Syfy Cancels ‘Dominion’ After Two Seasons

Dominion Syfy cancelled
Courtesy of Syfy

Syfy has cancelled fantasy drama “Dominion” after two seasons, Variety has learned. The supernatural series, inspired by the 2010 film “Legion,” just wrapped its sophomore season early this month.

Airing on Thursdays this summer, “Dominion” averaged a mere 0.25 rating in adults 18-49 and 880,000 total viewers in same-night viewing — down about 40% from its rookie season in 2014. Its second-season finale on Sept. 24 averaged 520,000 adults 18-49 (0.41 rating) and 1.19 million total viewers in Nielsen’s “live plus-3” estimates.

“Led by Vaun Wilmott, the talented cast, producers, writers and crew of ‘Dominion’ have done a tremendous job bringing this ambitious, cinematic series to the screen over the past two seasons. We thank them, as well as our producing partners Universal Cable Productions, Bold Films and Film Afrika,” Syfy said in a statement.

Christopher Egan, Tom Wisdom, Roxanne McKee, Alan Dale, Anthony Stewart Head and Luke Allen-Gale starred in the ensemble series from Wilmott. “Legion” director and co-writer Scott Stewart directed “Dominion’s” pilot in 2013, and served as an exec producer on the series.

Syfy has a slew of high-priority projects coming up, including “The Expanse,” starring Thomas Jane, and “Childhood’s End,” which both debut on Dec. 14. “Childhood’s End,” the first-ever adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s novel, is a six-hour event series, starring Charles Dance, Mike Vogel, Daisy Betts, Yael Stone, Julian McMahon, Osy Ikhile and Colm Meaney. Hotly anticipated series “The Magicians,” based on Lev Grossman’s novels, is set to bow in 2016, along with the thriller “Hunters” from “The Walking Dead’s” Gale Anne Hurd.

The NBCUniversal cable network also has renewed returning series “12 Monkeys,” “Killjoys,” “Dark Matter” and “Face Off.”

Among projects in the works at Syfy is Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s futuristic espionage pilot “Incorporated,” David Goyer’s Superman prequel “Krypton” and a “Brave New World” miniseries from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV.

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  1. Matthew says:

    This is a crying shame that they canceled dominion. This was a great show and had great actors, if only it would have had a better time slot. I at least would have liked it if not just canceling the show that they would have had a farewell season so the fans would not just be wondering if Michael helped save the world or if god came back or what happened with the writing on the chosen one. Disappointed with sci-fi…..BOOOOOOO!!!!!

  2. I can’t believe how the best series SYFY has produced in my opinion could be canceled after two awesome seasons and a cliffhanger that I will never get answers for. When I started watching this show I didn’t even know it was a SYFY series. The actors, special effects, cinemaphotagraphy, ect… were like I’ve never seen from this network. I’m dissapointed because “The Magicians and The Expanse” are two horrible shows. I tried going into them with an open mind, but come on. They’re bad.

  3. keani says:

    That is sad would have loved more seasons

  4. Randall A. Robinson says:

    I want dominion back at least one season

  5. Faith Babcock says:

    I hate you syfi… Dominion was great. One of very few shows I actually enjoy and was excited to watch. I will never get to see Lucifer. Or what happened​.. every time I like a series it gets cancelled.

  6. Brenda Schmucker says:

    That is one you shouldn’t cancel!!!!! You always get us involved in a great show then cancel. Need season 3!!! Quit thinking of yourselves and think about the people that liked the show.

  7. Michael says:

    Please if ever this reaches the execs of Syfy please return the series it’s already getting better than ever! Season 2 ended with a bang! Not to mention how awesome the casts are… Dominion season 3 and more to come please….

  8. This is frustrating. The same happens to Defiance. Last 3rd season was the best an they cancelled too

  9. Tracey Roman says:

    I am incredibly upset that they cancelled this show and left the series hanging the way they did. They could of at least gave us a season 3 and tried to give us an ending. This show really had a cult following, hope another channel picks it up and brings it back! It honestly has a few season left in it. If Supernatural can go as many seasons as it has with it’s religious theme there is no reason that this can not.

  10. Wendy says:

    I never gave this show a chance then binged watched it on Amazon. I couldn’t believe how good the world was that they created, the story and the angels. I bought it on Amazon then bought the dvd’s. Tom Wisdom, outstanding. Reminded me of Eric Stoltz in Prophecy. Seriously, it’s like giving us a really good book then snatching it away and throwing it into the fire. Someone bring this show back!!

  11. Debra gibs says:

    While I am for the government staying out of private businesses, I think that having a series without an ending is abusive behavior that has to be stopped! I am SICK of this. It’s no different than selling books with the last chapters ripped out. It’s FRAUD! I stopped watching the alphabet channels because they do this all the time, but the cable channels were more respectful to the viewers. But now, they do it, too. Maybe a class action lawsuit would put an end to this abuse.

