‘Doctor Who’ Seasons Featuring David Tennant to Air on Disney XD

Doctor Who David Tennant

The TARDIS has taken “Doctor Who” through time and space and landed on Disney XD. The network will air seasons two through four — the ones starring David Tennant as the Doctor — of the eccentric BBC science-fiction this summer.

The second season will preview May 9 with episode one, titled “New Earth,” following the premiere of “Fantastic Four.” The season will continue to roll out starting June 13, with one episode airing daily through June 20.

“Disney XD is recognized for its family-friendly programming, making the channel a great partner to introduce the David Tennant seasons of ‘Doctor Who’ to a new generation of viewers,” said Matt Forde, exec VP of sales and co-productions in TV at BBC Worldwide North America, in a statement.

Marc Buhaj, senior VP at Disney XD, said, “This iconic series features the high-quality, high-stakes action and adventure storytelling that our viewers love.”

Disney XD airs a mix of live-action and animated programming targeting boys ages 6-11.

“Doctor Who” originally aired for 26 seasons between 1963 and 1989, and was relaunched in 2005. The seasons picked up by Disney XD first aired from 2006 until 2008.

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  1. VorValous says:

    I think you mean “…second series”. The second season happened back in the 60s! XD <–See what I did there?

  2. Lord Grim says:

    I can’t blame them, i’m 15 and this is how i got into Doctor who. I heard about it before and was never willing to give it a try, as i was watching gravity falls i saw a trailer for doctor who, so i decided to give it a try. i loved the way tennent reacted at the end when he created the new humans. i was hooked. after about 11 episodes in i just went on netfleix and started from 9 and then fourth. now that i’m up to date with modern who i’m starting to wach from the 1 st doctor so on.

    so yes this IS a good idea. and yes doctor who IS a kids show. well acctually a family show.

    • doctordodge says:

      Thanks for the post, and for proving that Disney showing old eps of Who – even after ‘skipping’ the Ninth Doctor – is hardly a bad thing in the slightest. How are you finding the classic stuff so far, anyway?

    • Lord Grim says:

      Not Fourth as in Doctor i mean Fourth as in carry on from there

  3. -M says:

    Honestly at first I was happy as hell but then I started to realize what was truly going on. Doctor Who should not be shown this way, such an amazing show and this id how you are showing this? First of all, THEY SKIPPED 9!! They aren’t even playing the episodes in order and they are telling the kids that these episodes are new but the truth is, you can watch 9th to 11th on Netflix last time I checked and also the entire classic who. Disney shouldn’t be able to do this. Doctor who shouldn’t even be for little kids under about maybe 8-9 years old. I thought that we Whovians will finally be taking over American television but the new generation watching this aren’t Whovians, they are Wholigans, but it’s not their fault. If they truly want to become Whovians they must be able to watch Doctor who at least at rhe start of the first remastered season starting with the second 9th doctor, Christopher E., and playing all the episodes in order. Disney should play doctor who in the afternoons for the older children and tweens/teens that watch disney. Please read the other comments made by people and read their good examples of how Disney is not doing this right or shouldn’t be doing this at all.

    • Bmk says:

      I agree with m you can’t just find a old pice a gum slap a new raper on it and say its a new flavor and last time I checked doctor who is BBC property not Disney how the hell are they allowed to show this show and noteven showing the ninth doctor to show kids what happened before the christmas special

      • Sandra says:

        Bmk, have you heard of a little thing called “money?” Disney paid MONEY for the right to show these episodes. The reason would appear to be that David Tennant is going to be in a Marvel movie produced by Disney. Cross-promotion of its star, so to speak. The very young audience for Disney XD doesn’t know anything about Dr. Who, so the episodes are essentially an educational tool to get them up to speed with who David is and make them want to see the movie.

    • doctordodge says:

      Honestly, it really doesn’t matter from what Doctor someone starts with. Yes, you miss some of the history if you skip Nine, such as the start of the Doctor’s relationship with Rose, but you’re already missing a lot of history already if you’ve skipped Doctors 1 to 8. If the kids watching the show enjoy it enough, they’ll check out Eccleston as well as the the classic series. And you forget, kids are a MASSIVE part of Doctor Who’s audience. I first started watching Jon Pertwee eps when I was 5 years old and have never gotten enough of it – the classic hero, the monsters, the theme tune (ESPECIALLY the theme tune). So it’s great that it’s being recognised as a great children’s show as well as a great science-fiction show in America. Yes, it’s a shame that Nine is being skipped, but at least the show will still be making new fans.

  4. Lucinda says:

    Need to contact the Disney Channel. They are listing the wrong stars and episode titles in the info blurb on the TV. I did not watch the first ones because I do not like the 11th (Matt Smith) Dr.

  5. Weeping Angel says:


    • nathanbrazil says:

      First, how has Disney ruined Star Wars? Or anything else? Disney owns Marvel and those movies are doing great. There is zero indication so far that Star Wars is in trouble, and everything seen so far is MUCH better looking than that prequels. What are you on about?

