Donald Trump Sends Jimmy Fallon to Highest Friday Rating in 18 Months

Jimmy Fallon Donald Trump Tonight Show
Courtesy of NBC

Jimmy Fallon got a Donald Trump bump as the GOP presidential hopeful’s appearance took “The Tonight Show” to its highest ratings for a Friday broadcast in 18 months.

NBC’s “Tonight Show” brought in 4.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen’s preliminary estimates. In adults 18-49, Fallon averaged a 1.2 rating. That was Fallon’s highest mark for a Friday broadcast since Feb. 28, 2014, shortly after his debut at the “Tonight Show” desk.

The week-one duel between Fallon and CBS’ new “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert ended with “Late Show” drawing 3.5 million viewers and 0.8 in adults 18-49. It was notable that “Late Show” held steady Friday in its 18-49 average of the past three nights despite the lure of Trump on the competition. And Friday’s “Late Show” episode was up 47% from CBS’ showing the same night last year.

Colbert’s guests on Friday included Amy Schumer and Stephen King. Trump is set to visit “The Late Show” on Sept. 22.

CBS noted that “Late Show’s” Sept. 8 premiere episode has set a new record for total streams via and CBS apps.

The pattern after four days indicates that NBC’s “Tonight Show” will continue maintain a comfortable lead over CBS and ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” barring big stunts or guest booking coups.

For CBS, the win with Colbert moving into “The Late Show” host slot is double-digit gains compared to the network’s performance in the time slot this time last year. And Colbert is clearly drawing a younger audience than David Letterman did in his final season.

CBS noted that “Late Show’s” Sept. 8 premiere episode has set a new record for total streams via and CBS apps.

With the high level of scrutiny on the Fallon-Colbert competition, the biz will be eagerly awaiting the first time-shifted ratings for the new era of late-night. But that will require some patience. Nielsen’s live-plus-3 ratings for this past week are not expected to be released for another two weeks because the L3 turnaround time for the late-night daypart is much longer than it is for primetime ratings.

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  1. What a brilliantly done skit! Just anther reason why we LOVE US SOME TRUMP

  2. BG says:

    Trump, what a bloviating self-absorbed unfunny clown who cheats people by repeatedly declaring bankruptcy. That’s what you all consider success and the best America has to offer? Pathetic.

    • You are a complete idiot. And what do you know about it? If you knew your ass from your elbow you would know your comment holds no substance and has no validity but that of a liberal simpleton uneducated troll. By the way are you from America? IF NOT STFU and mind your business because yes I THINK HE IS THE NEXT BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD. Now go educate yourself on multi million dollar deals in business and filing bankruptcy. Because in business it is done every day. What does BG stand for? BIG GOOF?

  3. justin farkas says:

    Trump is pure entertainment and is not serious, he has no substance. He hasn’t explained how he will make America great. You realize we have the number one economy in the world. If he was serious he would run for the senate or governor first. I can’t believe people are that ignorant to actually fall for this.

  4. Debi says:

    Fallon should be careful, Trump will be demanding Fallon give some of the profits over.

  5. NHBill says:

    While Trump does have his supporters for most it’s like driving by a car wreck…
    you can’t look away.

    • You are a train wreck for saying that about the ONLY man who can make this country GREAT again. He loves his country and obviously you don’t. or you would want TRUMP, the best by far.

      • justin farkas says:

        You realize we have the number one economy in the world. So tell me, how will he make this country great again? I’m guessing you don’t know because he hasn’t said anything with substance just redderick. Hes just for entertainment. If he was serious he would run for governor or senate first. I can’t believe people fall for this nonsense.

      • Tyler Buchman says:

        cant tell if you are really stupid, or really witty

  6. TexanForever says:

    Awwww, why go for Trump when you can get Hillary, with randy Bill pulling her strings?

    Yes, Donald is our last chance, and many of us are convinced he alone can do it. My only concern is if we can last another year. Lord Obama has many more dark plans in store for his final sprint.; the climate change fraud, for one. The flood of Muzz immigrants is just one of his WH jihad contributions toward achieving the Caliphate.