  12. Cathy says:

    what in the sam hell is wrong with you people i have waited for dominion to come back on it is one the best you have on and is the only one i didn’t bitch, about the stupid ads, most of the time i don’t watch any channels that have ads i will tape on my dvr and fast forward to by-pass them i get so sick and tired of channels cancelling show that i like and they keep the stupid shows you are crazy for cancelling it

  13. KAROL KAHLER says:

    I hate that you cancelled them in and I was looking forward to seeing the continuation I will never watch Syfy again

  14. Nora Harlan says:

    I and my whole family watched Dominion. We would call each other from different parts of the world to remind each other to watch it and then discuss the episode. We understand that you have to go by your rating but you have stuff on your station that I’m sure those rating was just as low but still airing. I propose that you make the series into a syfy movie and give those who have watched Dominion a chance to see how it would have ended.

  15. mike says:

    Dominion was and is one of the few well written, well produced science fiction/supernatural genre shows on SyFy. What? You prefer Sharknado? Cater to the lowest common denominator.

  16. mike says:

    I wish they had taken Dominion to a good conclusion. I loved the show and watched every episode.

  17. Mark Borton says:

    So the moral of the story is, Don’t watch SyFi, because its not worth getting invested in the shows as they may get canceled at any moment.

    • Vincent Tyler says:

      Ditto! Every series (cable or network TV) I get interested in gets canceled. Perhaps Nielsen needs to be “cancelled”. If cable and network television would work on a direct, consumer, satisfaction program analysis system, I believe they’d see things a little differently.

  18. Jillian Bone says:

    i hope all of the actors continue to fight for there right o the show because all of you were doing an amazing job on the show and i hope those people change there minds or at least see how pissed off you fans are #Daminionfanforever i love you guys and the show and Christopher Egan, Tom Wisdom you guys are so hot

  19. Jillian Bone says:

    why would you cancel such a good show? i was in love with it i hope you give it another chance #Dominionfanforever i love the whole cast

  20. This is ridiculous it never ended ~ cliffhanger and no results. not bothering with watching the others to be treated the same. Get my family interested, watching, devoted, to the pull the rug 😞😡😧😟

  21. Thom Miles says:

    Keep it up SyFy…;’ll have the lowest ratings of any network…You’re fans won’t trust you,

    • Mark Borton says:

      Yup, no point in watching any show on SyFy now, as the chances are it wont last more than a single season, two at best. The SyFy head guys have created a self-fulfilling trend of the channel just becoming wrestling and reality tv.. like every other channel, i guess its up to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Sony, Apple and others to start producing the shows people want to watch.

  22. Rhiannon says:

    I can’t believe this!! This show is soooo much better than The Expanse, Hunters, and the other crap they cancelled it in favor of! When will they learn their lesson????

    • Jillian Bone says:

      Hunters is a good show but i agree with you and all of the other comments they are going to lose soooooooo many fans cuz of what they are doing

      • Carlos Alberto says:

        I definitely agree, that 12 Monkeys, Hunters, and Killjoys, are fantastic shows, and I watch them faithfully…now Dominion and Defiance were also two unique, and fantastic shows. I cannot believe SyFy cancelled them…. they didn’t give these shows a chance or at least some fantastic memorable endings. It is true that there is a trend now, with the networks… they are cancelling all the great shows, and leaving us with the crappy ones no one wants to watch.

  23. Metatron72 Shemhamphoresh says:

    This was a great show, I’m pissed they left us hanging at least give us a 2 hour movie ending to tie up the loose ends. This crap always happens with tv series..

  24. fiona says:

    This show was great it should be back on .Bring it back Dominion.

  25. Yahell says:

    Bring this Awesome Show back…

  26. Gabriel the Archangel says:

    I will release an amphora of brimstone and plague upon the Syfy network. This is the same recurring sin with Syfy. They cancelled one of the best scifi shows of all time in Farscape. The problem is not the rating but in how they based the popularity of the show by first time views. This is misleading as the shows they have are often shown again during the week. Knowing this viewers opt to view shows which run only once during the week. (I chose to watch Stargate during this time.) This does not mean people has stopped liking the show. Also, i wonder if DVR’s count in the ratings. I hope someone with access to the dense executives at Syfy will let them know of their mismanagement problems.

  27. Fred says:

    Why would I bother to watch any of their new projects when I know how they will be treated. Hype,grow to love,cliffhanger,hyyyyyype aaaaand thats all folks! Projects dead, we were aiming for a billion viewers and only got half way with no growth discounting the freaking internet of all things to discount so in its place a new show to share the same fate and 5 reality/crime porn shows that make you want to scoop your eyes out rather than watch.

    These guys need to quit altogether,commit, or learn the art of the (expandable) short story. Look at UK shows. BBC/Itv. Frankenstein Chronicles is a prime example of a WHOLE season that stands on its on without resorting to tricks for the next season, meaning it can end right then and there and the viewer won’t complain because they had a full story but also has room for growth. The end of every season on such Brit shows are like that, and its a beautiful thing.