  6. Whovian says:

    Why are they skipping the ninth doctor? I’m always hearing of people skipping Christopher Eccleston, but really Disney? And I’ve seen that they aren’t showing the episodes in order, why is that?

  7. Mer says:

    I am highly approving of this choice, its about time we had a new crop of Whovians immersed in good old doctor hijinks, and as to the prior comment about skipping 9, 9 was a very dark doctor, not something to draw the kiddies in, id just as soon toss 12 at them as 9, for starters 10 and 11 are good choices, lots of whimsy, just cut out the whole satan pit bit and disneys liability lawyers will be sound as a pound

  8. Karen Li says:

    But… but… but… YOU CAN’T SKIP NINE

  9. As a die hard DW fan for many years, my feeling is the new series would be fine to broadcast in the evening for older kids. However when episodes like “The Satan Pit” are scheduled for 8am ( July 2nd) it’s just too intense for 6-8 years olds that would likely be watching. I mean, a fiery Satan, possessed people, and evil looking red eyed aliens (Oods that were possessed) speaking in Satan’s voice? I mean, they are advertising it like it’s just Cyberman and Daleks (which as a kid I never found that scary in the classic series) but what about The Weeping Angels of “Blink” or the Infected people in the Waters of Mars – or in the end the head of the expedition kills herself, despite the Doctor saving her? That’s a little intense for kids THAT young. Don’t know what Disney was thinking, but it will have a backlash with a LOT of angry parents who TRUST that channel. It makes Doctor Who look bad when marketed to the wrong age group. And for those who think it was always a kids show…um NO. In Britain high schoolers are still referred to as children. They don’t divide kids into a dozen different age categories like we do. And the new series of Doctor Who is definitely NOT fare for young kids.

  10. joyce says:

    Why the hell is Disney playing doctor who

  11. Emma says:

    Targeting boys? I know more girls that love Doctor Who than boys.

  12. Ricky Aridi says:

    First star wars now doctor who! come on disney

  13. Katie says:

    my ten year old little sister is obsessed with doctor who and now she’s ecstatic.

  14. Bailey B. says:


  15. MomzillaNC says:

    I’m all for more DW broadcasts. I grew up watching it from the very beginning and was so pleased to be able to introduce it to my own son with Christopher Eccleston.

    However! I hope this launch on Disney programming does NOT herald a Disney production of DW. That would be the death of the series for sure!

    Don’t get me wrong… Disney is awesome at what they do. But, a Disney-fied Doctor Who would be the ruin of a BBC character that no other organization has ever matched.

  16. LondonBritt says:


  17. HELLO says:


  18. D0ct0rwho-vian says:


  19. kitten says:

    i think DW is too complex for the kids, they would be greatly confused, most likley. but good luck anyhow!

    • doctordodge says:

      Speaking as someone who watched it as a kid, I didn’t really care about the plot so much as the monsters and the REALLY awesome theme tune. Since the New Series still has both of those, I think that new kids watching should still enjoy it, regardless of the plot.

  20. Johanna says:

    Doctor Who is too good for Disney XD. I mean, compared to things like Ninjago and whatever else they have, I don’t think most boys 6 to 11 will be able to follow the bigger plots and twists. Sorry boys 6 to 11 who can, but most of you can’t.

    • doctordodge says:

      Yeah, but Doctor Who has a cool theme, awesome monsters and a guy in cool clothes. Speaking as someone who watched the classic series when I was 5 years old (specifically, the Pertwee stuff, who wore fashion that was the coolest of the cool), those were the only things I cared about. I imagine it will be the same for today’s kids, too. :)

  21. lilly says:

    omg you guys are so right my bro is like it will get more veiwers yes but these veiwers are 56789 my little bro is 14 and dosent get it

  22. Anonymous says:

    This is cool, but why does everything these days only apply to boys? People of different ages and genders are fans of lots of things, just because a show or film has some action or sci-fi in it doesn’t mean only boys watch it.

  23. Madison says:

    I’m a little upset that they’re skipping the ninth doctor. I’m also a little upset about the boys from 6 to 11 thing because Doctor Who has fans of many different ages and all genders. I also think that the kids won’t understand the story line, and some episodes might be a little scary. I’m just not all that excited for it.

  24. DW2015 says:

    Some of you guys are too intense. Have you seen the shows Disney XD has some of what they’re showing adults might think it’s intense. Doctor who was originally kids so I think people should chill about it. Many of the doctor who writers commented about being children and shivering behind the couch. This is just like guys taking my little ponies from little girls. In the end who cares if children are watching. All I see are adults analyzing every little thing just enjoy the show and let kids enjoy it too.

  25. jtarheel says:

    I find it interesting that Disney will actually show ANY of the Doctor Whos.

    Lest anyone forgets, Doctor Who was originally broadcast for kids.

    Showing the classic series might be too dull for today’s kids that expect a more upbeat tempo. I think that was why Eccelston’s Doctor was so great to begin the new series.