    • Meghan says:

      Justin farkas U can’t be serious?! We are the 26th country. Very much so headed for poverty. London has a single city with over 100 billionaires. Everyone in Monaco saudi and dubai Qatar , London…have lamborghinis and bentleys the way we have Honda civics and ford explorers. That comment was the most ridiculous thing I have heard in so long. America is full of broke lazy fat ppl with by far one of the worst economies. We should not have a broke president with a broke mentality. Donald rebuilt New York after his society members bombed it. With business sense he will turn things around. No other president has the plethora of Knowledge he does about other countries. He owns hotels in all of them darn near. Never say our country has a great economy again though. Do Ur research. There’s about 25 countries doing much better. We’re sinking in the tank to fast. Other countries laugh at us. Type america is on Google and you’ll see.

    • justin farkas says:

      Omg you’re nuts and shouldn’t be aloud to vote. We have the number one economy in the world, in the history of the world. We should have universal healthcare but we spend money on war, killing our own children and other poor people. Obama loves his country even if you don’t agree with his politics. Let me guess, you think he’s muslim, you thought he would try to take your guns away, you thought he was born in Kenya, hes a socialist. You’re nuts and shouldn’t be aloud to vote.

      • Michael Schwartz says:

        We do NOT have the number one economy and U shouldnt be allowed to vote U are absolutely insane in the head. Have U been any where else? Who r u comparing us to? Brazil? U are not internationally educated at all. My clients I do diets for are spending 900k on personalized double digit license plates in the Middle East. Yes it exists do Ur research. Having multiple maids and staff is the norm in other countries. Russians dont lift fingers Arabs don’t lift a finger…the majority in London have a rolls Royce or Benz ? Here people take the bus lol lol! Cop cars in dubai are Mercedes gwagons. U know nothing at all. Type best economies or richest countries . We are waaaaaay down the list bro. Coming it at 26 . Our economy has never ever been the best in the history of the world. Ur history books say that. People vacation here and ask why are their so many homeless people in the USA? Ur shouting at people making extreme uneducated statements. My clients win ten million flying Falcons in Abu dhabi. U know what people win here? A brass trophy and gift cards, maybe beer and tickets to a game …Because our country is broke and our economy sucks. Ur smart phone is in Ur hand. Use it before making outlandish comments

    • God bless you for telling truth.. Yes Donald is our ONLY hope before a bloody revolution if he does not get it. I just pray that something isn’t pulled on us before.

  7. Please, no one cares what you, or I think. America has ceased being a democracy long time now. Immigration is just one example. Trump may very well be our last chance.

  8. Chris says:

    Trump should pull out of the CNN debate. That liberal bias cable network is charging 40 times their normal advertising rate because of Trump. He asked CNN to donate the money from over charging to veteran groups. The liberal scums at CNN said no.

    • Yes he should, but then it would give too much time for the liars, including the candidates to tell America TRUMP is not right when he is absolutely right for America

      • taxi69 says:

        It would be illegal for CNN to hand over their profits to a charity without the board’s approval. There is nothing stating that a corporation has to hand over profits to non-profits. That is a socialist idea.

        A publicly traded corporation is legally obligated to put the stockholder’s interest first. That is a capitalist idea.

        Does the Donald donate his profits from any of (non-bankrupt) business dealings? Not without board approval.

  9. John says:

    Support for Trump is like being stranded in the desert and being so thirsty you’ll drink the sand.

  10. KATHY JOHNSON says:


    #2016 TRUMP. !!

    We luv our DONALD!!!!!!!

  11. Diane Ruth says:

    The American people love Trump and his charisma, humanity, and warmth wins over every audience.

  12. flynny says:

    I really think Trump can wrestle this country back away from the socialist progressives.

    The communist democrat party has been tearing our country down since the early sixties.

    For the exception of Reagan and even Bill tried to stay out of the way of the economy so it

    Would flourish on its own. Modern dems actually want to dismantle our country and give it

    Over to Europe and the EU. Traitors!

    Trump 2016-2024 God willing.

  13. John says:

    what is important about Trump’s appearance is that the audience ages 18-49 was higher, than it hasd been in over a year.
    Just maybe an indicator, that this age group is just as turned off by political correctness and illegals, as the older segment of the population.
    This could spell trouble for the democrats and their liberal, leftwing crusade.

  14. nonya biznuss says:

    It is interesting to note that 3 out of 4 LEGAL hispanics want illegal immigration to stop. Poll just came out. Trump is on the right nerve.

  15. Name? says:

    I’m not angry at the illegal immigrants, who wouldn’t want to get out of the garbage can countries they come from? I’m angry at our FAKE “representatives” of the people who keep fooling the ignorant masses into voting for them with lies and false propaganda. If Trump does HALF what he claims he’ll do as a Washington outsider it just may save the Country, if not the planet.