    I’ve cut the cord altogether, and I’m about to discount anything American altogether, even on terms of quality alone I’m 95% the way there.

  28. Jesus says:

    So pissed just found out. That was my favorite show to watch and was always anxious to see it when it came on or what will happen next.

  29. Teresa says:

    I am so Bummed. My friends and I were so looking forward to it coming back!!!
    So Bummed n Disappointing……

  30. Velethuil says:

    Is another to close the series that tell the truth…the pepole why close …..tall the bible sec

  31. Mursh Vybz says:

    Thats a very big mistake

  32. Julie says:

    Big mistake to cancel this show. My entire family (from 20 to 75) were all riveted. I hope they reconsider. It is far, far better than, say, The Expanse.

  33. Mikhail says:

    Terrible mistake of Syfy – this was best tv series I’ve seen for years… I hope they will reconsider.

  34. Karen says:

    Wow, really…No more syfi for me. That really sucks.

  35. Sad says:

    too bad I liked that show

  36. Just learned Dominion was cancelled. Darn darn darn

  37. Mike says:

    I think that is a big mistake that was an excellent show loved it. But I am glad to see that the SciFi channel is going back to his roots with more science fiction shows forget all this reality crap if we wanted reality we would go to the reality channel. They wait for you to get into a show and then they cancel it what’s wrong with these people order take forever to bring back the next the next season like 12 monkeys not till April and the season ended?

  38. dan says:

    I’ve given up watching any new series on SyFy, whats the point when you start getting into it and they cancel it. Never gonna watch anything on SyFy again.

  39. syfy you don’t know whats good,you cancel dominion but keep 12 dum monkeys,face off which really is a sorry show,i’m done watching syfy,i don’t know who they have running the network,oh yea i do 12 monkeys, netflex pick up dominion,i watch a lot of shows already,no wonder you have a lot of fallowers and are becoming the network to watch,way to go netflex

  40. it was the only show worth watching on syfy,no more dominion i guess its time to go to another station,just cause season 2 didn’t do so good,hell i didn’t even know they brought it back for season two till my kids told me,they didn’t give it a chance,i hope netflex or someother station pick it up,and let everyone know its on,they’ll get the rating their looking for,

  41. Ronnie says:

    Stopped watching Domionion at episode 7 season 1. There was just too much of ‘we’re making this up as we go along’. And the motives for the ‘bad’ angels was just bad.

  42. Pam says:

    I am so upset to hear that Dominion has been canceled. I love the SyFy Channel but I don’t think I will stay with SyFy again. I started recording Dominion because of the hours I work. When I started watching the first season, I couldn’t stop! I just finished the first and second season in a glorious marathon! I couldn’t wait to find out when season three would air and found out it was canceled! I am a Face Off fan as well, but I will not watch that either. This was a unique story line unlike any other story line one TV. I just hope that another channel picks it up! PLEASE!!!!!

  43. Guys, let’s sign the petition and hope it works!

  44. Raphael Bosso says:

    Just one thing. If they were to cancel the show, they could, at least, have given it an ending, even with only 2 seasons. It is not worthy to let the millions of fans around the globe with no answers. I’m brazilian and I loved the show, and I think all the fans deserved better from SyFy channel. I endorse the many askings. SyFy, please reconsider your decision.

  45. This is why I hesitate to get involved with any serial drama that doesn’t tie up loose ends after each episode. We’ll never know how the main story line ends now – everything is left hanging. Same thing with The Bastard Executioner. Watched it, got interested and now I’ll never know how it works out.

  46. jennifer says:

    I can’t believe this show is cancelled. This was an unbelievable series with a great cast and amazing story. This show was definitely a show that would have had a huge fandom. I can’t believe they pulled the plug on this. I am so sad and disappointed smh

  47. Tammy says:

    I can’t believe that this show is being canceled. I was waiting so much for the next season. I follow so few series. I really enjoyed this show! All the cliffhangers!!!! If Netflix picked it up they would have so many fans. Please bring it back!!!! I loved show!!!

  48. Alexandre says:

    WTF????!!! I am done with Syfy. what a let down. I will never watch a show on Syfy AGAIN.

  49. Rose says:

    Way to go SYFY yet another let down. I think your. channel will not be working on my tv anymore. Let’s see Killjoys BLAH,Face off BLAH 12 monkeys BLAH,guess you didn’t ask the right people or even try changing the time slot. Need new CEO

  50. John says:

    I think it’s a shame that Dominion has been canceled, Dominion is waaay better than Killjoys and Dark Matter combined, even though I like those two shows also, Dominion has a better storyline and is a lot more interesting than both Killjoys and Dark Matter, they should reconsider the cancelation, SyFy has a long track record of cancelling good shows like Terra Nova, just to name one, I don’t know who is in charge of this, but, they are wrong again. If there is a slight chance of not canceling Dominion or changing their respective minds, they should at least take another season to decide, Dominion is a good show, in my humble opinion.

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