on private property. There is no constitutional right for a bunch of hostile journalists to squat there.

  45. Jim says:

    Shouldn’t the other stations walk too – it is a Constitutionally guaranteed function. It is in their interest to stick together or it is who’s next….

    • It is not a “Constitutionally guaranteed function”, it is a private event. And that comment reveals a severe problem infecting this country — citizens who simply do not understand how the Constitution works, or what actual rights exist. Trump was perfectly within his rights. If you still disagree, cite some authority. My authority is the actual language of the First Amendment, which imposes the restriction on the government…only.

    • cheryl55 says:

      People like YOU and Ramos do NOT have to watch him or listen to him……AND those who WANT to should not be disrupted by these people who have NO respect for OUR laws…Whether YOU could care less if we are slammed with MILLIONS of ILLEGALS the rest of the Country DOES…and so does Donald Trump. Ramos wants OPEN borders because he could care less just like YOU what happens to OUR country….

  46. cadavra says:

    But it’s okay: “The Hispanics all LO-O-O-OVE me!!!”

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