    • AMEN. Yes I have not been this excited in a long time about a candidate that can actually have the money to WIN and then do what he says. The Rep. party stabbed RUDY and NEWT, but they can;t do that to TRUMP as he has money. We should all give something to him though as that shows we supporter him. he will not be beholden to us for small amounts.

  16. Still disappointed what Trump said about Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina. It is unacceptable .

    • He was talking about her arrogant SNARL. Any woman with brains knows that.

    • mikey says:

      Get over it.

      • justluthen says:

        @Shan: And yet Republicans had no problem mocking the appearance of Chelsea Clinton when she was a vulnerable teenage girl and more recently, her newborn daughter. Two of the more infamous comments were made by Limbaugh and McCain. Odd how Republicans didn’t have a problem with party members publicly humiliating the daughter of a sitting US president, but an off-the-cuff comment about the looks of a rival well into adulthood is out of bounds. There’s a word for that, you know, and it’s not a very pretty one: it starts with “hypo” and ends with “crite.”

      • L. Martinez says:

        Trump responded back to her comments about his hair. I think she started it…hahaha

      • clare says:

        Exactly Right.. Carly has gotten over it… the Media are full of “Poor Me Cry Babies” about ANYTHING Donald says but doesn’t seem to keep Tabs on anyone else?? Wondering why that is so?? Just “Stump 4 Trump”!

  17. Maxwell says:

    Trump has forced people to get back to the immigration issue, and expose the myths and lies being told. While many still make the same tired argument that ‘the system is broken’ …its not ‘the system’ that’s broken it’s the desire to enforce the system that was broken, it started with Democrats and lured in the weak Republicans thinking they were going to win-over votes by not displaying a backbone. Enforcement of US immigration law’s will fix the system.

    • alan says:

      If you think Trumps comment was bad,wait until the left attacks her,via SNL tonight show etc.
      Should she survive until the primary vote.What they did to Palin will seem mild in comparison

      • clare says:

        Hey.. that is a GREAT Reminder.. One Trump should use if they try to stick it to Him over any running mate or opponent. They were Merciless when it came to Sarah Palin… They didn’t need any opponent calling her names… they outwardly did it themselves at Every Opportunity and her children.. even her own disabled baby and her daughters baby! Yea.. the Media have a very short Memory… but We Don’t.

  18. Earl Turner says:

    Trump is our last hope for non-violent resolution to the illegal immigrant invasion. He has a plan to send them home over 2 years. Mostly by enforcing existing laws, causing illegals to go home on their own. Otherwise we the people will rebel and kick them out by force. We are NOT haters like the Klan, we are patriots waging a war to drive out the invaders. May God have mercy on them, we won’t.

    • John says:

      The media never mentions the vast power available to the president. Trump can send the illegals home in 2 years, if he declares a national emergency.
      Then he has the power to use the military in a vast roundup of illegals and their deportation. If this should happen, there would be hundreds of thousands self deporting, which would only make the efforts go more smoothly.
      He would also have the power to force local and state authorities to cooperate and this would set the liberal, “take America down the toilet agenda” on it’s head.
      If the media talked about these vast powers, even more Americans would be supporting Trump.

    • John C says:

      It is the media who are the haters, they hate America and everything she is supposed to stand for, so the defend those who are here trying to destroy the country.

      • justluthen says:

        During Ike’s “Operation Wetback,” more illegal migrants self-deported then were kicked out by the feds.

        Trump as president would not have to declare a national emergency because his job description would be “to enforce federal law as written.” He can also send the Army and National Guard to secure the southern border until the wall is built as Commander-in-Chief.

  19. Earl Turner says:

    Anger over illegal immigrants includes anger over corruption. For example local law enforcement had the repeat felon from Mexico for traffic violation. Instead of arresting him they set him free. This time he assaulted a family and tried to kill them by starting a fire. Most county jails refuse to honor ICE holds for deportation. They dump convicted violent illegals back into our communities to commit more violence against our people.

  20. Earl Turner says:

    Americans, including Hispanic-Americans, are fed up with illegals. Polls on this subject prove this. They also show that for most Americans immigration policy is top issue. Here in Iowa we support Trump as we live with illegals. Our children are raped (Ossian, IA), kidnapped (Henry County, IA), repeatedly return to commit more violence against our people (Tama County, IA).