    As for plot holes, do kids even care? They will be watching from behind the sofa, anyways…

    • molly says:

      yes they should be able to enjoy it but maybe it would be nicer to here them say that because i have a family of 5 brothers 2sisters all but one younger and they all call me dumb nerdy geeky so i mean there is people like me not that old but sometimes u think different because someone else

  26. Anon says:

    Are you guys kidding me. Disney is legendary. You’re Probably the same people who whine about star wars too. Disney is epic and iconic. There’s a reason the myizaki movies are there and the marvel. Do you like aerosmith? Have you been on the rockin roller coaster??? Or I guess pirates of the Caribbean is lame too… Did you know Johnny depp does surprise appearances in character there. It’s not like being a kid and seeing Indiana Jones in person was any good any way…. Oh boo who doctor who. They couldn’t have found better company. Haters gonna hate. Burrrrrrrrrrrrp

    • molly says:

      ok we are not idiots someone in my class hacked into chrome books ternimal useing oonly the ip now if u want to go watch 5 6 7 8 9 year olds tv be my guest but u dont have to call us lame geeks or nerds cause if u want to catalogue us answer me this DO U EVEN GET US cause if you dont shut up

  27. Brian Jore says:

    If Disney wants to show Doctor Who they should start with the first Doctor, not the tenth. If you want to appreciate the show you must start with the beginning and as much as I liked David Tennant as the Doctor, Disney needs to realize there is so much more to the show than his seasons.

    • I agree! They do need to show the old/original series as well. I also believe that they can show the new shows–now after 50 years. Something fresh and new. As with Star Wars, I think Disney can do a very good job with the show.

  28. Camilla says:

    Whey do they even try. Why put doctor who on Disney more people will like it, and I like it a lot ,and you are just ruining it for me and maybe for others. Disney is not even starting with the first doctor and they skipped nine, and you don’t skip nine or the others, because you don’t no the whole story and life of the doctor. They just keep it on BCC where should be and always should be, and just to say boys just don’t like Doctor who, girls do to.

    • Doc says:

      This is a statement that Doctor Who fans like to make but you really don’t need to watch other Doctors. As long as you start with a Doctor you’re fine. It would be idiotic for them to start with the first Doctor because kids aren’t going to watch a black and white show.

  29. Amanda Perez says:


    • doctordodge says:

      You do know that it’s aimed at kids, right? Not just kids, obviously, but they’re a MASSIVE part of the fanbase over here in the UK. If the show ever forgets that, it could easily and quickly lose too many viewers and get cancelled. It’s like Star Wars: Doctor Who is one of those rare shows that’s for all ages.

  30. Kevin Wolph says:


  31. unknown says:

    Wouldn’t you think that Doctor Who is a little too intense for Disney XD? I mean at least they are only airing 4 seasons, but still…. they should’ve thought this through a little…..

    • Anonymously says:

      I still don’t know how to feel about this. I mean, we may get more fans, but like you said, it would be a bit too intense, and at what cost are we gaining them? And the fact that they are already targeting the show?! I feel like they are dirtying the show’s rep by fitting it into a category. The fandom has fans of all ages! I also don’t like how they are skipping Nine; this is what we warn fans not to do! Nine is CRUCIAL to the DW experience. You won’t find out about Rose’s backstory, or Mickey, or Jack, or the Time War. Or Bad Wolf! I just…

  32. Chloe says:

    I kinda freaked out when I saw this on my tv… At least I can re-watch David Tennant, I just find this a little ridiculous. If your going to watch Doctor Who, why not start with Christopher Eccleston and go there?

  33. Taylor says:

    10th is my favorite, So i’m okay with that… But 6-11 years old???? Haha!!! Show a kid those ages “The Waters of Mars” and “Blink” and “The Satan Pit” and they’ll regret living.

  34. Simon says:

    They are skipping the good ones!

  35. Roger says:

    Come On Disney XD Really!?. Christopher Eccleston kicked it all off and season one has many plot points that reverberate not only through Season Two but the series to date. The Doctors relationship with Rose being the largest, who for many is a beloved character. Not to mention Bad Wolf which plays out well into Tennant’s final season not to mention the 50th. Ignoring Eccleston leave many plot holes for these young new fans.

    • Taylor says:

      Well, a positive would be that people like my friend, who is unable to watch BBC, but is still a huge fan, can now watch the show on BBC.

    • Lukas says:

      EXACTLY! I am so mad right now… Disney is trying to take Doctor Who away from us, just like Pixar…

  36. T0rchwood says:

    Nope, wrong again. The series relaunched in 2005 with Chris Eccleson as the Doctor. Tennant didn’t take over until the second season, until giving up reluctantly to Matt Smith. Playing the character is a mixed blessing. Ask any of the earlier actors prior to 1989. The better you are, the more you are typecast.

    • T0rchwood says:

      The article had since been edited, and removed the inaccuracies. And yes, I left out the “T”

    • Defanged says:

      The article is not factually incorrect. You have just misread it. Read it again.
      Specifically the last few lines that state correctly that the series returned in 2005 and that the episodes that Disney XD will air, originally aired between 2006 and 2008 (Series 2-4). They haven’t purchased the first series. So there is no reason to mention Christopher Eccleston (Don’t forget the T.).

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