  21. Ralph says:

    I don’t trust “the Donald.” He knows how to get things done in business, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to deal with congress. I trust his views on immigration, but not anything else. I’d rather see Ben Carson and Fiorina for V.P.

    • mikey says:

      Ben “Shoot ‘Em In The Legs” Carson? Pfft…no thanks. Nice guy, no nutz. Has some really screwy ideas. Didn’t he compare America to the Nazi’s? Yes, he did.

    • Dr. Carson lost me for good with his guest worker plan for illegals. Anyone running for office who uses the “jobs Americans won’t do” line when we have over 90 million people out of work is just another amnesty shill.

      I have no idea if Trump can deport millions of illegals given the corruption of our government and the courts all of whom are certain to stand in his way. But he’s the only Presidential candidate at least proposing to do so. Even Ted Cruz, who claims to be vehemently opposed to amnesty, never says what he plans to do with the tens of millions of illegals who are here.

      • People that are considering Ben Carson as a presidential candidate should do a little research on this man. His record is nothing compared to what he is saying. He was a democrat, until just recently and was a big abortion man. He as a dr. made reference to individuals concerning abortion. He was a trustee of a group that funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood. Many references can be checked. Politico had an article that told a lot about him and this subject…..talking about his stance on abortion is not what he is trying to lead people to believe,.Check it out for your self. His record is very plain. The facts do not lie.

      • John says:

        If Trump declares a national emergency concerning immigration or any issue, he then has powers over the courts. They can’t stop him. he has that power and can even implement martial law and suspend the constitution.
        Do some research and find out the facts.

      • mikey says:

        Not only that, he’s pro-amnesty. Anyone who aids and abets illegal aliens does not have America’s best interest in mind and doesn’t deserve to be POTUS!!

  22. Earl Turner says:

    As one living in illegal immigrant occupied Iowa, Trumps popularity is no surprise. The combination of greed and cheap illegal immigrant workers has corrupted our law enforcement. People are tired of crimes being covered up or minimized to protect those who profit from illegals.

  23. MelAnosis says:

    With two horrid people leading the Democrat and Republican polls one has to wonder about the character of our country. Have we deteriorated ethically this much?

  24. Well makes sense considering half the country supports him and the other half still get thier “news” from a leftist puppet. And the fact that Colbert can get away with comparing Trump supporters to the Klan, just shows you what idiots most of the public are…again thanks to leftist puppets like Colbert. Seriously. He made fun of people for being upset that 1200 Americans lost thier jobs!! Wake up already. It’s not funny unless you live in a mansion…

  25. The new driver:

    Limo Republicans often share a ride with Cappuccino Democrats.They take turns on who drives and who sits in back. (The one in back gets to be Miss Daisy until it’s time to switch seats)

    It’s been a nice arrangement for many years and both were comfortable. But suddenly Trump has taken the wheel, turned off the music. killed the AC and put the windows down. People are getting a look inside the limo.

    The ride has changed.

    • MelAnosis says:

      The powers that gave him the job on CBS are leftist elitists who live on the upper west side of Manhattan and attend cocktail parties with people who are leftists elitists and neighbors.
      They are as bitter as Colbert.

  26. Fargin Bastiges says:

    I prefer to get me sleep.

  27. Harvey Weinstein says:

    Harvey likes Trump

  28. B Da Truth says:

    Trump takes a question on Hillary and her National Security email problems he gives a serious answer then has a laugh with it, but at the end of his answer you really saw that he actually had real compassion for her, he’s a better man than me and I plan on voting for him

  29. Dan Dasson says:

    Colbert has become a leftward version of the character he created on Comedy Central. Just as egocentric, just as pious.
    I’m afraid that now that Colbert does not have his alter-ego to deflect his negativity into, he will gradually become more bitter.
    You can’t do his type of aggressively hip, constant political advocacy without becoming angry and bitter.
    It’s not just him, it would happen to anyone in the same conditions.
    Letterman became so miserable over the years, it became difficult for me to see past just that. And unfortunately, a portion of the public feeds off of a performer’s negativity. What do they care? They turn off their tv and it’s over for them.
    I don’t wish that on Stephen Colbert.

    • That’s my bet too. Colbert is becoming so bitter that he’s almost unwatchable.

      It should be entertaining, however, if he goes full ugly on Trump. After the dust clears, Trump will be the last man standing.

  30. Dutch says:

    Fallon is this generation’s Johnny Carson (Leno never was). He is funny, self-effacing, likable and is great in skit comedy. I think he can sing, too–which Johnny couldn’t do.

  31. barb says:

    Colbert is not funny. He just isn’t.

    • He’s funny in certain environments. I think he’s a great presenter on awards shows. He might even make a good host if ever given a shot. But I don’t think he’s late night talk show material. Certainly not long-term.

    • b.mclane says:

      Perfect replacement for Letterman, cause he hadn’t been funny since the ”90s. Colbert manges to lower even that bar.the shrink session of Joe Biden had me running for the remote.

  32. I try to get all my new from comedians

  33. brianjmack says:

    Never watch much of Fallon but Colbert, who i love, doesn’t have a chance! Fallon is brilliant!

  34. Katelyn Cox says:

    I don’t normally watch Fallon, but he is WAY better than Colbert, especially with Trump on the show.

  35. Vee says:

    First time I watched Fallon, caught most of Trump and a little of the guy from Empire that isn’t getting enough……

  36. guest says:

    It’s the first and only time I actually watched fallon. I don’t like fallon but Trump was pretty good.

  37. bob jacks says:

    Heck with both of them, I’ll stick with Conan. :)

  38. riggs says:

    Eileen, were you watching the same show? The FIRST question that Fallon asked Trump during the interview segment was, what were his thoughts on 9-11 as a fellow New Yorker. Trump gave a great answer.

  39. Jimbo says:

    Interesting that everyone wants him to participate in their shows (for their ratings) and then go on to make jokes and talk smack about him later. Not that Fallon is totally ruthless, but everyone else is clearly anti-Trump… yet would beg for him to come on their station. Everyone’s lining up.

    Trump’s a smart guy, whether most people want to admit it or not. He uses social media better than any other candidate, he’s running the television circuit more than anyone, he’s on the campaign trail hard, he’s always promoting. Promote, promote, promote. Dude knows what he’s doing… which is why he keeps going up in the polls. Every time. No matter the controversy.

    • Nicole says:

      Just because they want him on their shows doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to criticize him as a candidate. He’s an entertainer. He has no business anywhere near the White House.

      • @Nicole..says the fembrain liberal that voted for a feckless Marxist/Muslim community organizer…twice.

      • Jas says:

        What did Ronald Reagan do before he won the White House?

      • bruno says:

        Obama, Hillary & Biden shouldn’t be allowed near the White House. 3 Stooges.

      • b.mclane says:

        You got to wonder how some cross the street by themselves? Trump is a massively successful businessman. The Big Business and the overwhelming success of his business book , The Art of the Deal, are the reasons they courted him for The Apprentice. To run for President he turned down a multi million reup contract for The Apprentice, loss business deals on merchandise, puts his family out there and now has tripled his security. For home, family, plane, cars and himself. He could be doing other things so why bother with the Libs and single cells who still say he’s a “reality star”??? …..L.O.V.E……He’s a patriot. Loves America, her past, her people and her future.

      • tham says:

        No, he is one of the most successful people in the United States you loser. What has Bathhouse Barry accomplished in his pathetic existence.

      • rascal69 says:

        I would rather be entertained than organized poorly.

  40. Eileen says:

    I was so disappointed that Jimmy did not say anything about the 9/11 anniversary on his show last night. It was all laughs and no respect.

  41. Michael says:

    Trump and Jimmy were great!!!! The mirror skit was hilarious. TRUMP 2016

    • Vee says:

      One of Fallons questions to Trump was about 9/11. Trump talked about how strong and resilient we are as a country…. Great response.

  42. Sandy says:

    First time I ever saw someone self-deprecating and braggadocios and the same time.

  43. I’ve been struck all week, when watching Colbert, by how tough an act he (that Colbert Report character) is to follow. On the late night “energy” scale, his old show matched the Fallon electric vibe. So far (and yes, it’s way early), his new show is flat. Another thing that really hurts him is the lack of a sidekick, like Higgins.

    • barb says:

      Colbert is/was a one-schtick pony, that and he only had to hold an audience for a half hour minus commercials. Even that character of his got tiresome.

  44. me says:

    If you look up “lowest common denominator” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Trump, Fallon, and their combined audience.

  45. whitagler says:


  46. Alex says:

    Trump is going to be on “The Late Show” on the 22nd, I wouldn’t be shocked if it got ugly. Colbert has been hard on Trump as of late, so if Colbert gives him a hard time Trump may tear into him like a monkey tearing into a cupcake. Trump is at his best when he’s at his worse.

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